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    Your thread on Dogecoin reminded me I wanted or needed to buy some
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    Israel & Palestine

    Wrong We are all human beings on this rock trying to make a functional and progressing society for our species. International law and treaties are agreed upon by all and are basic rights and responsibilities. Most of it's like 80 years old, stuff your grandparents parents decided was wrong. I...
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    Besides being able to day trade here's some more current Cypto loopholes:
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    Fuck you guys, I made several threads or posted in a bunch when bitcoin was $60-600-6,000. Everybody was shitting all over it. Then this post pops up when it was at $60k, Is that your trade strategy buy high sell low? Fuckin tards. MEh I opened a Robinhood account and bought $85 in Dogecoin and...
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    Free shipping economics

    Just made a profit of $440M for Q1, 100M of it being from bitcoin speculation. It's respectable. They've been ahead of bonds due for over a year now it seems like as well. They are in a good place right now. Nothing new to add. Silicon Valley seems like a big ponze scheme, they start a company...
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    That heroin junkie that talks on the radio

    Is dead now I guess. “Limbaugh’s crying about his cancer on air! Worst 15 minutes in radio history! Spilled a large coffee all over counter and floor,”
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    Happy Birthday Xavier

    I checked didn't see anything, thanks for the well wishes. Boring covid-19 groundhogs day, didn't do anything much.
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    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    Negasawa and ZombieSara hooked up. I wonder what happened to them? There's got to be at least one more hookup/couple from here.
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    Are we gonna talk about the GameStop stock situation

    I don't understand how they are still in business. They've been trying to sell out for several years now and nobody has been interested in it any price. I can't see how this could be anything but good for them. They shuttered tons of stores over the years but bankruptcy has been around the...
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    Fuck $GME - $DOGE is the meme of the century.

    I taint got nah money!
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    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    I dunno stuffs cheap enough and usually available, again IMO should be better quality though. Yes insurance, college and medicine are not working. We've got everybody running around talking about scarcity problems, there are not any it's a distribution problem.
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    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    Meh with food they are making stuff that is less nutritious and more poisonous daily. There's something with the hamburger with most restaurants these days. I feel sick after eating it. It's all greasy in my stomach and makes feel lethargic. Corn chips I don't know if it's because it GMO or...
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    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    Not saying discrimination doesn't exist or get another job. Not saying we don't all have to do acts. I understand there's very little you can do about it as well. I'm saying things are broken and that's not how it should work.
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    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    You didn't answer my question. Then you just repeated yourself. Do your testicles help you do your job properly? Is having a penis a requirement for your job? Again things that you do outside of work that nothing to do with your job performance are the reason why workplace discrimination...
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    A semi-serious discussion on transgender issues

    I dunno I think you frequently spew a bunch of BS, but I have to disagree with this point the most. How does you still having your cock and nuts affect the way you do your job? Once you get them chopped off will that take away all your trade skills? Is all your knowledge of low voltage...