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Template:CharacterInfoboxTaizan Morozumi (八角 泰山, Morozumi Taizan) makes his only appearance in the Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage and its Neo Geo Pocket Color counterpart, Samurai Shodown! 2. He is voiced by Takaya Yamauchi.


A man who possess the powers to seal evil. This power is something that is passed down Taizan's family. He becomes tired of fighting and retires to live a quiet life in the mountains with his family. His wife and son are killed by Yuga and he sets off after the puppeteer in vengeance. However, after he realizing he was turning into a demon himself, he returns to the mountains and seals away his spear. Afterward, he continues to live a peaceful existence there guarding his wife and son's grave.


As a pacifist at heart he does not like to use violence if it can be avoided, but is willing to do what needs to be done. He enjoys peace and a quiet life.


  • Create Seals: Taizan can create powerful seals, which will limit his opponent in various ways.
  • Magical Words: Taizan can cast spells based upon the meaning of the kanji symbols he writes with his brush.

Fighting Style

He is armed with a lance which changes its tip to large calligraphy brush during special moves when words are written. He is depicted with weapon being in brush mode and in lance mode respectively in his Slash and Bust character artworks. In the same style as the later Capcom game, Ōkami, he writes words and puts them into action. For example, if he wrote "wind", his foe would be hit with a whirlwind attack moments later.

His weapon is sensitive to the heart of its wielder and will change accordingly to their will. The "ink" from the weapon's brush actually comes from the heart and blood of the user.


  • Bloodfueled Brush Spear (墨血筆槍, Sumichi Fude Yari) - Samurai Shodown 64-2

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