applephoto systems

I spoke to a lady at Video Connection recently, and she indicated to me that some group named Apple Photo Systems had bought out SNK USA. Now, dont think I am living under a rock and dont know about the SNK/Aruze deal, I just wondered if anyone out there could confirm/disconfirm what I was told or knew what the hell Apple Photo has to do with the neo geo.
Well to answer your question quickly. Apple photo systems (or it may just be apple systems) was picked to distrubute MVS carts here in the states with SNK USA leaving. Before they used to (Still do) Distrubute the Neo Photo booth systems. However recently I heard from somewhere that there now is somebody else doing the MVS distrubution in the states. They did not buy SNK USA though, they just have the rights to do the distrubution.
thanks for the clarification on this, although I have to say I am surprised that Aruze does not handle MVS distribution theirself, well to each their own. I just want to see our system stay afloat, and in the marketplace.