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    CRT Fetish Thread

    I'm on SCART RGB. I've seen some nice scanline filters on the 5X, but the option on the 2X is poor.
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    Pep's Collection

    You managed to fit all of this in STORAGE?
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    Had to leave my PVM with my parents back in Canada. Ain't no way that think is getting shipped to Europe. I picked up a Retrotink 2X and it's nowhere near as good as people make it out to be. Maybe they've been doing all their retro gaming on flatscreens the past decade.
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    New AES/MVS game : Opération Killmeister

    Feels like there's been more development in Neo homebrew than ever before. Hopefully this finishes.
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    Drainus (Team Ladybug)

    Ladybug are some of the best devs around today, imo. Everything they put out is an instant classic. Don't miss Pharaoh Rebirth, which they put out under a different name.
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    Breakers Collection Announced

    Holding out for the Captain Tomaday Remastered Collectors Edition ($65.99) with inflatible gloves and a can of certified DOP San Marzano tomatoes.
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    AES / MVS prices

    What gaming collector market hasn't jumped in price in the past few years?
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    What is your favorite mvs motherboard?

    I did have these for 03 and MS5. Weirdly one of them came in a Yuki Enterprises-branded box. Were they were working with Playmore in distribution at the time?
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    What is your favorite mvs motherboard?

    I don't own a 1C but I'm always impressed at how small SNK shrunk that board down from the original 1-slot. I wonder if they had produced another revision in 2003, how much further they could have shrunk it.
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    Looks like Bishamon from Darkstalkers/Vampire was in the cards.
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    What would you put in your Neo Goldie cab if you owned an upscale bar or lounge?

    Gotta have Thrash Rally in there somewhere.
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Some of their stuff has gotten modern ports to Switch/PS4. Anything that got ported to Dreamcast is easy enough to burn and try, so idk why they gatekeep so hard with Kraut Buster. They also never meet print demand for their stuff. Probably a difficult process but I doubt they'd be sitting on...
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    You ever think how many more sales NGDev could get if they released a demo for their games? Freely distribute a ROM of the first level so people can get excited, or at least know where their preorder money is going.
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    Saudi Crown Prince to acquire SNK

    Never assume someone couldn't be a weeb
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    Metal Slug Mania Part Sega - Metal Slug 6 - 5/4

    Metal Slug 2nd Mission is pretty good. Not the best but I'll still take it over 4 and maybe 5.