N/Gage /GP32/ Cube/ PS2/Neo bits in UK


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Jan 25, 2004
Due to my ever expanding pc engine bug and the fact I don't really use these bits and bobs all are up for grabs -

Gamecube Bundle.

Dead 2 Rights (never played)
Donkey Konga Jungle Beat
Animal Crossing (no mem card)
Black and Bruised
Pool Paradise
Neighbours From Hell (still sealed)

All in very good condition £50 *sold*


Steel Dragon Ex
R Type Final
Without Warning (never played)
XII Stag

£20 *sold*

Neo CDZ, one pad good condition,throw in stepdown if needed

Metal Slug 2 with spine
Viewpoint w spine
Puzzle Bobble
ASOII w spine
Pulstar w spine
Aero Fighters 3 (gamers condition)


GP32 Blu Fully boxed with 3 mem cards fully loaded one orig game boxed and dvd full of ahem other games.

£50 @on eBay@

Nokia n-gage game bundle 2 for £5 Rayman 3 and Sonic fully boxed
(got a few of these so lots welcome).

pm away offers welcome postage to be arranged at cost
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