About the unreliability of NEO CDZ


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I was told that the perceived unreliability of the CDZ is due to the fact that this Japanese-only system requires an adapter to convert 120V down to 100V. While it may appear to work fine with 120V, it is frequently the cause of overheating and failure in the long run.

The person who told me this is the owner of MAS Systems and he went on to tell me that he has had a CDZ system for a long time and it never game him any problems.


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I picked up a CDZ from a local gamestore, and it was a POS. I won't buy a CDZ in the future, as I don't trust them.

In all fairness, it may have had problems to begin with. (I returned the system to the gamestore for a full refund, thank GOD). However, my Japanese "single speed" always worked perfectly. And I have a few other U.S. "singles" to back it up . . .


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I think it is a good idea to have a step down coverter for Neo CD or Neo CDZ.
It does not matter whether it is a Japanese system or US system.
I even used it for my Neo cart system (even it is US version). I just like to use it for in case. By using Step down converted, I am sure the voltage will be more stable.
So far, I never have problems. I got one new extra converter (120 to 100v) that I do not used for backup; maybe I should sell it.
I already sold my Jpn Neo CD and I told the guy to buy the step down converter before playing just for in case.
Make sure to ask to the seller if you are going to buy Neo CD or CDZ whether he/she used step down converter to play. It is more safe that way. If he/she does not know about the converter, be careful. If it is Japanese system; chances are the board maybe/probably fried.