King of Fighters 2000 Review

King of Fighters 2000 Review


US Title:King of Fighters 2000
Japanese Title:King of Fighters 2000
Size:688 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?No

Graphics: 9Sound: 8
Gameplay: 10Replay: 9

King of Fighters…when these words are said in the presence of a Neo fan all hell usually breaks loose. When I first started playing Neo back in early 95' I was treated to a truly kick ass fighting experience, which many knew as the "King of Fighters 95". I never knew that such a niche title would make it to the year 2000. All of the Characters that we have known for the longest of times are back and ready to kick some ass in the latest installment of KoF…KoF2000. Some people are saying that this game hasn't lived up to the expectations that people have built for the game in the past. But I can tell you right now, they are telling fibs. KoF2000 is just the kind of example that we the "People of the Neo" need to make the gaming industry know that 2-D is alive and kicking(literally) and ready for the next installment. I can't tell you how many rounds of KoF2000 I've played to write this review, but I can tell you that the mark is WAY past 1,000. So brace yourself, this could be the last Official SNK release EVER…

Graphics: (9/10)


The King of Fighters on the Neo has always had really cool graphics. Each version has had a style all of its own, and 2000 is no exception. Great visuals are a trademark SNK feature, and this game delivers. All of the specials are here from the flames of Kyo's hands to that purple stuff that comes outa Iori's viens. Backgrounds are kinda bland this time around(some being better than others). I was kinda dissapointed in the background visuals. I like the construction stage, but the aquerium, and the factory should have been better. The Details in all of the stages are good, but like I said some are better than others. I was treated to a frozen Factory and made to fight Kula. That was really cool. I wasn't expecting it, and the graphics in the factory were really outstanding for a 10 year old system! The ice was realistic looking and Kula wasn't bad herself. =P In other words be in for some really cool SNK style graphics.

Sound: (8/10)

Just like in my other review (SS) I say that Music doesn't mean much to me. I can always turn the sound off if I please (that is what the volume control is for). KoF2000 is an exception to this notion of bad music in videogames. I like the music. I think that it has that certain Nostalgic sound to it when played up against most of todays new age video game music. All of the tracks except 1 or 2 get my seal of approval. Don't buy this game for the Music. KoF was never intended to be played for the soundtrack. It only ands to the experience. Remember this is installment 6 right?

Gameplay: (10/10)


I must say, KoF has come a long way in this category. Control in this game is superb. I can pull of f every move with ease, and still have time to add in a flame projectial or something along those terms. Characters have never been this easy to move across the field. Some say that KoF98 had the best gameplay. I say that they are wrong. I like the Striker system in KoF2000. Think that SNK finally relized that they wanted their players to have more freedom while playing the game. And I might add this…It is fun watching Characters make Cameos in KoF2000. Characters like Duck King, Nakoruru, and Kaede(spelling) have been added to the "Another striker" roster of Characters. I would love to one day be able to control the strikers as they come out of the walls…hehe I can only imagine where they come from in the aquerium stage. Hehe. When did SNK ever go wrong with the KoF series in this respect ALMOST NEVER. KOF2000 ROCKS!

Replay value: (9/10)

I think it is safe to say that KoF2000 is one of the most customizable fighters that SNK has put out in a long time. This really adds greatly to the replay value allot… I could sit here for hours telling about all of the teams that I have come up with in the past ranging from K', Choi, Maxima, and Ramon…to Kyo, Iori, and Robert (Classic characters). I have to give a round of applause to SNK for making some of the best damn Fighting game in the world. KoF2000 has taken my life and hasn't given it back yet! I need to stop playing this game! I almost didn't have the time to write this review because I was playing KoF2000 at 11:00PM (the time of this writing). I'm completely taken by this game. And I know you will be too. All you have to do is buy it, if you can find it that is. Go ahead search…BUT DON'T AND I REPEAT DON'T BUY FROM NEOGEOFREAK! THEY WANT YOUR MONEY, THEY DON'T LIKE THE NEO! WHO WOULD RIP OTHER GAMES TO MAKE NEW ONES? NOT ME!

OVERALL: (9.5/10)
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