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Template:CharacterInfobox Sprites (スプライツ) is one of the titular characters in Twinkle Star Sprites. Her official nickname is "The Princess of Light".


She is the alternate form of Load Ran. She transforms into Sprites with the power of the Twinkle Star. Sprites herself is the prophesied entity of justice who is said to save the land when it's covered by darkness. In her ending, Load Ran wishes for a way to stay in her adult form.


A fair and merciful princess. She waits for the day when a worthy successor requests for her power.


  • Flight - Sprites can fly using her wings.
  • Energy Magic - Sprites can fire energy blasts.
  • God Rabicat - Under certain conditions, Sprites can send explosive versions of her sidekick to her opponents. She can even summon a giant mechanical version of him to attack.

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