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    Crystal Boxes AES box protectors

    Yes i do play my games often so i know they would be a pain in the ass. I am moving in a few months for my new job and it would be nice to be able to protect my games during the move but i do think these would get old putting them in and out. I mainly just wanted everyone to see these as they...
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    Neo Games That Surprised You

    Top hunter, I was really thinking i would like the game from watching gameplay online. I just could never get into the game like i normally do with other neo geo games. I still think it is a gorgeous game to look at and I play it now and then but it was a huge disappointment for me as i thought...
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    Lach's Collection

    You have a very nice and organized collection lachlan. Garou and the neo sd yellow box art really flows well together.
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    Crystal Boxes AES box protectors

    I was browsing the neo geo forever group on facebook and ran into these crystal boxes. I am pretty excited to have more alternatives to the overly expensive kaiser cases.. Hopefully these crystal cases are good to go and are high quality, i think the neo geo logo is a nice feature but I read in...
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    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    I've been watching The Crew , its Kevin James new show on Netflix. I was a big fan of the king of queens back in the day and haven't really liked any of his tv shows since then. Luckily this one is pretty good and I think the cast is perfect and the writing is decent as well.. If you like Kevin...
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    I have two ETH coins I bought around $2,500 so I have that covered.. I have been very happy with that buy but hell 1,000 bucks on doge is a exciting even if it falls then ill look at it like I do when I go gamble away money at the casino to blow off steam..
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    I wouldn't doubt it dropping, im in for the long haul and I can wait a few years if need be. I only invested $1,000 so whatever happens won't be that big of a deal.. I kinda look at it as entertainment then a serious investment...
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    I bought $1,000 in doge today at 62 cents and now its valued at 72 cents...I hope Elon comments on it or they have a skit written for SNL..
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    You are a negative guy and I feel bad for you at times, but I hope one day you can turn your constant negativity around and be a tiny bit positive. edit- ps my aunt lives in shaghai, after covid maybe I will come visit and we can finally work this out. That or a good ol’ fashion knife fight to...
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    Wtb Ghost pilots Dog tag homecart

    Still looking but its been over a year so I don't feel too hopeful about it..
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    Happy Birthday max 330 mega

    Hope you had a good day and did something you enjoyed man! That cow looks happy as fuck.
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    Yard work. A necessary evil.

    I live in the desert around lots of wildlife, sometimes the pigs knock over the trash and thats a pain to clean up. I do like cutting trees and cactus though, makes you feel good after..
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Big thanks to Redfield on hooking me up with metal slug 4! I also grabbed an eight man for good measure.
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    I have a friend that had made $20,000ish off of doge, I may put in a small amount to gamble with it when a sell of happens again. I'm going to jump into bitcoin with at least one coin very soon as well. Just hoping to buy one around $45,000 but may be too late for that. I bought 2 coins when it...