Advice on a PCB I ordered from China


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So I ordered one of those Bootleg CPS1 Multi's off ebay a few weeks ago and got it in the mail a few days ago. I guess something in happened in shipping were the little logic board on top got smushed and bent the pins. Board works but you have to press down on the logic board for it to work.

I was willing to smack a zip tie over it and just get a nice partial refund from the seller since the pcb is working properly but he gave me a weak partial refund so we both agreed I should ship it back.

So he sent me some cheapo label that is off by 2 pounds and doesn't have proper tracking. One of those UC tracking numbers. I questioned the weight and he told me that the post office people will see the correct weight on there system. I called bullshit on that. I've been buying and selling for a long time and using the post office to ship things for over 20 years and I never heard of such a thing. They go by the current label that is printed.

So what I'm thinking this guy is trying to do is use a cheapo label that can't be tracked, eventually get his item back and claim that he never got it so he doesn't have to give me a refund. I only get my refund 5 days after tracking says it's delivered.

I emailed ebay and asked them to step in on this. I don't trust this dude. Rather keep a board that works with a small work around then lose my money and the board.

What do you guys think? Am I being overly paranoid or is this guy trying to pull a fast one.

I posted this in the boot section because well, it's a boot.




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I think you have the right idea, there is no guarantee that tracking will show up/ be used and that would basically give the seller your free money. And without a USPS tracking number they would not send it without you paying postage, and that will be expensive for a package that weight

Hopefully eBay will help you out on it
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Yea, I also sent him a message that PO did not accept the package and that he needs to provide me with a Label with correct weight 3.2lbs and tracking that can actually be tracked. I get this seller doesn't want to lose money but It's also not my fault as well.


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Contact eBay via Facebook, explain the situation and see what they say. In my experience, you get a much better response that way versus calling or sending a message via the website.


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If you end up not keeping it, or get refunded I highly recommend the MiSTer for CPS1 - even in beta it's amazing.


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If you end up not keeping it, or get refunded I highly recommend the MiSTer for CPS1 - even in beta it's amazing.

We ended up working out a fair partial refund. I just put a zip tie nice and tight on that logic board. I think one of the chips underneath it isn't making proper contact and needs to be pushed down. At least it works as it should.

Yea, I just don't know much about the mister yet to want to dive into it. I just wanted a simple plug and play Jamma solution that would allow me to play cps1 games.


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Having to flex the board with that much pressure to get good contact, I figure some solder joints need to be touched up and that would likely fix the problem.


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USPS started as the seller described about a year ago now.

They don't want cashiers on front line trying to find out what you owe at the window (if your weight is off). All packages will be accepted. They system, YES, THAT system, will make a note when it is checked in, calculate the amount it was short, and bill you the difference. YOU, being whoever paid for the label.

If you paid on China Post, you get a bill there, if paypal, you get a bill there, if, you get a bill there, etc.

So, seller was right on that part.

I've always erred on side of caution and went over with weight on large packages if it was over the 9lbs on my home scale. Now, I go estimate toward the under - much better. If i'm wrong, I get a bill for $3 or something. Much better than all the times I was over and just flat out overpaid.