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File:EX Andy.png
Shadow Andy's in-game portrait.

Shadow Andy Bogard, also known as "EX Andy Bogard" (EXアンディ・ボガード), is another form of Andy Bogard. He is considered to be a different character than his normal half.


As a master of the Shiranui arts, Andy also has a darker side of his spirit, which lead to the creation of Shadow Andy. His normal half is the "light" part. He seeks to overcome his other half, wanting to prove himself as something more than a copy. In the end, he resigns himself and slinks back to the shadows. After seeing his form, Mai humorously wonders what her darker half looks like.


A more focused and serious version of Andy. He isn't fond of his fate to live as a shadow.


  • Gather Chi: Shadow Andy can gather chi energy from Gaia, the mother-earth.
  • Energy Projectile: Shadow Andy can fire a ball of chi energy from his hands called Hishouken.
  • Energy Attacks: Shadow Andy can use chi energy to increase the damage of his normal attacks (punches, kicks...)
  • Fire Attacks: Shadow Andy can use fire to increase the damage of his normal attacks (punches, kicks...) and even engulf his body in a blue flame.

Fighting Style

He fights similar to Andy. His movelist is based on Andy's appearance in Real Bout Fatal Fury.

Game Appearances

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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

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