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    New ? Hyperboard

    It's crazy how much they want for a hyper64!
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    Interesting, I just bought a Dreamcast...
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    When it comes to building your collection, whats more important: Quantity or Quality?

    I also only buy the games that I play, but I'm not a collector. I missing 3 games I would like to play...
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    The forum looks great. Thank you for all your hard work!
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I couldn't help myself... I guess I've been cooped up to long. :multi_co:
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    Space invaders Clone

    Needed a new project to clean up some code for my Neo Geo dev. Still using DatLib with a few of my own functions in asm.
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    WTB: QNIC CGM-2500 monitor chassis

    Looking to have a spare chassis for my cabinet. Would consider a non-working chassis for parts.
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    NeoDev Kit

    I've been working on a neo geo for awhile now. So far I have a fully working game with one level. The sound is a bit off in the recording. More to come later...
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    WTB: Pulstar MVS (Cart Found)

    Looking to buy Plustar MVS for my shmup habit...
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    Graphics tools to create correct format

    I need to make graphics for my game, but can't seem to get the correct format. I've searched everywhere including neodev. What format are graphics saved in for bmp? Or should I be using png/etc? I can't seem to get the correct format for the tools to work. Gimp seems to have a lot of options...
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    Anyone buy a NeoSD for the website? I'm trying to decide where to buy a NeoSD. hine62
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    change boot game...

    Is it possible to change a boot cart to another game by replacing the roms? Could it be that simple...
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    4 slot top board capacitors

    What do the 1000uf capacitors on the top board do on my 4 slot? It looks like the board has taken a tumble, and the capcitors are bad. hine62
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    mv2 video error

    I'm getting an error, but can't read it on a mv2f. It might be a video ram error. Here is a pic with neo bios: Here is what happens with uni bios 2.3: So far I have done: Checked traces under battery: OK Checked board for scratches: OK Cleaned board and slots. Cleared back up ram. Tried...
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    Anyone else have 337 update falures

    Just wondering if anyone else has a 337 update failure... I'll be mailing mine in for repair. :very_ang: