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    Have you ever... had to take clothes out of the "Wash Basket"... ?

    Anything to wear her underwear again hey ....😉🤣🤣
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    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    Enough said :)
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    WTB GP32 Games

    As in the title , I'm after any gp32 boxed games you may have forgot you had or are hiding under your bed. Money via paypal waiting. There harder to find than legit aes carts ! 😊 Cheers
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    Neo bomberman

    Here we go - Boot or no boot - Cheers folks :)
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    Pc Engine still up/Neo/Supergun added

    :D :D Also available limited edition green modded xbox and *ahem*plenty of games Silver old style modded ps2 with *ahem* games Steel Battalion Set 2nd revision fully boxed.
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    WTB in the uk mvs and shockboxes

    I'm after anything not in my list, I have paypal,cheques and retro cash in an envelope to go pm with offers and price. Mvs that i ALREADY have and NOT looking for - Metal Slug 1,2,X,3,4,5 Street Hoop Neo Turfmasters Zupapa Rage of the Dragons SuperDodgeBall Fatal Fury Special Last Blade 2...
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    Pc Engine Collection For Sale/Trade

    Open to offers on the FULL set-up cash or trade,also have a briefcase set-up to photo when I find it ! Most games are very good to excellent condition containing registration cards and sleeve.A few are still sealed pm for details. Duo Rx is mint and includes all leads and 6 button pad...
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    Cheeky eBayer ! Look what hes ripped of here !

    Ckeeky little *** wonder where he ripped that price list from ? I reckon we go round and beat him senseless on behalf of Shawn :D
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    With a FREE yes FREE ds lite thrown in to for those that use BIN !
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    Minimum order remember is $50 ! I'm broke at min so won't be able to use it so someone can have this for free xpires end of this month, Code DK-MKO-KHP Buy something good with it ! :chimp:
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    N/Gage /GP32/ Cube/ PS2/Neo bits in UK

    Due to my ever expanding pc engine bug and the fact I don't really use these bits and bobs all are up for grabs - Gamecube Bundle. Dead 2 Rights (never played) Donkey Konga Jungle Beat Animal Crossing (no mem card) Black and Bruised Pool Paradise PN03 Neighbours From Hell (still sealed) All...
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    MVS serial question

    Just a quick one,after recently getting into the mvs scene can you answer me one question - Whats the fascination of people putting black marker pen or scratching the serial numbers off, yet leaving the rest of the label intact ?! Numerous auctions/pictures show this, although it doesnt bother...
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    UK wants GPX2/Cube/Pc engine

    As the title states looking for a fully loaded gpx2 ,mint uk cube games/wavebird and pc engine hu cards or cds please paypal/Postal Order/Cash/cheque waiting. Have a few mvs carts and other bits and bobs to trade if yer don't want money ?! pm m or put on here if I don't need it someone else...
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    Anyone in the UK want to sell m m first MVS cart ?

    Hello guys and girls, on my way this week I have a consolized two slot on the way soooo if you have any carts that you have going can you send m a pm , mainly after fighters if that helps specially Rage Of The Dragons full kits no kits anything considered will pay cash by SD I've just spent me...
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    In the UK CDZ and games

    Up for grabs for anyone in the UK who would like a CDZ in nice condition and good working order £120 including shipping will include all leads stepdown and game,2 pads ,may have the box in the loft somewhere to ! Games for sale include spine unless stated - Pulstar £35 Metal Slug 2 £45...