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  • Hi FTL,

    Re the forum thread at:

    My name is Aaron Hillier, 16 years ago in 2004 i sold the Kizuna Encounter Euro above...

    Am happy to answer any questions about the Kizuna Euro Cart sale to verify my identity (e.g. I lived in adelaide at the time, a forum member who lived in Sydney helped me sell it..)

    I'm contacting you as I've decided to sell a few more of my Neo Geo AES carts, and that verifying myself as original owner & seller of the above Kizuna Euro may help convince potential buyers that my carts are legit and not bootllegs. The carts I wish to sell include some rare titles - Mark of the Wolves U.S., Blazing Star Jap, Metal Slug 2 & 3 Jap, King of Fighters 97 U.S. etc.

    Any advice appreciated, would even consider a "commission" to you to help me sell them

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Aaron Hillier
    FTL, I have a serious buyer for the rare Kizuna Encounter US/PAL version. He is a Pawn Shop owner out in San Diego, CA. If you know anyone who is willing to put the item up for grabs, the offer is at $20,000. I am looking for a rare cart myself. If you would know anyone who would have a Neo Turf Masters US cart up for grabs please let me know. Thanks.
    ciao . senti ho problemi nei miei post con un utente il suo nick e astroboy . dice parole sporche ed insulti . tu che sei il moderatore non dovresti intervenire? o in questo forum ognuno puo' fare quello che gli pare. lo reputo un forum molto serio. ciao e grazie
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Hi, I saw your YouTube video where you displayed your MegaMan the Power Battle Rental Board. Would you be intereswd in selling it? I can make you an offer. Thanks

Olá, vi seu vídeo no YouTube em que você exibiu seu MegaMan, o Painel de aluguel do Power Battle. Você estaria interessado em vendê-lo? Eu posso te fazer uma oferta. Obrigado
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Fuck you
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Hi there, I am a Mai fan too and I just joined.