Football Frenzy Review

Football Frenzy Review

US Title:Football Frenzy
Japanese Title:Football Frenzy
Size:48 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Foot Ball Frenzy Review
(because someone had to)

Graphics: (4/10)
This game is ugly. Even though it is an early Neo Geo attempt, this game could have looked much better. The camera angle is terrible. Imagine a camera directly above the field looking down. That is how the field is shown in this game. You would expect to see the tops of the players' helmets, but you don't. The players look like they are laying on their side, running. The same sprite image appears to be used for every character. SNK just changed the color of the sprite for each team. The game zooms in when a tackle, or other note worthy event happens. The character animations are limited and jolty.

In Game

Sound: (6/10)
Sound is ok. Announcer voice is clear. There are enough sound effects in the game. The music is, well... terrible.

Gameplay: (3/10)
Choose from 10 imaginary teams. There are enough plays to call in this game, but the controls leave something to be desired. The A button hikes the ball, increases running and distance kicking by tapping the button. B button changes to closest player. B, C, D buttons pass to the lettered receiver. That's it, no ability to dive, jump, stiff arm. NOTHING!!! The A.I. in this game is very annoying. The computer will be catching your passes making for a crazy amount of interceptions.

There is a reason why SNK did not make another attempt at football on Neo Geo. This game appears to be a hurried project. Looking in my English version instruction manual, I noticed that they cut and pasted some screens from the Japanese version. An English speaking individual would look in the manual, see a screen grab of the Run Play menu, and wonder why all those Japanese characters were there. I would never have bought this game, but it came with one of the systems I bought. It is the only Neo Geo cart in my library that is collecting dust. This is not American FootBall, it is crap.

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