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Template:CharacterInfobox In this Chinese name, the family name is Wang.

Wang Koh-San (Chinese: 王覚山; Pinyin: Wáng Juéshān; Cantonese: Wong Kok San; Japanese: ワン・コーサン, Wan Kōsan) is a character from the Art of Fighting series, introduced in Art of Fighting 3. He is voiced by Monster Maezuka.


He is an artist entering a competition, coming to Glasshill for inspiration. Once he arrives there, he learns of Wyler's elixir and thinks that it will interest his friend, Lee Pai Long. In his ending, the player is able to see various caricatures of Hoeh-Hoeh interacting with the cast.


He is portrayed as a small, happy-go-lucky, comic relief character.

Fighting Style

Wang Koh-San practices Xinyiliuhequan, a fighting style that has been practiced in China. It has ten stances, and combines some elements from Tanglangquan (Northern Praying Mantis).

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