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    Help locating auctions

    Check out Auction Game Sales (, they do a pretty huge one in NC a few times a year. You aren't likely to see any candy cabs at auctions besides the occasional Blast City, but I've snagged a few candies that way.
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    Bibliophile (Waseem Daker) Murder Case Update Edit: Beat me to it. Wow.
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    Bibliophile (Waseem Daker) Murder Case Update

    So I was watching Channel 2 News in Atlanta (I'm working here for the next few months) and they had a blurb about Waseem today. Something about how the woman recently admitted that the evidence was probably tampered with, and the police are shocked? Whatever it was, it looked like really good...
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    Korean Crown Cabinets: Opinions/Expertise/Ownership?

    I used to own 2 CWC-203 Crowins. Worked nice, had nice monitors, and never gave me trouble. One quirk I remember was the JAMMA harnesses were slightly undersized and drove me nuts, and the cabinets are mostly wood, with a vinyl grey laminate that gets damaged easily. I liked them, and they were...
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    I received today...

    Nice Windy II! Glad the Namco JVS adapter got there safely. Have fun.
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    Stepdown converter required for 100V cabs?

    A Blast City should be no more than 140w, and I think you need at least double the rated watts on your stepdown for breathing room. So if you plan to buy multiple cabs, I guess go ahead and get a 1000w one so you have room to grow. It'll cost you, but at least it's peace of mind. This thread is...
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    Stepdown converter required for 100V cabs?

    I have had several Japanese cabs for years and have never used a transformer. I've had people tell me it's sorta like overclocking a PC... you're giving the monitor and PSU slightly more juice than it's rated for, and might shave a year off its lifespan at worst, but it's nothing really to worry...
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    Conundrum regarding cab deal

    Wow, I remember helping fighter17 and djdelly get this thing down 2 flights of stairs at UNF... what 3 years ago? Wow. The problem here is the cab is cursed. I got it from Bibliophile, then sold it to fighter17, and now look what happens. The best thing about that cab was how he used Mighty...
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    Good Deal?

    I've never tried it myself, but I know someone who got a curved Makvision 27" to fit by shaving the bezel, and someone who got a flat Neiman to fit by rear-mounting. The problem you run into on Blast Cities is they're semiflat tubes, and nobody makes semiflats anymore, so you have to employ some...
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    Good Deal?

    I'm sure any American 27" monitor will fit in there with little effort.
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    Good Deal?

    If it comes with the fighter panel that makes it a nice deal right there. If it's the Wells-Gardner 9200 like the one mine had, it does all 3 resolutions, but you have to set the jumpers manually.
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    Good Deal?

    Is that Steve's Naomi Uni? I used to have one just like it, and what made me get rid of it is it takes up the same amount of space as a pinball machine and is difficult to move around (it looks like a showcase cab but it does not come apart). Price is a little on the high end but the games and...
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    Some vids of my candy's and others...

    Wow, the Blast City cleaned up nice. Great work.
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    MVS-U4 - Need Control panel....

    Ken is probably the one who converted it to begin with :) Probably would be a good place to start though, he's a pretty cool guy.