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Template:CharacterInfoboxSun Wukong (孫悟空), also read as Son Gokuu in Japanese on'yomi, is a character who originally hails from the popular Chinese folktale, Journey to the West. An alternate interpretation of him appears in the World Heroes series of fighting games as a playable character.


The monkey king, Son Gokuu is a tremendous warrior that loves adventure. He seeks more and more adventure anywhere he can go.


An easy-going young man. Gokuu has no knowledge of civilization as well.


  • Cloud Riding - He can summon his cloud as needed and ride it for traveling.
  • Size Control - Son Gokuu can control his size and weight.
  • Summon Clones - He is capable of creating miniature clones of himself that take the form of bees.
  • Transformation - Son Gokuu can transform into a Buddha statue and a boulder to crush foes.

Fighting Style

Aside from martial arts, he fights with the "Mind Stick", a staff, with transformations, and with a gourd capable of sucking in the opponent.

Game Appearances



World Heroes Perfect

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