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written by Sifl
More Strikers 1945 Plus Screenshots by Mouse_Master
US Title: Strikers 1945 Plus
Japanese Title: Strikers 1945 Plus
By: Psikyo
Year: 1999
Size: 684 Megs
Home Release? No
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No

Strikers 1945 Plus
Review by Sifl

Hello shooter fans out there in Neo-Land, once again it's time to wreak havoc on your A buttons with Psikyo's sole Neo-Geo offering, Strikers 1945 Plus, A part of their legendary Strikers 1945 series. How does this title fare against the other fine Neo shooters? Read on and find out.

Graphics- The intro is done well, albeit very,very short, which already puts it behind Blazing Star and it's glorious intro. Why couldn't Psikyo use those old B&W videos like in the older Strikers games I'll never know. The In-Game graphics are superb. You fly over cities, railroads, and oceans that all look pretty real. All the aircraft, bosses, explosions, and especially boss explosions are well done too.


Sound/Music- Pure Audio Pleasure. Music sounds like you'd expect from a WWII-themed shooter. Boss Music gets you pumped up to shoot like you've never shot before. Sound effects get the job done, explosions and bullets firing sound like they are supposed to.

Gameplay- You start by selecting one of seven actual WWII-era fighters (either used in the war or only prototypes,) each with their own abilities. After that, it's eight rounds of blowing enemy planes out of the sky. Nail plenty of bad guys to build up your Supershot meter, which is executed by holding the A button for a moment and releasing. The B button calls in a support attack, which will save your ass in sticky situations. Power-ups and point bonuses are also abundant in this game.

Difficulty- Two Words, BULLETS EVERYWHERE! I hope you are good at maneuvering your plane, because the screen will be just littered with bullets at times, and this game is not plagued with slowdown. On top of that, after level 5 (except on the easiest of difficulty settings) once you continue, you start over from the beginning of the stage vice the point of where you blew up. The only consolation is Freeplay on the home version.


Overall- I really enjoyed this game despite the difficulty in the later stages, There is no ending, once you finish level 8, you play through the game again, finish it the second time around and the game just flashes a "The End" screen. You do get some cool pics and some stats after you've beaten the game the first time. It holds very well against Blazing Star, especially if you want a game with more challenge, as Blazing Star can tend to be easy, as it doesn't send you back upon continuing. Once again, this title came out MVS only, so Homecart owners will have to convert or find the very neat and professional !Arcade! version lying around. NeoCD owners are once again SOL, your consolation prize is Ironclad.


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