Any New Neo Games?

Lord Illicious

Krauser's Henchman
Anyone hear about any new neo games like:
Sam Sho5
Or even SNK vs Cap2?
Anything on Marvel vs Capcom 3?

Man i was just playing SNK vs Capcom and i like it more everyday.

One thing i cant get use to is the 4 button layout especially when using a Capcom character.
I hope they make it a special six button layout next time around even if its just for the DC.
Did you get one of those LE SNK or Capcom sticks with the game? SvsC2 I know is in the works, that is all though. All those other neo releases not a peep, except that some reliable sources (not meaning NGF) have spoke of continued support for the neo console. MvsC3, dont know anything on that either, but I cant imagine they would let that franchise go to the wayside without making some more versions of it first (street fighter anyone?).