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    Cuphead PC / Xbox

    You're validating shock value over gameplay, hey that's cool, everyone has a thing they favor. I prefer Contra 4 over Rebirth, all day.
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    New Market Orientated usergroup...

    ...but...but you make videos! Aren't you supposed to be a bit competent about the subject you seem to focus your mediocrity on? Don't listen to mjgassling, he's just a back stabber, you can ask op about that. Some pos.
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    What Beat 'em Ups are you playing? Daily/Weekly check

    I know you were kidding, you've never played Sengoku 3, just stare at it, that's if you have it that is.
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    Top Tier Arcade Collection of Neo-Geo + More (Updated Weekly)

    Oh yes! Someone tell toptierdouchebag there's a green light for all douchers in the market! Any discord please report to the war room where your voice will never be heard.
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    Miisalo's Winter Meating Part IV - Rot's Revenge - 27th of January 2018 Vantaa Finland

    Berry Togart sporting Dat Realm of Chaos...good man!
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    offical wwe thread

    True, Goldberg had the "it" factor. Roman just has looks that soccer moms would love, nothing more. Still, you're comparing a grand event, a show that should have been handled differently, as a PPV, or a starcade, I dunno, something other than regular nitro, just saying is not a fair...
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    Nintendo Switch

    I'm pumped for DOOM, this is the game that got me back into FPS games on the xboner, it's been a long time too.
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    Am I looking at this right? They have 2 4 button rows and yet the Neo Geo layouts don't have a layout that uses the top row as ABCD, is this for real?
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    Get The Evil Within 2 NOW- Before Halloween!!!

    I liked the first one. Everyone's a god damn critic. Looking forward to this sequel, I might get it soon but there's some other games taking priority ATM, once I have a free spot for a modern game I'll get it. Is there any co-op multiplayer and stuff?
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    offical wwe thread

    Well...are you?
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    Cuphead PC / Xbox

    HCR only falls short on your ability to play it, generally speaking of course. The freedom in HCR can also work against you, unlike HC which is more robust in terms of "safety" in the controls, by no means is the game easier though, I'd say they're both up to par.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Edit: Fakk...I meant "you're not gonna play it"...faking priviledges...second class member here.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    RAZO stop, you're gonna play it...and you know this man!
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    New Market Orientated usergroup...

    Of course it is. Cumbaya!