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Shroom (シュルーム, Shurūmu) is a character who originally appeared as an unnamed member of Those from the Past in the İkari Team's ending in The King of Fighters XI. He is often seen paired up with his partner, Rimelo. In the KoF XIII manhua, Shroom is depicted as a woman instead of a man.


During his debut, he appears with Rimelo to reclaim Magaki's body from Heidern and escape before the Ikari team could react, taking Heidern's eyepatch with him. Shroom is revealed to be one of Ash Crimson's associates in The King of Fighters XIII. In the game's intro sequence, he delivers Kyo Kusanagi an invitation to the tournament with his partner after a brief skirmish. Throughout the game, he reports to Ash and researches the Gate. The Ikari team's ending shows the duo being approached by Shion.


Shroom is rather cold and cynical, seemingly caring only for himself and his partner, Rimelo. Since KoF XI, he has taken an affinity to wearing Heidern's eye patch.

Game Appearances