Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad

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Template:GameInfoboxShock Troopers: 2nd Squad (ショックトルーパーズ セカンドスカッド) is a 1999 run and gun arcade game developed by Saurus and published by SNK. The game is a follow up to the 1997 original Shock Troopers though it is unclear if the game is a direct sequel.


DIO, a terrorist organization led by a man called Nakatomi, has threatened the world's leaders to submit to their will. After DIO completely eradicates a city, a squad of Shock Troopers are sent to deal with the threat.


Most of the basic gameplay aspects from the original return in the sequel. The roll or dodge is set as a leaping somersault, which travels a little farther than before. None of the original characters return and the character number is cut in half. Players can still choose which routes they wish to take though their options are more limited. The "Team Battle" mode has also been omitted and replaced with the standard 2 player co-op. The option to play as the same character is removed. The general look of the game is brighter and slightly more cartoonish, and the animation quality was also improved. Additionally, players can now ride various vehicles throughout the game. Characters and enemies are more vocalized than before. If players face the final boss, they can experience a different ending depending if they defeat him in a given time limit.

Although it is not a bad game, Second Squad is met with several mixed impressions. Fans of the original cite their disappointments with the severe cuts, as the second game seemed to have down played the original's uniqueness. The lack of flexibility in the routes, the lack of unique character types, and the lack of ties with Shock Troopers has also been met with criticism. However, it has a small cult following with first-time players for its style and visuals.


  • Leon - tall tough guy with glasses. He's the strongest but slowest character.
  • Angel - robust blond and the woman counterpart to Leon. Gains some speed but also loses one block of strength.
  • Lulu - lady with bobbed haircut. Fastest character yet also the weakest. Has several wide spread attacks to compensate.
  • Toy - tanned man with bright orange hair. Male counterpart of Lulu but has a stronger attack stat. Uses laser guns to fight.

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