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    Akihabara : A Japanese style bar/arcade

    Gashapon capsule toy machines would also be a cool way to fill up some space!
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    My childhood says LifeForce, but as an adult I've grown to appreciate Gradius more.
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    Akihabara : A Japanese style bar/arcade

    awesome place! I'll be stopping by next time I'm in Denver!
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    What is your driving/travel time to your job every day.

    I've worked from home for the last 6 years.
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    SOLD: Battle Garegga PCB

    should be popping in Zakk either way... Good luck with your sale Pipes! Bro prices 4 lyfe
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    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    How will transfer work if the cart is sold between people? Will the seller have to release their serial # on the site to allow the buyer to register it?
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    FS: MVS Sale - a few left

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    You all seen this? Sega Saturn Cracked Video + DreamPi Online Adapter

    Rhea is very much plug and play (just unscrew your drive and pop it in). I think you would like it if you got one.
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    FS: ***A FEW LEFT*** Neo Geo Rental Shop Flags

    I love these.. still have mine. Goes great in any game room.
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    Thinking of selling off most of my video game collection

    same... everdrives, gdemu, rhea, etc give me a reason to keep the hardware but save game space. As long as I only load about 10 or so games every few months, it stays relatively fresh enough to enjoy without getting overwhelmed by 10000000 games in a huge list. I can't bring myself to get...
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    Sound issues with Pulstar MVS

    James is on it. :buttrock:
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    FS: MVS Sale - a few left

    everything paid for has been shipped out today. All arriving on Monday!
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    FS: MVS Sale - a few left

    Ah sorry man. I didn't know you were peepin this thread :/