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    WTB: Irritating Maze Cabinet...

    In good working condition, preferable in the northeast. Have some things people might be interested in... A 6 slot MVS board that works well, but is occasionally irritable... Samurai Shodown MVS Fatal Fury MVS World Heroes MVS Puzzle Bobble MVS
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    The connection on a 4 slot by the volume sliders...

    Sorry, I don't know the exact model number of the four slot I have... just wondering what the connection by the volume sliders does. I have the manual, but it didn't make it's function very clear... It's a small one, maybe four or six pin.
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    WTB: 6 Slot Board, (still looking for Magical Drop 3 MVS too)

    Looking for a working 6 slot board... and Magical Drop 3 MVS... thanks.
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    MVS Puzzle Games........

    Does Twinkle Star Sprites count for like half a puzzle game?
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    WTB: Magical Drop 3 MVS w/ Mini Marquee

    Let me know how much you want for it shipped to Boston MA 02115. PayPal is preferred. Thanks.
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    Gun games that bounce off a mirror...

    I'm looking to get a generic cabinet to build a gun system, with a Police Trainer and a Point Blank game... there's a Police Trainer game in good condition near me for sale for $400, but the cabinet is one where the monitor is facing up and being bounced off a mirror. In all my years of playing...
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    WTB/WTT: Point Blank 1/2/3 PCB or Cabinet

    Will trade a Nintendo Wii with Two Wiimotes, Two Nunchuks, Two Classic Controllers, Elebits, Trauma Center, Zelda, Monkey Ball, Wii Sports, and a mess of Virtual Console games plus some money for a cabinet... Any offers would be appreciated. Somewhere near Boston would also be nice, but not...
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    WTB: Neo Turf Masters, Puzzle Bobble, Metal Slug 3, Magical Drop 3 MVS

    These are the games I currently need in MVS format: Neo Turf Masters/Big Tournament Golf Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move Metal Slug 3 Magical Drop 3 I don't need full kits or any of the collector stuff, the mini-marquees would be nice, but absolutely not necessary. Thanks!
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    Can someone explain to me why sprite based games have suffered as gaming evolves?

    People like to use technological advances whether they need them or not. Games have pushed computer technology more than "business" based technology ever has or ever will. The first several generations of 3D games were terrible... but the developers kept pushing and pushing and now everything...
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    Price for a 4-slot mobo mvs?

    Everything I've ever bought on eBay that was "broken" turned out to just be owned by somebody that didn't know how to use it. A couple arcade games and a number of rackmount synthesizers.
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    What a waste of a Neo 25 :(

    True... I used to have a cabinet that housed all the Mr. Do games... but... Pengo?
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    Price for a 4-slot mobo mvs?

    Looks like between $100 and $150. I just bought a 4 slot with a neo geo cabinet for $350.
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    going rate for US Street Fighter III 3rd strike?

    I had a Third Strike CPS3 board and cart, etc that I sold a couple years back for what I remember being around $250. Has this game gotten way more expensive/popular since then? I've also been looking for a Super Turbo CPS2 board for a while and there's been nothing in eBay. Crazy... should...