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    2 Dozen arcade cabinets for sale in CA Bay Area.

    If I wasn't limited on space I'd be tempted to grab some Neo stuff. And as much as I'd love for there to be candy cabs, it looks like those are just jukeboxes. :(
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    What was the first import game you bought?

    I'm pretty sure it was either Rockman X3 on the Saturn or the Japanese version of Sonic CD years ago. Can't quite remember which one came first though. I didn't start importing Saturn games again till recent years due to my first Saturn having the memory card slot stop working so I couldn't use...
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    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

    Weird that they chose a screenshot from Metal Slug XX for this image though. I get that it's probably a placeholder but was it that hard to get an image from a game that's actually on the list?
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    Neo Geo titles coming to PS4 Arcade Archives

    Haven't had the chance to try online out yet, but damn that's a bummer. You'd think one of the biggest selling points for things like these would actually work well. :oh_no:
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    Neo Geo titles coming to PS4 Arcade Archives

    KOF 97 Global Match is out on PSN now for $14.99
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    Component switch recommendations

    I have a Psyclone switch I bought from a guy I know for $30. Still have yet to use it, but from what I've heard they're pretty good. I have another component switch from GE, which was decent for video but one of the sound channels was way too quiet.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I'd love to have a SuperGun version of that PanBox4S stick. Pretty sure one exists out there but I'm not aware of one yet.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Damn, where'd you get the Astro City style stick setup? I'd like to get one for myself.
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    SNES mini classic

    Finally managed to snag one off Gamestop's site today. Hate ordering shit from them, but hey if I get it, I get it.
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    SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Announced for Switch and PS4

    Something about this makes me feel like KOF XIV is possibly going to come to the Switch someday in the future. Like they were maybe fiddling with the same engine and assets to see how well it'd run on there, and this is a test? Then again, it's coming out on the PS4 too, so who knows. I'll pick...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    No sound, but other than that it plays fine other than that from what I've played with it. Shaker mechanism still works too. I have to at least replace the wood on the bottom though, since there's a bit of mold and water damage. Also needing a new control panel and some other things here and...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Picked this up on Monday for $250. Pics taken by the previous owner before I came and got it.
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    Unibios future version color changes, feedback wanted.

    Wonder what's coming as far as features go. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait! I'm excited to see what's gonna be in the next revision.
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    Whats the first arcade machine or game you ever got?

    My Big Red in January 2014, a Z-back with Tekken 3 in late summer of 2016, a Die Hard cab in the summer of this year, and hopefully a little something tomorrow. :drool:
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    Need Alternative for Marquee Locks

    Not a problem! Hope that helped a bit!