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The King of Fighters for Girls is a heart-warming game by Victor Entertainment Games. Just like the Days of Memories, it's a dating simulator with the male characters of the franchise. Main visuals and character designs are made by Kuren .

On March 04, 2021 it was announced on their twitter that the game would shutdown on March 31, 2021. After the maintenance on March 10th (Wednesday), sales of paid crystals will be suspended. For paid crystals that have not been used as of 14:00 on March 31 (Wednesday), refunds will be accepted from April 1 (Thursday).


The protagonist was laid off and homeless. So, she sets off to find a job in Tokyo. She ends up as a dojo assistant that works closely with the King of Fighters tournament. She is assigned as a manager for one of the participants.


Names in bold denote original characters. <tabber> Official Roster=

Kyo Team

Terry Team

Ryo Team

K' Team

Shinsekai Team

Orochi Team

Single Entry




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