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    Blinking Light Win: Fixing your toaster NES for good

    Has anyone received theirs yet? I haven't seen any updates on the Kickstarter recently.
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    Anyone using Vista 64-bit?

    If you are upgrading from 32-bit to 64, it will force you to do a clean install, and it will copy your existing files to a folder called Old Computer or something like that.
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    Vista Service Pack 1

    Unfortunately, you can't get SP1 yet unless you're a TechNet subscriber or an OEM partner. I've read several reviews that say it greatly imporves the speed of Vista though.
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    Can anyone help me out with this CSS / HTML stuff?

    I'm pretty sure this is actually the issue. If you move the bottom of the DIV up to above the <p> it should resolve the issue. Of course you will also have to change the postinfo and postfoot classes so that they will still apply to the <p> most easliy by removing the ".entry" that is defined...
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    Anyone with HTML experience? Can I put multiple image flips on one image?

    This should work. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- hide from none JavaScript Browsers Image1= new Image(320,240) Image1.src = "Kitty.jpg" Image2 = new Image(320,240) Image2.src = "Neo_Geo.jpg" Image3 = new Image(320,240) Image3.src = "Andrew_far.jpg" function SwapOut() {...
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    The Ninja Turtles taking a shot at SNK?

    For the record, it is S&K. As the clip clearly states it does not stand for sensitive and kind.
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    You're Pitiful

    You're Pitiful Enjoy. Mirrors available Here
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    Official Nintendo Wii price? $250?!

    Is this the same story as a few weeks ago where the actual quote was that the price would be No more than $250? As far as I know that is the only official comment on price.
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    Wii Launch Price Confirmed?

    I would be surprised if it is above $150. I'm really expecting $99 to make it a real mass market item.
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    Revolution to be launched in June in Japan?

    People seem to forget that Nintendo has said they are considering going with a release scheme similar to the DS. That would mean North America first followed by Japan and Europe.
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    Completely remove Firefox from my system?

    Remove the following from your computer. That should take care of the settings. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles
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    AC:WW Friend Code List

    Name: Brandon Town: Nowhere Friend Code: 1417-9465-4319 Native Fruit: Orange I also have trees for all other fruits.
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    sony you friggin nazis!

    It won't happen. For it to work they would either have to required you to connect to the internet to play your game or have a way to write the data back to the disc. Putting a blu-ray writer in the PS3 would be too costly, and requiring the user to connect to the internet to play games would...
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    Anyone ever use a memory card in the Arcade?

    Every machine I ever tried it on had a penny or something stuck in the slot. That really got on my nerves.
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    Sequels you never expected to see

    Tremors 4: The Legend Begins Species 3