Ghost Pilots Review

Ghost Pilots Review

US Title:Ghost Pilots
Japanese Title:Ghost Pilots
Size:55 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Graphics: 7 Control: 6
Overall: 7
Sound: 5Gameplay: 7

Ghost pilots, a review by ZeroMJ.

When I first saw this game in an MVS at a local shop, I thought, "Cool! A new 1942 type game!" And Ghost Pilots was a lot like the 1940 games, but not always over the ocean. I consider this game a Neo-Geo classic, but many would disagree. They hate it!


Graphics: 7/10
Considering that this game was developed in 1991, its graphics aren't bad at all! They run pretty smooth and it's cool how the plane turns while you go left or right. Usually, there is a lot of action on screen. One thing that I thought was a nice feature was how after a ground vehicle explodes, a hole in the ground is left with a rippling fire effect. There is such minimal slowdown on the home cart version that if you are into the game, it is hardly noticeable. Though I have never sampled a CD version, many tell me that it is plagued with horrible slowdown. The MVS version is flawless!


Controls: 6/10
Controls are pretty straight forward. Shoot, move around the screen and use your special weapon. This is one thing people hate, there are minimal power-ups. You pick the special weapon of your choice at the beginning of your aero adventure.

Sound: 5/10
Not bad! Gun shots and nice sounding explosions make things much nicer. Music is kind of repetitive, but some think that it adds something to the game. Sound is something people pick on while reviewing Ghost Pilots.


Game play: 7/10
Game play is smooth along with the graphics. Some say that since there is a limited amount of enemies, that the game "gets old fast". I don't agree. So if you like Strikers 1945 or the Sonic Wings series, give this a try. Chances are that if you are a serious Neo gamer than you already have, this game has been around for a while. Serious shooter fans shouldn't expect another Strikers, and it might only keep them busy for a few minutes. This is a nice, not really hard to find, in-expensive, game to add to your library.


Overall, I give this game a solid 7 out of 10

ZeroMJ is really Max Johnson of central Connecticut. He wanted to become a journalist, but never got around to it. He plays guitar for his band Co2 and is also the lead singer. He owns an on-line Neo-store called ZMJ games that deals mainly CDs but the occasional home cart. He thanks you for taking the time to read this review.
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