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    Which PCB REVISION AES do I have? Is it gen 1?

    I don't have a part number but on these 5V consoles, whatever switch you use needs to be rated for at least 3A. The schematic I'm looking at has an SPST in series with the 5V supply. Whatever the max current the console draws, that's what the switch needs to handle. On the 9V consoles it doesn't...
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    MV4-FT2 - watchdog even with neogeo diagnostic bios

    Doubt the stuff here will help fix the watchdog. Watchdog means 68k won't boot or is crashing and audio/video section parts probably aren't causing that. Diag BIOS shouldn't need WRAM to not crash so that's unlikely. If WRAM is active when it's not supposed to be then that's a problem though. If...
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    Which PCB REVISION AES do I have? Is it gen 1?

    Lots of stories on this forum about damaged AES boards from attempted BIOS mods. The ground pins are the worst to get solder out from. I was doing enough DIP desoldering to buy a vacuum desoldering station which makes short work of it. It's quick, easy and less risk of damage but you'd have to...
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    Neo Geo AES 3-4 graphic glitches

    That table on the graphic glitches page is about traces from LSPC2 to the cart slot, not about VRAMs. Looks like P19 so I'd check the trace from LSPC2 (pin 137) to pin 20B the CHA cart slot. The CHA slot is the one closer to the front of the console...
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    Metal Slug Mania - Coming in March

    1 and 2 are both great and while the “turbo” patch for 2 isn’t perfect, it does help a lot with the slowdown. MS3 is one of those games I want to like more than I do, but it’s a big step backward in level and boss design. People say it’s too long but that’s only part of the problem. The...
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    Graphic problems with AES AEC

    Well that's a good outcome in the end. The sync issue on newer TVs is partly why I’m holding onto my PVM-9042. Great little CRT with all the inputs and useful when diagnosing/repairing old hardware. Topic is partly about the video daughterboards so I’ll add this: if I buy a NEO-AES that happens...
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    Neo Rank Masters Discussion Thread - EVERY Neo-Geo game ranked (LordBBH)

    The even split between NAM/Magician Lord sounds about right to me. They’re two of the better 1990 titles, both are difficult but not to the point of unfairness (not counting level 8 here), neither are too hard to 1cc with a bit of persistence, both provide some sense of accomplishment when you...
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    Graphic problems with AES AEC

    If anything removing the daughterboard is better for troubleshooting, removes a lot of variables, the 24M clock isn't being adjusted by some analog circuit, less points of failure to think about and the boards were added for composite quality rather than fixing any sync issue. Composite video on...
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    Graphic problems with AES AEC

    The encoder uses the same sync input for RGBS/composite too so that’s the weird part here. If something in the digital section was bad then both RGB/composite should be bad but here 24M is at least good enough to get stable composite. Was everything unique to RGB ruled out already? Random...
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    Graphical issues

    Yeah I second a good look at front/back of the board especially around the B1 and LSPC. Credit counters and most status bar graphics look ok too? Looks like a sprite pixel data problem. As a starting point there's a cart pinout with all the names here...
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    Neo Geo MV1AX Click of Death

    Wouldn't worry about the passives as much as the chips. Datasheets usually have an absolute max rating table and the THS7374 part you mentioned is max=5.5v, so that doesn't look good. No way to know until you try. For 5V parts I'd assume absolute max is 5.25v unless the datasheet says different...
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    I’ll just say it’s interesting that Puzzled got the green light and this didn’t. Maybe SNK preferred to ride the wave of Tetris popularity rather than give ADK a chance with their Dr. Mario style game. Not in any rush to play it but it does look better than I expected. Honestly though If I did...
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    Neo Geo MV1AX Click of Death

    That’s a fair point, yeah I don’t know how good the cheaper ones are for anything past 10mhz. I have a 50MHz probe that was good for anything in the Neo but tbh haven’t touched it since buying the scope. It would’ve been 2x or 3x the price of the EISTAR ones that are all over eBay though.
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    Neo Geo MV1AX Click of Death

    You have video sync, some graphics onscreen and click of death. That means some clocks are working including 24M. You mentioned the clocks are low on the logic probe so something’s wrong there. It should be set to TTL if you see a CMOS/TTL switch. Try 24M again if it was on the wrong setting...
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    The official 1cc Video Thread

    Another neo 1cc with a game that doesn’t get as much love: Kizuna Encounter, played on level 8. The AI lets you get away with a lot of things that I don’t try against human opponents but the bosses need a more cautious reactive approach, like many SNK fighters. Either way it’s definitely easier...