Any Splinter Cell fans around? Cut content found.

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Jan 12, 2014
It's a narrow subject but the thread can't be too offensive given this board's mostly used for youtube advertisement. *ahem*

Looks like a beta of the first Splinter Cell was leaked a while ago that has two cut levels - Severonickel and Nuclear Power Plant - present and playable, albeit requiring a little modification to show up. The catch is half of each level only loads on a devkit and the other half really needs your XBOX to have at least 128mb ram. There was never any enticing XBOX-only game that ever made me want a Microsoft console, even with their sweet backwards compatibility which includes all Splinter Cells btw, but this leak might be it.

This is very fascinating to see playable as Severonickel and Power Plant were the levels most advertised and shown in magazines at the time, Severonickel being the DEMO level for the game on trade shows and clearly a showcase level for the dev team... and the cover art with the shot of Sam Fisher over some green light is taken straight from the Power Plant level. They're not completely lost levels as Nuclear Power Plant was for some reason finished for the PS2 version only and advertised as an exclusive level, but if you look a video of the cut XBOX level being played off the leaked beta you can see it was heavily downgraded for the Sony console:


Can you figure out which one is the XBOX and PS2 version? :D
A very tiny portion of Severonickel became Kola Cell from the downloadable levels but if you have any experience with it you'll see Severonickel is actually gigantic compared to what was released.

I really wish XBOX emulation was up to the task, but it's amazing that XEMU can run this game at all, glitches or not.


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Mar 5, 2013
Actually, pretty cool. I love betas and vaporware. Personally, my favorite Splinter Cell is Conviction. That game was all around fun.