6 slot troubleshooting - grey screen with white lines


Zero's Secretary
Jul 14, 2005
Hi all, I need a little help.

I got a fixer-upper 6 slot off of ebay (Im sure some of yall reading this bid against me :) and took care of the burned edge connector just fine. I plugged it into my astro city cab, and am only seeing a grey screen with some thin white lines (no motion). With the bios chip removed, the screen doesn't show anything at all. Same result with no cartridges installed as well as a single known good cartridge (magical drop 3) installed.

I'm looking for any suggestions on what I can test for; voltages all look fine at the harness just over 5v.

Also, I have a burned copy of unibios 2.1 on a eprom in my consolized two slot, but would rather not take it apart if I can help it. Would placing that in the 6 slot help any with troubleshooting?