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    International Courier / International Shipping and Pickup

    Hi folks, I'm faced with a pretty simple task, yet I've usually found that the easiest things are normally a pain to accomplish... This seems to be one of those things. I bought an item from a UK seller who said he wanted to do pick up only, but had no problem boxing the item up safe and sound...
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    Step Up Converter Questions

    Hey guys, Random question, and not arcade related, but I really trust our techs here and I know if anyone would have a good answer for this, it's the NG tech crew. OK, I have a pretty uncommon piece of old music equipment, a Waldorf Microwave I, that is a 220V/50Hz spec model. These things...
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    The 64 - New Commodore 64 Desktop and Portable

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere already, but stumbled upon this last night and figured a few folks would be interested. New Commodore 64 desktop and portable being created. The hand held is a big who cares, but the desktop has an original cartridge slot, SD slot, support for peripherals...
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    The Plan to Make California Wet By Spreading Beavers Up and Down the State

    Look, I didn't even read the article... but that may be the best click-bait headline ever. The Plan to Make California Wet By Spreading Beavers Up and Down the State
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    Anyone have a Fiio X1 Player? Thoughts?

    Hi folks, Bit of a long shot, but it's time to replace my trusty Sansa with Rockbox, as my portable FLAC player and I was thinking of upgrading to something a little nicer. I know the X1 is nowhere near the quality of a X5 or Pono, but as a gym companion and a portable player I don't have to...
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    WTB: Metal Slug 2 MVS with Turbo Patch

    Hi all, Anyone making these currently? I know System16 doesn't want them sold for a profit, but if someone wouldn't mind mind burning me an EPROM and doing a conversion for me, I'd be happy to pay for the service. Can provide MS2 MVS cart, and can buy any parts needed for the conversion. I...
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    Whoooops. Wrong section.

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    Any HVAC Pros or Folks with Geothermal Heat Pumps? Thermostat Suggestions.

    Long shot, I know, but there is just so much misinformation scattered around Google, and product reviews, that it gets exhausting. I'm looking to replace my thermostat with something a little nicer. I've got a PSG Medallion, installed by the previous owner of this place, and it simply isn't...
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    Alvin and the Chipmunk Songs, Slowed to Normal Speed

    Holy shit... Holy... Holy shit...
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    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    Guess I fall into that whole enemy-we-know kind of mentality. It would probably be easier to keep tabs on Pope if he weren't banned, but I agree with Broken that chances are there was never going to be a resolution anyway, so banning isn't really going to keep anything from happening. It might...
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    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    If you do that, Paypal will lock your account. When you charge back on a credit card, the seller gets zapped the money, so Paypal will get hit for whatever the charge is, demand you pay them back or lock your account ASAP. Had this happen after an item I bought was stolen. I reported it to my...
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    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    Man, really surprised by this thread too. Here I have been feeling bad since I promised to send him something a year or so ago when I was cleaning out my storage locker. Just a little tchotchke from the team that did Defiance. Stupid thing has been in the trunk of my car for a while, and I see...
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    New Wonder Boy / Monster World Game Coming

    I was considering bumping the old Flying Hamster II Kickstarter thread, but figured more people would probably click on a thread about Wonder Boy way before something called Flying Hamster, and the thread was too old to update it's title. So, cat out of the bag, Flying Hamster II has been...
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    King of the Monsters 2 MVS

    Hey all, Looking for a KotM2 MVS cart after having sold mine yet again ;) It's Halloween and I need some monsters in my cabinet. If you've got one collecting dust, hook a brother up.
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    Financial Checkup, Let's Discuss Positions, Holdings, and Thoughts for Near Future

    Hey, everyone. It felt like a good time to revive the financial thread. I figure some of us here are actually milling over their strategies, watching the markets roller-coaster this year, and planning on squeezing at least some gain out of 2014. I'm still full-balls-deep in the stock market. I...