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Thread: Different Religion

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDRchampion View Post
    I've been around JW for a long time, its nothing that bad...They are just god fearing trying to be good at all times. I have never witness any misogyny if anything the women are more vocal then the men from what i have encountered.

    Its a lot worse then i thought. The wife & i tried talking to her the other day & she basically broke down crying feeling we are against her. This is the first time she has shown any type of emotion or even talking back. I guess all is loss but hopefully i at least planted a seed in her head. So when she has doubts she will remember our conversation. I dont think ill push it any further for now and just build our relationship from there. Like i said majority JW are good people that i have met. Even the wife's family members are outstanding citizen.
    Good luck man. I will just mention a couple of last things. Someone in the thread suggested the Crisis of Conscience book. I have not read it myself, but I have heard it is a very useful book. In general, there is a growing amount of books on JWs as well as information online.

    There are many resources on the online you can find from a google search. I like this particular site:

    Likewise, there are a lot of resources on youtube, from people themselves, and even documentaries. I like this one that aired in Canada not long ago:

    These sources might offer some different opinions on JWs than you are used to, they might also help with your particular situation. The more information you have on the matter the better I think so you can make the best decisions.

    Again, good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F4U57 View Post
    I guess what I meant to say is, Religion is not necessary to be inherently decent and have good morals, though I agree that a lot of religions profess this. If you believing in a higher power makes you feel better, happier, safe... then power to you. But when it does instill fear, creates rules, bounds and suppresses, then it is a problem.

    People shouldn’t need Religion to feel secure and happy, or to have purpose in life.
    I agree, although I'm ok with the "creating rules" part. I do think it often gives people a regular (daily or most of the time weekly) reminder to be a good person though. As much as we're all caught up in our own jobs, families, relationships, financial situations, hobbies, etc etc, religion often helps people stay focused on being a good person and helping others. Maybe through fear or maybe through prayer and scripture or just a mission that a group of people share.

    Can that happen without religion? Of course. Does it? Yes, it does. If i didn't go to church, would i personally be getting a group of people together to go do yard work for elderly disabled people or taking my son out to the store to put lunch bags together and hand them out to homeless people in our neighborhood? Probably not. Should i have been doing that, even without religion? I think i should have done that stuff before, but it just didn't come to mind. Maybe that says something about me as a person. Maybe religion gave me a reason to get off of my lazy butt and get out there. Maybe i was just selfish, but i don't know a lot of people that don't go to church that just get up and go decide to do stuff like that. Are there People that do that stuff that don't go to church? Of course there are, but before going to a place where doing that type of thing was discussed regularly, it wasn't a part of my daily thought process. Did i help people before? Yeah, but id say i go further out of my way to help people that i don't know now than before.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're right. People shouldn't need religion to be good people and do good things for others. But, we live in a pretty selfish world and sometimes people need a reason or reminder to even think about that stuff. Should they? No, but realistically, do many? Sadly, imo, yes. Many people need a reason, a reminder, a gentle nudge to get their minds off of themselves. I did and i thank God daily because honestly, I'm happier than I've been in a long time.
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    I can respect that. Glad to hear it's working for you.

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