Best Baseball/Soccer games for NG?


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Ultimate 11
Super Sidekicks 2


Super Baseball 2020

(but the other 2 are equally good)
Super Baseball 2020 is one killer app. I really like the way the camera zooms in on the plays, its one helluva interesting game of baseball, all set in an ultra futuristic environment.


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I seen the price for Super Sidekicks 4 on Shawn's listing. Cripes! Looks like I'll be hunting down the MVS cart instead!


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I liked neogeo cup'98 better than Ultimate11.
They are both good, but different. I love soccer games, it a tennis are my fav sport games. NGC'98 is a heck of a lot of fun. You can find it or Supersidekicks3 for a lot cheaper than U11. SSK3 is very similar to NGC'98. NeoCup is kinda like a bug fix/updated version of SSK3.


Giga Shock!!
I enjoyed the passing and shooting angles better. Although it did take me awhile to get used to. At first, when I'd pass I allways seemed to switch off and start running the wrong way. Once u get used to the passing every thing just clicks. Great gameplay, great sound effects. I just really dig it. In U11 I always seem to get blocked on what seemed an easy shot. Then pop some miraculous one where the goalie must have been asleep to miss. Its just strange. In cup98 i usually know if a shots gonna make it. Although it surprises me too sometimes. Either game is great. You really cant go wrong whatever you choose. U11 is much more expensive, but you can allways sell it later and get a good return value. NC'98 is cheaper, but its value seems to be dropping. So you might not get your money out of it if you choose to sell it later. Dunno if that matters to you or not.
Also, super baseball2020 is a very good baseball game. Its pretty dated compared to some of the baseball games ive seen on the saturn. However, it is just as fun to play as any of em.


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NGC 98 is the best soccer game for the Neo. I've played all the soccer games for the Neo and while U11 might look better it plays like a dog. All you have to do is wait for the power bar to reach full and shoot and you score every time. Where's the fun in that? I bought a copy of NGC 98 about a month back and it's great! I can't tell the difference between SSK 3 and NGC 98, but NGC 98 is way cheaper and easier to get hold of so I'd go for that.

As for the baseball games I like 2020 Super Baseball, one of the main reasons being that it doesn't include all the rules of the sport so it's easier to pick up (being in the UK I don't fully understand all the rules of baseball). If you want something deeper though, with better graphics then you might be better off going with one of the Baseball Stars games.


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My vote is for Basball Stars 2 with it's YOU'VE GOT POWER! and it always cracks me up when the batter gets hit and runs out to the mound and (close up) punches the pithcher right in the mullet. Games a lot of fun...
But I can't forget about Super Baseball 2020 with it's futuristic spin on America's pastime with yet again power ups and just plain fun.
I'm not into realism sports games like all those football games most guys go nuts over.
I just want to have fun like the Windjammers game I just got last week. Simple fast and fun especially when playing against someone.
Oh and I agree with JRock about the camera zooming in. I LOVE IT. LOOKS COOL.
Windjammers is one I should have also mentioned. It really amazes me at how implicitly fun these neo sports games are. Anyone got an opinion on Football Frenzy?


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football frenzy you say?

not much else goin on there
really apart from them two fit fit
foxes on the cover,yeah?

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I'll not only say that (IMO) Baseball Stars Proffessional is the best Neo Geo baseball game, I can EASILY say that BBSP (the first BB on Neo) is in my TOP FIVE GAMES.

Not only does it have awesome control, you can CHANGE your batting order, sub players before the game even starts, and do pinch runners and hitters, and generally turn your team lineup upside down.

It's just has a "Bases Loaded" kinda charm, certainly one of the cheapest titles for Neo Geo, and one of the best.

I do own 2020 and BBS2, I just have got the hang BBSP so much better



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Baseball stars 2 is a great game, I played it to death.The onl thig is couldnt snk make more of the players look different, and how about interactive fights instead of just one guy running up and punching.
Most soccer games on the neo are shite,how any one could release Neo cup 98 is amazing, the ist 3 were way better, and that isnt saying much.Ultimate 11 is just eye cany, I played this game loads at the massive Sega world complex in London when I was a student as soon as I bouht it at home.I realised it was the biggest pile of dog turd ever released by SNK.


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I think I will skip the soccer games and go for the baseball games. It just seems like there is alot of controversy on the quality of the Soccer games. Perhaps next year when the Neo gathering takes place I will be able to sample the soccer games there and see for myself.

One of the main fears I have with the Neo sports games is that these games were originally developed for the coin-op market. I have this fear that the game will PUSH you through the game really quick so you can continue to feed it quarters. Otherwise the arcade owners not might like you sitting there through 9 innings for 20 minutes or so.

I really like "Arcade" styled sports game. Screw all the simulation crap. That's why I don't like any of the newer games. It takes forever to learn how to play. I also think the new Soccer games like FIFA suck. The computer is so easy even cranked to max. That's no fun!

Ah well, pay $140 for Neo Cup 98 or $140 for all 3 of the baseball games? Eh. I'll take the later for now
I was thinking about either purchasing Ultimate 11 or Neo Cup 98 for MVS myself. Most people I talked to seemed to like Ultimte 11 better, so I will probably purchase it, later on.


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Originally posted by Master Terry Bogard:
I was thinking about either purchasing Ultimate 11 or Neo Cup 98 for MVS myself. Most people I talked to seemed to like Ultimte 11 better, so I will probably purchase it, later on.

for me Baseball Stars 2 is by far the best Baseball game ever!on all systems..damn it rocks!