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(by Kailu Lantis) 

       Welcome again to yet another story FAQ of mine...well, actually, 
once you look at it, this is barely my third story FAQ, after covering 
the two most important fighting game series today: the Street Fighter 
(Capcom) and King of Fighters (SNK) series. Now that the most difficult 
job has been done, it's about time I moved on towards the "less popular" 
fighting game series (but don't think that I underestimate them). This 
story FAQ will now refer to the first fighting game that SNK ever 
launched (after the SF II craze was in its fullmost): Fatal Fury (Garou 
Densetsu, for those who refer to the Japanese names). 
	Actually, once you look at it, Fatal Fury is still the series with 
most games in the SNK universe (10 of them total, compared to the 7 games 
of the KOF series), so perhaps it isn't so "unpopular" as most people 
think (but, then again, Fatal Fury was released 3 years prior to KOF 
'94). However, as with other fighting game series, several games have no 
relation whatsoever with the main FF storyline (Fatal Fury Special, Real 
Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind, and Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition are games that follow such 
rule). The main problem of the FF storyline is that most games don't 
precisely follow-up the story too well (the endings are, for the most 
part, pointless and silly). So, what about some characters exclusive to 
the games which don't have any relation to the storyline (like Li 
Xiangfei or Rick Strowd from RB 2)? Well, that doesn't mean that the 
characters don't actually better example than Xiangfei 
appearing in KOF '99. So, I'll try to explain everything as humanly 
possible, but if you find some things that don't make sense, hey, perhaps 
it's because it doesn't in the first place....
	Anyway, let's begin, and have a nice read! :)  

	This FAQ is created for public use, and in no way shall this 
document be sold in any way possible. If you intend to put this FAQ on 
your homepage, you must ask for permission, and then place credit for the 
author where credit is due, and that's it! This FAQ is done without the 
permission of SNK (but they're all-around nice guys). I doubt any cheap-
ass magazine will try to swap this document (after all the magazine 
flaming that has been going around lately on the Net), but if you do 
alter this document for your personal intentions (stealing, copying, and 
then saying it's yours), then Mr. Howard will be most unhappy, and he'll 
be more than glad to send Mr. Yamazaki after your sorry rears and shred 
your hides to pieces, while soaking the room with your own blood. 
	Fatal Fury and all its characters are registered trademarks of SNK.

6.-Unrelated games
7.-The Warriors of Southtown

	If you can't wait, then be my guest! ARE YOU OK!? 

	Within the vast American territory, in the land of freedom and hope 
for everyone, lies a small city which could be considered the exception 
to such rule. Its' name is Southtown. In this common town, industry has 
been exploited in order to make the city grow, and become an important 
source of economical boost. But the bustling business life in Southtown 
is just a cover-up to something far more worse. Something that the city 
couldn't deny, and something that would, ultimately, lead the town to 
its' own destruction....
	For fighters around the globe, Southtown is more popular for being 
a gathering place for many warriors of the world to visit, and put their 
skills at test against other fighters. Ever since the city's origins, 
fighting has always stained the streets of Southtown with the glory of 
the strong, and the blood of the weak. That is the iron law in Southtown: 
no one could survive long enough in such a pithole if they didn't cover 
their back appropiately. It is then when corruption and criminal 
activities plague even the upper classes in Southtown, taking the police 
force and government into its' obscure mist. Rivalry and hatred was what 
made the people live in constant fear, in a city where pain means 
	In such a world of injustice, one man ruled all the activities in 
Southtown, whether it be by legal or illegal ways. His name struck fear 
into those who heard it: Geese Howard. Being the most important crime 
lord in Southtown, Geese has earned a name for himself in the drug 
dealing and weapon traffic worlds, and at the same time, place some so-
called "straight" businesses to cover up his tracks at the eyes of other 
cities. But Geese wasn't the man who was absolutely in need of 
protection...even in that aspect, Geese had his share of respect. As a 
master of Kobojutsu and a student to the lethal Hakkyokuseiken art, 
Geese's evil powers allowed him to make short work of all those who stood 
against him. 
	But even so, Geese could not attain absolute domination. His fellow 
student in the ways of Hakkyoukuseiken, Jeff Bogard, who possessed a 
heart of justice and honor, was always one step behind Geese, threatening 
his iron grip on Southtown. Jeff Bogard's skills were also considered to 
be as much or even more than Geese himself, thus earning him the name of 
"The King of Fighters". Both students were taught by the master in the 
fighting style, Tung Fu Rue, a respectful old man who approved Jeff's 
ways, and denied Geese's evil ideals. When the time came to choose the 
heir to the Hakkyokuseiken style (and by consecuence, the one who would 
inherit the secret techniques of the Hakkyokuseiken school), the choice 
was more than obvious: Tung chose Jeff as his best student. This fueled 
Geese's hatred towards Jeff to epic proportions. Retiring from the 
Hakkyokuseiken dojo like a loser, Geese vowed that he would deal with 
Jeff yet....
	Jeff kept on being the perfect model as a fighter, and as a parent, 
as he was the adoptive father for two brothers who lived their lives on 
the harsh streets of Southtown: Terry and Andy. But in his peak moment, 
it was when tragedy came. Attacked by treason, Jeff was killed in a 
cowardly attack by Geese. Having killed the only opposition to his rule 
in Southtown, Geese claimed his position as the new "King of Fighters".
	But Jeff and Geese's master, Tung Fu Rue, had not forgotten about 
Jeff's two sons: Terry and Andy. Tung told the two orphans to choose 
their own paths, and become strong enough for the time when they would 
exact revenge from Geese. Fighting Geese in his current state would only 
make Terry and Andy join their father sooner than expected. Terry decided 
to stay in Southtown, and learn from the streets themselves, which are 
overcrawling with skillful fighters of several martial arts. Andy, on the 
other hand, decided to travel to Japan, and train himself in the deadly 
art of Koppo-ken, a style that involved lethal bone-breaking techniques. 
And so, began the adventure for the two Bogard brothers....
	Meanwhile, as Geese enjoyed his stay in power, challenges from many 
fighters around the world to do battle against the man who killed Jeff 
Bogard, began to grow more and more. Geese thought that most of them were 
just trash that he didn't have the time to deal with. So, in order to 
keep the fighters entertained, and eliminate anyone who dare oppose his 
rule, Geese created a tournament that would bring together the best 
fighters, and have themselves eliminate between each other, the winner 
earning the right to challenge Geese himself. The name of the tournament 
was fitting enough: "The King of Fighters". Thus, the competition would 
become a overwhelming display of Geese's power, discouraging anyone who 
thought they were strong, and send them away from Geese's sight.
	As a way to ensure nobody would get the privilege of fighting him, 
Geese placed his right-hand man and loyal bodyguard, Billy Kane, as the 
last opponent the competitors would face before fighting Geese in person. 
Wise decision, as Billy was skilled in the ways of stick fighting. His 
mastery with the long rod is too much for many fighters to handle. Many 
try to arrive to the final match, but no one passes by Billy. Geese 
grovels at the sight of his absolute dominance. That was, until one 
	The next "King of Fighters" tournament was about to take place. 
Same location, same fighters. Geese previewed another crushing victory. 
However, two names in the entry list disturbed him: Terry and Andy 
Bogard. They must be the 2 sons of his late rival, Jeff Bogard. Even his 
master, Tung Fu Rue, would enter the tournament. What was going on, and 
what were those Bogard filth planning? Geese called Billy to attention 
about the two new fighters. This year would prove to be mighty 
	Meanwhile, Terry and Andy shape up to be the figures of this year's 
tournament. Andy returned to Southtown with a friend he met in Japan, the 
Muay Thai champion Joe Higashi. Terry and Andy have became formidable 
fighters, and master Tung was pleased as their growth as fighters and as 
persons. But there was one problem: while Terry was more cool and 
calculating in his plot to take revenge on Geese, Andy, being the younger 
brother and more attached to Jeff, was a lot more emotional, and hungered 
for Geese's blood. Joe was the balance between the 2 sides, being the 
neutral kind of guy, always showing the good humor and the bright side of 
things. And so, the curtain opens to a new "King of Fighters" 
	As it was foretold, Terry and Andy made short work out of the less-
classed fighters, with Joe and Tung helping the brothers out. Geese saw 
with a mild feeling of worry how the Bogards won their matches with some 
ease. As the final matches began, Terry, Andy, and Joe kept their 
dominant streak, and swept the competition away. Billy had to be called 
out a little early. Even then, Billy was no match for the skill and 
talent of the Bogards, and Geese was the only man left. It had been quite 
some time since Geese had a entertaining fight. It seems this time, Geese 
would have to teach the Bogard brothers the way to heaven to meet their 
father. Geese awaited the arrival of the Bogard entourage on the top 
floor of his majestic tower, an overwhelming monument to his superiority.
	Having been exhausted by the past battles, Joe and Andy were 
considered inadequate to be decent competition against Geese. The task 
was left to the man who could: Terry. Geese laughs at Terry, and since 
Terry is younger than Jeff was when Geese killed him, it would be no 
problem to eliminate someone with much less experience. Geese wasted no 
time in attacking Terry with his most powerful techniques, bashing the 
elder Bogard brother around like a rag doll. But Terry still kept himself 
standing, ready to fight again. Geese began to grow tired of Terry's 
persistence, but just when Geese was about to finish Terry off, Terry 
began attacking Geese with everything he had. Having learned that 
emotions would disturb him in a real fight, Terry decided to live the 
moment of the fight, to enjoy every second, and to take everything 
possible and assimilate it to become a better fighter. Geese's personal 
ambition could only take him so far, but Terry, being a true fighter, 
took the battle beyond Geese's understanding. Having learned the real 
purpose of fighting, Terry finally begins to turn the tide of the battle 
in his favor....
	A battered and tired Geese still stands, enraged by his inminent 
fall against Terry. Not willing to accept defeat just yet, Geese attacks 
Terry with complete rage burning in his eyes. Terry counters Geese, and 
the final blow is hard enough to send Geese crashing out of the window. 
Having fought on the top floor of his tower, Geese plummets to the street 
below. It was later reported that Geese died from the fall....
	After exacting revenge from Geese, Terry, Andy, and Joe, along with 
Tung, finally exit Geese's Tower. Terry has now gained the title of "King 
of Fighters" that once belonged to his father. The tenacity and courage 
of the winning trio earned them a new name among the fighting circuit 
that would accompany them for the rest of their lives....
	"The Lonely Wolves"

	One year has passed since the fall of Geese. Southtown has returned 
to a disturbing peace that hasn't been felt for quite some time. The 
legend of "The Lonely Wolves" is still fresh in the mind of the people of 
Southtown. And ever since the victory of Terry Bogard in "The King of 
Fighters" tournament, it seemed like no one could dispute his title as 
the strongest. But Southtown was just a small speck of dust in a big 
world, filled with skilled and talented fighters. And one fighter was 
ready to prove the limits of the "King of Fighters" tournament: a German 
noblesman called Wolfgang Krauser.
	Hailing from one of the most feared families in all Europe, the 
Strolheim bloodline, Krauser, known as "The Emperor of Darkness", is a 
cruel and passionate man who lives to prove his uppermost superiority 
against other fighters. But defeating worthy opponents is not enough for 
him: his ultimate goal is to crush his enemies to the point of absolute 
submission, disposing of anything but their life. With this violent 
behavior, Krauser has proved from time to time again, that the blood of a 
ruthless conqueror still lies within his veins. Along with his faithful 
servant, bullfighter Lawrence Blood, Krauser is sure about his undisputed 
reign as the strongest man in the world. But Krauser, too, didn't know 
the true reaches of his power, until he learned of a man who defeated the 
powerful Geese Howard in Southtown....
	Having known Geese and his skills for quite some time, Krauser was 
surprised that the news of his defeat would have come so all of a sudden. 
With sketchy news about Geese's nemesis, Krauser is amazed at how big the 
world can be. To that end, and to satisfy his sheer boredom from the lack 
of competition, Krauser takes the rights to "The King of Fighters" 
tournament, takes it out from the regional sphere of Southtown, and blows 
it up to worldwide levels. It was settled: the next "King of Fighters" 
tournament would attract fighters from around the world, in no-holds-
barred fight to the finish!
	Having heard about the news of a new "King of Fighters" tournament, 
the current champion, Terry Bogard, was interested to fight again, and 
prove his worth after a one year's rest. He is instantly contacted by his 
brother Andy, and his friend Joe Higashi, who also seem interested in 
participating this year. This time, the stakes would rise much higher, 
and the battles would be most interesting, no doubt! As expected, the 
best fighters around the world gather to prove their value. Mai Shiranui, 
a gorgeous red-haired ninja, enters just to prove her childhood 
sweetheart, Andy Bogard, how worthy she is to become his wife! Close to 
her is her master, Jubei Yamada, a master in Judo, and with a fixation 
for cookies. Old faces from the past also return: the masked wrestler 
once known as Rayden disposes of his face cover, and changes his name to 
"Big Bear". The former top-rated warrior of the first "King of Fighters" 
tournament, Billy Kane, comes in to exact revenge from the "Lonely 
Wolves". Also in the tournament are the Tae Kwon Do champion and defender 
of justice, Kim Kaphwan, the money-hungry Hong Kong businessman, Cheng 
Sinzan, and the former heavyweight boxing champion, Axel Hawk. Now is the 
time to show the world the fangs of a true "Lonely Wolf"!
	As the tournament rages on, broadcasted in Southtown to follow 
their legend Terry Bogard in the popular Pao Pao Cafe, Krauser begins his 
own trip around the world, giving a frightening display of power to the 
world by downright crippling several martial arts masters throughout the 
globe. Krauser was hoping that he would teach the person who would 
challenge him what they were going up against. Krauser's trail of 
destruction begins to unsettle some competitors....
	But Terry and his friends refuse to be impressed by such a 
overwhelming display. Terry himself showed, in a lot more refined and 
civilized way, that he wasn't going to let go of the championship just 
yet! With such a variety of fighters that surpass the more local-based 
region of Southtown, the fighters fought with a lot more excitement, in 
order to prove the world their value! As the finals drew near, Krauser 
sent out his minion Lawrence to prove the strength of his challengers. 
Being his most valuable servant, Lawrence would certainly prove to be a 
basis to judge Krauser's rivals. Upon knowing about the defeat of 
Lawrence, Krauser knew that it would finally be a moment to face an 
opponnet worthy of his true strength!
	Terry once again arrived to the final battle, which would take 
place at Strolheim Castle, in Germany. Terry was fairly impressed by the 
sheer size of the palace. Waiting in the main hall, was Krauser. He 
receives Terry with the greatest honors, but is more than determined to 
finish him off! Terry and Krauser prepare themselves to engage in a 
fierce combat....
	Both Terry and Krauser displayed a pretty equal amount of skill and 
strength. Terry had improved a lot since last year, but Krauser and his 
incredible power allowed him to get the upper hand on Terry at the 
beginning of the match. Terry was amused with Krauser's display of sheer 
force. In the eyes of both fighters was the excitement of facing a strong 
opponent, something which Terry didn't see in Geese. The battle waged on, 
and Krauser believed he could finish the battle early after trashing 
Terry for some while. But Terry was nothing like Krauser's past 
"diversions". Terry had the determination and the will to win. Krauser 
then realizes that he hasn't been training hard enough the last few 
years, but rather than that, he would just travel around the world and 
smash his opponents to display his strength, but not really to 
improve...Something Terry accomplished by facing the several fighters he 
met in "The King of Fighters" tournament.
	Krauser's insistent effort to destroy Terry as hard as possible 
soon diminished, and gave way to Terry's full attack. Using totally new 
techniques he had learned from the past faithful battles, Terry began to 
make Krauser feel the pressure of battle. Krauser was ready to unleash 
his most powerful attack, but he was terribly countered when Terry 
activates his patented "desperation move"...the Power Geyser! Krauser is 
sent flying, and falls defeated. Terry remains exhausted. He has once 
again proven his title as "The King of Fighters"! The bitter Krauser 
pities his lack of strength, and bids Terry to go, and not let him remind 
his defeat at his hands....
	Terry leaves Strolheim Castle. "The King of Fighters" tournament 
would certainly pass to other hands now. But until that day arrives, 
Terry dusts off his pants with his cap, and looks at the sunset. Today is 
a nice day to go back home. Back to Southtown, where peace might yet 
reach his soul.... 

	Southtown has became a small city filled with a relative feeling of 
peace ever since Geese Howard was defeated 3 years ago. Now that his 
malevolent influence has disappeared, people can once again live in 
harmony, leading a life which is far away from the violent fights and 
death that covered the city with its' cursed blood. "The King of 
Fighters" tournament was taken away from the city by a recognized black 
market dealer called Rugal Bernstein, so Southtown no longer had to gaze 
upon the mark of ambition that the competition left with its' trail of 
destruction. But Southtown would soon grovel in dispair with the arrival 
of a new kind of evil....
	Terry Bogard, the living legend of Southtown, received an 
invitation by his old friend, Richard Myer, to assist to the opening of 
his new bar, the Pao Pao Cafe 2, soon to come. Terry was surprised when 
he knew that all of his friends would come to presence such an important 
event: his brother, Andy, and his eternal chaser, Mai, would come along 
with their faithful partner, Joe Higashi. Now would be a time to catch on 
the last 2 years that followed the defeat of Wolfgang Krauser, as well as 
to comment about the upcoming "King of Fighters" tournament. Already at 
the Pao Pao Cafe 2, everyone began to gather around and speak about past 
events. Everything was bustling with activity, and everyone was having a 
jolly good time, all with a tad of beer and nice music. Southtown was a 
good place to live in once more. But the dream would soon be short-
	All of a sudden, the lights went out, the music stopped, and 
everything remained in silence. Panic and chaos began to grew stronger 
among the crowd, as everyone tried to find the explanation of such a rude 
interruption. When Terry and the rest of the "Lonely Wolves" attempted to 
get to the bottom of this, two small figures appeared in the middle of 
the dark. They seemed like a couple of kids, dressed in odd Asian 
costumes. The one dressed in blue seemed more serious, with spiked black 
hair and blond lines on the sides of his head. The one dressed in red was 
bit more relaxed and carefree, with a mushroom-shaped brown hair. But 
they weren't normal childs at all: Terry felt an incredible power 
emanating from these children! It felt incredibly ominous...almost 
unearthly, as true demons. 
       The two infants claimed themselves to be the new masters of 
Southtown! As the "Lonely Wolves" were about to take action, one of the 
children extended his hand with a scroll in it. Everybody stared at them, 
unknown of what their purpose was. The kid tells everyone that what he is 
holding now, are the legendary Scrolls of Immortality, handed over to the 
Jin legacy, that would grant them the eternal life if they ever invoked 
the words in it. But the possibility was left open to the people of 
Southtown: whoever wanted to live forever, they would have to fight them 
for it. Having said that, a tall, creepy figure appears behind the two 
kids. The pair of children offered the public in the Pao Pao Cafe 2 the 
incredible worth of the Scrolls of Immortality, and after that, both the 
kids and the mysterious person vanished. Now, the Pao Pao Cafe 2 was in 
an uproar. Everybody wanted to claim those scrolls as their own, and 
instantly, fists began to fly and blood spilled everywhere, everyone 
drunk with ambition to possess those legendary scrolls. Terry and the 
others barely get out of the building with their lives. The plan of the 
Jins would not only grant them eternal life, but also plunge Southtown in 
a bottomless hole of greed! Terry offers the rest of the "Lonely Wolves" 
to hunt down the Jins, and reclaim those scrolls before they are used for 
evil purposes!
       Soon enough, the "Lonely Wolves" realized they were not alone in 
their quest. Secret agent Blue Mary was after the track of the Scrolls of 
Immortality that has brought upon a social crisis in Southtown (and this 
where she first meets Terry). Another undercover cop was Hon Fu, from as 
far as Hong Kong, who was following the track of some dangerous gangster 
who managed to reach Southtown. A huge kickboxer called Franco Bash was 
desperately searching for his lost son, Junior. The disciple of Richard 
Myer and co-manager of the Pao Pao Cafe, Bob Wilson, thought that the 
countless value of the scrolls would help him and Richard rebuild the 
messed Pao Pao Cafe. Hailing from Japan is a shody sorcerer called Sokaku 
Mochizuki, who claims to be an expert in sealing the forces of evil off, 
and also happens to be a rival of Mai's Shiranui ninja clan. And another 
figure looms in the dark, an old face who would soon rear his ugly head 
to haunt the fighters in search of the road to final victory!
       Terry was soon aware of the evil at work behind the fight for the 
scrolls, but he was more interested in the new fighters that appeared in 
the tournament, as well as the new techniques of his old friends. Terry 
was most amused with Mary's tenacity and incredible bravery, the 
determination of Franco, the carefree spirit of Bob, the strong will of 
Hon Fu, and the deep strength of Sokaku. It seemed that everyone was 
fighting to achieve their personal goals. Everyone had a purpose, and so 
did Terry: to become stronger, so he can compete with the unspeakable 
power of the Jin twins!
       After a while of fighting, Terry is informed by Mary that she knows 
the whereabouts of the Jin twins. They should take action inmediately, as 
they didn't know how much longer will the people of Southtown would keep 
on fighting and killing themselves to attain those cursed scrolls. At the 
designated place, "The Lonely Wolves" and Mary arrive, only to see the 
mysterious person that was with the Jins when they appeared at the Pao 
Pao Cafe 2. The tall figure bursted out in maniacal laughter, and 
condemns everyone to a slow and painful death. When the person comes into 
the light, he introduces himself as Ryuji Yamazaki, who has came all the 
way from Hong Kong, where he works as a dangerous criminal, to act as a 
bodyguard for the Jins, who have paid up a lot of money for Yamazaki's 
services. The insane smile on his face made the "Lonely Wolves" know he 
was definetly not holding back in his attempt to kill them. 
       Terry thinks that, despite his incredible size and bulk, he should 
be nothing more than a petty gangster, who thinks he's some hot stuff. 
But he would soon be proven wrong when Yamazaki slashes the air in a 
swift and blurry motion. This guy was FAST! And he was quite vicious 
too...Yamazaki almost seemed relaxed as he puts the "Lonely Wolves" in 
quite a predicament. What was that power deep within his soul? Pure evil, 
no doubt....Terry cursed the fact that Yamazaki was giving them such a 
beating, and the Jins were still left to deal with. As if he was sent by 
the heavens, Hon Fu rushes into scene, his nunchaku ablaze. Hon Fu claims 
that Yamazaki is the one he has been looking for so many time, chasing 
him around Hong Kong. He tells Terry to keep on moving, as he keeps 
Yamazaki busy. Terry thanks Hon Fu, and rushes inside the shrine to face 
the unholy power of the Jin twins...
	Unknown to Terry was the fact that the Jin twins were already 
awaiting his arrival. Once again, Terry gazed upon the great power that 
the little kids could wield. This must be the power granted to them by 
the Scrolls of Immortality! The Jins praise Terry's strength, but claim 
his weakness against their demoniac power. Terry vows to put everything 
he's got into the fight. Easier said than done, as the superior forces of 
the Jin twins begins to manifest themselves against Terry. Chonshu and 
Chonrei each take their turns in attacking Terry, who can't seem to break 
through their incredible aura. It was almost if there were some barrier 
that didn't allow Terry to get in further enough. Terry began to falter 
against the restless attacks of the Jins. It seemed that Terry would give 
up this the power of the Jins, and the secrets of the Scrolls 
of Immortality!
	But all of a sudden, the powers of the Jins began to diminish. 
Their strength vanished little by little, leaving them only with their 
natural powers. Disconcentrated at this fact, the Jin twins were left 
dumbfounded. Terry took this chance to neutralize the prodigy kids. But 
the two brothers tell Terry that something must have happened to the 
Scrolls of Immortality. It might be possible that someone might have 
stolen them during their battle! With a bad feeling about the situation, 
Terry dashes towards the scroll chamber....
	Just like the Jins said, a man was already there, with the scrolls 
in his hand. When Terry gets a closer look at the dark figure, his face 
turns pale, and his breath runs short. It is no other than Geese Howard, 
who didn't die from the long fall off the top floor of his tower 3 years 
ago! Showing off a huge scar on his back, Geese laughs out and tells 
Terry he barely survived that fall last time, and it took him 3 years to 
recover himself, and power himself up to full strength in order to regain 
control of Southtown, which he had left for other crime lords to take 
over during his absence. He also says that the Jins are too weak to ever 
claim his rightful position. But in front of a confused Terry, Geese 
recognizes that his power can lead him back to power in Southtown, but it 
wouldn't be enough to acheive his ultimate goal: world domination! Now 
that Geese has become aware of the existence of the Scrolls of 
Immortality, he is sure that he can manipulate its' power to his own 
benefit, and gain enough strength to make any fighter bend to his feet! 
No better proof than the display that the Jins gave Terry awhile back....
	Terry promises Geese that he wouldn't get away with this, and that 
he would defeat Geese right there and now. But Geese continues: the 
scrolls would make his goal of being immortal true, but he needed 
absolute power as well. Geese aims for the power at work behind the "King 
of Fighters" tournament, and escapes from Terry by using an energy blast 
to cover up his escape. Geese has vanished, and Terry remains in the 
shrine, alone.... His partners soon come to check out on him. It seems 
that Yamazaki managed to escape capture from Hon Fu. 
	The situation couldn't get worst...Geese is alive, he has the 
Scrolls of Immortality, Yamazaki is loose, something is brewing behind 
the "King of Fighters" tournament, and Southtown is back in its' state of 
chaos...Terry clenches his fist, and grinds his teeth. It's going to take 
a lot of work to bring peace back to the grief-stricken Southtown once 

	Terry and many other of his friends have been off fighting in "The 
King of Fighters" tournament to find out the truth behind what Geese 
implied when he retrieved the Scrolls of Immortality. Mysterious 
incidents have taken place since then, which all pointed towards one 
source of evil: the Orochi, a malevolent force which has exsited for over 
1800 years. It was the power that Geese searched to complete his plot of 
becoming a living entity, but was the example of Rugal's destruction 
proof enough for Geese to desist from his attempts? As the Orochi power 
was sealed away by the 2 warriors of legend (who also happened to be 
bitter rivals), Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, everyone returned to their 
place of origin, which meant Terry and the "Lonely Wolves" returned to 
Southtown, convinced that now was a better time than ever to take on 
Geese, now that his plans have ran out short....
	It has been 2 years since Geese stole the Scrolls of Immortality 
from the Jin twins, and everyone is worried if Geese has gotten to use 
them. Southtown has returned to its' original state, a city filled with 
corruption and fear, which have once again reached the hearts and minds 
of the inhabitants of Southtown. Having regained control of the criminal 
circles in Southtown, Geese intends to make the small city the main 
headquarters for his world conquest plans. But Geese has already spent 
too much time investigating the Orochi power (he even sent his loyal 
bodyguard, Billy Kane, to form a team with the insane Ryuji Yamazaki for 
the latest "King of Fighters" tournament, since it was later proven that 
Yamazaki was of Orochi blood himself!). Now that the Orochi menace is 
gone, Geese has began his research on the Scrolls of Immortality. It is 
only a matter of time before Geese gains the eternal life. Terry and 
company have little time to act....
	In the rebuilt Pao Pao Cafe 2, Terry regathers his friends to plan 
the attack on Geese's tower. They knew that only the best fighter could 
be able to stand against Geese, who would surely gain a lot of power from 
his study of the scrolls. Thus, it was decided that a small tournament 
would be held to define who would be the faithful fighter to stage the 
final battle against Geese. Terry was the first one to propose, his 
little brother Andy, and their friend Joe inmediately follow. Mai follows 
Andy's motion, and the Pao Pao Cafe host, Bob, is willing to enter the 
fray as well. It is also well received that Kim Kaphwan, a good friend of 
Terry's, will arrive from South Korea to demand justice on the evil 
Geese. Blue Mary accepts to help Terry out again, as well as Franco Bash, 
not allowing his son Junior to be put in risk again. Sokaku is also 
rumored to still be hanging around Southtown, feeling the presence of 
evil spirits still at work. Having changed his ranting ways, Duck King 
finally settles down for once, and offers to help the "Lonely Wolves" for 
	But the heroes are not the only people plotting the recovery of the 
scrolls. The original owners of the Scrolls of Immortality, the Jin 
twins, are back again, and Yamazaki comes along as well, apparently 
working alone this time. This triggers the entry of Hon Fu, who still is 
hot on the tracks of the evil Yamazaki. Not to mention Geese and his 
bodyguard, Billy Kane, who are always close to what the "Lonely Wolves" 
are doing. The stage is set for a battle that would put the destiny of 
not only Southtown, but the entire world at stake. There was no other 
option for defeat...any type of loss would mean a step more for Geese 
towards total domination. The real bout has finally begun....
	Once again, the streets of Southtown were hosts to gruesome and 
passionate battles. This time, the tension of the world's fate made the 
battles get a lot more serious, taking out the best skills of each 
fighter. It was do or die: no other option remained. At one side, Terry 
and his friends, ready to thwart Geese's evil plans, and at the other 
side, the Jin twins and Yamazaki, who were considered no better than 
Geese himself, who has already put his plan in motion to slow down his 
opposition. The fights rage on, and the fury of the wolves is set loose 
like no tomorrow!
	To define the fighter who would do battle with Geese, Terry and 
Andy met in front of where everything began: Geese's Tower. Determination 
and tenacity flied between the eyes of the two brothers, with the stormy 
sky as a background. Andy was determined to fight Terry and prove who was 
the better fighter after so many years of waiting for his chance. But 
Terry tells Andy that this is not the moment to be fighting for petty 
sibbling rivalries, but the time to join forces, not to avenge their 
father's death, since that was long gone. This time, they had to fight 
for their own future, to preserve the world they live in, and not let 
evil triumph. The example of Kyo and Iori flashed in their minds. Terry 
invites Andy to fight Geese with him this time, since Geese would most 
likely be as powerful as ever. Not before hesitating a bit, Andy nods, 
and now, the sons of Jeff Bogard take off to the upper floors, where 
Geese's chambers lie....
	Floor after floor, the two brothers felt their hearts pound as fast 
as ever, with the power flow being so strong, coming from the top floor. 
The evil force of Geese grew like a bushfire...nothing could stop it. 
Once they arrived to Geese's office, it was pretty obvious that Geese had 
attained great power, as he keeps reading on the scrolls. Geese notices 
the presence of his two archenemies, and sneers. He confirms that he has 
nearly finished his lecture of the scrolls, and that the power he has 
achieved is far beyond anything that they could conceive! He would finish 
Terry and Andy off with his divine power, and then conclude the readings 
of the scrolls, which would give him the gift of the eternal life. Andy 
tells Terry that since Geese has not finished reading the scrolls, there 
still is a chance that he can be defeated. Geese begins to make the room 
shake with the mere glance of his power. Terry hopes that his brother may 
be right, since they're in the battle of their life.
	The following battle was filled with its' own tone of drama and 
passion. Terry and Andy fought with the best of their skills, with all 
the inner energy they could muster, but Geese was backed up by the 
ancestral power of the Scrolls of Immortality. His techniques have became 
more devastating, more quicker, more deadlier. Terry and Andy were more 
worried on not getting themselves killed, which Geese planned to do 
without too much thinking required. At the end, Terry and Andy were 
pretty much exhausted and wounded to keep themselves on their feet. And 
Geese was still in pretty good shape. If the end was any more closer, it 
must be like this....
	Andy smiles and turns towards Terry. He regrets that he can't 
fulfill his promise to fight Terry someday. Terry doesn't understand 
Andy's reaction, but Andy doesn't dwell too much in explanations...he 
attacks Geese in full force. But his recklesness would soon prove to be 
his undoing, as Geese lands a fatal blow on Andy. Much blood flows, and 
Andy is almost knocked way out to the sky. Terry catches Andy before his 
fall, and bids his brother to hang on. Andy wishes Terry good luck, as he 
couldn't do nothing against Geese. Andy recognizes Terry as the better 
fighter, and loses consciousness. Terry slowly stands up, and is ready to 
meet Geese face to face. This time, Geese would have to face the wrath of 
a wolf unleashed...the FATAL FURY!!!!
	With rage and courage boiling in his heart, Terry fought bravely, 
to the point where Geese was having a hard time trying to catch on to 
him. Geese felt his body being devoid from power, as the effect of the 
scrolls began to wear out...but Terry wasn't taking any chances. He 
increased his attack, and Geese finally gave way to several hard blows. 
Geese was on the opposite side of the battle this seemed like 
Terry was going to defeat him this time again...How could it be!? How 
could Geese lose with such power? 
	Geese laughs as he tries to move his limp body. His ultimate 
objective is to reach the scrolls and gain final immortality. With a 
final leap, he tries to attain the scrolls, but Terry executes a power 
punch which sends Geese flying. Geese crashes against the balcony of the 
top floor of the ironic. The same scene as the first time 
Terry defeated him...plunging to his death from far above the ground. 
This time he wouldn't be so lucky. Geese opens his arms and is ready to 
embrace death. That is, however, until he feels someone grasp his hand...
	It was Terry! He was trying to save Geese from his inminent death. 
Considering it as an insult, Geese demands that Terry release him. But 
Terry tells him that he is not going to allow someone die, as he is not a 
murderer like Geese. But Geese smiles, and whispers that Terry must take 
care of something for him. This startles Terry long enough for Geese to 
let loose from him, and take his long way down to the bottom. Geese keeps 
his evil smile to the very end...The rest of the fighters watch in awe as 
Geese takes his final plunge, and smashes hard against the pavement. The 
group of fighters take a look at the accident scene. But this time, there 
would be no games: Geese has died. Mary sighs, and tells everyone that 
the nightmare is finally over....
	Terry takes a long gaze at the streets of Southtown below him. The 
shiny lights, the tiny cars...Was this the true destiny of Geese? Did he 
avoid death once to meet it again the same way? Terry wonders if Geese 
ever had a chance to redeem himself...and what was what Geese wanted 
Terry to take care of? But Terry was now thinking more about the 
scrolls...they must be destroyed before someone else harnesses their 
power. Terry turns around to retrieve them, but he stares in disbelief as 
someone else has already done that for him....
	No other than the Jin twins have laid their hands on the Scrolls of 
Immortality once more. The rightful owners now have possession of the 
scrolls once more. Terry curses his lack of concentration, not having 
grabbed the scrolls when he had the chance. The two brothers look at 
Terry in a serious manner. Chonshu claims their victory, and their 
ultimate goal: immortality! But both Chonshu and Terry are awestrucken 
when Chonrei suddenly tears the scrolls to pieces! Before the heated 
arguments of Chonshu, Chonrei affirms that, now that the scrolls are no 
more, he and Chonshu can finally go back to a life as normal kids, and 
free themselves from the curse of the Jin bloodline that has been going 
on for 2000 years. Chonshu finally admits Chonrei's reasons, and both 
retreat silently. Terry smiles, and waves them farewell....
	Outside the building, Terry watches several police cars and 
ambulances surrounding Geese's Tower. His friends are all right, as they 
cheer Terry for his achievement. But Terry wishes some time for himself, 
and retreats to solitude, meditating about what has happened the last few 
years. So much, and so many battles...will they all really come to an 
end? Where will the greed of people take Southtown to? As Terry analizes 
the situation, a small kid, with blond hair, approaches Terry....
	A new generation of wolves is about to be born....

	Southtown was a city reknown in the world for its' life of fighting 
and criminal activities. But, those sins were what leaded the city to 
its' final destruction, when the secret organization NESTS settled its' 
headquarters in Southtown. Having breathed new life into the small town 
ever since Geese Howard died, the NESTS cartel has fueled the anger and 
corruption in the deepest roots of the Southtown society. Being an 
international organization, NESTS blew up the levels of criminality off 
the scale: now Southtown was a passing route for many crime lords and 
weapon dealers around the world. And this chain of evil stench would 
finally come to an end, in the year 2000...the dawn of a new century....
	In the moment of the "King of Fighters" tournament, Zero, a high-
ranked NESTS agent, decided to use the fighting energy of the competitors 
to power up the "Zero Cannon", a lethal weapon placed in a satelite that 
orbited Earth. He would use the Zero Cannon to blast any city who would 
oppose him to nothingness! But his evil plans were foiled, and the "Zero 
Cannon" was turned against him. Unfortunately, the subsecuent explosion 
did not only destroy Zero's secret hideout, but the whole city of 
Southtown. Many perished, and the city was reduced to ashes. Terry and 
many of his friends, who were once part of Southtown, mourned the passing 
of their dear city. But now, the only way out of this, was to rebuild 
Southtown...a Second Southtown....
	Seven years after the faithful day of Southtown's destruction, 
Second Southtown was enjoying a brilliant comeback. Having been built 
upon the cursed ashes of the original Southtown, the updated version of 
the city had an incredible economic progress, the quality of life was 
high, and people considered it an urban paradise. It seemed like the 
memories of Geese Howard, the "King of Fighers" tournament, the Scrolls 
of Immortality, and the NESTS cartel were all just a bad dream. But there 
would be no denying the haunted past of the it would soon 
appear with the coming of a new crime who would impose his own 
mark of oppression and fear...Kain R. Heinlein.
	Not only did Kain rekindle the fighting blood in Second Southtown, 
and brought panic and chaos to the peaceful city, but he also went as far 
as to proclaim the independence of Second Southtown, as a new country, 
ruled only by those strong enough to deserve such rule! Being such a 
twisted soul, Kain offered the highest position to anyone who could beat 
him in his own playground...a new tournament that would bring back the 
blood and the honor-bound codes back to Southtown... "The King of 
Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament has returned to rid Southtown of the 
weak and miserable! 
	Soon enough, the new generation of Southtown fighters made their 
appearance in the tournament scene, showing off their fascinating 
fighting styles, and each one wielding different purposes. Bonne Jenet, 
always looking for a good brawl (and the prize money that comes with it), 
is a rowdy female pirate for the new century, travelling around the 
world, scavenging the most precious treasures with her gang, the "Lilien 
Knights". Khushnood Butt represents the new school of Kyokugenryo Karate, 
a reknown martial art in Southtown. Hokutomaru is a little kid who is 
already a master of the Shiranui Ninjitsu style, but lacks the fighting 
experience, which he hopes to gain in this tournament. Freeman is a 
creepy assassin who is targeted by the Southtown police, but is said to 
be a very dangerous threat to anyone who stands against him. Tizoc is a 
broad wrestler, with a heart as big as his muscles. Kevin Rian hails from 
the Southtown police department, searching for the clues of the man who 
killed his partner. The two sons of the former Tae Kwon Do champion, Kim 
Kaphwan, come back to defend the name of their martial art, and to avenge 
the defeat of their father at the hands of a mystery man: Kim Jae Hoon 
(the younger, yet more responsible), and Kim Dong Hwan (the elder, who 
follows a carefree life). An ominous martial artist wielding lethal 
assassin arts and a dark past is Gato, followed closely by an innocent 
young woman with a heart as pure as snow: Hotaru Futaba. The whole cast 
gathers around for the ultimate brawl, but someone is amiss....
	In a train that passes by Second Southtown, two men lie inside one 
of the train's cars. The man wearing a brown leather jacket and untidy 
blond hair suddenly stands up, and tells the other person that they have 
arrived at their destination. The other person, a slender young man with 
a red jacket, stands next to the older man. Both jump off the car, and 
head in the direction of the city. The rumors of a new tournament in 
Southtown has brought them back to Southtown, where they must make amends 
with their past, and face the future with new hopes. The elder fellow is 
no other than the Southtown fighting legend, the original "Lonely Wolf", 
Terry Bogard! The young man is a dedicated student under Terry's command, 
his name, Rock Howard...the son of the late criminal kingpin of 
Southtown, Geese Howard. Having been adopted by Terry after he did away 
with his father, Rock now has to prove himself as a real man, so he can 
break the evil chains of blood that bound him with his deceased 
	The following battles are proof enough that time has certainly 
changed martial arts as they were ever known. New techniques, even from 
those styles which have been going for so long, lighten up the fighting 
scene. The young blood burns deep within, and the older people feel their 
fighting spirit being revived by the dedication of the younger. No one 
wants to let this opportunity pass by, to show who is the best fighter. 
Southtown needs a wise leader, and who could it be, other than the 
strongest fighter in the whole city? This time, glory has became a result 
of pride and skill. It would prove to be the triumph of ultimate strength 
and wisdom!
	As the tournament rages on, a tall, bulky man grovels in pain in a 
temple on the outskirts of Second Southtown. Rushes of extreme pain begin 
to rack the gigantic body of the mysterious man. Being overrun by an evil 
spirit, the lumbering behemoth finally gives in to his anxiety, and now, 
is after the blood of those who live for the fight....
	The next match is scheduled to take place in a uncharted place on 
the map of Second Southtown.... It is in this place where master and 
student meet: Terry and Rock. They find themselves standing in front of a 
pretty old structure, reduced to ruins. The burning desire that rages 
within both the wolf and the cub is too hard to withdraw. But Terry 
senses something wrong going on in the tournament, and feels that the 
source may be nearby...Rock agrees, despite his incredible will to fight 
his master in a real battle. Both enter the ruins, and after walking down 
a dark hall, find themselves in a small shrine, with flames lighting up 
the whole room.
	Instantly, Terry and Rock feel a small quake which shakes the room. 
But it wasn't just mere came from the sheer fighting aura of 
someone! Terry is impressed with the amount of irradiated power. In the 
center of the shrine, a huge man, dressed in a red cloak all over, and 
wearing a horned mask, stands in front of the two finalists like a bear 
in front of mere dogs. The giant figure echoes out, claiming to be the 
"Martyr of Might", Grant! His cursed power calls out to erase the life of 
those worthy of battle...and who could satisfy his thirst for battle 
better than the two most powerful fighters in all Southtown? Terry 
proposes to fight first, and to let Rock take a clue from the battle. 
Grant is pleased that he will get to fight the living legend himself. 
Rock stands back, ready to testify a fight of titans....
	Terry and Grant clash in a battle that makes the temple rumble in 
its' very base. Rock is at awe as he watches the two fighters reject each 
other time and time again. That Grant guy sure can move, despite his wide 
bulk. His power is obvious, but Terry knows better than that...his 
refined techniques are more than a match for the sheer power of the 
demoniac giant. But even the experienced Terry has trouble dealing with 
the ferocious Grant. The fight begins to get nasty, but at the end, Terry 
manages to take the upper hand on Grant, who relied the result of the 
match in his superior strength, and was finally outsmarted by the "Lonely 
Wolf" himself....
	As Grant suffers in agony, he takes a glimpse at the awaiting Rock. 
Then, something snaps within Grant. This boy...he possesses the cursed 
blood of Geese! Then, he must be the son of Marie! When Grant mentions 
the name, Rock is surprised, and desperately asks Grant why does he know 
his mother. Grant can't speak no more, but suggests that Rock should go 
to the source himself: who is no other than the host of the tournament, 
Kain R. Heinlein. Rock wants Terry to go with him to meet Kain, but Terry 
is exhausted from the last battle, and has no energy to even walk. He 
bids Rock to go and encounter his own destiny, and reminds him that no 
matter what is the outcome, he should accept it as it is, and assimilate 
it for the future. Having said this, Rock heads towards Kain's mansion in 
a hurry....
	When Rock arrives at Kain's place, he finds that there is no 
security waiting for him, and that the huge mansion is rather lonely and 
eeringly empty in its' huge vastness. But Rock is disturbed at the many 
images of his mother all over the halls and walls. What was this guy's 
fascination for his mother? Finally, Rock arrives at a huge room facing a 
balcony, which overlooks the entire city of Second Southtown. In the 
middle of the room, a gigantic portrait of Rock's mother hangs on the 
wall. Then, Rock feels a sinister laugh behind him. Rock turns around, 
and a tall man with long blond hair stands behind him. This must be the 
new crime lord of Southtown...Kain R. Heinlein!
	Kain praises Rock's skill in defeating his opponents and having 
arrived this far. Rock wants to know Kain's intentions, and Kain does not 
hesistate in putting the situation as clear as it can be: he desires to 
continue Geese's dream, the dream of a new, shimmering Southtown, where 
only the strong would survive, and the weak shall be cast away as the 
trash they are! Rock is oblivious at this affirmation, and tells Kain 
that that ambition can only lead Southtown to destruction, as everybody 
would keep fighting themselves until there is nothing left! No problem 
for Kain, as he intends to crush everyone who stands against him! Then, 
Rock asks about the multiple pictures of his mother, and Kain reveals 
that she is nothing more than his sister! This is impossible! Kain is no 
other than Rock's uncle! But Kain has had it with family reunions. The 
time has come to fight, and see who was right at the end!
	A destined fight rages on between two warriors who possess the same 
blood. Rock keeps Kain busy by wielding the techniques that Terry taught 
him the past few years. But Kain laughs and suggets Rock that he can't 
win if he doesn't summon the evil power sleeping within him. Rock shouts 
that he is nothing like his father, and maintains his stream of attacks 
against Kain. But Kain is no pushover either: his purple flames of death 
are more than enough to blast Rock backwards several times. Kain was some 
fighter! As Rock begins to think if his efforts are futile, the image of 
his dying mother, his father giving him the cold shoulder, and Terry 
raising him like if he were his own son, begin to burn in Rock's mind. 
Right then, Rock just flips the lid, and unleashes a huge aura of evil 
energy. Kain is dumbfounded, and the mansion trembles to the stones. 
Then, Rock performs a technique which Kain had only seen once...done by 
Geese himself! But this move was way more powerful now...and with a 
impressive series of blows, Rock smashes Kain into submission, and causes 
havoc in the mansion's structure.
	As the mansion begins to crumble, the panting Kain is impressed at 
Rock's skills, and how his power has managed to surpass Geese's. He 
should be fitting enough to follow Geese in his throne. But Rock is not 
interested of following his father's footsteps...he would rather erase 
any trace of them before following them. Kain smiles, and says that Rock 
would think otherwise...if he knew his mother was still alive....
	Outside the mansion, watching the whole building coming down like a 
tower of cards, Terry is nothing more than a helpless spectator at such 
an impressive show. When the mansion is finally totalled, Terry calls out 
for his disciple. He searches the rubble of the mansion, but to no avail. 
Suddenly, a man appears behind Terry. It is Kain himself! Terry demands 
to know where Rock is, and Kain is curious if Terry wants to meet his new 
partner.... Yes, Kain's new comrade is Rock! Terry is confused at the 
revelation, but Rock assures Terry that this is the only way he can do to 
solve the mysteries of his past. Terry smiles, and trusts Rock in his 
decision. Having said that, Terry waves and walks away. The wolf has seen 
the cub leave his den...where he will head to depends solely upon 
	Rock and Kain watch the sunrise. Rock hopes that the sun will shine 
his soul and purify his damned veins. Kain suggests that they should go 
on to what has been planned. Rock sneers, and tells Kain that this is far 
from finished!

	The following games in the Fatal Fury saga have no standing 
relation with the main series, mostly because, even though they have a 
set-up, there is no further plot that supports it, which clearly shows in 
the endings of such games (some are vague, pointless, or downright 
silly). There is an equal number of relevant games and unrelated games in 
the series (5 of each). Here is the list of the games that have nothing 
to do with the main series:

*FATAL FURY SPECIAL: You can tag this game as a sort of "Fatal Fury 2: 
Champion Edition", because it's basically, at heart, the same game as 
Fatal Fury 2, but with the ability to pick the 4 bosses from the 
beginning (Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, Lawrence Blood, and Wolfgang Krauser), 
as well as 3 all-new characters that hail from the first Fatal Fury (Duck 
King, Tung Fu Rue, and Geese Howard). However, the plot is the same as in 
Fatal Fury 2 (minus the cinema intermissions depicting Krauser's quest), 
and even Krauser keeps being the last boss. There is also a secret boss, 
who turns out to be no other than the main character of the "Art of 
Fighting" series (another fighting game series made by SNK, which is more 
realistic and pays more attention to detail), Ryo Sakazaki. This secret 
was all the rage before "The King of Fighters" series appeared.

*REAL BOUT: FATAL FURY SPECIAL: In this game, the main set-up is that 
Krauser beats up Terry pretty beats up, and when everything supposes that 
Terry would claim his vengeance from Krauser (this plot closely follows 
the storyline of the second Fatal Fury anime), the endings show 
some...mildly cheezy dialogues between 2 or more characters (Terry 
doesn't even end up talking to Krauser, or viceversa!). As for the game 
system, the "ring-out" feature present in the original RB is gone, and 4 
new characters are brought back from past Fatal Fury games (Wolfgang 
Krauser, Lawrence Blood, Tung Fu Rue, and Cheng Sinzan), as well as 4 
alternate (EX) versions of some characters: Andy Bogard, Blue Mary, Tung 
Fu Rue, and Billy Kane. Geese made his appearance as a secret boss in a 
pretty self-explanatory "Nightmare" match. 

*REAL BOUT 2: THE NEWCOMERS: The follow-up to RBS, Real Bout 2 only 
features 2 totally new characters (Rick Strowd and Li Xiangfei), but few 
changes maintain from RBS. Geese becomes a selectable character again 
(hence, the unrelated factor comes into play once more), and the endings 
are mostly comic gags (funny ones, at that ^_^). There is a secret boss, 
called Alfred, who would appear again in RB: Dominated Mind. This game is 
a pure example that, despite being an unrelated game, the characters 
don't have to be exactly "made-up" out of thin air (such as Li Xiangfei, 
who appears in an official game, "The King of Fighters '99: Millenium 

*REAL BOUT: DOMINATED MIND: A special version of RBS launched on the 
Playstation (in Japan only), RB: Dominated Mind takes away some features 
from the RBS arcade game (no line sways, no EX characters), but also puts 
in some new ones (like super cancels and push blocks), as well as new 
moves for some characters. Alfred is a selectable character, and the 
story turns around his trip through Southtown to defeat White, a new 
crime boss in Southtown. The story is further enhanced by some nice anime 
cinemas. To add more reality to the fact that Geese is REALLY dead, he 
appears in this game with a halo (that usually appears over angels) over 
his head.

*FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION: Fatal Fury goes 3D! Created on the short-
liven Hyper Neo Geo 64 hardware (which created such atrocities as the 2 
Samurai Shodown 64 games), Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition is just a re-telling 
of Fatal Fury 1 (it basically follows the initial plot of the "Lonely 
Wolves" against Geese), but with some popular FF characters thrown in for 
almost no reason at all, like Ryuji Yamazaki, Mai Shiranui, and Li 
Xiangfei, among others. Not as bad as the SS 64 games, but some gamers 
have struck the game with the whip of hatred.  

	The following is a breakdown of the story of each of the 45 
fighters that have done battle in the streets of Southtown. I have listed 
them in alphabetic order, and placed them in this list (which is the 
order you can find them in). Ryo Sakazaki is eliminated for obvious 
reasons (aside from the background info of Khushnood, he doesn't play a 
too important role in the FF storyline). Here is the listing:

*Andy Bogard
*Axel Hawk
*Big Bear/Rayden
*Billy Kane
*Blue Mary
*Bob Wilson
*Bonne Jenet
*Cheng Sinzan
*Duck King
*Franco Bash
*Geese Howard
*Hon Fu
*Hotaru Futaba
*Hwa Jai
*Jin Chonrei
*Jin Chonshu 
*Joe Higashi
*Jubei Yamada
*Kain R. Heinlein
*Kevin Rian
*Khushnood Butt
*Kim Dong Hwan
*Kim Jae Hoon
*Kim Kaphwan
*Lawrence Blood
*Li Xiangfei
*Mai Shiranui
*Michael Max
*Richard Myer
*Rick Strowd
*Rock Howard
*Ryuji Yamazaki
*Sokaku Mochizuki
*Terry Bogard
*Toji Sakata
*Tsugumi Sendo
*Tung Fu Rue
*Wolfgang Krauser

1.-Name of character/name used in Japan (if applicable)
2.-Bio data
  *Fighting style                         *Birthdate 
  *Birthplace                             *Blood type
  *Height                                 *Weight
  *Hobbies                                *Favorite food
  *Favorite sport                         *Most important
  *Hates the most                         *Favorite music
			*Special skill

4.-Alternate versions (if applicable)
5.-Cameos (if applicable)
6.-Anime tidbits (if applicable)
8.-Other games (if applicable)

	I apologize if there is some info missing in the bio data of some 
characters...some of them are so obscure, I could barely get the basic 
info (height, weight, etc.)! The "anime tidbits" section is dedicated to 
the 3 Fatal Fury animes there are (2 OAVs and one motion picture), and 
where some FF characters make their star appearance (the FF animes are 
the best SNK animes ever done, even if Masami Obari drew some FF 
characters a, "ladylike"). OK, with that out of the way, let's 

Fighting style: 	Self-made fighting style
Birthdate: 	      May 25, 1980
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      A
Height:		1.76 m (5'7")
Weight:		65 kg (143 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Bird watching
Favorite food:	Any kind of fruit, green tea
Favorite sport:	Sky diving
Most important:	His airplane
Hates the most:	Ships and cars (he gets motion sickness)
Favorite music:	Music by John Williams
Special skill:	Doing acrobatics with his airplane

	Back in the peace and tranquility of his hometown, Alfred enjoyed 
the life in the country. More than anything else, Alfred liked to visit 
his grandfather a lot. Not only was his grandfather wise and full of 
knowledge, but he also had a special something that Alfred found charming 
and even bewildering: the old airplane his grandfather had stored in his 
warehouse for so many years.
	When Alfred and his grandfather took to the skies, it was like if 
Alfred was warped to another world. To suspend oneself in mid-air, to 
nearly touch the vast blue yonder, to make silhouettes in the clouds, to 
be closer to heaven...Alfred could feel how his life soared with the 
wings of the airplane. It was like if Alfred had the soul of an eagle, 
always ready to take flight. But those days of glory were soon to come to 
an end. 
	In a time of chaos and desperation for his village, a criminal 
organization came busting in the peaceful town, taking the small village 
as a base for their headquarters. In such a small and insignificant town, 
the activities of such an important crime syndicate would surely be 
overlooked. The boss was also shrouded in mystery: a man only known as 
White. Alfred wanted his grandfather to escape with him, to a safer 
place, but Alfred's grandfather wouldn't have it: he loved the village, 
in which he grew and passed the most important memories of his life. 
While Alfred was busy trying to convince his grandfather to go with him, 
White's organization busted into the house. They wanted the inmediate 
occupancy of the building, and they weren't being nice in the slightest. 
Alfred's grandfather urges his grandson to run away, as he stays behind 
to distract the criminals. Alfred is confused, but is soon prompted into 
action when the gangsters force themselves into his grandfather's room. 
Alfred quickly flees from capture, and gets on the airplane of his 
dreams. He soon flied far and away from his potential captors, but Alfred 
cursed his inability to help his grandfather. It would be the last time 
Alfred ever saw his grandfather....
	Soon, Alfred began a journey around the world in his trusty 
airplane. He has visited many places, and knew many people. He has grown 
aware of the world he lives in, and in the meantime, he has created his 
own fighting style, based on his sole dream: flying. Trying to imitate 
the motion of his plane, Alfred has created a martial art that emulates 
the gracious flight of a bird, but can quickly turn into an air raid. 
Alfred knew he had to grow stronger if he were to face White someday and 
exact revenge.
	One day, as Alfred was flying over a town at the edge of a beach, 
his airplane suffered a slight mechanical failure, so Alfred had to make 
a forced landing in the forests just outside the city. When Alfred 
ventured into the city to find some spare parts for his plane, he 
realized it's name was Southtown, a city filled with corruption and 
crime, and soon enough, the name of White began to pop up quite often. 
This was Alfred chance to demand justice for the invasion of his town, 
and the death of his grandfather! It is said that once White was gone, a 
plane took to the heavens, flew like a free eagle through the skies for 
quite a while, and then disappeared into the horizon, never to be seen 
	A joyful young man who has high spirits and filled with joy and 
friendship, Alfred is a pretty mature person for his age. Always filled 
with dreams, and a huge lover of the sky, Alfred has never let anything 
stand in the way of his goals. His strong will and determination has 
allowed him to soar over every hardship, and leads him further into the 

Appearances: Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers
Other games: The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, 
appears as a secret striker)

Fighting style: 	Koppo-ken and Shiranui Ninjitsu
Birthdate: 	      August 16, 1974
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      A
Height:		1.71 m (5'6")
Weight:		69 kg (152 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Practicing martial arts
Favorite food:	Spaghetti ala Natto
Favorite sport:	Short track
Most important:	Picture of him and Hanzo Shiranui
Hates the most:	Dogs
Favorite music:	Quiet
Special skill:	Fasting

*Natto = Fermented soy beans

	Ever since they were little, the Bogard brothers had to fight in 
order to stay alive. Just a pair of orphans who were street urchins in 
the God forsaken allies of Southtown, Terry and Andy had to struggle to 
keep themselves away from the world of crime and injustice that prevailed 
around them. Being the younger brother, Andy always looked up to his 
older sibling Terry, who always protected Andy from the bullies who came 
to bother them. He truly admired his brother very much.
	One day, while wandering through the trash cans in search for food, 
a kind man was passing by, and spotted the two brothers scavenging. The 
man resolved to adopt the two children as if they were his own. Terry and 
Andy were in luck that day, since they were taken in by no other than the 
great Hakkyokuseiken master Jeff Bogard himself. Jeff has taken care of 
the two kids ever since, always aware of inspiring in them the principles 
of justice and discipline. 
	Andy couldn't even conceive so much happiness with a paternal 
figure so kind and warm-hearted as Jeff. He had passed his whole life 
living the hard way in the streets of Southtown, and now, he could 
finally live as a family with his father and with Terry. Life couldn't be 
so full of blessings...until that tragic day arrived. Jeff attended to an 
appointment that his old training partner Geese Howard had given him. 
Andy knew that Geese was an evil man, who was capable of anything to wipe 
out those who stand in his way. But Jeff just hugged Andy, and reassured 
him that everything would be all right. But it wouldn't. The day after, 
Jeff was reported as dead. Andy entered a state of shock that he could 
hardly recover from.
	As the funeral passed, Tung Fu Rue, who had acted as the master for 
both Jeff and Geese, decided to choose the fate that the two sons of Jeff 
would lead from now on. Tung Fu Rue prompted the two brother to a choice, 
and Terry resolved to stay in Southtown and continue his training that 
his father never did complete. But Andy decided to go beyond that. He was 
sick and tired of living in the city which had taken everything away from 
him. With tears of fury in his eyes, Andy decided he would go to Asia, 
the crib of martial arts, and learn the deadliest of styles in order to 
demand revenge one day. Tung thought it would be fair if he recommended 
Andy to an old friend of his: Koppo-ken master Hanzo Shiranui, leader of 
the Shiranui ninja clan. Tung sent Andy in a plane headed towards Japan, 
where he hoped that Andy's soul would not be consumed by vengeance.
	Hanzo was waiting for Andy in Japan, and took him to his secluded 
village in the mountain ranges of Japan. There, he would begin his 
training on Andy as soon as possible. To that end, Hanzo sent his 
granddaughter, Mai, to his friend Jubei Yamada's care, so that she could 
complete her training in Shiranui ninja arts. While Andy was busy 
concentrating on his practice sessions, he was constantly harassed by 
Mai, who had taken quite a liking for the young American boy!
	But Andy's mind was focused on revenge alone. Not one night passed 
that Andy did not miss being cuddled by his father, or to hear his 
bedtime stories. Andy resolved with all his heart that Geese would 
definetly pay for his crimes. When Andy grew up to be a fine young man, 
he decided it was time to finally return to Southtown, and accomplish his 
plan. Mai was still very much attached to Andy, and insisted in going 
with him to Southtown, but Andy refused to involve Mai in his affairs. 
During his trip back to civilization, Andy saw that a fight was raging on 
in a secluded arena. The star fighter was a cocky Muay Thai warrior who 
liked to brag about his skills while pummeling his opponents. When he 
demanded a challenger, Andy thought it would be good practice if he 
fought the Muay Thai champion. The champ, known as Joe Higashi, mocked 
Andy's lack of built and short size, but was soon proven wrong when 
Andy's skills totally blew him away, striking him with several powerful 
blows. The fight ended with Andy as the winner. Joe laughed, and thought 
Andy was cool enough to stand his ground. Joe decided he would accompany 
Andy in his trip to Southtown!
	Back in Southtown once more, Andy could not forget the stench of 
evil that invaded the essence of Southtown. He could not forget that, 
even after so many years of training in Japan. Andy soon rejoined Tung, 
and his brother Terry. Andy and Terry cherished the moment of being 
together once again, but there were more important tasks at 
hand....Geese, Jeff's murderer, was holding a fighting tournament that 
would bring forth the strongest warriors in Southtown for one huge brawl. 
The tournament was called "The King of Fighters". Andy could not wait to 
teach Geese a lesson, and prayed for the moment he would crush Geese's 
skill. Tung and Terry did not approve Andy's ways, as they were fueled by 
anger and trivial emotions, that were the cause that Geese turned to the 
dark side of martial arts.
	Once in the tournament, Andy's superior technique allowed him to 
pretty much dominate every fight he held. His fury knew no limit, and he 
was anxious to destroy Geese. But first, they had to go through Geese's 
right-hand man, Billy Kane, first. Billy was the champion of the 
tournament as designated by Geese, so that the winner could earn the 
right to fight him. Andy had problems dealing with Billy, along with Joe. 
In the end, Andy finally defeated Billy, but he had received too many 
severe wounds. His spirit was still there, but his body would not 
respond. Andy had to leave the job to Terry, who stepped forward to 
challenge and defeat Geese. Andy cursed his lack of focus, and his weak 
resolve. After Geese's defeat, Andy thought he should go back to Japan 
and train harder, so that he can find some other purpose aside from 
hatred. He also tells Terry that next time, he would personally challenge 
his brother to show who was the better Bogard!
	Back in Japan, Andy was received with the bad news that his master 
Hanzo had passed away during his absence. Andy decided to honor his 
master's memory by training harder every day, and to become the greatest 
fighter the world has ever known! His chance would come soon, when the 
"King of Fighters" tournament would be held again, this time by a famous 
German noblesman called Wolfgang Krauser. The tournament would now have a 
worldwide expanion, so Andy thought it was the perfect setback for his 
crushing victory! Andy was not aware, though, that his beloved Mai would 
also be entering the tournament, which kind of bothered Andy, since he 
didn't want to see someone so important to him being hurt!
	"The Lonely Wolves" gathered once more to attend to Krauser's 
challenge. But once again, despite Andy's improved techniques and new 
purpose, he had to let way for Terry to win the tournament again. Andy 
was kind of disappointed, but he had to forget his friendly rivalry with 
his brother soon enough, since a new "King of Fighters" tournament would 
be held just one year after, but with a slight change in the rules: 
instead of one-on-one fighting, the new tournament would support survival 
matches between teams of three fighters each. The choice was obvious: 
"The Lonely Wolves" would gather again to form a powerful team! This 
caused Mai to feel a bit left out, and Andy felt relaxed that Mai would 
not fight this time. But Andy had underestimated Mai once again, as she 
teams up with fellow female Southtown brawlers King and Yuri Sakazaki! 
Andy was proven that Mai was quite a determined woman!
	As it turned out, Andy and the others had to give way to a new 
batch of fighters, in the form of Kyo Kusanagi and his team of Japanese 
fighters, to win the tournament. But another chance was given just one 
year later, in 1995, when the "King of Fighters" was held once again, but 
it turned out to be just a scheme held by the host, Rugal Bernstein, to 
clean off those who defeated him one year ago. But it was Rugal's own 
evil power which brought him to a gruesome end, so Andy had to be a mere 
spectator once again. Andy returned to Southtown to assmiliate all the 
things that had happened in the past tournaments, and in order to clear 
his mind, he was invited to the opening of a new nightclub in Southtown, 
called Pao Pao Cafe 2, held by his friend Richard Myer. Andy decided it 
would be good time to settle down and have a good time, which he truly 
deserved. Of course, Mai was going to be his date that night. But, even 
during the good times, bad things are bound to happen....
	As the party raged on, a new menace to world peace once again 
showed itself in the main stage! The new terrors were the Jin twins. 
Rumored to possess a cursed legacy, the young Jins revealed their twisted 
plans, which had them using their family treasure, the Scrolls of 
Immortality, to achieve their goal of eternal life. They challenged the 
whole community of Southtown to find the best fighter who could obtain 
the scrolls, and with those words, a huge brawl raged on in the Pao Pao 
Cafe 2. Andy and Mai helped themselves through the raging mob outside the 
cafe. "The Lonely Wolves" meeted again to determine their new plan of 
stopping the Jins from acheiving their ultimate goal!
	Meeting new friends and foes along the way, Andy was amused that 
such worthy fighters would appear in Southtown in such a short notice. 
But time was running out, so Andy and the others rushed to the Jins' 
hideout. At the entrance, they were greeted by a tall man, dressed in 
black clothing, who received the fighters with a cold smile. His hair 
partially dyed in blond, the sinister fellow introduced himself as Ryuji 
Yamazaki, a dangerous criminal who was hired by the Jins to act as their 
bodyguard. Andy was angry that Yamazaki would waste their time with such 
nonsense, and prompted himself to attack Yamazaki quickly and knock him 
out so they could save their strengths for the Jins. But Andy clearly 
underestimated Yamazaki, who was far more than a common thug. With a 
swift motion of his arm, Yamazaki took out Andy and several other 
fighters as well. Andy was knocked out cold, and when he finally came to, 
he saw the most shocking sight he had seen in quite some time. It was 
Geese Howard, presumed to be dead, who was holding the Scrolls of 
Immortality in his hands! Andy's fury was rekindled once more, but before 
he could get his shot against Geese, the crime lord escaped. It seems 
that trouble was just about to begin!
	As the next year came up, Andy was informed by Terry that a new 
"King of Fighters" tournament was being held, and that Geese would be 
there as well. Andy thought it was a perfect chance to see what Geese was 
up to. As the tournament draw to a close, it became evident that a 
demoniac power was at work behind the tournament, and even behind Rugal: 
the shadow of the Orochi power was looming over the world like a cancer. 
It was obvious that Geese had entered the tournament to know more about 
the capabilities of the Orochi power, which along with the gift of the 
Scrolls of Immortality, would pretty much make a god out of Geese. The 
answers would be found out when, next year, the "King of Fighters" rages 
on once more!
	While Kyo and his rival Iori deal with the Orochi power as 
according to legend, Andy has his revelations of his own, when he spots 
Billy Kane and Yamazaki at work behind the tournament. It turns out to be 
that Yamazaki is a member of the Orochi bloodline, which kind of explains 
his maniacal attitude. But now that the Orochi power was sealed away, it 
would no longer be of help to Geese, which would focus his attention to 
revealing the secrets of the Scrolls of Immortality. But this time, Andy 
demanded that he would be the one to fight Geese this time. Terry, Joe, 
Mai, and the rest of Andy's friends, try to talk him out of it, but Andy 
doesn't want to listen to anything else. He retreats to fight Geese his 
way, and train in his own fashion.
	When Andy reaches the gates of Geese Tower to do battle against 
Geese, he notices that Terry, as always, is one step ahead of him. Terry 
has been waiting patiently for his brother, and Andy wonders if Terry was 
there to fight him to define who was the better fighter that would do 
battle against Geese. But Terry just smiles and tells Andy that he really 
needs his help in order to defeat Geese, who might have gained incredible 
strength through the Scrolls of Immortality. So, Terry extends his hand 
to Andy, and offers him to go together. It was the first time that Terry 
ever recognized Andy's value, and Andy was glad to help out his brother 
in any way. Together, the two brothers climb up to the top floor of Geese 
Tower, where Geese has been waiting for them in his balcony.
	Indeed, Geese had a pretty unworldly appearance, due to the power 
he had extracted from the scrolls so far. It was only a matter of time 
before Geese would finish reading the Scrolls of Immortality and grant 
himself the eternal life. Geese turned around, and with his evil 
demeanor, he challenges the Bogards to come forward and face their 
gruesome deaths! Andy and Terry attack Geese right away, but they are 
bashed back again and again by Geese's unholy power. The fight was going 
nowhere, as every attempt the Bogards made was quickly subdued by Geese's 
overwhelming strength. Andy felt his body sore all over, and he looked at 
his brother Terry, who was more or less in the same situation. Then, Andy 
just smiled and tells Terry that he was sorry about not fulfilling his 
promise. Terry was pretty frightened about Andy's reaction, but Andy 
already made up his mind...he slowly stood up, and in a last attack of 
rage, launched himself against Geese!
	Bad move, as Geese took the chance to unleash a powerful blow that 
racked all of Andy's body full with pain. Then, Andy could feel 
nothing...he could only watch his blood flow free, and his numb body 
floating down to the ground. Andy could barely listen to his brother's 
words that urged him to stand up. Andy just coughs, and tells Terry to 
finish the job he never could. Andy swallows his pride, and recognizes 
Terry as the better fighter. After having said that, Andy loses 
consciousness. The next thing he knows it, he wakes up in a hospital, 
where his friends, Mai, and Terry, are around him. He watches Terry 
taking care of a small boy, who had sadness and loneliness in his eyes. 
Why was it that boy seemed so vaguely familiar to Andy anyway?
	After recovering, Andy takes part in the new 1999 "King of 
Fighters" tournament, which will now raise the number of fighters per 
team to four. But Andy never expected Mai to be the fourth team member! 
Andy had to take care of his back while Mai was around, but the situation 
soon turned tables when a new threat, coming from the NESTS cartel, 
surges from beneath the tournament. Worst even, Terry is reported as 
missing when the NESTS base crumbles while the "Lonely Wolves" were 
inside looking for Krizalid, the NESTS agent in charge of the base. Andy 
feels deeply moved about the uncertain fate of his brother....
	Yet, one year later, it's much to Andy's surprise and joy that 
Terry is still alive and well, and that they will be doing more 
investigation on NESTS in the next "King of Fighters" tournament! To that 
end, Blue Mary, an acquaitance of Andy's, has joined Mai's place in the 
team, which relieves Andy of pressure. But yet, the tournament ends once 
again in a tragic destiny, as Southtown turns out to be a city that NESTS 
used as a operation base! In it, a NESTS agent called Zero schemed to use 
his killer satellite, the Zero Cannon, to blow up everything he could! 
But his plan backfired as his own cannon fired against his Southtown 
base, with him as the main target! Zero, the base, and Southtown go up in 
flames. Terry is lost in the ruins again, but Andy knows that he is all 
right by now. But what will happen now that Southtown is through? Will 
NESTS rise again? As Andy ponders his next move, he returns to Japan, 
where he begins to teach a small Shiranui kid the secrets of Shiranui 
	A bit moved towards emotions and fury, Andy has a hard time 
controlling his impulses. He tries hard to surpass his brother Terry and 
to exact revenge on Geese, that he almost forgets all about himself. He 
finds his true love in Mai, whom Andy really loves, but is afraid to 
admit, since he is even insecure at that. Still, he cares a lot for his 
friends, his brother, and Mai, although in the mean time, Andy has to 
take the pressure of silence!

	EX ANDY BOGARD (Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special): Secret shadow 
version of Andy. His face now sports a badass grin, and he isn't quite as 
kind anymore. He loses his Shoryudan, the Explosion Quake, and the Kuuha 
Dan, but he gains a new move, the Flaming Flip Kick. Retains the same 

*Cameos: Andy is displayed in a signboard high atop a building in 
Hokutomaru's stage (Garou: MOTW), holding hands with Mai! It's also 
incredibly odd how Hokutomaru gets to have Andy's Kuuha Dan...hmm....

*Anime tidbits: In the very first FF anime, Andy has gray/silver hair 
(which is obviously wrong). He's quite an obstinate tool, but the bone-
cracking of Billy Kane under Andy's Zan'ei Ken (first FF anime, too) is 
pretty cool! Andy is mostly reckless and stubborn, and quite the dumb 
gentleman, too (see how he turns Mai down in the FF motion picture in the 
hotel room, and you'll get my cue). By the way, check how Andy "flies" to 
save Mai from Laocorn's assault (in the FF motion picture). Man, I didn't 
know this was Dragon Ball....

Appearances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: 
Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Fatal 
Fury: Wild Ambition
Other games: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King 
of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001 

Fighting style: 	Boxing
Birthdate: 	      June 13, 1954
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      AB
Height:		1.96 m (6'4")
Weight:		125 kg (275 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Radio controlled models
Favorite food:	Watermelon
Favorite sport:	Baseball
Most important:	His mother
Hates the most:	Mice
Favorite music:	Gospel

	Being a strong man who has always fought against the rough 
hardships of life, Axel Hawk has came a long way from being a young, 
miserable brat who struggled to make a living in the slums of the city in 
which he lived in. Having been born in the middle of a harsh neighborhood 
where violence was a common factor, Axel knew that only violence itself 
could repel the tense climate around him. And there was only one way out 
of it: to learn boxing, the style of the streets, to wield the fists of 
	It became evident soon enough that Axel was born for being a great 
heavyweight boxer. Being a young man with a massive built and incredible 
force backing up his punches, Axel showed no trouble in sending his 
opponents biting the canvas more often than not in a single blow. This 
incredible ability wasn't ignored by the ever-waiting, power-hungry boxer 
promotors, who saw in Axel a chance for easy money. Not a man who would 
think things over, but let money do all the talking (due to his poor 
origin), Axel accepted the first offer to get out of his ghetto, where he 
had gained his share of respect and fear, and venture out in the 
professional circuit. 
	The promotors weren't wrong at all: Axel began to make a name for 
himself in the boxing world spotlight, defeating his opponents with a 
sheer display of brutality and pure strength. His shot for the world 
heavyweight championship title came soon enough, and Axel proved his 
expectations were right on, winning the belt with a stunning show of 
rapid and solid blows. It seemed like nobody could topple Axel in that 
	But show business is a harsh world indeed. As soon as Axel's image 
grew tired and boresome, the same promotors that took him to the heights 
abandoned Axel, and began seeking a fresh, young image that would be more 
appealing for their pockets. Support for Axel grew scarse, and it was 
only a matter of time before Axel lost his title. Axel was already 
disappointed with his status as a marketing toy, and decided to retreat 
out of the false glamour and fake glory of the boxing world....
	But Axel found redemption some time after, when his accomplishments 
were not forgotten when he was offered with the chance to enter the "King 
of Fighters" tournament held by Wolfgang Krauser, which would allow Axel 
to not only fight opponents around the world, but also from different 
fighting styles! This could prove interesting for Axel, who didn't 
hesitate in entering the competition, and instantly be ranked high by his 
past status as heavyweight world champion. Axel turned out to be a tough 
opponent, but he finally had to give way to younger, more spirited 
fighters. Axel was glad to see that the dream he once had, of being 
filled with glory and honor, was still not forgotten by some fighters....
	While not the brightest man in the world, Axel was a kind man, who 
only knew how to fight through his whole life, to be at the top. 
Sometimes, the desperation for being the best or not being able to 
sustain a marked advantage on his opponents made Axel lose control of the 
battle, but it's a given when somebody affirms that Axel's blows equal to 
being hit by a trailer!

*Cameos: Axel appears briefly in Bob Wilson's FF 3 ending, in the gang 
bash in Pao Pao Cafe, held by Bob himself. He is sitting next to Franco 
Bash, each holding their beer glass like some kind of appreciated toy. 

*Anime tidbits: Axel appears briefly in the second FF anime to challenge 
the dumped Terry Bogard. Due to Terry's pathetic state, he sends his 
pupil to trash Terry's own pseudo-student: Tony. This obviously gets 
Terry ticked, and beats Axel in one punch...heh...:)

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special

Fighting style: 	Wrestling
Birthdate: 	      March 3, 1964
Birthplace:	      Australia
Blood type:	      O
Height:		2.02 m (6'6")
Weight:		210 kg (463 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Amusement park rides
Favorite food:	Beef steak
Favorite sport:	Football
Most important:	His mask collection
Hates the most:	Koalas
Favorite music:	Country rock

	Hailing from the outlands of Australia, Rayden has maintained 
himself in top shape, training in the praries of the countryside, 
alongside several animals, building up his massive bulk. His strength 
soon became compared to that of a raging bear, and Rayden just had to 
take advantage of that to finally get out of his mediocre status. 
	Thus, Rayden began a training in the tough and exhausting wrestling 
world. His huge size, massive arms, and big hands allowed Rayden to 
easily overwhelm his opponents, take a hold of them, and slam them into 
submission several times. For a men with such incredible power as Rayden, 
it proved no trouble at all to easily take his opponents for a ride 
faster than a hurricane. But Rayden also learned how to bend the rules of 
wrestling, by spitting a weird substance at his opponents, blinding them 
enough time for Rayden to finish them off in a pretty rude fashion. For 
Rayden, any possible method was neccesary to win. 	
	Tired of the lack of competition and constant complaints about his 
highly violent style, Rayden retreated to the U.S., where he instantly 
felt right at home in a city gone bad, named Southtown. Donning his mask 
and showing off his amazing wrestling potential, Rayden instantly became 
a big threat in the fighting circuit of Southtown. Some even tried to 
affirm that he was strong enough to challenge Geese Howard himself. Being 
the most feared crime leader in all Southtown, Geese was aware of such 
rumors, and decided to prove that statement by himself. After watching 
Rayden literally flatten an opponent, Geese deemed that Rayden was worthy 
enough to belong in his criminal organization, as a personal fighter to 
fend off possible threats to his empire. The pay was good, and now Rayden 
had a good financial reason to bash in some heads. What was there to 
	But Rayden's winning streak would soon come to a screeching halt 
with the arrival of "The King of Fighters" tournament held by his boss 
Geese, and in which 3 new challengers appeared on the scene. People 
called them "The Lonely Wolves". Rayden laughed and considered the 
newcomers to be all hype and no substance. But Rayden was proven to be 
such a statement, as he was defeated in the attempt of the young warriors 
to exact revenge from Geese Howard. The Bogard brothers and their friend, 
Joe Higashi...who were they? Why did they fight with so much vigor, and 
why did Rayden lose? Rayden realized his incredible strength meant 
nothing if he didn't have the true will to right. After the fall of 
Geese's empire, Rayden retreats back to his homeland in Australia to find 
the true meaning of what wrestling was all about.
	Disposing of all his past victories, Rayden began from scratch, 
this time trying to put aside his huge ego. The result was a bigger and 
badder wrestler who menaced to put an iron hold in the professional 
wrestling leagues. But this time, Rayden would not be ashamed to hide his 
face. With no mask to cover his face, Rayden changes his name to his 
original nickname: Big Bear. And so, Big Bear enters the new "King of 
Fighters" tournament held by German noblesman Wolfgang Krauser. Even 
though Big Bear didn't fair any better than in the last tournament, he 
finally found out that it was good to fight without any search for 
personal glory and honor. After the tournament ends, Big Bear dedicates 
himself strictly to his wrestling hobby, and even after Geese comes back 
to rebuild his empire, Big Bear refuses to join him again and revive the 
disgraces of his past life.
	Rayden is very confident in his huge force and crushing abilities, 
that sometimes he loses the true purpose of the fight. Always the one to 
show off for the crowd, Rayden likes to put everything on the line, and 
he will do anything to get his hands on his poor adversary, and swiftly 
put an end to them. Short tempered and rather impulsive, Rayden can 
quickly find himself in a tighter situation if things are not going his 

*Cameos: Big Bear appears in the Fatal Fury team's stage in The King of 
Fighters '94 (Italy), sitting on the gondola in the middle of the stage 
(there's no missing him).

*Anime tidbits: This dude only plays an important role in the first Fatal 
Fury anime, as Rayden. He's one of Geese Howard's main men, and he's an 
important part in helping Geese maintain his control in Southtown. In the 
King of Fighters tournament, he thrashes several two-bit fighters 
(including Michael Max), and then helps out Billy Kane in protecting 
Geese against the assault of the Lonely Wolves. He gets wiped by Joe 
Higashi once, and then again in the second FF anime (as Big Bear) during 
an exhibition match, once again by Joe. In the FF motion picture, he just 
acts like a bigshot to protect Sulia against the cyborg Cheng, but he is 
blasted away, nice and easy.

Appearances: (As Rayden) Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (As Big 
Bear) Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: 
Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 
(as Rayden)

Fighting style: 	Fighting techniques with long rod
Birthdate: 	      December 25, 1969
Birthplace:	      England
Blood type:	      B
Height:		1.79 m (5'9")
Weight:		77 kg (169 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Washing clothes
Favorite food:	Food with eggs
Favorite sport:	High-jump with rod
Most important:	His little sister, Lilly
Hates the most:	Commands
Favorite music:	Punk
Special skill: 	Playing guitar solos

	Orphaned since very young, Billy had to take care of his little 
sister, Lilly Kane, who was merely a baby. The task at hand was not easy 
at all: living in the slums of London, the dangerous underworld was not 
fitting to raise Lilly in. Even though Billy had got used to it due to 
his daily interaction with the criminal scene, he feared for his sister's 
integrity. There was only one path to take, and it pointed towards the 
United States, where Billy would begin a new life.
	The trip to the land of the American dream led Billy and his sister 
to Southtown, a city which didn't seem all that different from London 
itself, with criminals overflowing the streets, and fighting taking place 
in any possible corner. Billy got himself a job in a local steel factory, 
but the pay was miserable, and the tedious way of life swayed him away 
from watching over his sister. Billy couldn't take it anymore, and during 
a desperation seizure, he yanked out a steel pipe, and began to wield it 
wildy against anyone who drew close. The owner of the steel factory 
happened to pay a visit to the building during Billy's wild rampage, and 
was quite impressed with Billy's ability to wield a stick, rather than 
being concerned that a crazy man was causing an upstir in his factory. 
When the supervisor was on his way to fire Billy, the boss stopped him, 
and instead advised him to send Billy to his office later.
	When Billy entered his boss' office, he expected the worst from his 
shameful actions. But instead, his boss introduced himself as Geese 
Howard, and showed his amusement with Billy's act back there. While Geese 
disapproved of any form of rebellion, he thought Billy's blazing temper 
could be focused towards other activities. He began by making Billy his 
personal bodyguard, and recommended Billy to begin training on those 
impressive long rod techniques. Even though Billy was willingly getting 
into the criminal world he tried to avoid for so long, this was the only 
way he could go to give her sister a better life.
	Beginning his training on long rod techniques, and later on with 
the tri-stick (a long stick that could be divided into 3 pieces via a 
chain), Billy's skills became more and more refined, until the stick was 
like an extension of Billy's body. His technique became so refined, that 
few fighters could stand a chance against him. He couldn't allow anyone 
to get even near him, always keeping them away with his flaming stick. 
These amusing skills allowed him to be considered by Geese when he held 
the first "King of Fighters" tournament, placing Billy as the champion 
designated by Geese himself. Anybody who would like a shot against Geese, 
would have to pass by Billy first...and many people knew it wasn't an 
easy task at all....
	During the tournament, Billy easily shoved away any fighter who 
tried to directly face Geese. His reputation was unsurpassed, until the 
"Lonely Wolves" showed up. The Bogard brothers, who were part of the 
trio, had came to exact revenge from Geese for the death of their father, 
Jeff Bogard, at the hands of Geese. Billy thought they were naive fools 
to stand against him and his boss, Geese, and quickly showed off his 
fighting prowess to the "Lonely Wolves". But Billy was no match for the 
fury of the powerful trio, and was defeated, allowing the "Lonely Wolves" 
to advance against Geese for the final match. Before Billy could know it, 
Terry Bogard, the strongest of the three, had defeated Geese and even 
threw him out the window of Geese's office. Billy slowly walked out of 
the building, to find Geese lying motionless on the ground. Billy fears 
for the life of his boss, but it turns out that Geese isn't dead yet! 
After sending Geese to a hospital, Billy swore he would get revenge 
against the "Lonely Wolves" for what they did!
	Billy trained hard and looked over the operations of Geese's 
organization during his recovery period. He heard about the calling of 
yet another "King of Fighters" tournament, this time held by German 
noblesman Wolfgang Krauser. Krauser had the consideration to invite 
Billy, who was once the reigining champion of the tournament. Billy was 
glad to, but he never did get his shot against the "Lonely Wolves", 
despite having shown traces of improvement in his style. When Krauser was 
defeated, Billy returned to Southtown, where Geese awaited him, recovered 
and back in business!
	Geese had new plans for Billy: he assigned him to participate on 
the new "King of Fighters" tournament, now with a new format. It would 
now be fights against teams of 3 fighters each. Geese himself thought the 
tournament was rather boring and unappealing, so he sent Billy in his 
behalf. Billy would have to find his own 2 partners. He didn't last long 
in finding one of them: the elusive ninja, Eiji Kisaragi, whose killer 
blade hungered for the blood of the Sakazaki family, another reknowned 
fighting clan in Southtown. The third member showed himself out of 
nowhere, but his fighting energy was filled with evil influence. He also 
shared a passionate hatred for the current champion of the "King of 
Fighters" tournament, the burning Japanese fighter Kyo Kusanagi. His name 
was Iori Yagami, a member of the Yagami clan, eternal rival of the 
Kusanagi family. These three fighters, inspired by hatred and vengeance, 
would certainly be a team to be feared....
	But Billy didn't consider that Iori was just using them to find out 
the secrets of the evil Orochi power, which was used by the tournament's 
host, Rugal Bernstein, to attempt to rule the world. Once Iori watched 
Rugal consume himself by the Orochi power, he turned towards Billy and 
Eiji, and gave them a proper trashing. Billy was severely wounded, and 
now directed his hatred from the "Lonely Wolves" to Iori.
	Upon his return to Southtown, Billy discovered that Geese had been 
busy getting himself a new weapon, with which he hopes he can accomplish 
his dream of becoming the ruler of the world: the Scrolls of Immortality, 
which Geese had stolen from the Jin twins. When Billy informed him about 
the Orochi power that destroyed Rugal, Geese saw it was a perfect way to 
achieve great power aside from eternal life. Geese decided to enter the 
"King of Fighters" tournament personally next year to find out about the 
Orochi power, but he did not consider Billy this time, who was aching for 
payback against Iori. Geese would teamup with Krauser and his minion, Mr. 
Big, this time around, but warned Billy to keep an eye on possible 
backstabs. Geese's suspitions were proven true when Mr. Big attempted to 
kill Geese for using him as a way to attract the Orochi power. Mr. Big 
shot Geese, but Billy managed to block the shot with his stick. When 
Billy and Geese returned to Southtown, Geese deemed the Orochi was 
unworthy, and rather focused his attention on the scrolls.
	Next year, Geese sent Billy once again to the "King of Fighters" 
tournament, this time to look over Billy's sworn rival, Iori, and to take 
notes about his reaction to the Orochi power (Geese had his doubts of 
Orochi power being harmful to people who were not of the Orochi clan). 
Billy was burning to kill Iori no matter what, and Geese didn't mind, 
since if Iori was indeed killed, he was worthless to begin with. This 
time, Geese would take care of designating Billy's partners: one of them 
would be the maniacal criminal, Ryuji Yamazaki, who Geese offered twice 
the amount of the prize money for his cooperation. Then, to Billy's 
surprise, Blue Mary would also be joining them, via a dummy corporation 
controlled by Geese that would hire Mary. This time, Billy watched his 
back as he targeted Iori in the tournament. But not only did Iori show an 
odd transformation due to the Orochi power in his blood (via the Riot of 
the Blood), in which he became a blood thirsty monster, but he also 
discovered that Yamazaki was of Orochi blood as well! When the tournament 
ended, Billy reported to Geese, who shrugged the Orochi power being too 
dangerous to be controlled by mere humans. But Yamazaki soon smashed in 
Geese's office, and received his pay, but not without a significant 
struggle. Geese soon witnessed first-hand the results of the Orochi 
power. He would now solely concentrate on how to exploit the Scrolls of 
	However, Terry and his friends were on the track of Geese's plot, 
and attempted to overthrow his ambition. Billy once again acted as 
Geese's personal bodyguard to keep away anybody who tried to ruin his 
plans. In Geese Tower, Billy had to fight off many spirited fighters who 
supported the cause of the "Lonely Wolves". Even Joe Higashi, member of 
the trio, showed up to fight Billy, which Billy received well, since he 
didn't want the Muay Thai chump to snoop around his sister Lilly anymore! 
What Billy didn't realize, is that it was all a set-up to allow Terry and 
Andy to fight Geese head-on. Billy tried to rush to his boss' aid, but it 
was too late. Geese was already on his way down to the ground again, 
falling from the top floor of Geese Tower. This time, he wouldn't be so 
lucky. After Geese's death, Billy decided to live forever in peace with 
his sister Lilly, trying to forget his painful past, and live the bright 
future now in front of him.
	 Short tempered and with angry impulses, Billy is not really an 
evil man at heart. He really loves and cares about his sister Lilly, and 
is concerned about the fact that she is dating one of Billy's enemies, 
Joe Higashi. Billy had always been loyal to Geese to the very end, and 
even considered him to be a close friend after so many experiences 
together. Now, Billy tries to recover the lost time with his sister, and 
lives an easygoing life once again.

	EX BILLY KANE (Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special): Secret shadow 
version of Billy. He has no pupils, has stiches on the side of his face, 
call himself Geese's dog (!!), and he identifies himself to Yamazaki. 
Gains one new move, the Dragon Buster, and changes his Death Tornado DM 
for the Scarlet Uppercut DM.

*Cameos: Billy appears in his boss Geese's background in The King of 
Fighters '96 (the underground river). He appears at the right of the 
crowd of people at the beginning of the match, aside Ripper (one of 
Geese's main henchmen).

*Anime tidbits: Billy gets to be a great villain in the first FF anime 
(despite the fact he's bald in that version). It's no surprise since he's 
Geese Howard's right-hand man. He helps out Geese in keeping all his 
enemies at bay in the King of Fighters tournament, and once again by 
defending him against the Lonely Wolves. In fact, he is the one who 
delivers the killing blow to Tung Fu Rue. He tries the same manuever 
against Andy Bogard, but Andy protects himself with a steel plate, and 
ends up defeating Billy. In the second FF anime, Billy apparently gets 
maimed by Lawrence Blood at the beginning of the feature (Lawrence offers 
Billy's headscarf and stick to his master Krauser). He does make a 
comeback in the FF motion picture, to face-off against Andy again in 
Duck's night club, but ends out helping him against Hauer, one of 
Laocorn's lackeys.

Appearances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: 
Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, 
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind
Other games: The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '97, The King 
of Fighters '98: The Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Evolution 
(Dreamcast version, appears as a secret striker), The King of Fighters 
2000 (as Andy Bogard's special striker)

Fighting style: 	Commando Sambo
Birthdate: 	      February 4, 1974
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      AB
Height:		1.68 m (5'5")
Weight:		49 kg (108 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Bike touring
Favorite food:	Beef cup
Favorite sport:	Baseball
Most important:	Her leather jacket
Hates the most:	Cats
Favorite music:	Ballad
Special skill: 	She's good at forgetting things

	Her name may be gracious, and her beauty mesmerizing, but make no 
mistake: "Blue" Mary Ryan is reknowned for being a resolved and dedicated 
detective. Working as a secret agent, she has managed to crack many 
cases, and put many dangerous criminals behind bars. But her life, 
despite having enjoyed many successes, has also had its' share of tragedy 
and drama.
	First of all, her grandfather, who was a master of the close 
contact art of Kobojutsu, was killed when Mary was but a little girl. His 
murderer was the infamous Geese Howard, the most respected and feared 
crime leader in all Southtown. After having been expelled by his 
Hakkyokuseiken master, Tung Fu Rue, for pursuing personal ambition and 
glory (which go against the principles of the style), Geese trained for a 
short period under the orders of Mary's grandfather. When Geese 
considered that he no longer had anything to learn from him, Geese killed 
him off to wipe him out as a possible threat. After that happened, Mary's 
father, who had been training with Geese, fled from Geese's sight, but he 
knew Geese would pay for his sins sooner or later.
	To that end, Mary's father trained her daughter so she could be a 
great fighter someday. Thanks to that training, Mary became a very tough 
woman, with an impressive built, which meant that her pretty looks could 
also be deadly to her opponent. Her strength and persistence made her a 
perfect candidate to become a detective. After succesfully accomplishing 
her missions in no time, and with a swift effectivity, Mary's superiors 
assigned the girl to one of their more experienced agents: his code name 
was Butch.
	The new dynamic duo became a serious threat for criminal circles 
everywhere. The intelligence, tenacity, and sheer strategy of both agents 
gave the evildoers a reason to fear again. But Mary saw in Butch a lot 
more than a simple partner: his generous nature, his spirit to live life 
(despite always putting it in risk), and his disposition to help others 
without asking for anything in return. Butch complemented Mary several 
times, praising her skills and her iron will to get the case done. They 
soon developed feelings for each other, but neither of them will come to 
admit it. One night, during a break in a local bar, Butch got behind the 
bar counter, and started making a drink with several ingredients. He 
called the special drink "Blue Mary", a beverage he thought was relaxing, 
and something you could always depend on when the day has been a bit 
rough, just like Mary herself. That nickname stayed with Mary for the 
rest of her life.
	But before Mary could confess her love to Butch, he was assigned to 
a very dangerous mission to uncover a very important crime lord. Butch 
was more worried than usual, which didn't suit his cool personality at 
all. Mary insisted that she would go with Butch, as the partners they 
always were. But Butch denied her help, and demanded Mary to stay, to 
keep things under control if he never came back. Mary resisted to believe 
the idea, but Butch just replied with a warm smile. After that, Butch 
just walked away to complete the mission at hand. 
	Mary waited several weeks for Butch's return, but there was no info 
about him or his whereabouts. One day, during her restless waiting, one 
of Mary's fellow officers came up to her. He was holding a leather 
jacket...Butch's jacket. He said that it was found at the place where 
Butch had died. Mary was pierced with the sword of grief and sorrow. She 
could barely hold back her tears, trying hard to maintain her "tough 
woman" image. Mary takes the jacket, and vows by Butch's memory, that she 
will not let crime and injustice get away with their plans!
	Everyone thought that Mary would be out of business after the 
incident, but instead of that, the tenacious agent returned, and was soon 
hot on the trails of the criminals. Mary seemed to foresee all of the 
gangsters' moves, and managed to arrest several of them in a short period 
of time. Meanwhile, Mary spent her times in solitude with her pet dog 
Anton, and singing blues at the same bar where Butch and her always 
attended to. Then, Mary's superiors sent her to a mission in Southtown. 
They didn't dwell into details about the mission, but they did warn Mary 
about the danger that was involved. Mary wondered why her superiors would 
be so itchy about this case.
	When Mary began her investigation in Southtown, it was evident that 
an evil force was at work behind scenes. The Jin twins, who are rumored 
to possess cursed blood of the demons, are planning to use the legendary 
Scrolls of Immortality to grant their wish of eternal life. When Mary 
followed their route to the Pao Pao Cafe 2, it was already in chaos, with 
people rioting everywhere. The place was like a warzone. The Jins had 
offered the scrolls as prize to the strongest fighter in Southtown, and 
it only triggered a huge revolt, turning people into animals, all aiming 
for the possession of the Scrolls of Immortality. After Mary helped the 
crowd to fade away (with the help of her squad), she noticed some 
fighters who had also been trying to quench the people's fury. Among 
them, there was a man, wearing a red cap and jacket with long blond hair, 
who approached Mary the moment he placed eyes on her.
	When the man drew near, Mary could feel a funny feeling about this 
guy. His name was Terry Bogard, the infamous Lone Wolf, the man who had 
defeated Geese and Krauser, two ambitious men who were aiming to extend 
their empire via the "King of Fighters" tournament. But Mary was 
instantly fascinated by Terry, who had the same easygoing personality as 
Butch, but with his own style of charisma and honesty. Terry helped Mary 
lower her hateful emotions, and began to arise in Mary's heart a feeling 
that had been thrown into the pits of nothingness for a long time....
	The case of the Jins was left unfinished, when Geese himself made 
an unexpected comeback to steal the scrolls from the Jins, and planned to 
use it himself! Mary realized that her superiors had lied to her about 
Geese's involvement, all bribed by the gangster himself, so Mary could be 
dealt with later on. After she goes solo, Mary finally saw the chance of 
payback against Geese, but before that, a mysterious invitation comes to 
Mary from a secret investigation agency. When Mary assists to the 
designated location, she meets with an unknown man. He tells her about 
the involvement of Ryuji Yamazaki in the next "King of Fighters" 
tournament, in 1997. Mary recognized Yamazaki as being one of the most 
wanted criminals in the world, and furthermore witnessed his involvement 
with the Jins during the fight for the Scrolls of Immortality.
	As the man continued, he wanted to hire Mary's services to 
investigate about Yamazaki's interest in the tournament. He advised Mary 
to team up with Yamazaki for the tournament! Mary had a bad feeling about 
teaming up with a dangerous man such as Yamazaki, and with Billy Kane, 
who was probably also looking over Yamazaki under Geese's orders. Mary 
thought that by also looking over Billy, she would finally reach Geese 
sooner or later. When the tournament was near an end, Mary discovered 
that Yamazaki was a member of the Orochi bloodline, a clan of cold 
blooded killers. This could probably explain Yamazaki's naturally insane 
attitude. But what was more shocking for Mary was the fact that she had 
been hired by a dummy agency created by Geese, in order to help Billy 
monitor Yamazaki's actions. Mary now marked Geese for payback more than 
ever before. The matter had now became personal.
	Geese planned to use the Scrolls of Immortality sooner than 
expected, but Mary and Terry were ready to stand up against him. She 
helped Terry by gathering info about Geese's current plans. She also 
helped out by capturing several of Geese's contacts and dealers, which 
would eventually render Geese hopeless. Then, when they both entered 
Geese Tower, they were faced by Billy Kane himself, who would not let 
anybody enter to fight his boss Geese. Mary tells Terry to move on 
against Geese, as she would help entertain Billy in the meanwhile, and 
save his strength for the final battle. Mary sent Terry off, and was 
ready to face his former teammate. Mary managed to keep Billy busy as 
Terry finished his business with Geese, after Geese falls to his death 
from the top of Geese Tower. The nightmare had finally ended....
	With Geese dead, Mary focused her whole attention on the "King of 
Fighters" tournament. In 1999, Mary was invited by her personal 
acquaintance, King, to team up with her for the incoming tournament, 
along with other 2 figures she knew well from her shenanigans in 
Southtown: the rambling Kasumi Todoh, and the raving Li Xiangfei. Quite a 
group, to say the least! This is where Mary begins to listen about the 
NESTS cartel at work behind the tournament. She recalls having heard of 
that name in Southtown before, but never realized it operated in the same 
Southtown! Mary decided to talk about this with Terry, and Terry invited 
her over to his team for the next "King of Fighters" tournament to find 
out what was going on together. Mary felt safe and reassured by teaming 
up with her beloved Lone Wolf.
	But NESTS had already put a counterplan in motion once their 
activities in Southtown were revealed. One of their agents, Zero, was 
operating the lethal killer satellite, the "Zero Cannon", from a hidden 
base within Southtown's industrial district. When Mary and company 
arrived at the location of Zero's hideout, the whole abandonded warehouse 
began to tremble. The Zero Cannon had already been launched on a final 
course to Southtown! Terry managed to get everyone out of the building 
before the impact, but he was wounded during the rain of falling debris, 
and vanished among the rubble that covered the devastated Southtown. But 
Terry was later found to be alive during one of Mary's scoutings to find 
out more about the activities of NESTS on the area, but she knows, more 
than anything else, that the madness has taken a new identity, and it's 
her duty to finish it off!
	Her heart might have loneliness and sadness storming it day and 
night, but Mary is really an intense woman, who has a courageous spirit, 
and will never let down in her fight against crime. As beautiful and as 
dangerous as a rose, Mary's appearances can be quite deceiving. Mary, 
along with her dear Terry, have been through a lot together since they 
first met each other. Will she finally be able to leave her tormented 
past behind to find happiness with Terry someday?

	EX BLUE MARY (Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special): Secret shadow version 
of Mary. Looks and acts pretty evil, and instead of loving Terry, she 
loves to hear him scream in agony. She just keeps her Straight Slicer and 
her Mary Snatcher, and has but one DM: the Mary Typhoon.

*Cameos: Blue Mary appears in the Hero team's background in The King of 
Fighters '95 (Neo Geo Land). She is standing alongside Ryuji Yamazaki in 
the far background. She appears again in the Fatal Fury team's background 
in The King of Fighters '96 (trailer park, daytime), in the middle of the 
stage, standing aside a fat bearded guy. After that, she gets to be a 
regular KOF guest, heh...:)

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind
Other games: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001

Fighting style: 	Capoeira
Birthdate: 	      May 15, 1974
Birthplace:	      Brazil
Blood type:	      O
Height:		1.84 m (6')
Weight:		84 kg (185 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Dancing
Favorite food:	Fruit (especially apples and pineapples)
Favorite sport:	Basketball
Most important:	His family
Hates the most:	Insects
Favorite music:	Acid jazz
Special skill: 	Watching other people work

	Bob was a poor and humble boy living in the lively streets of 
Brazil, where social class wasn't a matter of constant dispute. Everyone 
was always filled with joy and only wished to pass a good time whenever 
possible. Despite having been born in a place filled with hardships, Bob 
always had decent jobs, and passed most of the time dancing in the 
streets, letting his heart and spirit free from the daily problems.
	When Bob's Capoeira master, Richard Myer, moved over to the U.S. to 
find a better job, Bob was left alone, but considering it a hardship more 
to overcome in his life, he continued to work and practice the style that 
his master had left him. Bob noticed that Capoeira and dancing could 
combine themselves, as they both required elastic motions. It was said 
that whenever Bob moved, his feet almost seemed to blur out of sight. 
	After several years, and after Bob had grown up into a honest and 
responsible young man, he received a letter from his former master, 
Richard Myer, who was currently a Southtown, a city that more than fitted 
into the lifestyle of once such as Richard: constant fighting, and a 
fancy night life. It sounded really tempting, and Bob didn't last long in 
packing up his things and take a trip to Southtown, where his master 
would take him in and show him the carefree life of the city.
	As a matter of fact, Bob arrived at Southtown just in time for the 
opening of Richard's new night club: the Pao Pao Cafe 2. The first Pao 
Pao Cafe was such a success, that Richard had decided to build another 
Cafe on the westside of town. Bob couldn't wait to finally get a chance 
to experience the exciting lifestyle in Southtown, and to meet Richard's 
friends, who were said to be great fighters....
	At the opening night, Bob was astonished at the sight of so many 
people gathered in a same place. Everyone was having a great time, with 
drinks and fancy dancing steps flying all around. The happiness of the 
people passed on to Bob, who didn't waste any time to show his stuff. But 
his momentum would soon be cut short, when the lights went out, and the 
Jin twins made their appearance on scene. They were up to no good, as 
they planned to use the Scrolls of Immortality to attain eternal life, 
and to gain control of Southtown. When Bob was about to object their 
personal ambitions, everyone began to break out in panic and desire to 
possess the scrolls. Bob managed to evacuate as many people as he could, 
and it is then where he meets with Terry Bogard, the legendary "Lonely 
Wolf", and his friends. Their objective was to stop the Jin twins at all 
	Making an outstanding participation in the fight against the Jins, 
Bob was dumbfounded when he found out that his efforts were in vain, as 
former Southtown crime leader, Geese Howard, managed to grab ahold of the 
scrolls. A inmediate course of action would soon take place, but Bob took 
his time in between training periods to rebuild the wrecked Pao Pao Cafe 
2. Richard appreciates Bob's efforts, but reminds him that recovering the 
Scrolls of Immortality was more important. Bob tells Richard that it is 
more important to help others than seek one's personal achievement, but 
the fight against Geese was soon to begin....
	Although Bob never got his shot against Geese, he helped Terry and 
the rest of the "Lonely Wolves" to gain access to Geese Tower, and as he 
did so, he displayed a great deal of technique and finesse, the likes it 
was never seen before. Being praised by his feats, Richard decided it was 
more than worthy to hand over the ownership of the Pao Pao Cafe 2 to Bob. 
Now an important businessman, Bob has made a name for himself in 
Southtown as a man with good moves and better grooves, but he knows that 
fighting will never fade away from his mind....
	Some might say that he is too wild or too crazy, but nobody can 
deny that Bob has a cheerful spirit, always ready to have a good time 
even in the most gloomy times. Putting up with the rough training and 
long night hours of work at the Pao Pao Cafe, Bob has became a more 
mature and responsible man, ready to help his friends in a moment's 

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind
Fighting style: 	LK arts
Birthdate: 	      January 23, 1987
Birthplace:	      England
Blood type:	      AB
Height:		1.67 m (5'5")
Weight:		49 kg (108 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Nail art, invading territorial waters
Favorite food:	Sirloin steak (she saves them valuably in the galley)
Favorite sport:	Tennis, equestrian
Most important:	Her "Lilien Knights" companions, and their newest
Hates the most:	Diesel ships (because they stink)
Favorite music:	Euro beat
Special skill: 	Her "internal clock" is never off by more than a minute

	The era of pirates has been long gone since the days of galleons 
and treasure pillaging. But even in the times where technology and 
advanced machinery rules all, the concept of modern pirates still lives 
on, manifesting itself in a small group of lively seabound criminals: the 
"Lilien Knights", who roam the seven seas via a well-built (and 
technologically advanced) submarine. This bunch of jolly men, ironically 
enough, has a female leader: her name, Bonne Jenet.
	Not only is Bonne Jenet's beauty stunning and even mesmerizing, her 
leadership qualities and cunning fighting abilities allow her to be a 
respected and feared woman among famous criminal circles. Unlike the 
pirates of yore, Jenet and her "Lilien Knights" are not cold-blooded 
murderers: they just long for precious treasure that might raise their 
booty! Typically, every time the "Lilien Knights" appear, it usually 
means two things: they want lots of easy money, and a nice fight to go 
with that!
	Jenet's moves are not just quick and even blurry at times, she also 
makes sure she doesn't lose her feminine touch during her missions. This 
secret touch has made Jenet a very dear leader for the merry group of 
"Lilien Knights". Now, they currently target a small city called Second 
Southtown, in the United States, where the "Lilien Knights" now appear. 
When they surface, and begin to gather information about any possible 
treasure, the name of the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament 
quickly arises. Jenet not only finds this opportunity attractive to catch 
a good brawl or two, but also plans to pillage any valuable possession on 
her way to the top!
	As Jenet sets on her fighting spree, she commands her "Lilien 
Knights" to scavenge the city for possible treasure locations might be. 
They soon arrive with news that there is a man who could easily pass as 
the king of town, the new crime lord in town, Kain R. Heinlein. Jenet 
quickly makes loose ends meet: Kain is no other than the host of the 
"King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament! She quickly sets her 
followers to gather anything that had any vague feature of being 
valuable, and so, the "Lilien Knights" set for Kain's mansion.
	During the final stages of the tournament, Jenet awaits news from 
her investigation squad sent to storm Kain's mansion in search for any 
possible treasure. To her surprise, she witnesses the downfall of Kain's 
mansion! She hopes her comrades are still alive, which is thankfully 
proven when they quickly come report to Jenet about the events. It seems 
that they were about to accomplish their mission, when they saw a young 
man dressed in a red jacket suddenly go up against Kain himself! They 
were afraid that they would be caught, and almost escaped with their 
lives as the incredible fight that ensued arose in intensity. Jenet then 
realized that her Knights had not managed to obtain anything from that 
fine mansion! Jenet chases off her "Lilien Knights" for quite some time, 
and several days had to pass before she could quench her anger, but only 
to find herself setting sail once again, in search of the perfect loot!
	A very proud and jolly woman, and a good-natured pirate at heart, 
Jenet acts as a kind leader to her "Lilien Knights", whom she has hanged 
with since she was a little girl. They all like to drink booze together, 
and Jenet looks over any action they take to supervise any possible 
event. Even though she is gentle and kind most of the time, she can 
become quite a storm whenever she gets angry! 

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	Tai Chi Ken
Birthdate: 	      August 10, 1952
Birthplace:	      Taiwan
Blood type:	      O
Height:		1.60 m (5'2")
Weight:		130 kg (286 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Savings
Favorite food:	Ramen
Favorite sport:	Ping pong
Most important:	Money
Hates the most:	Bimbos
Favorite music:	Pops
Special skill: 	Playing mah-jongg all night (his record is 4 days  

*Ramen = Noodle soup

	Despite being a very productive country and a dominant economic 
presence in Asia due to its' reputation as a high-export entity, Taiwan 
is not without its' faults...the underground world of crime flows strong 
within the small country, and Cheng Sinzan is yet another follower of 
that sinister side of Taiwan.
	Ever since he can remember, Cheng has always fought his way to 
become a man with a higher social status. The man who had money was the 
man who would be respected, and with that basis in mind, Cheng began to 
slither his way up the social ladder, via many dirty management tricks 
and betrayal. However, he also knew that this sort of actions would gain 
him many enemies who would try to finish him off at the slightest chance. 
Being a man of wide dimensions, the idea of becoming a prominent martial 
artist escaped anyone's mind....
	But Cheng made it in the end, by training himself in the 
unpredictable art of Tai Chi Ken, which allowed him to channel his inner 
energy and launch as actual chi blasts. Cheng also used his own weight to 
his advantage, as he was capable of lunging himself like a ball all 
around the place, and once he got going, he would be hard to contain.
	After establishing many business spots and shopping locals using 
his "influences", Cheng's ambition grew stronger. He felt that with his 
money and with his overwhelming strength, he could topple anyone. 
Suddenly, the news that the reknowned German noblesman, Wolfgang Krauser, 
has organized a new worldwide tournament using the name of a small local 
competition called "King of Fighters", and that he was seeking only the 
best. Aside from proving himself to be a distinguished fighter, Cheng 
realized he could win a lot of money from the prize cash, or he could 
raid Krauser's massive heritage fortune as well!
	Unfortunately for his reputation, Cheng didn't make it so far into 
the tournament, but he managed to sponsor many of his fights via his 
dirty money, so the broadcast of his fights earned the fat businessman a 
decent amount of earnings. Although he didn't gain enough money as he 
would have wished, something is better than nothing, so Cheng sits back 
and relaxes, knowing he has gained enough with not so much effort!
	Although his intentions are not really evil, Cheng's incredible 
amount of greed and hunger for money blinds him from more important 
matters. Only interested in becoming a rich man at any cost, Cheng usualy 
overlooks many situations, in such a manner that when he tries to find 
out what's going on, he usually finds himself in big trouble. 
Nevertheless, the ambition of Cheng could be as big as his own stomach! 

*Cameos: Cheng appears in the Fatal Fury team's stage in The King of 
Fighters '94 (Italy), standing on the gondola in the middle of the stage, 
wiping his brow as usual.
*Anime tidbits: Cheng gets to appear briefly in the last two FF animes. 
In the second FF anime, he only appears as the organizer of the 
exhibition match between Joe Higashi and Big Bear (and gets sent to the 
skies by Joe for being a putz). He gets to be a bit more relevant in the 
FF motion picture, as he works as an archaeologist to scout for the Armor 
of Mars, which obviously attracts Laocorn Gaudemus, the villain of the 
story. After Laocorn takes the Armor by force, he brainwashes Cheng and 
turns him into a killer cyborg to seek out Laocorn's lost twin sister, 
Sulia. He wrecks havoc at Joe's reception party, and even gets to blast 
Big Bear to oblivion. He fairs well against Kim Kaphwan later on, but 
once his mask is broken after a Houou Kyaku, he falls defeated. 

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	None in particular, mainly dance-based attacks
Birthdate: 	      February 2, 1967
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      B
Height:		1.79 m (5'9")
Weight:		62 kg (136 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Dancing
Favorite food:	Butter corn
Favorite sport:	Street basketball
Most important:	P-Chan (his pet duck)
Hates the most:	Rising Tackle (???)
Favorite music:	Rap 
Special skill: 	American jokes (although they don't make people laugh 

	A man born in Southtown, Duck King was a person who always grew in 
a not-so-wealthy family that grew in the Southtown ghetto, where crime 
and insecurity prevailed the most. On the other hand, this is where the 
passion for fighting became more intense, as if to coexist with the 
violent climate that reigned in Southtown. This is where the fighting 
sense poked Duck King's instincts....
	But Duck King also had other interests: his passion for music, and 
especially, for dancing, was pretty much a lifestyle for him. At any time 
he could, Duck King would break out his moves on the dance floor at the 
drop of a dime. It wasn't surprising that Duck King would soon get 
interested in the life of the local nightclubs, and began to become a 
regular visitor to such places. His dancing skills became most 
astonishing, his whole body being racked with the rhythm of the music. 
His prowess for dancing was mesmerizing, which Duck King used in his 
advantage to create his own fighting style.
	With his acrobatic manuevers and unexpected movements, Duck King 
could easily catch anyone off guard with his radical attitude and wild 
technique. Hanging on in the ghetto located near the West Subway 
district, Duck King soon began to gain a name for himself in the fighting 
underworld of Southtown. This is when news regarding the new King of 
Fighters tournament, which would be held by the most powerful crime lord 
in Southtown, Geese Howard, reached the ears of the anxious Duck King. 
The news of the new competition really got Duck King excited and ready 
for action!
	Despite being a local favorite in the new King of Fighters 
tournament, Duck King saw his winning streak crumble beneath the fatal 
fury of the "Lonely Wolves", a unique trio of fighters that had traveled 
from the far reaches of the world to exact revenge on Geese. After having 
been humiliated by the Bogard brothers and by their friend, Joe Higashi, 
Duck King retreated to his hometown slums to work on his technique, which 
would go more properly with the rhythm of battle!	
      During his retirement from the battle field, Duck King tagged in
with a colleague of his in the Southtown night life: the female bouncer,
King. They proposed to set up their own popular bar in the Southtown
district, which would be one of the biggest bars the world has ever seen!
With the prize money that they gained from their previous fights, Duck
King and his comrade King settled up a huge bar, a place where both
tourists and fighters alike could gather! King also chose the bar to host
her battles in the new era of the King of Fighters tournament, which
would sustain battles between teams of three!
       After several years passed, Duck King received an invitation to an 
old place he used to visit a lot in his days as a rambling punk: the Pao 
Pao Cafe, from his great friend Richard Myer. After the dismal opening of 
the Pao Pao Cafe 2, where the Jin twins had revealed their plot to obtain
immortality, the Cafe was open to the general public once more, but this 
time, it was a different reunion. When Duck arrived, he meets with the
Lonely Wolves, whom Duck King had closely related to after his defeat, 
and where now the best of friends. It seemed that Geese has now placed 
his sight on the Scrolls of Immortality that was once in possession of 
the Jin twins, and that the time had arrived to do battle with him once 
again. As everyone began to join in on the fight, Duck King suddenly felt 
a rush of adrenaline in his veins to help out his comrades, as to revive 
his old fighting spirit, and in doing so, Duck King suprisingly joins the 
rest of the Lonely Wolves crew to help out!
	Duck King proved to be a big help in entertaining Geese's men while 
Terry and the others climbed Geese Tower to face the man himself. After 
hearing the news of Geese's death, Duck King decides to take a break and 
celebrate the new era of peace in Southtown in an all-out party bash at 
the Pao Pao Cafe 2, perhaps setting the scene for a new comeback someday!
	With a passion for dancing as well as for fighting, Duck King has a 
happy-go-crazy kind of vision of life, but always joyful and filled with 
hope and promise for the future. Perhaps he can sometimes be too much of 
a troublemaker, but he is always ready to help out his friends in need. 
He also has this special thing for pet chicks, as he always keeps his pet 
bird P-Chan and his friends close to him, even while he fights!   

*Cameos: Duck King appears in the Fatal Fury team's stage in The King of 
Fighters '94 (Italy), sitting on the gondola in the middle of the stage. 
He also appears in the Female team's stage in The King of Fighters '95 
(King's bar), sitting in a table at the left with Heavy D! He gets to 
appear again in the China stage of The King of Fighters '97, in the "Next 
Challenger" booth with Heavy D! and Ryuhaku Todoh (trying to get ahold of 
P-Chan). As you can see, he has become a KOF cameo regular. :)

*Anime tidbits: Duck doesn't usually play important roles in the animes. 
He gets defeated rather easily by Joe Higashi and his Tiger Kick in the 
King of Fighters tournament in the first FF anime, and even has his own 
night club in the FF motion picture, where he doesn't get to fight, but 
can certainly mount a show!

Appearances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real 
Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Fatal Fury: Wild 
Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind
Other games: The King of Fighters 2000 (as Joe Higashi's special striker)

Fighting style: 	Kickboxing
Birthdate: 	      September 16, 1963
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      A
Height:		1.95 m (6'4")
Weight:		115 kg (253 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Bodybuilding
Favorite food:	Curry rice
Favorite sport:	Ice hockey
Most important:	Junior (his son)
Hates the most:	People who bully his son
Favorite music:	Jazz
Special skill: 	Drinking beer

	Possessing a prominent body and a well-built physique, Franco Bash 
has became a top kickboxing fighter, despite being the alternate 
prototype of a normal kickboxer (which tend to have slender bodies and 
more agile movements). Having lost his wife when she was still very 
young, Franco has passed most of his time trying to distract himself from 
the pain: one, was training in kickboxing. The other, to look over his 
son, Junior, who has became the most valuable treasure in Franco's life.
	Franco found the fight-bound world of Southtown to be perfect to 
hone his skills, not only against fighters of his own martial art, but 
against foreign arts as well. Fighting his way to the top while staying 
away from the corruption and personal ambition of the crime world that 
had a strong presence in Southtown, Franco quickly became a very popular 
figure in Southtown, not just for being an exceptional fighter, but also 
a very human and sensitive person.
	After a succesful fight, Franco is met outside the arena by a 
strange man, cloaked in black. Even though Franco wasn't some sort of 
psychic, he could feel a bad omen about that man. The man, who was 
wearing a long fur coat, had semi-blond hair, and most of all, a very 
sinister grin. Introducing himself as the dreaded Ryuji Yamazaki, he 
praised Franco's skills, and offered him to work as a team as bodyguards 
for the Jin twins. But Franco abruptly turned down the offer as he 
realized that the intentions of the Jins were not exactly out of good 
will. Yamazaki gloated in deception, and pointed out to Franco that if he 
wouldn't cooperate, he would soon gain himself some powerful enemies. 
Having said that, Yamazaki backed away to the darkness whence he came.
	The following days were restless for Franco as he pondered about 
Yamazaki's threats. His fights were now more difficult since Franco 
himself couldn't concentrate enough in the battle at hand. But his fears 
would soon become a terrible reality, as when he returned home one day, 
he found his house trashed, and with Junior missing! There was a note 
left to Franco, saying that if he tried anything funny against the Jin 
twins, his son would pay dearly. It was signed by Yamazaki. An enraged 
Franco vowed that he would rescue his son, and make his captors pay!
	Wasting no time in demonstrating his superior strength against 
Yamazaki's cartel, Franco made short work out of the criminals he found, 
but his son was nowhere in the places where Franco had searched. However, 
he was aided by the Lonely Wolves in his quest to find his son, becoming 
close friends soon enough. After Terry Bogard and his group thwarted the 
plans of the Jins to attain immortality, Franco managed to rescue Junior, 
but unfortunately, Yamazaki had escaped. Knowing of the fact that the 
threat of the Scrolls of Immortality was far from over (since Geese had 
managed to gain possession of the scrolls), Franco promised that he would 
repay his debt to the Bogards when the time arrived.
	The call for help wasn't too far behind, as rumors of Geese's plan 
being put in motion placed Franco in a state of alert. Putting Junior 
under safe care, Franco went out to join the Lonely Wolves and their 
friends in the Pao Pao Cafe 2, and they seeked out to fight Geese's 
minions, looking for a shot against Geese himself. Franco proved to be a 
great asset in the fight against Geese, as he set the way for the final 
battle between Terry and Geese. After Geese's death, Franco and his son 
Junior departed on a journey to see the world and the different wonders 
it can offer. Having been dazzled by the several styles of other fighters 
from another countries, and convinced by his sport colleague Joe Higashi, 
Franco was trembling with excitement on how vast the world can be. Now, 
he would test his might against the real deal!
	His size inspires a lot of fear, and his incredible strength 
induces respect among many fighters, but Franco himself is not as scary 
as his shape might paint him out to be. He is actually really kind, a 
very sensible guy, with a soft heart, and who loves his son very much. He 
is rowdy and very loud when it comes to fighting, but he is also the kind 
of man who you can always look up to.   

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Zanki, self-style fighting
Birthdate: 	      November 21, 1982
Birthplace:	      England
Blood type:	      Unknown
Height:		1.85 m (6')
Weight:		80 kg (176 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Popping bubble wrap
Favorite food:	Fish and chips
Favorite sport:	None
Most important:	His drill necklace
Hates the most:	The middle of a big crowd
Favorite music:	Heavy metal
Special skill: 	As long as his head can fit, he can slip through 

	A bizarre man who roams the dark alleys of Second Southtown. Nobody 
knows his real name. Nobody knows his past. People just call him 
"Freeman". A man shrouded in shadows, but reknowned for his sheer 
ferocity, this ruthless killer wanders the streets of Second Southtown, 
without any clear objective. It's said that anyone who stands in his way 
will most likely suffer a great deal, perhaps even being the main star of 
a painful death.
	Several policeman have tried to stop this madman, who apparently 
had no solid reason to slay his victims. Little did they know that they, 
too, would be the victims of Freeman's cruelty. During a local police 
raid, an officer tried to take on Freeman dead-on. He committed his last 
mistake, as Freeman did away with him in no time, with a swift motion of 
his hands that almost tore the man apart into pieces. The officer was the 
father of a son called Marky, who was adopted by another policeman called 
Kevin Rian, who would demand revenge against the man who killed his best 
friend and partner.
	News and rumors spreaded around Freeman, being the most cruel and 
vicious man to ever walk on the streets of Second Southtown. The legend 
of his actions did not pass-by the ears of a man, who had struck a deal 
to defend justice as long as he lived. His name: the Tae Kwon Do 
champion, Kim Kaphwan! Kim was more than intent in stopping the villain 
before he could harm more people. He found Freeman, and demanded justice. 
But Kim was already heavy age-wise, and his moves and technique were not 
as good as in past years. The younger and more vigorous Freeman soon 
found his chance in the middle of Kim's assault to strike the justice 
fighter down. Kim was badly wounded, and Freeman left the man to his own 
	When the announcement of the new "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" 
came to Freeman's ears, he decided to enter, without any possible 
explanation. Perhaps Freeman just heeded the call of those worthy enough 
for him to slain. He would not stop until he covered his hands with the 
blood of the weak! But Freeman was already a marked man: his actions were 
traced by the Southtown police department, by orders from Kevin Rian, and 
also by Kim's two sons: Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan. Kevin's unit soon 
caught up to Freeman in a local chapel, standing atop one of the towers. 
It seemed that Freeman was enjoying his little tussel with death, and the 
officers did not hesitate in shooting Freeman via a sniper. Freeman's 
body fell into a nearby river, and the police soon began an inspection of 
the river. To everyone's surprise, Freeman was nowhere to be found! Does 
this mean that the nightmare will still rage on...?
	Nobody knows what's possibly going on Freeman's head. He doesn't 
talk all that much, and his motions are scarse. But he just likes to rip 
apart those who dare stand against him. His thirst for killing and his 
hunger for blood knows no equal. His eerie attitude has caused fear and 
panic among many citizens of Second Southtown, who tremble at the mention 
of his name.

Apperances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	Chinese Kempo, Gou-kei style
Birthdate: 	      May 27, 1980
Birthplace:	      Unknown
Blood type:	      A
Height:		1.80 m (5'9")
Weight:		82 kg (180 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Calligraphy
Favorite food:	Tomyankun
Favorite sport:	Swimming
Most important:	Mother's necklace memento
Hates the most:	Anyone who humbles himself
Favorite music:	Homey
Special skill: 	He can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes

	For as much as he can remember, Gato can not recall the past 
moments of his life. Recently, Gato has found himself in a point where he 
can no longer distinguish between past, present, and future. If there is 
one thing that still keeps beating deep within Gato's chest, is the sense 
of hatred and chivalry, as his fist hungers for the defeat of all those 
who might be unfortunate to cross his path.
	Amidst Gato's blurred memories, he can only remind a gift given to 
him by a very beautiful woman (whom he considers to be his mother, and 
something he still keeps between his belongings), a strict and uptight 
man who trains Gato in a very hard fashion (the person who he calls 
father), and a sweet and tender little girl, who always waves to him and 
keeps calling his name. Could that girl be his little sister? Nothing of 
that mattered to Gato now. Ever since he had to assist to that duel with 
a person who he can't seem to recall, everything has became a hazy and 
confusing world for Gato, and the pain of his huge scratch-like scars on 
his back are the only reminder to Gato that he should prove himself to be 
a better fighter, no matter who has to fall!
	Gato dominates the Gou-kei style of Chinese Kempo, which is said to 
have killing properties, effectively making Gato a potentially dangerous 
assassin. Gato has traveled through many countries, leaving behind a mark 
of his crushing victories, crippling and maiming many fighters who 
thought they could stand against Gato, believing in their victory. But 
Gato has proven from time and time again that he has the power to destroy 
all, and now heads towards a place that he could feel right at home with: 
Second Southtown, a city built over the ashes of a fallen town of 
fighters, where the blood of fighting has once again began to boil again.
	Curious of where he can find strong fighters to play with, Gato 
listens of the rumors of a new tournament, the "King of Fighters Maximum 
Mayhem", which would take place soon, marking the revival of the fighting 
spirit in Southtown. Gato breaks out a smile to himself, as he knows this 
tournament would surely gather the best of all martial arts, and he would 
soon finish them all! 
	His theory proves to be true, after Gato's initial (and 
overwhelming) victories make him a top contender to fight the tournament 
host. But Gato is constantly followed by a strange young lady who keeps 
snooping around his affairs. Who is this youngster, and what does she 
want with Gato? Tired of her constant pestering, Gato decides to take her 
head on, and demands her to tell him who she is, or die in the attempt. 
The girl kindly introduces herself as Hotaru Futaba, but the name doesn't 
ring a bell to Gato at all. Hotaru then tells Gato that she has been 
looking all over for him, and she calls Gato her big brother! Gato almost 
breaks out in insane laughter after hearing this confession, and 
threatens Hotaru to not get close to him again, if she still appreciated 
her life.
	On his way to face Kain R. Heinlein, the main host of the 
tournament, Gato is met on his path to Kain's mansion by a mysterious 
fighter who dresses in a similiar way to Gato. The man tells Gato he 
shouldn't be reckless and try to kill Kain out of pure anger. Gato pays 
no attention to the man's bickering, and warns him about his possible 
demise if he keeps bothering him. The man, with a familiar voice, stands 
up to Gato, not afraid of his own destiny. He would have to fight Gato if 
that meant getting a point through Gato's head! Gato grinned in his 
typical sarcastic way, and both men engage in combat.
	To Gato's surprise, this mysterious fighter turns out to wield an 
art similiar to that of Gato himself! Every move Gato plans, the man 
would read ahead of it, and counter it. Gato wasn't certainly getting 
anywhere with this battle, so he decided to use his best techniques. But 
it was useless...the enigmatic warrior was always one step ahead of him. 
Tired and worn-out, Gato almost lowered his arms in self-defeat. But it 
was then where the man reminded him of his own limits, and that he 
shouldn't be led by anger alone. After saying that, the man vanished, and 
something snapped in Gato's head: the image of his father! That man was 
Gato's father himself!
	Submerged in his own thoughts, Gato got snapped out of it when 
Kain's mansion begin to fall down! Gato hurried to safety, and wonders 
what could have caused it. Suddenly, Hotaru walks up to Gato. If the man 
who fought Gato was indeed Gato's father, what this girl said wasn't all 
that false, either? Hotaru kindly smiles, and invites Gato to go back 
home with her. But Gato is enraged enough to interrupt his quest that he 
shrugs Hotaru off in a very rude way. Then, Hotaru slaps Gato, and tells 
him that they are brothers, never to separate again! But Gato just grins, 
and tells Hotaru she will never change. Having said that, Gato vanishes 
into the shadows again. Hotaru is left alone again, but she knows that 
Gato, deep within, knew about his true past, and wishes him good luck in 
his future compromises.
	Filled with anger and a tenacious fury, the ferocious fighting 
style of Gato knows no limits, and will not stop until he watches other 
people suffer as much as he does. His desperation from not being able to 
remember anything from his past life further fuels his hatred, but the 
memory that sleeps deep within Gato forbids him to be a heartless killer, 
and the presence of his sister Hotaru will remind him every day that 
there can still be a day where Gato can finally make amends with his 

Apperances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	Kobojutsu/Hakkyokuseiken
Birthdate: 	      January 21, 1953
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      B
Height:		1.83 m (6')
Weight:		82 kg (180 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      None (gets tired quickly of things)
Favorite food:	Red fried steak
Favorite sport:	None
Most important:	Himself
Hates the most:	People that stand in his way
Favorite music:	None
Special skill: 	Being overbearing so he can reach a settlement

	He goes by many names in Southtown, but one thing is for sure when 
everyone speaks out the name of Geese Howard: fear, respect, and hatred 
will always arise in the hearts and minds of all those who lived during 
his ruthless command, as the most imposing and cold-hearted crime lord 
that Southtown ever knew. His sphere of power allowed him to corrupt 
everything he came in touch with, and opened the path for an undisputed 
rule over the city, with police and citizens alike, unable to lift a 
finger against this ambitious man. 
	Not content with entering the criminal circles as a teenager, Geese 
seeked personal power as well as business power. While he managed to 
climb the mob ladder by eliminating those who stood in his way, Geese 
began to learn the ways of the deadly martial art of Hakkyokuseiken under 
the tutelage of the great master Tung Fu Rue. Nobody argued about his 
skills at: the hatred that raged within his blood allowed him to channel 
his anger through powerful "chi" blasts that could level anything in his 
path. While many of his fellow students digressed with his opinions, no 
one could muster enough bravery to say it to him upfront. 
	But there was one Hakkyoukuseiken disciple who could match Geese's 
lethal abilities move by move: Jeff Bogard, a honorable man who respected 
the feeling of the fight, was disciplined, and fought with the heart and 
not with trivial purposes. Jeff was the other side of the coin for Geese, 
and Tung took this in mind when the decision came to choose the heir to 
the Hakkyokuseiken style. Although Geese was far more powerful, he could 
not attain true strength by channeling his inner rage. He would 
ultimately destroy himself if he kept seeking his own evil ambitions. 
Jeff proved to be the ultimate choice for Tung. Vowing payback with 
blood, Geese leaved the Hakkyokuseiken dojo, and returned to his crime 
	Geese tried by all means to consume his power in order to claim his 
rightful position as leader of Southtown. He already was way above 
several crime lords, but he needed to attain more strength to reafirm his 
status. He began to learn Kobojutsu as a way to complement his 
Hakkyokuseiken teachings, and even gained various of his own students as 
a proof of his capabilities. But after he mastered the style in such a 
little notice, he grew bored of it, and decided to kill his master so he 
wouldn't cause any trouble when Geese decided to take his throne. Geese 
did not know that his master's son (one of his disciples) was aware of 
Geese's malevolent dreams, and left without letting Geese know about his 
intentions of revenge....
	During this period, Geese met a pretty lady of the high society 
called Marie Heinlein. She was of European heritage, and had the blood of 
a noble family. Geese planned to use her as a way to gain more financial 
benefits to accomplish his evil ways. Although Marie was deeply in love 
with him, Geese could not take her feelings at heart. Geese thought it 
would be a good idea to kill her for her trouble, but he could not do it. 
He decided it would be more appropiate to just let her forget about it 
	On the other hand, Geese could not forget the outrageous treachery 
of Jeff Bogard, who stole the favors of his master Tung. He decided it 
was time to erase him of existence. For that, he sent one of his minions 
to do the dirty work. The assassin would be a martial artist who had lost 
his pride after his wife's decease. His name was Takuma Sakazaki, the 
current head of the Kyokugenryo martial art style. But Takuma could not 
bring himself to killing a fellow warrior, so Geese assured himself that 
Takuma would keep following orders: he kidnapped Takuma's daughter, Yuri, 
and promised he would kill her if he did not follow orders. Geese then 
left Takuma under the supervision of one of his underlings: another crime 
master, Mr. Big. Then, Geese took off to take care of the task by 
himself. In a cowardly attack, Geese managed to wipe out Jeff, leaving 
his rival prone on the ground. Geese stood over Jeff's dead body, and 
laughed as his vision of his own utopia became clear now! 
	The years passed, and Geese's idealistic ambition was soon realized 
as he continued to extend his empire of weapon and drugs dealing, and by 
keeping everyone who opposed him at bay, either by sending his assassins 
to kill them, or he could do the dirty job himself. His personal security 
staff was also rather fearsome. Aside from the experienced assassins 
Hopper and Ripper, Geese had a special ace under his sleeve: a master of 
the stick fighting, Billy Kane. Geese discovered Billy's potential during 
a visit to one of Geese's illegal factories in the slums of Southtown. 
Billy was in a mad outburst of frustration and was using an iron pipe in 
a rather skillful way. Geese saw promise in the young lad, and took him 
in as his right-hand man. A small problem came up when the son of Takuma, 
Ryo Sakazaki and his friend Robert Garcia, arrived to rescue Yuri, which 
caused trouble for Mr. Big. But the Sakazakis were no much of a concern 
for Geese. In order to reassure his position as the invincible lord of 
Southtown, Geese created a tournament in which he would lure his pursuers 
to their own death, thus creating the legendary "The King of Fighters" 
	With the help of the tournament, Geese reaffirmed his position as 
the maximum authority of Southtown, as he saw his challengers fall 
beneath his sight. He even placed Billy as the champion of the 
tournament, so that anyone who would come on top would soon fall to 
Billy, leaving Geese to occupy himself in other matters. But all that 
would soon change when one day, Geese was surprised to see new 
challengers in the list of competitors. The two had last names which 
reminded him of past matters: two fighters called Terry and Andy Bogard. 
They were the adoptive sons of Jeff, and Geese didn't last long in making 
ends meet. He knew they were here to exact revenge on Geese for what he 
did to their father. They were accompanied by a fellow Muay Thai champion 
called Joe Higashi. Geese grinned, knowing that he would finish Jeff's 
legacy with the death of his sons. 
	Things wouldn't go his way, however, as Geese soon witnessed the 
overwhelming path of the Bogards. They crushed their opponents, and were 
always in top shape. Geese was even more troubled when he realized that 
his former master Tung was also supporting Jeff's sons. When the news 
arrived that Billy was eliminated as well, Geese soon took action. He 
stood to face the last man standing to fight him: the older son of Jeff, 
Terry Bogard, in the top floor of his own monument of power, Geese Tower. 
Geese mocked the youngster, and condemned him to a swift death just like 
his father's. Geese's incredible power and experience became evident soon 
enough as he nailed Terry with several powerful blows that struck the 
young warrior down several times. But Geese was amused when Terry would 
still stand up and challenge him again. Geese bashed on the Bogard a 
little more, but he noticed that Terry was catching up to his moves 
sooner than expected! When Geese was about to clean things up, Terry came 
back with a lethal rising. He countered Geese's onslaught, and began to 
make the powerful crime lord go down. With his dreams breaking into 
pieces, Geese tried in vain to eliminate Terry in one last, desperate 
attack. Terry's following blow would send Geese crashing into a window, 
and down several floors to the ground below. Geese closed his eyes, 
expecting the embrace of death, and then, nothing....
	Three years had passed, and everyone in Southtown was facing a new 
threat: the menace of the Jin twins, who had the legendary Scrolls of 
Immortality, the treasure of the Jin family. These scrolls could allow 
the youngsters to achieve the eternal life. But when Terry could finally 
pass by the Jins, he realized the inminent nightmare that was about to be 
unleashed. In the scroll chamber, a man stood holding the Scrolls of 
Immortality in his hands. He was burning in evil aura, and stood forward 
to face Terry. It was Geese himself! Geese displayed a huge scar on his 
back, as a sequel of his fall, but he didn't die! Geese thinks that the 
scrolls are appropiate for a man who was capable to survive such a long 
fall, but furthermore, he would recover his lost position as the greatest 
crime lord in Southtown, after his status was taken by several minor 
criminal organizations during his recovery period. With the help of the 
Scrolls of Immortality, Geese would go farther than before. Now, he 
targets the world as his next goal! Geese vanishes from Terry's sight, 
but he reminds the Lone Wolf that there is still some unfinished business 
among them.
	After Geese's return, an envelope arrived on his office. It was an 
invitation for the next "King of Fighters" tournament! Geese was 
surprised that his tournament would be taken by other hosts, and even the 
rules had changed: it would now support fights between teams of three 
warriors each. But Geese was too busy investigating the method of using 
the Scrolls of Immortality, so he decided to send his trusty ally Billy 
Kane in his representation. Billy teamed up with a killer ninja, Eiji 
Kisaragi, who was a sworn enemy of the Sakazaki family, and with an 
enigmatic youth called Iori Yagami. After the tournament ends, Geese is 
intrigued when he receives news that the tournament's host, Rugal 
Bernstein, had been destroyed by a mysterious power that consumed his own 
body, and that Iori had harvested such power to beat down Billy and Eiji. 
This was too interesting to pass by! Geese decided he would enter the 
next "King of Fighters" tournament to learn more about this mysterious 
	The team that Geese chose was very singular indeed. He called the 
German noblesman who had picked up the "King of Fighters" tournament when 
Geese "died", Wolfgang Krauser, who was also defeated by Terry in the 
past. He also summoned his criminal minion, Mr. Big, and created a team 
that would be a major headache for many of the tournament's competitors! 
Billy Kane objected, trying to make a point about his vengeance against 
Iori. Geese reassured Billy that there would be plenty of time for that. 
Geese was proved right when a messenger of the Orochi power arrived at 
the tournament's scene to cause havoc: his name was Goenitz, and the 
amount of power he displayed was indeed far more fascinating than 
anything a normal human could offer. But Geese was disgusted when Goenitz 
was defeated by the current tournament champion, Kyo Kusanagi, along with 
Iori himself. He thought that the Orochi power was all show and no go. He 
didn't notice that his plan was revealed to his allies, but Krauser 
showed no concern about it. On the other hand, Mr. Big attempts to kill 
Geese by shooting at him, but Billy arrives in the nick of time to block 
the shot with his stick and save his master. Mr. Big vows that he will 
get Geese someday, and Geese just thinks that Mr. Big is too pathetic to 
show any possible threat to him. 
	However, Geese was still concerned about the effects of the Orochi 
power on humans. It was proved that it could vaporize normal humans like 
Rugal, and cause abnormal syntomes in those who possessed only half-
Orochi blood (it caused Iori to go berserk when the Orochi blood inside 
him awakened). Geese wanted to know if the Orochi power was still 
affordable to be controlled some way. And he had one man in mind.... 
Geese called his faithful servant Billy, and ordered him to enter the 
"King of Fighters" tournament the next year. He knew Billy was anxious 
for his payback against Iori, and if he killed Iori, it would be no big 
deal, since that would show that the power of the Orochi wasn't 
attractive to begin with. Having said that, Geese tells Billy to recruit 
the two other members of his team. Billy was shocked at who they would 
be: one, Ryuji Yamazaki, a psychotic criminal with a passion for 
violence. Geese knew that Yamazaki was only interested in maiming and 
money, so he would offer Yamazaki twice the prize money of the tournament 
for his cooperation. The second teammate on board was the secret agent 
Blue Mary. Billy was puzzled, since Mary was on the track of Geese's 
organization, and Geese DID kill Mary's grandfather (the one who taught 
him Kobojutsu). But Geese, being the treacherous man that he is, has 
already solved that: he created a dummy agency that would hire Mary's 
services, and fool her in investigating Yamazaki! The stage was set by 
Geese, and he would play his pieces wisely....
	When the tournament ended, Billy returned to report. Indeed, the 
Orochi power had manifested itself in the tournament, and Kyo and Iori 
had to work as a team once again to seal it once again. In fact, Iori had 
entered the "Riot of Blood" stage more than once, which meant that the 
Orochi power could indeed have negative effects on a person's mind. And 
Geese's suspitions were confirmed: Yamazaki was indeed of Orochi lineage! 
Geese was sorry that they had lost Mary's services, since she would be a 
perfect member of his organization. Right then, Yamazaki busted into 
Geese's office, and demanded his pay! A small tassle took place, and 
Geese saw with his own eyes how much the Orochi power can influence 
people. The match ended when Geese gave Yamazaki his money. But Geese 
knew that the Orochi power was better off sealed away....
	Back to his original plot, Geese went back to work on the Scrolls 
of Immortality. He knew he had little time to spare, as he knew that 
Terry and his friends would go after him soon enough. Geese tried to 
harness the power of the scrolls, but it took him many hours to try to 
crack the case. During one of his nights off, Geese was sitting in his 
office, when all of a sudden, a small kid barges into Geese's chambers. 
The boy had blond hair, and had quite a resemblance to Geese. In fact, 
the kid claimed to be Geese's son! It turns out that Marie had a son, but 
Geese was never aware of it. The kid's name was Rock. Rock pledged Geese 
to attend to his sick mother, but Geese was too busy figuring out the 
secret of the Scrolls of Immortality to be bothered by such petty 
matters. Geese sends Rock off, but for the first time ever, Geese doubts 
about his procedure....
	It was one faithful night, when Geese was standing next to the 
scrolls. Along him, like always, was his eternal guardian, Billy. Geese 
took a deep breath, and sends Billy to guard the entrance to Geese Tower. 
Billy wonders if his boss will be OK, and Geese reassures him. As Billy 
departs, Geese remains alone with his thoughts. Immortality is but a 
stone throw away, but that little boy.... Geese began to work on the 
Scrolls of Immortality, and soon enough, someone entered his quarters. 
Geese knew who it was even without looking. Geese turns around, and faces 
the two Bogard brothers he has feuded with for so long. Geese feels the 
power of the scrolls rush through his veins, but he knows it isn't 
complete. He would finish the Bogards once and for all, and accomplish 
his dream of becoming the strongest fighter of the world, unable to die!
	Having done a pretty good job on the Bogard brothers, Geese 
displayed his newly acquired power by trashing both Terry and Andy 
repeatedly with blows that would level buildings down to size. Geese was 
undoubtedly gaining the upper hand, and the Bogard brothers were going 
down. Suddenly, Andy launched himself in a kamikaze attack against Geese! 
Geese was amused by the boy's bravery, but he wasted no time in putting 
the younger Bogard out of comission with a solid hit that sent Andy 
flying away. Andy was saved by Terry, but he could fight no longer. Now, 
Geese came to his expected outcome: he would duel face to face against 
Terry, in the final showdown!
	The fight between Terry and Geese raged like a fire on dry land. It 
was just like the first time, except that Geese was no longer confident 
about his abilities. He would face his nemesis head on, without retreat. 
But the harsh battle was wearing out Geese's inhuman strength that he 
gained from the Scrolls of Immortality. The decrease in Geese's onslaught 
met with the increasing attack by Terry, which put Geese in a terrible 
disadvantage in the battle. Geese was against the ropes once again, but 
even in his moments of desperation, Geese aimed for the scrolls for a 
chance to attain more power. It would be his last shot to eternal life. 
But when Geese was reaching out for the Scrolls of Immortality, he was 
thrusted backwards by a mighty blow from Terry. Geese's body flew and 
crashed against the balcony, opening the path to his inminent death 
hundreds of feet below. Geese cursed his bad luck, having to be defeated 
by Terry once again, and in the exact same way. Geese had given up on his 
life, until all of a sudden, someone grabbed his hand!
	Geese couldn't believe that it was Terry himself who had caught 
Geese by the hand! Geese could not comprehend why Terry would save 
someone who had killed his father and basically make his life miserable. 
In a sudden moment, Geese grins, and tells Terry that a more important 
task lies ahead of him. Having said that, Geese lets go of Terry's hand, 
and plummets down to the void. The memory of Rock burns in Geese's mind, 
as he falls down, and wishes his son good luck. Moments later, Geese 
crashes against the ground, and dies. Geese's reign of terror and 
opression against the people of Southtown has came to an end, and 
everyone sets out to live a life in peace...or will they?
	Ambition for eternal power is what made Geese choose the path of 
evil. Before he can aim for bigger dreams, Geese first wants to insure 
his great power, by seeking out several ways to enhance his already 
incredible strength. Geese is relentless, and will not allow anyone to 
stand in his way. He seldom dispatches his enemies personally, allowing 
his underlings to do the dirty work, but when he does, everyone should 
fear his reaction! A daredevil of death, Geese has gained himself many 
enemies, but deep within his corrupted soul, exists the image of his wife 
Marie and his son Rock, which are buried deep within the dark ambitions 
of Geese.

*Cameos: Geese appears in the Art of Fighting team's stage in The King of 
Fighters '94 (Mexico), sitting in a table amidst the whole crowd. He is 
also always behind Billy Kane whenever he gets to participate in a KOF 
tournament (KOF '95, and KOF '97, just check out Billy teams' endings).

*Anime tidbits: Well, he IS the main villain of the first FF anime, if 
you check it out, he appears like his AOF 2 incarnation when he is young. 
I wonder how he got his eye scar, anyhow (it doesn't appear in the 
games)? His Reppuken is quite unimpressive (motion-wise), but man, does 
it look like a blast! In the second FF anime he actually looks cooler 
(with the semi-long hair, and all patched up), but he only acts as a 
passive spectator, and conspirates against his half-brother, Krauser. He 
gets a even shorter cameo in the FF motion picture, practicing in order 
to defeat Terry Bogard (that Raging Storm looks eeeeeeevil! :)

Appearances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final 
Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 
2: The Newcomers, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Real Bout: Dominated Mind 
Other games: The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters 2000 (as 
Terry Bogard's special striker), Art of Fighting 2, Capcom vs. SNK: 
Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom 
vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Fighting style: 	Ankoku Karate
Birthdate: 	      January 8, 19??
Birthplace:	      USA
Blood type:	      A
Height:		2.01 m (6'5")
Weight:		105 kg (231 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Making China plates
Favorite food:	Beef stew
Favorite sport:	Weightlifting
Most important:	A picture of him, Kain, and Marie from long ago
Hates the most:	Begging for life
Favorite music:	None
Special skill: 	He can hold any emotions to himself

	It has been proven that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts 
absolutely. Obtaining incredible power and overwhelimg techniques thanks 
to his training in the forbidden arts of Ankoku Karate, Abel Cameron, now 
known as Grant, the self-proclaimed "Martyr of Might", can claim to be 
one of the strongest fighters in the world, but his suffering for gaining 
such awesome strength is also too much for a simple mortal to bear.
	In the past, Grant was a very close friend to Kain R. Heinlein, who 
was a timid little boy. He knew Kain and his sister Marie very well, and 
it was perhaps the only time that Grant felt he was cared for, despite 
his self-absorbed training periods. Grant always stayed by Kain's side as 
a true friend, even when Marie passed away from a fatal disease. Kain 
blamed her suffering to the relentless Geese Howard, current mob leader 
of Southtown. Grant accepted to help out Kain no matter what he would do, 
using his powerful fist to eliminate all those who would dare them.
	Kain vanished from the Southtown for awhile, and Grant was left 
training with his mortal arts. Shortly after Second Southtown was 
finished building, Kain returned, wielding a terrible evil power. Grant 
identified himself with Kain's fearful style, since they closely 
resembled each other. Kain and Grant trained together while Kain was busy 
fulfilling his plan: he would accomplish everything the now-deceased 
Geese had realized, and surpass him in this new town!
	Grant always supported Kain from the shadows, but he still felt the 
pain within his body. His great power served to crush Kain's opposition, 
but he knew his life would fade away soon. Kain met Grant one day in 
Grant's hidden temple (where Grant tries to keep himself alive via evil 
rituals). He tells Grant he is planning to hold a new tournament that 
would help him declare independence for Second Southtown, and where the 
weak will have no place, and the strong will prevail above all. It would 
be called the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem". Grant was pleased with 
the idea of having a country where only the strong would make a name for 
themselves in this petty world!
	Grant hides away in his temple, where he tries to hold his power 
from within to avoid being crushed by the sheer force. After some time, 
the legendary Terry Bogard and his disciple arrive at the temple's 
shrine, which has been engulfed in flames. Terry can sense a very evil 
aura at work from the sidelines, and is rather astonished when Grant 
surges from the shadows, completely charged up! Grant has lost almost all 
trace of mortality, only thriving for the blood of the strong. Grant has 
given in to his evil strength, and now he is more than poised to slain 
the Lone Wolf to prove how much he means it! But while Grant challenges 
Terry, he can't keep his eye off the young man who accompanies Terry.
	The battle between the two powerhouses began with raging fury among 
each other. Grant's terrible force clashed against Terry's experience and 
superior skills. But while Grant was getting a small lead due to his 
stronger hits, he felt as more and more agony filled his body. Power 
comes with a cost, and Grant could hold no longer. After turning the 
tables on Grant, Terry manages to defeat Grant. Grant is at the limit of 
defeat, when all of a sudden, the young man with the red jacket draws 
near him. Grant can feel the same evil power of Geese running through his 
veins. So, this boy must be Geese's son, and following the same line, 
Marie's son, too! When Grant mentions Marie's name, Rock is shocked and 
demands Grant for an answer. Grant advises Rock to go search for Kain if 
he wanted some answers. As Rock continues his way to Kain's mansion, 
Grant is left powerless, and finally slumps to the floor. Could this mean 
the end of the powerful "Martyr of Might"? Grant bids Kain a silent 
farewell as he passes away...
	Although he enjoys a great deal of power that makes the earth 
itself rumble in anticipation, Grant has to deal with enormous amounts of 
pain and sorrow (hence his nickname, "The Martyr of Might"). Grant has 
always lived with the purpose of becoming the strongest, no matter who he 
has to deal with to prove it. Grant finds in Kain and Marie his most 
valuable treasures, and perhaps the only reason why he kept living for so 

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	Koppo-ken and Shiranui-style Ninjitsu
Birthdate: 	      October 7, 1992
Birthplace:	      Japan
Blood type:	      O
Height:		1.54 m (5')
Weight:		40 kg (88 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Going to the hot springs in the mountains with monkeys
Favorite food:	Shabon Nabe
Favorite sport:	Athletics
Most important:	His master and all the Shiranui-style people
Hates the most:	Hairy caterpillars
Favorite music:	Japanese Kotone (Shiranui Oneechan plays it for him)
Special skill: 	He can climb the tallest tree in the moutains in 16.3 

	Born in the village of the Shiranui people, a tribe of devoted and 
well-trained ninjas, Hokutomaru's life was well decided since birth: he 
would become an outstanding ninja, following the tradition of his 
ancestors. But the problem resided in that the leader of the Shiranui 
clan, Hanzo Shiranui, had died shortly after Hokutomaru was born. No 
other ninja master was left in the village, so it seemed that Hokutomaru 
would no longer be a ninja anymore. 
	But soon enough, a man arrived at the village. A short-sized man 
with long blond hair and a beautiful face, he was known to be Hanzo's 
most reknowned student: Andy Bogard. He saw Hokutomaru, and quickly 
realized his great potential. He offered to teach Hokutomaru with his 
knowledge of the Shiranui school of Ninjitsu, and even some of his own 
Koppo-ken techniques thrown in for good measure. Andy took Hokutomaru in 
his mist, and the training soon began.
	Although the training was hard and exhausting, Hokutomaru never 
lost his childish spirit, always playing in the forests that covered the 
mountains that surrounded the Shiranui village, and fiddling with the 
monkeys who lived in the nearby hot springs. Since monkeys were perhaps 
his only friends in the nearly desolated village, Hokutomaru also got to 
show a little bit of mischief (like the monkeys). But he still kept his 
cool around his master Andy, who showed Hokutomaru the ways of the 
Shiranui ninjitsu, including the usage of several ninja weapons.
	After a couple of years, Andy received a letter from his brother 
Terry from Second Southtown. Terry tells Andy that a new tournament was 
being held in Second Southtown, and that he was heading there right now 
to get a look at how the new generation of fighters faired out. Terry 
invited Andy to come over to the United States and have a nice brawl like 
in past times. But when Andy looked back to Hokutomaru, he called the 
hyperactive kid. Hokutomaru was surprised at how serious master Andy was, 
who took advantage of the occasion to send Hokutomaru to Second Southtown 
to participate in the tournament. Hokutomaru didn't understand why he had 
to leave the village to fight in some competition in a faraway land, but 
Andy assures him that it would be for his own good, and as a way to 
demonstrate Hokutomaru's adquired skills. 
	Hokutomaru didn't quite feel in place when he arrived at the huge 
urban jungle known as Second Southtown. All the noice, so many people, 
and everything was so crowded! Besides, the place smelled bad! But 
Hokutomaru decided to adapt himself by his master's bidding. But 
Hokutomaru was certainly causing a lot of trouble due to his wild 
attitude and mischievous behavior. He caused a lot of public 
disturbances, but his matches in the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" 
tournament were another story altogether. Hokutomaru proved himself to be 
quite promising and achieving even at his young age. He surprised his 
opponents with his fast moves and powerful attacks. 
	The tournament was drawing to an end, and Hokutomaru was exhausted. 
Fighting so many skilled warriors was just too much for the poor boy to 
handle, and he was ready to take a break now. But Hokutomaru feels he has 
learned a lot from his fights, and from living in the city, just like his 
master told him. Several days later, Hokutomaru receives a letter from 
his master Andy, who apparently had been watching over Hokutomaru's 
performance in the tournament. Andy sounded pretty proud of Hokutomaru, 
and claims that he has indeed surpassed himself. These new words give 
Hokutomaru a new hope that he can do better in the near future if he 
keeps training hard and tweaking his skills. But still, will this wild 
boy ever learn to behave in the modern society?
	His body flowing with adrenaline and with excitement, Hokutomaru's 
natural wild instinct has led him to quite his share of trouble, but his 
kind spirit and playful attitude has also been a reason why he is so 
liked by many. He lacks enough battle experience to be in the top of the 
line, but his fighting prowess leaves nothing to be questioned about, 

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style:      Kung-Fu
Birthdate:           August 21, 1966
Birthplace:	         Hong Kong
Blood type:          O
Height:		   1.76 m (5'8")
Weight:		   78 kg (171 lbs.)
Hobbies:	         Being the decoy in a search
Favorite food:	   Gyoza
Favorite sport:	   Bicycle contests
Most important:	   His sweetheart
Hates the most:	   Regulations
Favorite music:	   All songs by female idols
Special skill: 	   Being unclear on certain things

*Gyoza = Fried dumplings

	Hong Kong can be quite a harsh place to live in, especially if 
you're a cop who has decided to stand up against the criminal 
organizations that run amok in the suburbs of Hong Kong. That is the case 
of Hon-Fu, who decided to become a police man after being the witness of 
many crimes and barbaric acts in his own vicinty. Having promised to one 
day clean the streets of Hong Kong from any criminal trash, Hon-Fu 
trained himself hard in the ways of Chinese Kung-Fu, including the 
mastery in the nunchaku weapon, a feared object when in the hands of an 
	Hon-Fu became respected by the people of his hometown and feared by 
criminals everywhere as Hon-Fu cracked many cases as an undercover agent, 
constantly risking his life by infiltrating many illegal warehouses and 
buildings were criminal merchandise were being kept. But one criminal 
still eluded Hon-Fu's actions of justice: one of the main leaders of one 
of the most powerful and deadly criminal organizations not only in Hong 
Kong, but in all Asia. He was called Ryuji Yamazaki, a man so evil and 
cruel, his heart was as cold as the harsh winter. Hon-Fu has been on his 
trace for years, but has not had any success in arresting him. Hon-Fu 
became a tad obssessed with finding Yamazaki, who had comitted several 
atrocities during his life, including the murder of several partners of 
	All of a sudden, Yamazaki's criminal group began to lower their 
presence in Hong Kong. It seemed as if Yamazaki had suddenly disappeared, 
leaving no trace of his whereabouts. Hon-Fu grew desperate at the lack of 
evidence of Yamazaki's actions. Hon-Fu's contacts told him that Yamazaki 
was no longer in Hong Kong, as suspected. He had traveled to a city in 
the United States called Southtown, hired by some young twins. Hon-Fu 
smelled something fishy, and soon caught a plane to the U.S..
	When Hon-Fu arrived at Southtown, it soon came to his attention 
that the city was a crime nest by itself! Surely Yamazaki would have felt 
right at home with this kind of environment, but there was no time for 
pondering. His investigations revealed that the Jin twins (who had hired 
Yamazaki) were planning on using the Scrolls of Immortality to achieve 
the eternal life! Hon-Fu found the situation to be most amusing: he could 
not only capture one, but THREE criminals at the same time! The offer 
seemed tempting, so Hon-Fu decided to tag on with the Lonely Wolves and 
their small group of friends, who were also looking for the Jins, using 
his incredible undercover skills!
	The ambition of the Jins was truly not good at all, so Hon-Fu found 
no guilt in beating up any criminal he had in sight, until he finally 
catched up to their main headquarters. There, he found Terry and his 
friends trying to fight against Yamazaki! Hon-Fu clenched his teeth, and 
with his nunchaku ablaze, he faced Yamazaki one-on-one. Hon-Fu urged 
Terry and the others to stop the twins while they still have time! 
Showing gratitude to Hon-Fu, Terry runs into the inner chamber to deal 
with the twins. Meanwhile, Yamazaki mocks Hon-Fu for having wasted so 
much time trying to find him, only to perish now. Hon-Fu doesn't think 
so, and soon enough, begins to attack Yamazaki with fiery rage!
	The battle between justice and crime raged on with lots of 
intensity, but Hon-Fu surely had a hard time trying to deal with this 
madman. Yamazaki was not your average thug: he was quick, savage, and had 
this evil spirit around him that didn't seem in any way, natural. Hon-Fu 
was beginning to feel the pressure, when suddenly, Yamazaki ceased his 
attack. His attention was swayed towards the diminishing energy of the 
Jins, and the presence of another evil aura. Yamazaki grins in such a 
wild fashion, it even sends chills up Hon-Fu's spine. Yamazaki tells Hon-
Fu that things are about to get interesting, but that play time was over. 
Having said that, Yamazaki kicks a cloud of dust at Hon-Fu, which blinds 
him enough time for Yamazaki to make a hasty retreat. Hon-Fu curses his 
bad luck, but vows that he will keep on Yamazaki's trace.
	Two years after Hon-Fu last saw Yamazaki, his sources have informed 
him that Yamazaki had been participating in the King of Fighters '97 
tournament, and that it was said that he, indeed, had evil blood in his 
veins: Orochi blood, to be precise! This was no problem for Hon-Fu, as he 
was intent on catching Yamazaki anyway! He soon reunited with the Lonely 
Wolves and his other friends in the Pao Pao Cafe 2 to decide on what they 
should do about Geese, who had taken possession of the Scrolls of 
Immortality back then. Hon-Fu promised he would not let Geese out of his 
sight again, but his speech was soon stripped from his mouth by some 
mysterious figure! The simple-minded middle age man walked up to Terry 
and the others, and saluted them in a friendly way. He must be some old 
acquaintance of theirs. Terry introduces the man has Kim Kaphwan, the Tae 
Kwon Do champion. Kim claimed to be a justice fighter, just like Hon-Fu, 
but for some unknown reason, Hon-Fu thinks Kim is a tad odd to a man of 
	While Hon-Fu supplied Terry and the others with information about 
Geese, Hon-Fu was still in hot pursuit of Yamazaki. This time, he would 
certainly not escape! Hon-Fu was warned that Yamazaki was twice as 
dangerous now that he knew of the fact that he was of Orochi heritage, 
but Hon-Fu didn't mind those simple facts. Finally, Hon-Fu caught up to 
Yamazaki, who was on his way to Geese Tower to retrieve the scrolls from 
the old coot! Brandishing his nunchaku, Hon-Fu declares that Yamazaki's 
luck had just ran out. Yamazaki laughs at the fact that such a puny worm 
would trip twice with the same stone, and he would soon prove the cop 
	The fight that raged on was even more intense and extreme as the 
one they had 2 years before, but Hon-Fu noticed something when the fight 
was well underway: Yamazaki wasn't even showing traces of pain when hit 
by Hon-Fu's strong hits! In fact, Yamazaki seemed to be embracing the 
feeling of pain! Hon-Fu began to feel a bit scared, and more so when 
Yamazaki entered some sort of trance. Hon-Fu couldn't believe that 
someone that looked like a human could act like that! Yamazaki's eyes 
turned blank, and soon enough, moved so fast, that Hon-Fu could barely 
react until Yamazaki was already atop him....
	Hon-Fu waked up, badly wounded and greatly surprised at Yamazaki's 
inhuman strength. After recovering from his wounds, Hon-Fu received news 
that Yamazaki had returned to Hong Kong to settle some unfinished 
business. Now that Hon-Fu knew firsthand that Yamazaki was no longer an 
enemy to be confident with, Hon-Fu returns back to Hong Kong, where he 
still pursues the capture of the most wanted criminal of his whole life!
	Being an outstanding cop has made Hon-Fu seek constant challenges 
in his investigations, like passing as a decoy and working undercover. 
Hon-Fu is mindless of personal danger, and he is ready to put his life on 
the line to keep criminals and injustice at bay. Always backed up by his 
kind girlfriend from Hong Kong, Hon-Fu's ultimate goal is to capture 
Yamazaki and put him behind bars for good! 

*Cameos: Hon-Fu appears in Kim team's stage in The King of Fighters '96 
(the waterway). He is at the left side of the stage, among the crowd. He 
also makes a special appearance in Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000: 
he jumps in during the Chun Li-Yamazaki pre-fight intro, in an attempt to 
protect Chun Li from the crazy Yamazaki, but Yamazaki just ends up 
slapping him away, as Hon Fu runs out like a girlie! ^_^;

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Chinese Kempo, Juu-kei style
Birthdate:     	May 11, 1990
Birthplace:	      Japan
Blood type:	      A
Height:		1.56 m (5'1")
Weight:		42 kg (92 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Cute ribbon collection
Favorite food:	Chocolate ice cream banana parfet
Favorite sport:	High jump
Most important:   Itokatsu (her ferrot)
Hates the most:	Earthquakes
Favorite music:	Pops
Special skill: 	She can make any animal out of snow

	A girl as innocent and pure as snow, Hotaru has lived in a family 
of martial artists, but Hotaru herself is not a woman who is fond of 
violence. She despises having to hurt others for no reason at all, and 
perhaps this is why her father taught her the lighter side of Chinese 
Kempo, the Juu-kei style, which suits her easygoing personality.
	There are 2 things that Hotaru appreciates the most after her 
mother's death: her pet ferrot, Itokatsu, and her older brother, Gato. 
But Gato was a man who was tormented to become an accomplished martial 
artist, and was pushed too far by their father. Still, Hotaru knows the 
real Gato, and she is sure that he is not a bad person at heart. However, 
one day, Gato vanishes mysteriously, and nobody knows of his whereabouts. 
Concerned about the fate of her brother, Hotaru sets out on a journey to 
find her missing brother. 
	The leads to Gato's disappearance leads Hotaru to a hostile city 
located in the United States: Second Southtown, a place where fighting 
rules all, crime is the true leader of society, and the fist of the 
strong demands who lives and dies. It was in this harsh place where the 
precious Hotaru must find clues about her brother. She is soon gazed with 
the news of a figthing tournament of epic proportions that would soon 
break out in Second Southtown. It was named the "King of Fighters Maximum 
Mayhem". Hotaru had a feeling her brother would surely be appealed to 
enter this tournament, since he was always looking for strong opponents 
to fight with. Hotaru follows her heart's premonitions, which leads her 
to the aforementioned tournament.
	As Hotaru deals with her inferior opponents, she draws closer to 
the finals. She notices that one of the fighters is a man with a typical 
long sleeve Japanese shirt, pants, sandals, and a very mean, cold look in 
his eyes. Hotaru almost broke out in tears when she realized it was no 
other than Gato! But there was something different about him...Not only 
was Gato too ruthless and harsh for Hotaru to recognize properly, he also 
couldn't remember Hotaru when she approached him. In fact, Gato almost 
attacked Hotaru right there! Confused by the fact that Gato was not like 
Gato at all, Hotaru decides to follow her brother around.
	Gato's trace leads Hotaru to an impressive mansion in the downtown 
district of Second Southtown. It is here where the host of the 
tournament, Kain R. Heinlein, lives. Surely, Gato must have come here to 
demand a match from Kain. When Hotaru approaches the mansion, she notices 
that Gato is fighting a man who uses the same moves Gato does, and even 
dresses faintly like him. Hotaru knew this man was their father, and was 
fighting Gato, like in many times during their childhood. Gato could not 
hold up to their father, and was exhausted from the effort. After their 
father vanishes into thin air, Kain's mansion begins to crumble in a 
moment's notice! Both Hotaru and Gato escape the place as fast as they 
can to avoid the falling debris.
	When they arrive at a safe location, Hotaru decides to stand up to 
her brother. Hotaru invites Gato back to their home in Japan, but Gato 
refuses to believe anything she has to tell him. Suddenly, in a flash of 
rage, Hotaru slaps Gato in the face. Tears swelling up in her eyes, 
Hotaru reminds Gato that they are family, and as such, they should stay 
together. But Gato just smiles sarcastically, and tells Hotaru she will 
never change. But as soon as he said that, Gato wanders away quickly. 
Hotaru is left alone again, but she smiles warmily. She knows that Gato 
is on the right path to reminding his past, and that there will be a 
better time for them to reunite once again, in the near future.
	Hotaru is a very gentle and innocent young woman, who does not 
hesitate in helping those in need, and always talking to everyone in a 
very friendly way. She does not like to fight too much, but since it may 
be the only way to get near her brother, she needs to take the risk. She 
will not stop until she makes her brother remind her, and to make amends 
with his past. 

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style:	Muay Thai
Birthdate: 		June 24, 1964
Birthplace:		Thailand
Blood type:		AB
Height:		1.85 m (5'11")
Weight:		69 kg (154 lbs.)

	Claimed as the greatest Muay Thai fighter to ever grace the Thai 
fighting circuit, Hwa Jai made his way up from the lower ranks. Having 
been born and raised in the deep reaches of the Thai jungle, Hwa Jai had 
to learn the deadly art of Muay Thai not only to keep himself alive 
amidst a village of commoners, but also to get out of his condition of 
misery, and become a national hero. Thus, Hwa Jai trained hard and 
extensively throughout his life, in the harsh jungle of Thailand. Having 
practiced his attacks on the trees and ferocious animals of the outlands, 
Hwa Jai raised his fighting levels far above those of a normal Muay Thai 
fighter, which only practiced for sport and money. Hwa Jai fought for 
survival and for his personal dreams.
	But despite being one of Thailand's best, Hwa Jai never reached the 
status of world champion. He has been thwarted in his attempt several 
times by his Japanese nemesis, Joe Higashi, in many title bouts. No 
matter how hard he tried, he almost never seemed to defeat him! But, why 
lose to such a cocky, arrogant fighter, when Hwa Jai had the natural 
skill? It was later found that Hwa Jai, in his state of desperation to 
defeat Joe, used to enhance his physical attributes by drinking an odd 
substance that modified his strength and speed to incredible proportions. 
In fear that his terrible secret might be discovered, Hwa Jai flees to 
Southtown, a city of fighters, which would surely accept his fighting 
style, whether it be by illegal means or not.
	Hwa Jai continued to train in yet another jungle: the urban jungle 
of Southtown. The opponents there proved another challenge to his skills, 
as they hailed from many different styles. Hwa Jai vowed he would use his 
experience to destroy Joe one day. And what better opportunity, but in 
"The King of Fighters" tournament stage, where he would humilliate Joe in 
public, and show the world of fighting who was the best Muay Thai 
fighter! But Hwa Jai, special drink and all, was still bested by Joe once 
again, who also showed the fruits of his training with incredibly skilled 
fighters (namely, the Bogard brothers). Hwa Jai couldn't withstand defeat 
at Joe's hands once again, and retreated once more to the Thai jungle, 
where he lives a normal life, and trains future generations of promising 
Muay Thai fighters to accomplish the dream that Hwa Jai could not. It was 
rumored that, in time, Hwa Jai had learned to forget his rivalry with 
Joe, and help him train for future tournaments as a decent sparring 
	Even though he used several illegal methods, Hwa Jai is not an evil 
person at heart. Humble and silent, Hwa Jai has taken his country 
customs, and respects the tradition of his ancestors. He believes that a 
Muay Thai fighter must live and die for his martial art. Still, Hwa Jai 
is one of those people with a short fuse: he grows desperate if the fight 
doesn't go his way at the beginning, and usually has to resort to cheap 
tactics in his delusion of defeat.

*Cameos: Hwa Jai appears as Joe's servant in his ending in RB! So, that's 
where he winded up...^_^;

*Anime tidbits: Hwa Jai appears only slightly in the first FF anime, in 
the King of Fighters tournament, where he takes a drink from his "super 
potion"...and gets promptly blown away by Andy's Shouryuu Dan. He appears 
again in the FF motion picture in a Muay Thai championship match against 
his eternal rival, Joe Higashi. Hwa Jai gets in his lucky hits before he 
is quickly dispatched by a knee to the face. So much...!

Appearances: Fatal Fury

Fighting style: 	Teiou Ken
Birthdate: 	      June 6, 1980
Birthplace:	      China
Blood type:	      Unknown
Height:		1.70 m (5'6")
Weight:		Unknown
Hobbies:	      Snowboarding
Favorite food:	Apricot tofu
Favorite sport:	All individual sports
Most important:	Jin Chonshu (his younger brother)
Hates the most:	Exertion
Favorite music:	None
Special skill: 	Being smartly-dressed

	A couple of minutes older than his twin brother Chonshu, Jin 
Chonrei is the elder half of the Jin twins, who have been claimed to 
possess the cursed blood of the demons. All his life, Chonrei had learned 
the hard way of being the oldest: he was carried with more responsibility 
than his little brother, Chonshu, and in turn, Chonrei had to train a lot 
more and prove his value.
	Instantly proving his worth as the leader of the twins, Chonrei 
took to heart his devotion as a member of the Jin family, and instantly 
decided that the time would soon arrive to show the world what the Jins 
were capable of! Chonshu wondered how they would achieve that, and then 
Chonrei decided it was time to use the hidden treasure of the Jins that 
had been kept for centuries: the Scrolls of Immortality! But before the 
Jins could use the scrolls, they must get rid of those who would stand 
against them. Chonrei targeted the city of Southtown, in the United 
States, as it was a place where the strongest fighters always gathered, 
so it would be a perfect place to reveal their plan and wipe out the 
	Before the twins could travel to Southtown, Chonrei, having used 
the treasure of the Jins, has been able to hire the services of a 
notorious Hong Kong criminal as a bodyguard in their trip to Southtown. 
He told Chonshu that the man himself possessed a dormant evil power 
within his body, and that he would understand their purpose. Not long 
after, Chonrei received the visit of the man he was talking about: the 
notorious Ryuji Yamazaki! After dealing with Yamazaki's pay, the evil 
trio travels to Southtown.
	Chonrei was right about his assumption, since Southtown was a city 
that thrived on the fight, and would die for the fight. This place, 
driven by personal ambition, would be the perfect setback for the plans 
of the Jins! Targeting the newly built Pao Pao Cafe 2 as their main 
appearance stage, Chonrei uncovered their plan to all Southtown. His 
initial plan resulted in a success: they would organize a tournament, the 
winner earning the right to possess the Scrolls of Immortality! The 
result was that everyone's greed became more and more evident, turning 
out in a huge brawl for the possession of the scrolls! Chonrei let out a 
prominent smirk. At this rate, all the worthy fighters would kill 
themselves, and the Jins would take care of those remaining, and no one 
would be left standing to oppose them!
	As the battle raged on, the Jins noticed a fighter who was far more 
skilled than any other they had seen before, and who was more than intent 
on foiling the plans of the Jin twins. This man was named Terry Bogard, 
and was the current Southtown fighting legend. Sensing the arrival of 
Terry and his friends to their secret hideout, Chonrei comissioned 
Yamazaki to guard the entrance. Meanwhile, Chonshu and himself would 
begin the riot to grant them eternal life. Having said that, Chonrei 
opened the scrolls, and urged Chonshu to begin the process.
	Chonrei could feel the great power running through his veins, as 
his demoniac power began to manifest itself more evidently. But despite 
the huge amount of power, Chonrei felt a stinging pain in his heart. Was 
this the true destiny of the Jins: an eternity of suffering and an 
eternal quest for power? But his thoughts were soon interrumpted, when a 
voice thundered in the chamber. It was Terry, who had somehow managed to 
escape from the hands of Yamazaki! The twins left the scrolls alone, and 
prepare themselves to face the legendary Lone Wolf, and to finish the 
process later.
	It wasn't difficult at all for Chonrei to demonstrate his abilities 
of wielding the power of lightning and giving Terry a hard time. Even so, 
Terry could fight back, if not without pitiful results. Chonrei deemed he 
would finish the Lone Wolf soon enough, until he suddenly felt the huge 
power he had felt before leaving his body. He turned to his brother 
Chonshu, who was apparently feeling the same thing. This could only mean 
one thing: someone was harnessing the power of the Scrolls of 
Immortality! Terry quickly gained the upper hand of the battle, but 
Chonrei informs Terry that someone else has began to absorb the power of 
the scrolls! A concerned Terry soon dashed to the scroll chamber, as the 
battered Jins helped themselves to the scrolls as well.
	There stood a man with an evil aura and a wild ambition: the main 
crime lord of Souhtown, Geese Howard! He had taken the Scrolls of 
Immortality for his own personal desire, and deduced that the Jins were 
too weak and gullible to ever manage to realize the potential of the 
power of the Scrolls! He seemed to know Terry rather well, as Chonrei 
sensed a strong sense of rivalry among them. After Geese escaped, Chonrei 
quickly set a plan in motion to retrieve the scrolls, before someone else 
corrupted their plan!
	After a couple of years of planning their comeback against Geese, 
it became evident to the Jins that they would no longer count with the 
assist of Yamazaki, who had discovered his true origin as a member of the 
Orochi clan! Chonrei thought it was time to realize their true strength 
and capabilities. So, it was time to go after Geese and recover the 
Scrolls of Immortality!
	When the Jins arrived at Geese Tower, they managed to witness how 
Geese was sent overboard by Terry, but then Terry rescued Geese from 
certain death. However, Geese seemed intent on perishing anyway, which 
reassured the Jins that Geese was not able to attain eternal life via the 
scrolls. After plunging to his death, the Jins retrieved the Scrolls of 
Immortality, as Terry was distracted by Geese's fall. While Chonshu was 
bragging about their triumph, Chonrei took a long glance at the scrolls, 
and then, he ripped them apart! Chonshu inmediately protested, but 
Chonrei told Chonshu to accept the facts: the Scrolls of Immortality was 
a sign of the curse upon the Jins, and that they were living the life of 
demons by trying to pursue the ambition of immortality. After having 
fought with Terry, and after having watched Terry trying to save his 
sworn enemy Geese from an inminent death, Chonrei realized that it was 
futile, empty, and pointless to live with the delusion of being ever 
powerful. Chonshu sadly accepts Chonrei's conclusion, and after that, the 
Jins bid Terry farewell. Chonrei smiles for the first time in years, and 
tells Terry that they would finally find their own desting as normal 
people by themselves. Then, the Jins vanished, never to be heard again. 
Perhaps they could finally acheive to live as regular children once 
	Far more serious and temperamental than his brother Chonshu, 
Chonrei finds himself being the one who leads on the Jin twins, with a 
certain sense of hatred and sorrow at the same time. Bitter at his own 
cursed destiny, Chonrei has always hoped he could one day break free of 
his dreaded destiny, aside from his apparent devotion of attaining the 
eternal life. 

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Teiou Ken
Birthdate:  	June 6, 1980
Birthplace: 	China
Blood type:	      Unknown
Height:		1.70 m (5'6")
Weight:		Unknown
Hobbies:	      Travelling
Favorite food:	Anything spicy
Favorite sport:	Likes anything that doesn't use a ball
Most important:	Jin Chonrei (his older brother)
Hates the most:	Deep-sea fish (thinks their faces are frightening)
Favorite music:	Anime theme songs
Special skill: 	Sarcasm (although he means no ill will towards whom 
he's talking to)

	The younger half of the Jin twins, Chonshu represents a severe 
contrast to Chonrei's attitude: he's not violent or bitter at all. In 
fact, Chonshu is more of a gentle soul and has more of a way of showing 
his feelings than his older brother. But that doesn't detract from the 
fact that Chonshu shares the same cursed fate as his brother for being a 
member of the Jin family, which has been said to carry the blood of the 
demons throughout the century.
	Worried about his brother's outtake of life, Chonshu has trained 
alongside Chonrei ever since the beginning, becoming an expert in the 
ways of controlling the forces of fire. Even though their abilities are 
considered equal, Chonshu does not share with Chonrei's view of life, in 
where he sees conquest and domination, traits which Chonshu does not 
agree with. But still, Chonshu was willing to help his brother in any way 
possible, so he agreed to assist Chonrei when he proposed to use the 
Scrolls of Immortality, the family treasure of the Jins, to achieve the 
eternal life, and dominate the world of the mortals!
	To accomplish this task, Chonrei offered to travel to Southtown, a 
city in the United States which was reknowned for being the world capital 
of fighting. Aiding them in their objective was a wicked and ruthless 
criminal called Ryuji Yamazaki, hired by Chonrei as their bodyguard. 
Chonshu felt an incredibly evil spirit roaming around Yamazaki, but his 
attention was swayed towards the mission at hand: to reach Southtown, and 
to announce their plan to the world!
	In a place where blood ran with adrenaline, and where passion is 
confused with devotion, Chonshu couldn't think of a better place that 
could be tagged as a "living hell". Chonrei took Chonshu and Yamazaki to 
the Pao Pao Cafe 2, a place where the best fighters would gather to 
celebrate the opening of the Cafe. This is where Chonrei reveals their 
plan: anyone who would wish to possess the Scrolls of Immortality, would 
have to fight for it! This triggered a huge revolt in the Pao Pao Cafe 2. 
As the twins and Yamazaki fleed, Chonshu asked Chonrei what he intended 
to do with his announcement. Chonrei said it was simple: anyone who would 
dare challenge the Jins was sure to be interested in possessing the 
Scrolls of Immortality, and then, they would have to fight among each 
others to win them over. This would allow many powerful fighters to 
perish in the attempt, and then the Jins would finish up the rest! As 
Chonshu amazed himself with his brother's plan, he turned towards the 
uproaring crowd. There was a man with a red cap and jacket, who had fiery 
passion in his eyes, and a fury that seemed fatal. Chonshu could feel the 
powerful fighting spirit within him, but retreats to the secret hiding 
place of the Jin twins with Yamazaki to plan their next move.
	During the progress of the small game the Jin brothers had 
organized, it was evident that Chonshu's assumptions were not incorrect: 
the man with the cap, called Terry Bogard, along with his friends, were 
intent on foiling the plans of the Jins. As the moment of the final 
battle grew near, Chonrei dispatched Yamazaki to guard the entrance, and 
not let anyone in, as he and Chonshu would begin the ritual to grant 
themselves immortality. Having said that, Chonrei told Chonshu to hurry 
up, and opened the scrolls. Then, Chonshu sank into deep meditation, and 
was soon racked with incredible surges of power coming from deep within 
his soul. It was attractive, yes, but the pain that came with it was also 
too much for a young child to bear with. More than feeling pleased, 
Chonshu was being filled with sorrow. 
	But their process was soon interrumpted when Terry entered the 
chamber to challenge the Jins! Chonrei close the scrolls, and put them 
away. Chonrei mocked the Lone Wolf, and urged Chonshu to get ready for 
the fight. Chonshu used his newfound powers to overwhelm the Southtown 
fighting legend, who tried to counter all the attacks of the Jins, but to 
no avail. Chonshu was amazed at Terry's persistence, but just when the 
fight was about to be decided, Chonshu felt the incredible power in his 
soul being vanished just as quickly! Terry took advantage, and soon put 
the Jin brothers in quite a predictment. But Chonrei warns Terry that 
someone has definetly taken the Scrolls of Immortality, and pointed out 
an evil power at work in the scroll chamber. Terry dashed to the point 
where the scrolls were being kept, and Chonrei helped Chonshu up to 
follow him as well.
	It was no other than Geese Howard, a man who was once in control of 
Southtown and defeated by Terry before, who had claimed the Scrolls of 
Immortality! He planned to use them for his own personal ambition, and 
Chonshu was frightened about his true potential. Chonshu wasted no time 
in helping out his brother in any way he could, noticing how desperate 
Chonrei became ever since Geese stole the scrolls from them.
	Without the help of Yamazaki, who had discovered his true nature as 
a member of the Orochi bloodline, Chonshu and his brother Chonrei waited 
in the sidelines as Terry and his friends dealt with Geese and his 
organization. When Terry arrived at Geese Tower, Chonrei told his brother 
that the moment had came to retrieve the Scrolls of Immortality. They 
would take advantage of the inminent fight between Terry and Geese to 
take the scrolls back.
	When they reached the top floor, Chonrei told Chonshu to take the 
Scrolls of Immortality while he kept an eye on Terry and Geese. Chonshu 
retrieved the scrolls just in time to see Geese falling to his death 
after being thrusted out of the balcony by Terry. Chonshu handed over the 
scrolls to Chonrei at his request, and while Chonshu was busy talking 
down Terry, Chonrei ripped the Scrolls of Immortality to pieces! For the 
first time ever, Chonshu stood up to his brother, and argued with Chonrei 
in a heated fashion. Chonrei settled down Chonshu, telling them that they 
had been under the cursed legacy of the Jins for too long, and that the 
Scrolls of Immortality was the seal to that curse. They had been under 
the influence of demons for too long, and it was time to finally live the 
life of normal children, for once. Chonshu broke into tears, and Chonrei 
hugged him as he bid Terry farewell, and thanking him for making them 
realize that life was worth living in a peaceful way. Then, the twins 
vanished into the darkness, and never again did they ever reappear in 
Southtown, perhaps trying to recover the lost time together as normal 
	Unlike his brother Chonrei, Chonshu doesn't like fighting too much, 
and rather likes to live as a normal child, despite the constant 
objections of his brother to follow the Jin dynasty. More caring and more 
sentimental than his brother, Chonshu wishes he can make his brother one 
day realize the truth of becoming a normal person again, but will 
continue to assist him no matter what.  
Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Muay Thai
Birthdate: 	      March 29, 1974
Birthplace:	      Japan
Blood type:		AB
Height:		1.80 m (5'9")
Weight:		72 kg (158 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Brawling
Favorite food:	Deep-fried alligator meat
Favorite sport:	All martial arts
Most important:	Hachimaki
Hates the most:	School
Favorite music:	Do Enka
Special skill:	Being a flirt (He gets women to talk to him 99% of the 
time! Daaaaamn! :P)

*Hachimaki = Bandanna

	Despite having been born in Japan, Joe has passed most of his life 
in the wilderness of Thailand, where he has trained himself to become the 
undisputed champion of Muay Thai. Joe has prepared himself well, lifting 
boulders to build up his muscular structure, and constantly practicing 
his kicks and knee blows to nearby trees in the surrounding forests. But 
Joe went beyond the common Muay Thai training, and developed punches that 
could go as fast as hurricanes, and kicks that had the speed and cunning 
of a tiger.
	When Joe finally entered the professional Muay Thai circuit, few 
could even withstand more than a couple of minutes to the outstanding 
Joe, who cleanly swept every form and shape of opposition. He soon 
developed a rivalry with a native Thai hero, Hwa Jai, but Joe's superior 
skills soon gave him the edge over him. Soon enough, the Muay Thai 
championship belt was hanged around Joe's belt. Having acheived this 
success, it didn't last long for Joe to involve himself against fighters 
from other martial arts to prove his superior technique!
	Being the cocky and arrogant guy he always was, during one of his 
trips to Japan, Joe got himself into a fight, and easily pummeled the 
challenger down to nothing. But as soon as Joe began bragging about his 
victory, a man came into the arena to challenge the Muay Thai champ. Joe 
laughed at the new fighter, who was rather short in size, and had the 
looks of some movie star (long blond hair and a beauty that knocked many 
women over). Joe promised he would end the fight soon by smashing his 
cute face in! But as the fight began, Joe was proven wrong about his 
judgements: this man could certainly fight, recognizing his art as the 
deadly art of Koppo-ken, which was based on close-contact battles. Joe 
could not withstand the man's onslaught, and was promptly defeated in 
front of the astonished eyes of the crowd. But far from being enraged 
from his defeat, Joe burst out into laughter! He hugged his challenger, 
and asked for his name. He called himself Andy Bogard, who was on his way 
back to his homeplace, Southtown, in the United States, to settle an old 
score. Joe thought the idea was interesting, and decided it would be 
interesting if he should accompany his new friend in his personal ordeal!
	When Andy and Joe arrive at Southtown, they become aware of the new 
"King of Fighters" tournament being held soon. Joe was delighted at the 
chance to show what he was really made of! Joe gets to meet Andy's 
brother, Terry Bogard, who amazed Joe with fighting skills that were 
superior to those of his little brother. Joe didn't hesitate in 
forecasting Terry's victory in the tournament, and vowed to help Terry 
and Andy in there quest of revenge against the dangerous crime lord Geese 
Howard, host of the tournament, who had killed their father years ago. 
Soon, the newfound trio later known as the legendary "Lonely Wolves" 
smashed through the tournament, overwhelming each and every challenger at 
sight, while Joe was left to deal with his eternal rival, Hwa Jai, one 
last time. At the end, Terry was left to challenge Geese, and upon 
defeating him, Joe thinks it's time to go back to Thailand and train 
himself some more. He knew that a new fight would soon be staged....
	True to his predictions, a new "King of Fighters" tournament was 
held merely one year later, this time sponsored by a prestigious German 
noblesman called Wolfgang Krauser. Joe once again entered to give his 
friends a helping hand, and to try off the new batch of fighters from 
around the world! Joe soon got to know Andy's so-called "fiancee" in the 
shape of the bouncy red-haired ninja Mai Shiranui. Joe didn't liked how 
Mai constantly pestered Andy with her continous love proposals and 
whatnot (although Joe personally thought she was a mega-hot babe!). After 
Terry defeats Krauser to proclaim himself champion once more, Joe takes a 
break which doesn't last long enough, since a new "King of Fighters" 
tournament would be held soon, but this time, it would introduce the new 
rule of fights among teams of three fighters each!
	Joe was honored to team up with his eternal Bogard friends, and 
mocked Mai for not having a chance to team up with them. This legendary 
team joined forces once again next year in the 1995 tournament, in order 
to foil the evil plans that the host, black market dealer Rugal 
Bernstein, had in store for his perverted dream of world conquest. While 
taking a rest at Southtown, Joe was invited to the opening of the Pao Pao 
Cafe 2, personally invited by his friend Richard Myer. Joe was having a 
really good time during the event with his friends, but something was in 
store to ruin the perfectly fine evening party....
	In the main stage, a couple of young twins made their stunning 
appearance to the crowd gathered at the festival. Claiming to be the 
legendary Jin twins, who are the heirs of a demoniac legacy, they now 
state their plan to the whole community of Southtown: they plan to use 
their family's treasure, the Scrolls of Immortality, to achieve their 
plan to grant themselves the gift of eternal life! They challenged anyone 
brave enough to come and take it from them, which let loose a huge brawl 
in the Pao Pao Cafe 2 to attain the scrolls. When Joe barely got out of 
the building in chaos, he met with his friends to discuss about the plans 
of the Jins. They soon agreed that they should not allow such atrocity to 
happen, and now along with new friends, Joe and the rest of the "Lonely 
Wolves" set out to foil the evil intentions of the Jins!
	Having helped his Bogard friends for some time, Joe and the "Lonely 
Wolves" arrived at the Jins' hideout. But their entrance was cut short 
when a tall man with an evil grin stood in their way. He was cloaked in 
black, and had an eerie aura to his presence. Joe could feel the 
murderous intentions of the man who called himself Ryuji Yamazaki, the 
current bodyguard for hire for the Jins. But when he tried to beat down 
the gangster to gain access to the chamber where the Jins were located, a 
simple motion of Yamazaki's arm was all that Joe needed to be put out of 
combat. The fight was long and treachering, and the end was unexpected: 
it was not the Jins, or Yamazaki, or Terry who attained the final 
victory, but Geese himself, who came back from the gates of death to 
steal the Scrolls of Immortality and brew a new plan for world conquest! 
Perhaps the only thing Joe gained from this fight, was the chance to meet 
a very sweet young woman who helped him out during his fights in 
Southtown. She was a very kind lady who never seemed to mind fighting at 
all. Her name was Lilly Kane, who turns out to be the little sister of 
Billy Kane, Geese's right-hand man! Even so, Joe doesn't let go of his 
relation with Lilly anyhow....
	But the worst was yet to come. During the next "King of Fighters" 
tournament, Joe was first surprised when he realized that Geese, along 
with Krauser, would enter the tournament, which lifted Joe's suspitions 
about the outcome of the competition. But the results were totally 
different, as a new threat to the world was put in evidence at the end of 
the tournament: the menace of the Orochi power! Joe knew that next year 
would be very important for the fate of the world, and indeed, it soon 
becomes evident that the Orochi power has manifested itself in the 1997 
"King of Fighters" tournament, seeking to consume all! More surprising 
was the fact that Yamazaki himself was of Orochi breed, but since the 
Orochi power was sealed away once again at the end of the tournament, 
Joe's attention focused back on the matter at hand: more importantly, the 
matter of Geese's evil dreams!
	Geese would soon put his plan into motion by using the Scrolls of 
Immortality, since he failed to gain control over the Orochi power. Joe 
thought it was time they teached Geese once and for all that nobody mocks 
the "Lonely Wolves" and gets away with it! One by one, Joe and the others 
ambush strategic locations of Geese's criminal empire, but to no avail. 
Finally, after arriving at Geese Tower, Joe is left to battle Billy Kane 
while Terry sets forward to fight Geese in the final match. Joe does not 
like to beat on his brother-in-law, but if it was neccesary to restore 
peace to Southtown, he would do it! In wasn't long after that the news of 
Geese's death broke through, and Joe cheered up Terry, who was still 
reluctant at the fact that he let Geese die like that. Terry was still a 
sentimental man, and even though Geese DID kill his father and make his 
life a living hell, it was not Terry's intention to kill him. Joe noticed 
a small kid that was along Terry. His blond hair and kind of quiet nature 
reminded Joe of someone...but Joe knew that since he was under Terry's 
supervision, there was nothing to worry about!
	During the next few years, Joe focused at the "King of Fighters" 
tournament, which had changed rules once again to support fights between 
teams of four people! But Joe had a hard time swallowing the fact that 
Mai was their fourth member the first year, shadowed by the fact that a 
new evil corporation, the NESTS cartel, was at work behind the 
tournament. Even Terry was caught in the chaos that happened when the 
NESTS hidden base crumbled down. Terry was reported as missing, and Andy 
and Mai were terribly worried that Terry may not have survived the 
ordeal. But Joe just clenches his fist, gives out his trademark grin, and 
claims that a tough guy like Terry would never be taken out like that!
	Once again, Joe was proven right, since Terry made his comeback 
just in time for the 2000 King of Fighters tournament! Fortunately for 
Joe, Mai had already left the team to join her old teammate Yuri Sakazaki 
of the former Female Team, and her replacement is the secret agent Blue 
Mary, who is an old acquaitance of Joe's and, of course, of Terry's. The 
further investigation on the activities of NESTS in Southtown have a 
lethal conclusion, when the NESTS agent in Southtown, Zero, activates the 
Zero Cannon, a killer satellite that can destroy any designated point on 
the earth with a lethal laser blast. When Zero is defeated, the Zero 
Cannon is destroyed as well, but before it goes down in flames, it fires 
one final shot, which hits directly into Southtown. The city is reduced 
properly into a burning pile of rubbish. Joe can hardly believe the sight 
of destruction and ruin that spreads before his very eyes. Terry is 
missing once more, but Joe knows better. He knows that there WILL be a 
next time where he and his friends will team up once more to do battle 
against NESTS. But before anything else, Joe must give everyone a 
valuable lesson...that he is the most visually impressive fighter in the 
whole world!
	Cocky, arrogant, and a complete showoff, Joe always acts in 
completely good nature. He can goof up sometimes, but he is always a good 
friend who you can rely on when you're down. Even in the toughest of 
times, Joe keeps his bright smile and burning sight in his eyes. He loves 
to live and fight like he does. He currently dates Lilly Kane, which 
means that he must learn to deal with Lilly's bothersome brother, Billy 

*Anime tidbits: Joe is quite the comic relief in every anime he gets to 
be in! Ever noticed how his Tiger Kick almost never gets to work (except 
with Duck King in the first FF anime)? And how he never does his Slash 
Kick? Fans will also notice how his voice gets to be very deep (in the 
first FF anime), to his actual cocky voice (Japanese versions only). His 
hair also seems to get longer every anime that passes...hmm....

Apperances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: 
Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal 
Fury: Wild Ambition
Other games: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King 
of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 
2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Fighting style: 	Judo
Birthdate: 		July 7, 1922
Birthplace:		Japan
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.56 m (5'1")
Weight:		50 kg (110 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Shiatsu
Favorite food:	Onsen eggs 
Favorite sport:	Gateball
Most important:	Chanchanko
Hates the most:	Men smelling of sweat
Favorite music:	Eurobeat

*Onsen eggs = Eggs boiled in "onsen" thermal waters
*Chanchanko = Vest

	In the past, Jubei Yamada was such a fierce Judo warrior, that his 
prowess and skill that he released in his matches owned him the nickname 
of "The Demon". His young spirit and burning will was admired and 
respected by those who saw his fights. But that was long ago. 
	Now a giddly old man who passes his time eating cookies and taking 
care of his dojo, where he looks over the progress of his many students, 
Jubei has resorted to a more peaceful life. Having chosen to live away 
from the ways of fighting, Jubei rested in his dojo, with not too much 
effort spent. He spends his time with his old friend and rival Hanzo 
Shiranui, a Ninjitsu master and well trained in the ways of Koppo-ken. 
Hanzo had been training his grandaughter Mai in the Shiranui Ninjitsu 
style, but when he was approached by a young American boy called Andy 
Bogard who wanted to learn the Koppo-ken art, Hanzo left Mai to complete 
her training with Jubei. Jubei realized that Andy had a lot of potential 
to become a superb fighter, but he had more important tasks to do....
	Several years have passed, and both Andy and Mai have became full 
grown-ups, and in love...the problem was that Andy denied any feeling he 
had for Hanzo's grandaughter, which was no trouble for Jubei at all, as 
the pervert he is, always takes his chance to contemplate Mai...fairly 
close. Hanzo had already died not long ago, so Jubei now had to look over 
both youngsters. But Andy was decided to return to his homeplace, in 
Southtown, where he would attempt to exact revenge from the man who 
killed his father, Geese Howard. Jubei had to convince Mai that Andy had 
to take that trip alone, in order to hone his skills learned from Hanzo, 
and that she would only end up distracting Andy. But that was just a mere 
excuse for Jubei to keep on pestering Mai, and also the cause for several 
backaches for Jubei (after getting smacked all over the place by Mai 
several times).
	Andy returned to Japan shortly after, and Mai basked in rejoice. 
But the happiness was only temporal: Andy would only train so far as the 
next "King of Fighters" tournament which, as fate would have had it, 
would be organized by a descendant of a feared German noble bloodline, 
Wolfgang Krauser. Jubei knew what kind of twisted heritage the Strolheim 
clan had, so he knew what was coming in store for Andy if he ever gets 
his chance against Krauser. But Mai would be joining Andy in the 
tournament as well. Leaving Jubei all by himself, the lively geezer now 
chooses to come back from retirement, and take some action at last, 
seeing to the defeat of Krauser. After that occurs at the hands of the 
legendary Terry Bogard, Jubei gets incredibly tired by the fights in "The 
King of Fighters" tournament, and decides that fights are definetly not 
needed for him any longer. Rather than that, Jubei spends his time eating 
cookies, teaching his disciples, and constantly bothering Mai!
	Even though his golden age has long been gone, Jubei refuses to sit 
back in a bed and wait for his death. Jubei likes to be where the action 
is, and always tries to live his remaining days as a youngster. Revived 
by the passion of other young fighters as Andy and Mai, Jubei takes a 
cue, and always takes to the fighting arena every now and then. He sure 
doesn't inspire as much fear as before, but he still remains the same old 
"demon" he has always been! 

*Cameos: Jubei appears in the Fatal Fury team's stage in The King of 
Fighters '94 (Italy), standing on the gondola in the middle of the stage, 
giving the peace sign with both hands. He appears again in the Fatal Fury 
team's stage in The King of Fighters '96 (trailer park, daytime), sitting 
in the right part of the stage, munching down on his cookies. He appears 
yet again in the China stage of The King of Fighters '97, in the "Next 
Challenger" booth on the left from time to time (along with Tung and Art 
of Fighting's Lee Pailong. And guess what he's doing? Yep, eating 
cookies!). You can also catch him in Mai's RB ending, where he receives 
Mai and Andy in a rather "happy" way, and even peeks on Mai while she's 
taking a bath (old habits die hard! ^_-).
*Anime tidbits: As you may expect out of an old man in animes, Jubei is 
quite the pervert, but wise at the same time. In the second FF anime, he 
flirts with Mai a lot, but gives useful advice to Andy Bogard about 
Wolfgang Krauser, the man who defeated Terry Bogard. He fights with Andy 
to prove if he's ready, and Andy does so by beating him. In the FF motion 
picture, Jubei also gives Andy info about the loaction of one of the 
pieces of the Armor of Mars, but in Duck King's night club, where Jubei 
doesn't waste anytime in displaying his womanizing techniques! :)

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special

Fighting style: 	Ankoku Shinkuu-ken
Birthdate: 		February 16, 1980
Birthplace:		USA
Blood type:		B
Height:		1.83 m (6')
Weight:		76 kg (167 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Reading
Favorite food:	Apple pie
Favorite sport:	None, but can play anything
Most important:	All the people that surround him
Hates the most:	Emotions
Favorite music:	Classical
Special skill: 	He can tell others' emotions by looking at their eyes

	Leading a normal life ever since he was young, and of German 
heritage, Kain enjoyed a comfortable existence with his family, 
especially with his beloved sister Marie, and his dear friend, the 
ominous Grant. There was nothing that could interrupt the happiness of 
Kain. That is, until Kain grew up to be a teenager....
	There was a period where Kain noticed that Marie was acting rather 
odd, and almost never talked to anybody. She always went out late at 
nights, and came back home at early hours in the morning...sometimes she 
wouldn't come back at all. Kain talked about it with Grant, and they both 
resolved to find out what was the cause of Marie's mysterious attitude. 
Kain and Grant followed Marie to her meeting place...and then, there was 
a man dressed in a black suit, short blond hair, and with a gaze that 
resembled the devil. Kain recognized that man right away: he was no other 
than the most powerful crime leader in all Southtown, Geese Howard! It 
was apparent that Marie was seeing this man at nights, and was even more 
enraged by the fact that they seemed very loving to each other. Kain 
tried to oppose Geese's intentions, but Grant advised Kain it wouldn't be 
wise to face a man as influential as Geese at the moment. 
	Swallowing his pride, Kain heavily objected to Marie about her 
relationship with Geese, and how getting involved with a mobster wouldn't 
lead to anything positive. But Marie defended herself with the argument 
that she knew what kind of person Geese really was, deep within his 
heart, and that she was in love with him, and would never leave his side. 
An enraged Kain dismissed Marie, never wishing to see her again as long 
as she would stay with that sinful man. Marie broke into tears, and left 
the house. Moments of pain and sorrow filled Kain's heart in the 
following days....
	During his moment of agony, Kain heard the rumors that Marie had 
given birth to a child of Geese. Kain was reluctant, even more by the 
fact that Marie was abandoned by Geese, with her child. Kain vowed that 
Geese would pay for having played with his sister, and trained very hard 
in the arts of evil, channeling all his hatred and bitterness into the 
flames of rage. He would not rest until he saw Geese pay for his 
	But while Kain was too absorbed with his own fury, he didn't 
realize that Marie was suffering from a terrible disease. The news of 
Marie's death only served to reaffirm Kain's mission: to do away with 
Geese! But that moment never came...Geese also died shortly after, after 
having fallen from the top floor of his tower in a match with his 
nemesis, Terry Bogard. But Kain was not satisfied with Geese's death. He 
would transcend death, and crush Geese's name beneath his legend. He 
would create his own empire, marked by his own seal of darkness, that 
would make Southtown a living hell for those who couldn't stand up to the 
challenge of living in Kain's world!
	While training with Grant, Kain built a criminal emporium in Second 
Southtown that made many people forget about the terror of Geese's reign. 
Fear and despair were what most people felt with Kain's realm of 
opression floating in the air. The criminal activities of Kain's empire 
began to puzzle all the authorities, who were reduced to nothing among 
the strong presence of Kain. Nothing would stop him in his quest for the 
perfect place, in honor of her sister Marie. He decided that the weak 
would no longer be worthy enough to live in his city. Only those with 
enough strength and will to live will survive in this place! In an act of 
total arrogance and madness, Kain declares that Second Southtown will 
earn its' independence, as a country where the strong knows no laws, but 
will rather rule with the might of their fists! In order to define his 
position as leader of this new country, Kain decides to retake a long-
forgotten tournament that had spawned fighting legends in the past. He 
would now host the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament, defying 
anybody who thought they could stand a chance against him, and claim 
their position as ruler of Second Southtown!
	But Kain was most interested in the entry of 2 fighters in 
particular: one, was the former champion of the King of Fighters 
tournament, the legendary Lone Wolf, Terry Bogard. He would prove his 
true value by smashing the legend with his mighty power. The other, was 
Terry's disciple, a boy who Kain knew very well, even though he had never 
met him personally. His name was Rock Howard...Geese and Marie's son! 
Kain would see how strong his nephew really was with this tournament. He 
sent Grant out to distract Terry long enough for Rock to confront him.
	Everything resulted as planned by Kain: Grant was defeated, but 
Terry was too weak to stand against him. So, Rock took Terry's place, and 
stood up to face Kain instead. Kain waited inside his overwhelming 
mansion, the palace for his new order. Standing in front of a huge 
painting of his sister Marie, Kain receives Rock with glee. Kain tells 
Rock about his plan to impose a new regime in "his city", and that he 
would be glad to accept Rock as a member of his staff. Rock denies in a 
rude tone, and wants to know what Kain has to do with his mother. Kain 
simply replies that she was his sister, no less! But Kain would not feel 
remorsel for teaching his nephew a lesson he would never forget!
	 Kain's incredible power, manifested through his majestic purple 
flames, soon caused their damage as they constantly strike Rock's fragile 
body. Kain wonders if Geese's power still lived within Rock, and pushes 
Rock to the limit. He constantly evades Rock's moves, and counters with 
twice the force. Despite being a familiar, Kain can't avoid seeing the 
image of Geese in that boy, and also the similiarity in his moves. But 
soon enough, he could feel that energy personally, as Rock's internal 
energy began to surge in a huge chi explosion! Kain's mansion began to 
shake and tremble among Rock's intense power. This must be the hidden 
power Geese had! In a blur, Rock attacks Kain with so much force and 
speed, it was hard for even Kain to realize what was going on. This was a 
patented attack by Geese, but now his son could do it as twice as deadly! 
Kain felt his body being racked with enormous amounts of pain as he falls 
to the ground after having been thrusted into the air with great force.
	The monstrous attack by Rock had caused the bases of the mansion to 
crumble, threatening to bring down the whole structure with it! Kain 
admires Rock's tenacity, and sure was proven wrong about Rock. He was all 
that Geese was, and more. He offers to help Rock once again, but Rock 
roughly denies any help he has to give. Kain thinks Rock will think 
otherwise if he knew that Marie was still alive!
	Meanwhile, Terry was searching the rubble of the mansion for his 
lost student. Little did he know that Kain was roaming nearby. Terry 
demands Kain to tell him where Rock is, and is received with a pleasant 
surprise: Rock is with Kain by his side! Kain tells Terry the good news: 
Rock would be his partner now! Terry wants to know what's going on, but 
Rock tells Terry it is something he must do by himself. Terry accepts 
Rock's conditions, and calmly leaves. Kain gazes over the ruins of his 
mansion, but he knows a new world has opened in front of him. Second 
Southtown would soon be too small for his ambition. He prompts Rock to 
hurry up, and help him rebuild a glorious new empire!
	Anger, revenge, and isolation all invade Kain's heart. This is also 
what fuels the intensity of his purple flames, which are powered by 
Kain's desperation to not being able to be with his sister in her times 
of need. Now filled with the sense of loneliness, Kain tries to surround 
himself with proof of his power, and to create a new world where the 
strong will crush the weak. He will do this, by any means possible!

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	SWAT mercenary techniques
Birthdate: 		December 17, 1969
Birthplace:		USA
Blood type:		B
Height:		1.87 m (6'1")
Weight:		89 kg (196 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Collects goods of a certain sci-fi movie (Star Wars?)
Favorite food:	Spare ribs
Favorite sport:	Darts
Most important:	His best friend (Marky)
Hates the most:	Tight, formal clothing
Favorite music:	Jazz
Special skill: 	Paint Ball

	With a strong sense of justice and a solid will to protect the 
citizens of Second Southtown from the malevolent influence of the growing 
crime circles, Kevin has trained himself well since his days as a cadet 
in the Southtown police department, and now is well-versed in the ways of 
hand-to-hand combat. He roams the streets of Second Southtown, attempting 
his best to dismantle the reign or terror and despair that overwhelms the 
	Along with his best friend and comrade, Kevin always made a good 
duty patrolling the streets of Second Southtown. But Kevin's partner was 
on the trail of some madman who was known to have comitted several 
murders without an apparent reason. Kevin was worried that his partner 
would want to do this alone, but he went and did it anyway. Several days 
after his partner began the investigation of the creepy fellow, he was 
reported as missing, and soon after, his decimiated body was found in 
some dark alley near downtown Southtown. Kevin was filled with grief and 
pain within his heart. Willing to honor his fallen comrade, he decides to 
take his partner's son, Marky, under his wing, and exact revenge from the 
man who killed his partner and best friend.
	Now, always taking Marky along whenever he sets out to the streets, 
Kevin keeps trace of the most powerful crime lord in Second Southtown, 
Kain R. Heinlein. Surely, he might know who was behind his partner's 
murder. The clues that led to Kain all pointed to one thing: the inminent 
release of a new tournament that would cause the biggest emotion this 
city had ever known, the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem". Kevin knew 
that Kain was up to no good, but he had a feeling the man who killed his 
partner would certainly show up at the tournament. The problem was that 
Kevin only had one clue about the murderer: he was a fighter with long 
	As the tournament raged on, Kevin showed off his mighty blows and 
solid technique that allowed him to advance in the competition. Kevin was 
following the moves of a certain fellow who could quite fit the 
description of the murderer: he had messy blond hair and a brown leather 
jacket with jeans and sneakers. With the energetic Marky always behind 
him, Kevin finally caught up to the man, and demanded to know his true 
intentions. The man didn't know what the man was talking about, but Kevin 
didn't believe him. He thought his actions were pretty suspicious, and 
attacks the casual wanderer. 
	To Kevin's surprise, the man isn't just a normal pushover: in fact, 
he knows to fight pretty well! Kevin can't even pass his perfect defense, 
which rejects every blow Kevin thrusts at him. During the fight, the man 
introduces himself as Terry Bogard, and finally, the name rings a bell to 
Kevin. This man was the former champion of the legendary King of Fighters 
tournament, no less! Kevin realized he was following the wrong man, and 
apologizes to Terry. Kevin tells Marky to follow him, but oddly enough, 
Marky was no longer there! He had vanished, and Kevin had no idea where 
he could go. Kevin was desperate, but Terry pats his shoulder and tells 
him that he'll look for Marky if he wanted to. Although with a bit of 
reserve, Kevin accepts Terry's offer.
	Kevin decided to go look for Marky in Kain's mansion, since Kain 
could have most likely kidnapped him to blackmail the rowdy officer to 
keep himself away from his affairs. But when Kevin arrives, the mansion 
has already began to crumble. Was Marky inside the mansion? Kevin was 
stormed with anguish and a strong sense of desperation filled his every 
vein. But there was no time to ponder on such things, as Kevin receives a 
call from one of his superiors. It seems that they have found a man who 
could nicely fit the description of the murderer of Kevin's partner atop 
a chapel in the slums. Kevin mounts his police car, and takes off to the 
designated location.
	When Kevin arrives, he notices that indeed, a red haired man with a 
thin built and eerie looks standing atop the tallest tower of the chapel. 
Kevin's chief tells him a sniper has already been deployed to shoot him 
down. The man known as Freeman was, indeed, shot, and his body fell to 
the river, but the rescue squad could not find anything inside it. Kevin 
was sure that Freeman was the man who killed his partner, judging by the 
evil aura that surrounded him, and the description he had of the killer.
	On his way home, Kevin couldn't help but feel terribly worried 
about Marky. Did Kain really capture him? If so, did he manage to escape 
from the mansion at time? Those questions remained unanswered until Terry 
caught up with Kevin. He tells Kevin he had a surprise for him, and then 
he showed a sleeping Marky in his shoulders. It seemed that Marky had 
only decided to take a small nap during Kevin's shenanigans. Kevin takes 
Marky in his arms, and thanks Terry for his help. Being a police officer 
is hard work, but it's even tougher when you also have to look over a 
rowdy rascal like Marky!
	An officer who accepts no excuses, Kevin stands tall against the 
waves of crime that threaten Second Southtown, and vows to do away with 
any criminal who opposes to peace. But Kevin's tough man attitude is 
nothing but a facade, since he shows his warm, paternal side when he's 
around the jolly Marky, who unveils a part in Kevin's heart that he 
thought never existed: that of a paternal figure.

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

KHUSHNOOD BUTT (Marco Rodriguez)
Fighting style: 	Kyokugenryo Karate
Birthdate: 		September 4, 1966
Birthplace:		Brazil
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.83 m (6')
Weight:		91 kg (200 lbs.)
Hobbies:			Reading picture books (he always cries reading Disney
stories :)
Favorite food:	Chicken curry, rakkyou, grilled chicken 
Favorite sport:	Shotput
Most important:	His black belt, his Kyokugenryo signboard
Hates the most:	Cockroaches
Favorite music:	Samba (it makes his blood boil)
Special skill: 	Sewing, tailoring

	A student of the great martial art known as Kyokugenryo Karate, 
Khushnood has became the greatest disciple the style has known in several 
years. He began his training late in his life, when he was already an 
adult, but his skills leave nothing to be questioned about. He has 
managed to become an expert in the difficult ways of Kyokugenryo Karate.
	And it was nothing to be surprised about: Khushnood's master was no 
other than the great Kyokugenryo Tiger, Ryo Sakazaki, who had become the 
master of the new Kyokugenryo dojo in Second Southtown. After having 
trained and become an accompolished fighter, Khushnood is received with 
the news that master Ryo had set out to the mountains surrounding Second 
Southtown on a training journey. Khushnood was to look over the students 
during his absence, thus receiveing the dojo's signboard as a token of 
that responsibility.
	Khushnood made sure that all the Kyokugenryo students learned the 
ways of karate in the best way he could. But the ultimate challenge was 
yet to arrive for Khushnood: an invitation for an all-new fighting 
tournament in Second Southtown, which would define the strongest fighter 
in the city. It was called, the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem". The 
Kyokugenryo school had to be represented in the tournament, and since 
master Ryo wasn't around, Khushnood had to be the man who would represent 
the style in the competition!
	In preparation for the tournament, Khushnood retreated to his cabin 
in the forests, where he trains alongside his pet bear, who has also 
became quite an avid practicioner of Kyokugenryo Karate after having 
witnessed his master practice it all the time. Khushnood would need all 
the concentration he could get, since only the strongest fighters would 
get to outstand themselves in the tournament.
	As the tournament began, Khushnood soon became the main success of 
the competition, as the man who would lead Kyokugenryo Karate in the new 
millenium! Everyone knew the art well (as Ryo was a very popular fighter 
in Southtown), and Khushnood was certainly not disappointing the huge 
privilege that backed up the name. Khushnood didn't make it to the 
finals, but he was glad to participate and demonstrate his strength. But 
when Khushnood returns to his dojo, he notices that it is now devoid of 
students! Staring at the empty building, a nerdy disciple crawls out of 
the back of the room. He tells Khushnood some guy called "The Gym Buster" 
had passed by, and totally nailed down ALL the disciples of the dojo. 
Khushnood could not believe that an honorable art as the Kyokugenryo 
Karate was being humilliated by some unknown peasant. Khushnood takes the 
student with him, and promises he'll find this "Gym Buster", and clean 
his clock!
	Having learned the true principles of honor and discipline via the 
acknowledgement of the Kyokugenryo Karate style, Khushnood is a 
honorable, if not hot-blooded, fighter who battles with respect and 
admiration for the opponent. He can get terribly passionate at times, but 
he says it is neccesary to be a true Kyokugenryo fighter!

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	Tae Kwon Do
Birthdate: 		June 13, 1986
Birthplace:		Korea
Blood type:		O
Height:		1.81 m (5'9")
Weight:		78 kg (171 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Hitting on girls
Favorite food:	Hefake
Favorite sport:	Winter sports (especially snow boarding)
Most important:	His girlfriends
Hates the most:	Rats
Favorite music:	J-Pop
Special skill: 	Gluttony (his record is 60 plates of clams)

*Hefake = Korean barbeque

	The elder son of the great Tae Kwon Do champion and justice 
fighter, Kim Kaphwan, Dong Hwan should be the man who will carry on his 
father's legacy to the new century. But ever since he was young, Dong 
Hwan has been quite the miscarried child, never attending to training 
sessions with his father. Instead, he would spend his time on the street 
with his friends causing trouble and hitting on girls. But, despite his 
carefree life and lack of obligations, Dong Hwan's fighting skill almost 
came like a natural trait to him....
	Always having to keep up with the constant yapping and remindings 
of his duties as the elder son from his father and even from his little 
brother Jae Hoon, Dong Hwan ignored them all and kept on living his life 
as a modern casanova. His father once traveled to Second Southtown, where 
he was reknowned and had lots of friends from the past. But Dong Hwan 
never did listen from his father ever since, and never did care, until 
Jae Hoon interrupted one of his nights out, and told him with the utmost 
seriousness that their father had been defeated by a strange man during 
his stance in Second Southtown. Even though Dong Hwan never did have a 
straight relationship with his father, he could not tolerate the fact 
that some random Joe could defeat his father. So he packed with his 
brother as they both traveled to Second Southtown.
	At their arrival, Jae Hoon advised his brother to enter the "King 
of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament to track down the mysterious man 
who defeated their father. Dong Hwan recognized the name at a moment's 
notice: the tournament was the same where his father had fought many 
times in the past. Dong Hwan thought it would be exciting to find out how 
powerful the guys from Second Southtown where, but most important of all, 
he was more interested in how good looking the girls were!
	With his literally "electrifying" moves, Dong Hwan makes a nice 
impression in the tournament, displaying a certain lazy, yet focused, 
variation of Tae Kwon Do. It was clear that this boy had tons of 
potential even though he almost never refines his talent. At the end, 
Dong Hwan and Jae Hoon came face-to-face with the man who had defeated 
their father, the morbid fighter undertaker Freeman. Dong Hwan faced the 
match with a serious attitude almost odd to him. But unfortunately, 
judging that he was terribly overpowered, Freeman escaped. Dong Hwan 
later received the news that Freeman was shot by the Southtown police 
squad moments later, but his body never was recovered. Dong Hwan slumps 
down to rest, but much to Jae Hoon's objections, Dong Hwan thinks that 
the time will soon get a couple of girls tonight!
	Arrogant, cocky, careless, lazy, and a slacker could be the perfect 
defintions for Dong Hwan, who takes no responsibility but rather likes to 
live his life at the moment. But that doesn't mean that Dong Hwan hasn't 
lost sight of his father's vision: to fight for a world where the ways of 
justice will ultimately prevail. But, as he waits for that day, Dong Hwan 
will rather spend his time causing a ruckus and dating pretty girls!

*Anime tidbits: Well, Dong Hwan gets a small cameo in the FF motion 
picture, as a kid, cheering his father on when he gets to fight the 
cyborg Cheng. In fact, he's the one who snaps Kim out of his doozy state. 
But, contrary to what is displayed in Garou, Dong Hwan was the serious 
one back then (but he still had the spiky hair). ^_^

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Other games: The King of Fighters 2000 (as Chang Koehan's special 

Fighting style: 	Tae Kwon Do
Birthdate: 		December 29, 1987
Birthplace:		Korea
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.77 m (5'8")
Weight:		72 kg (158 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Study Tae Kwon Do's history
Favorite food:	Really hot Chi-ge
Favorite sport:	Mat exercises
Most important:	His family
Hates the most:	Evil
Favorite music:	Techno
Special skill: 	Reciting Pi to the 27th decimal place

	An all-around good guy and a nice-going young man, Jae Hoon is the 
youngest son of the legendary Tae Kwon Do fighter who fights for justice, 
Kim Kaphwan. Ever since he was very young, Jae Hoon had always admired 
his father's antics, and dreamed of one day being able to be as strong 
and heroic as him. He was totally different from his older brother, Dong 
Hwan, who was a complete slacker and was totally uninterested in 
	Jae Hoon took his training periods with his father very seriously, 
and learned the most difficult moves that Tae Kwon Do had to offer. His 
devotion and bravery were admirable, even by his one father. A very 
intelligent and bright boy as well, Jae Hoon was not only very smart, but 
he could also complement his strong mind with a strong body, and with 
lethal techniques, which were always accompanied with the burning flames 
of justice!
	One day, Kim decided to travel to Second Southtown to visit his old 
friends, whom he had known several years before, and which Jae Hoon had a 
slight idea about who they were (he did pass most of the time with his 
father when he went out to fight the bad guys or in several tournaments). 
Jae Hoon decided to stay and look over his mother, and perhaps knock some 
sense into the carefree Dong Hwan. But several days passed and Jae Hoon 
began to worry about the lack of news about his father. He would never go 
so long without calling back home. When a call finally did come home, it 
was to advise Jae Hoon that his father was soundly defeated by a strange 
man who also happened to be a ruthless killer. Jae Hoon couldn't take it 
anymore. No matter how or when, he would exact revenge, and demand 
justice from the man who humiliated his father!
	But before that, Jae Hoon had to warn his brother Dong Hwan about 
the current situation. Although they had different ways of looking at 
life, they shared the same purpose as their father: to seek justice 
whenever evil raises its' ugly head! Dong Hwan strongly agreed to travel 
with Jae Hoon to Second Southtown to find the man who had defeated their 
father, and make him pay. When they arrive at the crime-filled city, they 
noticed that a new tournament was to be held soon. It would be called the 
"King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem". Jae Hoon felt his blood boil in 
anticipation of entering the tournament and making the villain who 
destroyed his father pay!
	Nevertheless, Jae Hoon made an outstanding performance at the 
tournament, showing his amount of discipline and skill. He was also 
surprised at how good Dong Hwan actually was, considering he almost never 
showed up to training sessions with their father. The time came when Jae 
Hoon and his brother met with the man who had been responsible for their 
father's downfall: the eerie assassin Freeman. Jae Hoon could not let 
this madman escape unpunished, and almost thrusted himself into breaking 
Freeman into pieces! But Freeman was aware that he wouldn't make it 
against TWO furious Tae Kwon Do fighters, so he decided to make a hasty 
retreat. Jae Hoon's intentions were frustrated, and even though Freeman 
was shot by the Southtown police squad moments later, his body was never 
found. Jae Hoon knows that the moment will come when he will honor his 
father's name, and to wipe the world from scum like Freeman. But just 
when Jae Hoon was getting inspired, Dong Hwan was already on his way to 
find some fun girls! It seems like Jae Hoon will never snap some reason 
into Dong Hwan!
	Good spirited, nice to other people, strong and brave against the 
forces of evil, a brilliant young man, and also a very respectful 
fighter, Jae Hoon is almost shaped to the image of his father, Kim 
Kaphwan. He takes his duties too seriously, and that is why sometimes he 
loses focus on other things. He loves his brother very much, although he 
disagrees with his careless way of looking at life. Jae Hoon makes it his 
business to deal with evil wherever it may surge!  

*Anime tidbits: Like Dong Hwan, Jae Hoon only gets a mild appearance in 
the FF motion picture, appearing with his father during his fight with 
cyborg Cheng. Jae Hoon, being the small child he was back then, was 
always curious and jolly (if not, ask "uncle Joe", mwa ha!) ^_^.

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Other games: The King of Fighters 2000 (as Choi Bounge's special striker)

Fighting style: 	Tae Kwon Do
Birthdate: 		December 21, 1967
Birthplace:		Korea
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.76 m (5'8")
Weight:		78 kg (171 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Karaoke
Favorite food:	Hefake
Favorite sport:	Gymnastics
Most important:	His two sons
Hates the most:	Evil
Favorite music:	Mood Kayokyoku
Special skill: 	Nettou-furu de gaman surukoto (???)

*Hefake = Korean barbeque

	When the bad guys call out his name, they must tremble in fear! For 
it is Kim Kaphwan, the great Tae Kwon Do champion, who also has sworn to 
become the champion of justice as well! Trained well in the ways of the 
national sport of Korea (that is, Tae Kwon Do), Kim had that certain 
"something" that put him apart from the many other students of the same 
discipline. Kim had the "natural" ability in his veins that made him able 
to launch faster and more powerful kicks. 
	Kim's life passed on with not much relevance after that. He got 
married, and had 2 sons: Kim Dong Hwan (the older one), and Kim Jae Hoon 
(the younger one). Kim can't believe how different his own sons are: Dong 
Hwan being the more irresponsible (even though he was the elder son), and 
Jae Hoon as the one who was more disciplined. But Kim resolved to give 
his children an example of what his father can do in the name of justice! 
	The perfect chance came when the respected German noblesman, 
Wolfgang Krauser, organized a worldwide fighting tournament, called "The 
King of Fighters". Kim considered it was pertinent to enter and show how 
much his Tae Kwon Do could fair against other martial arts. To his 
surprise, he did a pretty decent performance, making his name familiar to 
many others. It is in this tournament, where Kim meets the "Lonely 
Wolves", and more especially, his friend and rival Terry Bogard. Kim 
identifies himself with Terry's purpose, and will always be ready 
whenever Terry needs his help!
	After Kim returns to Korea to perfect his own Tae Kwon Do style, he 
watches his TV one night, and on the news headlines, he watches with awe 
how 2 potentially dangerous criminals have escaped from jail. One of them 
is a huge, fat, and bald man who wielded an iron ball and chain as if it 
were a feather. His name was Chang Koehan. The other guy was totally 
different: he was small, skinny, and sported two sets of metal claws on 
his hands. His name was Choi Bounge. Kim resolved there was no other way 
to clean the world of criminals...than to kick them back into the realm 
of justice! Kim sets out to search for the 2 fugitives....
	Once Kim thwarts Chang and Choi's attempt to assault a young lady, 
he invites them to the world of good! But Choi mocks Kim and his fancy 
theories. Enraged by his atrocity, Kim lays the smackdown on poor little 
Choi, taking in Chang as well in his beating (who merely acted as a 
spectator). After bashing them up good, Kim takes the 2 ex-convicts back 
to his dojo, where he will bash them up into shape...or else!
	Ever since then, Kim has entered the following "King of Fighters" 
tournaments (which changed rules, from being battles of one-on-one, to 
fights between teams of 3 people each) with Chang and Choi, as proud 
trophies of how good and effective Kim's justice method can be. Of 
course, on the first 2 years (1994 and 1995), Chang and Choi have tried 
to take advantage of Kim's ingenuity and attempted to escape. But they 
don't last long before Kim catches up to them, and punishes them for 
trying to re-enter the world of crime! On the next 2 years (1996 and 
1997), Kim thinks Chang and Choi have been reformed enough as to let them 
free (he even gives Chang and Choi their own "gi" as a token of their 
achievement), but the 2 wacky badguys always mess things up, and end up 
in Kim's iron grasp again! Kim's mission to completely reform Chang and 
Choi is neverending....
	Until one day, when Kim is called by his friend Terry to help him 
fight against his nemesis, Geese Howard, who has stolen the Scrolls of 
Immortality from the Jin twins, and threatens to use them to grant Geese 
the gift of living forever! Kim can't forgive Geese's evil ambitions, and 
travels to Southtown alone (as he regards this as a personal matter, and 
in debt with Terry). There, Kim is essential in the final downfall of 
Geese, which ends in the gangster's death. But more than Geese, Kim 
doesn't keep his sight out of Ryuji Yamazaki, whom Kim had met during the 
last "King of Fighters" tournament, and is aware of his evil intentions. 
Moreso, Kim finds in the policeman Hon-Fu an ally in his quest for 
justice, but Hon-Fu thinks Kim takes his justice duty too seriously!
	Once Geese is dead, Kim focuses himself on the "King of Fighters" 
tournament. In 1999, Kim is reunited with his former sparring partner 
from his training days, Jhun Hoon. Jhun is disgusted about Kim's justice 
method. He places Chang and Choi as proof that Kim has not managed to 
reform them in 5 years! Jhun promises that he will succeed where Kim has 
failed, and both Tae Kown Do heroes of justice alternate the training of 
Chang and Choi in the next 2 years (one of them gets to train one of the 
criminal duo one year, and the next year they exchange students). Kim is 
determined to prove his friend wrong, and that confidence is the best way 
to make people realize their soul of justice. But in the year 2000, at 
the end of the "King of Fighters" tournament (which meant the total 
destruction of Southtown), Kim is met with the confusing twist of 
destiny...the explosion from the Zero Cannon has caused the minds of 
Chang and Choi to switch bodies! Now Kim and Jhun have to figure out how 
to resolve this mental puzzle....
	Several years have passed since then, and Kim takes a stroll down 
the rebuilt Second Southtown. Kim is admired by the quick rebuilding of 
the city once in ruins. Kim has traveled this far to meet his friends 
again after so much time, but instead, he gets in a tassle with a 
mysterious man with a passion for violence and swift kills: he is only 
called Freeman. Kim attempts to exact justice from this man who enjoys 
the misery of others, but Kim can't escape the weight of age, and is 
defeated by Freeman. It is not known if Kim managed to survive the 
encounter, but his sons keep fighting on for his legacy. The legacy of 
true justice!
	Kim can get a bit delusional with his quest for justice, but he 
does not mean any ill towards anyone but bad guys. He really is a good 
friend, good natured, if not a bit self-centered. His love for others 
reflects itself in the confidence he has in his sons and his disciples. 
Besides, a hero who fights for justice just can't go wrong, can it?

*Cameos: Although it doesn't really make any sense history-wise, Kim 
makes some brief appearances in Samurai Shodown II! Sometimes, he will 
replace the Courier Man (the fellow who always keeps running in from the 
background and throwing things into the battle arena like bombs or 
chicken), but this time, Kim will rush in carrying his backpack with his 
Houou Kyaku! It is also said that he appears from time to time in the big 
cauldron of Gen-an Shiranui's stage. Also, check out Bob Wilson's FF 3 
ending, in the party in the Pao Pao Cafe, taking the microphone and doing 
his stuff! ^_^

*Anime tidbits: As it is, Kim is sort of the weakest of the FF heroes. 
He's not a bad guy (how can you conceive the thought of it?), but he 
really doesn't exceed all that much. In the second FF anime, he picks a 
fight with Terry Bogard at the very beginning, and gets nailed by Terry's 
Hurricane Punch (Senpuu Ken). He becomes friends with Terry from then on, 
so he helps him out in the FF motion picture. When cyborg Cheng Sinzan 
creates havoc in Joe's reception party, Kim goes into action, and despite 
getting a severe ass-beating by Cheng at the beginning, his sons' 
cheering inspire him to defeat Cheng using the Houou Kyaku.

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
Other games: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King 
of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 
2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: 
Millionaire Fighting 2001

Fighting style: 	Self made matador arts
Birthdate: 	      September  4, 1960
Birthplace:	      Spain
Blood type:	      B
Height:		1.95 m (6'4")
Weight:		95 kg (209 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Flamenco dancing and playing his guitar
Favorite food:	Beef stew
Favorite sport:	Fencing
Most important:	His honor
Hates the most:	Women, young children
Favorite music:	Flamenco
Special skill: 	Looking down at others (overconfidence)

	A reknowned bull fighter not only in Spain, but in lots of parts in 
the world, Lawrence Blood might be an arrogant and overconfident person 
who likes to minimize other people's successes, but he can sure back it 
up, by showing off his amazing skills as a matador, and how he gracefully 
dodges the charges of bulls, and kills them swiftly in one stroke of his 
	But few people suspect what is behind Lawrence's incredible career. 
Ever since he was little, Lawrence's family had had close ties with the 
Earl of Strolheim, represented by the Krauser family, a very influential 
lineage in Europe. Having served the Krauser family for generations, the 
Blood clan has always played the role of faithful followers to the 
Strolheim lineage. Lawrence has not forgotten that vow, and has served 
the latest successor of the Strolheim heir, Wolfgang Krauser, in exchange 
that Krauser himself would support Lawrence's training as a bull fighter.
	The trade faired off quite well, as Krauser had a respected and 
feared bodyguard in the form of Lawrence, and Lawrence himself had earned 
a name for himself in the bull fighting arenas, where he is famous for 
his gracious moves with his cape, and the fatal swipes of his sword. 
Always the man who knows how to pay his debts, since he too is of noble 
heritage, Lawrence attends to Krauser's call, when the Emperor of 
Darkness decides to host the second King of Fighters tournament, in hopes 
of finding the man who had defeated Geese Howard in the first tourney.
	Lawrence was in charge of protecting Strolheim Castle while Krauser 
was out trashing worthy opponents to prove his might. But Lawrence did 
not count on the power and courage of the "Lonely Wolves", who had 
already demonstrated their amazing prowess by defeating Geese the last 
year. Although Lawrence was a formidable opponent, being both quick and 
deadly, he ultimately fell to the strength of the lonesome trio, and had 
to act as a faraway witness to his lord's fall. After Krauser's defeat, 
Lawrence vanishes from the bull fighting scene, possibly to serve his 
master Krauser for all eternity to make up for his incompetence.
	Mindless of how great a person's feats may be, Lawrence always 
tends to raise his own skills and abilities above others, as he feels 
that his noble heritage has earned him a place among the greatest. 
Despite that, he takes pride in serving his master Krauser, and to 
distract all those who dare stand against him. As a man of honor, he also 
knows when to pay his debts, and to admit defeat.

*Anime tidbits: Supposed to be the second strongest man in Strolheim 
Castle (after Wolfgang Krauser), Lawrence likes to act tough. He 
certainly made quite an introduction in the second FF anime by swatting 
both Billy Kane and one of Geese's helpers, Ripper, but once he gets a 
fight with Mai Shiranui and Andy Bogard for snooping around Strolheim 
Castle, he manages to outsmart Mai (big deal), but is defeated with 
incredible ease by Andy. In the FF motion picture, he returns to 
Strolheim Castle just to be dealt with by Panni, one of the villain 
Laocorn Gaudemus' servants.

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	All Chinese martial arts
Birthdate: 		May 25, 1982
Birthplace:		USA (of Chinese heritage)
Blood type:		B
Height:		1.60 m (5'2")
Weight:		45 kg (99 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Taking midday naps at home
Favorite food:	Shrimp gyoza
Favorite sport:	Short-distance running
Most important:	Her friends
Hates the most:	Etiquette
Favorite music:	Japanese Pop
Special skill: 	Speed-eating

*Gyoza = Fried dumplings

	Having been born in the Chinese district of Southtown, Xiangfei has 
learned to hold out on her own in the harsh world of the dangerous 
streets of Southtown by learning several different form of martial arts 
from several masters who lived in the same part of town as she did. 
Having been the dearest girl of the Chinese district, everyone was 
charmed with Xiangfei's lovable attitude...that was, whenever she wasn't 
	Xiangfei works as a waitress in a local Chinese restuarant, and 
that has exploited another pretty reknowned skill for Xiangfei: a 
ferocious appetite that quite well meets her fighting prowness. A true 
fan of dim-sum dishes and similiar Chinese snacks, Xiangfei usually 
always gets hungry after working out or fighting. That's why she is 
inmediately served when food, because her anger usually gets out of 
control when she has an empty stomach!
	The fighting skills of Xiangfei has made herself a good friend of 
the "Lonely Wolves" and several other fighters who come around the world 
to hold a match in Southtown. Xiangfei is quite anxious and excited to 
meet another people from around the world to pit her skills against. This 
determination and bravery has made her a perfect candidate for female 
Muay Thai fighter and reknown bartender King, who took her into her all-
female team for the "King of Fighters" tournament in the year 1999. 
Previously, she had had a fight with another fighter girl called Kasumi 
Todoh, who didn't have enough money to pay her the bill at the 
restaurant. This is was when King and her close friend, Blue Mary, saw 
her incredible potential, and took her in.
	After the "King of Fighters" tournament ended, King declined to 
being the captain of the all-female team once again to join the 
Kyokugenryo dojo the next year, and this also triggered Xiangfei's 
decision to stay away from the fighting scene for awhile, as she 
continues to be the talk of the town.
	While generally peaceful and nice with other people, when Xiangfei 
ever gets mad, it would be wise not to stay in her path, as things could 
get pretty ugly pretty fast. Her nice attitude and strong moves are only 
matched by her infinite appetite, which never seems to be satisfied. It 
seems like this girl can never get enough of anything! 

Appearances: Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
Other games: The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000 (as Kasumi Todoh's special striker), The King of Fighters 

Fighting style: 	Shiranui-style Ninjitsu
Birthdate: 		January 1, 1976
Birthplace:		Japan
Blood type:		B
Height:		1.64 m (5'4")
Weight:		50 kg (110 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Making Osechi
Favorite food:	Ozouni
Favorite sport:	Hane-Tsuki
Most important:	Hairpin of dead grandmother
Hates the most:	Spiders
Favorite music:	Heavy metal
Special skill: 	Making harmonious decisions

*Osechi = A New Year dish
*Ozouni = Special soup made on New Year, accompanied with rice cakes
*Hane-Tsuki = Badmitton

	The granddaughter of the great Hanzo Shiranui, leader of the 
Shiranui ninja clan and master of the deadly Koppo-ken style, Mai was 
raised in a small village where everyone was destined to become a 
proficent ninja. Mai wasn't the exception, and she was trained soon on by 
her grandfather. Ever since she was just a young girl, Mai was a very 
pretty child, so lots of boys and young men tried their best to impress 
the precious Mai. But Mai dismissed everyone as weak candidates for her. 
She was too much of a tomboy to accept any sort of male figure in her 
	That was, until a young American boy came to the village in search 
of Hanzo. The small kid, with blond hair, asked Hanzo to train him in the 
ways of Koppo-ken. Hanzo was impressed that this boy was sent to him by 
his old friend, the Hakkyoukuseiken master Tung Fu Rue. Hanzo began to 
train the little boy, who called himself Andy Bogard, while he transfered 
his granddaughter to his other old-time friend, Jubei Yamada, who would 
continue teaching Mai the ways of Shiranui Ninjitsu (since Jubei was way 
too familiar with the Shiranui ninja style). But the curiosity about this 
new kid haunted Mai ever since she was sent away from her grandfather. 
Mai decided to find out by herself who this new boy was.
	Instead of hatred and being resentful, Mai totally fell for Andy 
the moment she laid eyes on him. Andy, besides being strong, dedicated, 
brave, and skillful, was also one handsome boy! Day after day, Mai would 
take small breaks from her training sessions to check in on Andy. But 
Andy was too concentrated in his training, since his ultimate purpose was 
to exact revenge on the man who killed his father, the evil criminal 
Geese Howard. Mai was worried that Andy might lose his life if he fought 
with his feelings up front....
	Several years had passed, and both Mai and Andy have grown into 
fully developed young people. Mai herself has grown to be a VERY 
beautiful woman who was very desired by many men. By this time, Mai's 
love for Andy was confirmed as a true feeling, but Andy was already 
making plans to travel back to his homeplace, Southtown, back in the 
United States. The time had arrived to reunite with his older brother, 
Terry, and demand justice from Geese. Mai begged Andy to stay, even 
proposing marriage to Andy! But Andy's hatred blinded his judgement, and 
went anyway. Mai was left stranded in Japan, but she knew that Andy would 
have to come back sooner or later when he had finished his business with 
	It wasn't before long that Andy returned to Japan to continue his 
training. Unfortunately, Hanzo had already died, so Andy had to train by 
himself this time. Andy was fairly disappointed for not being able to 
defeat Geese by himself, and that he had to give way to his brother 
Terry, because Andy was driven by personal emotion and not by his 
fighting spirit. Mai intended to comfort Andy during his era of sorrow, 
but Andy was already focusing on a future rematch with his brother Terry, 
which would soon arrive since a new tournament was being held, this time 
by a famous German noblesman called Wolfgang Krauser. "The King of 
Fighters" would be the main focus of the fighting scene, and Andy knew 
Terry would be there. But this time, Mai would not be left behind so 
easily. This time around, she would do anything she could to follow Andy 
wherever he went!
	Although her main objective was to be close to Andy, Mai also made 
it a goal to do well in the tournament. Many fighters underestimated Mai 
since she was a woman (although nobody dared to object against her 
extraordinary beauty), but Mai soon proved them wrong, with her "hot" 
moves, and her pesky attacks with her fans. Mai was not quite a stealthy 
ninja, but she could certainly move fast and attack swiftly. When the 
tournament ended, Mai wondered what Andy's next plans would be. As a year 
flew by, the "King of Fighters" tournament was to be held again, but now 
with a new format: it would support fights of teams composed of three 
members each. This looked like a perfect chance to have Andy on her side 
by good, but Andy had other ideas: he would team up with her brother 
Terry, and his good friend Joe Higashi. Mai felt left out and was very 
disappointed, but no matter what, she HAD to be in that tournament, to 
prove Andy that she could do without him. 
	Fortunately for Mai, there were 2 open places that was offered to 
the female Muay Thai bouncer of Southtown, King. King didn't knew who she 
would recruit, and it turned out to be that 2 airheads were fighting for 
the positions. Mai was dueling with an old friend of King's, Kyokugenryo 
fighter Yuri Sakazaki, to define who woule team up with King. King 
demanded the two bimbos to stop fighting, since they BOTH could be in her 
team (although King herself was a tad reluctant). The result was the only 
all-female team in the "King of Fighters" tournament that maintained 
itself during the next 2 years, although not without its' share of 
internal problems! 
	After the 1995 "King of Fighters" tournament ended, Mai was invited 
by Andy to stay over at Southtown for the opening of a new place that 
would be opened by his old friend Richard Myer, called "Pao Pao Cafe 2". 
Mai was glad to accompany him, but their happy reunion was cut short when 
on the opening night, the party was cut short by the Jin twins, a pair of 
diabolic brothers with a nasty ambition. They showed everyone the Scrolls 
of Immortality they would use to achieve the eternal life, and they dared 
anyone to try to defeat them for the possession of the scrolls. The whole 
place suddenly became a huge fighting arena in order to earn the right to 
fight against the Jins for the Scrolls of Immortality. Mai knew it was 
time to put those conspirating twins away, including their plans about 
living forever!
	Mai helped out Andy and the others in any way she could, fighting 
her best to stop the Jins from acheiving their personal goal. They also 
had to deal with the lethal bodyguard of the Jins, the ruthless criminal 
Ryuji Yamazaki. But it was all in vain, since the Jins no longer had 
possession of the scrolls. They were stolen by Geese Howard, who was not 
dead as thought, but was back and ready to claim his rightful place as 
the ruler of Southtown! Mai knew Geese from Andy's constant tales about 
him, and she knew from the instant that Geese stole the scrolls, that 
they were sure in trouble if Geese ever managed to use the Scrolls of 
Immortality for his personal benefit!
	On the next year, in 1996, Mai received an unpleasant surprise when 
she was informed that she no longer had a team for the "King of Fighters" 
tournament! Yuri had been called by her father, Takuma, to take his place 
in the Kyokugenryo team, and King was busy taking care of her little 
brother, Jian. Luck had seem to run out for Mai, until she was faced by a 
mysterious woman. The daunting female wished to prove Mai's skills, and 
Mai didn't hold back in any moment, holding up to the girl's onslaught. 
The mystery woman laughs and praises her skills. The woman turns out to 
be Kasumi Todoh, the daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh, an eternal rival to the 
Sakazaki family. She had already convinced King to enter as well, so Mai 
could finally make her wish of seeing Andy once again come true, as the 
new female team enters the tournament!
	As a year passed, Kasumi is suddenly lost, and once again, King and 
Mai are left without a third team member to enter the next "King of 
Fighters" tournament. It seems that this time, there wouldn't be any sort 
of miracles, until an unexpected visit showed up, that reunited the two 
women again. The woman in turn was the host of the "King of Fighters" 
tournament last year, Chizuru Kagura, member of the Clan of the Yata! 
Chizuru confirms she will team up with them, and even finance their 
spendings. Chizuru also tells King she will take her little brother Jian 
along with them. Mai is inmensly happy, as she will once again show the 
world the true power of female fury!
	When the "King of Fighters" tournament ended that year, things 
weren't looking pretty good. Even though the evil Orochi power was sealed 
once again, back in Southtown, Geese was putting his plan into motion. He 
would use the Scrolls of Immortality anytime now to achieve his dream of 
living forever! Mai stays by Andy's side during his attempt to stop Geese 
once for all, along with Terry and his friends. Mai puts in her best 
effort to help Andy out, and their reward was finally received: Geese was 
defeated, and was put to an eternal rest, since he fell from the top 
floor of Geese Tower. Mai cringed at the sight of the dead Geese. But she 
knew that, with his death, peace would finally be achieved in Southtown 
after so many years.
	By the year 1999, Mai gets to realize her eternal dream: she would 
team up with Andy this year for the "King of Fighters" tournament! Since 
this year, the rules allowed teams of four members to be formed, Mai 
wasted no time in bidding her place for Andy's team! While Terry kindly 
received Mai in their team and Joe's objections (Mai and Joe don't 
precisely get along very well), Mai will now have a shot to show Andy 
first-hand how worthy she really is to become his bride! But the 
tournament ends in unexpected tragedy, when the NESTS cartel uncovers 
their evil plans, and Terry is caught in the middle of the destruction of 
the NESTS base. Mai spends her time trying to comfort Andy, who assumes 
Terry died in the downfall....
	But a year later, the good news spread out: Terry is, indeed, alive 
and well, as he intends to enter the next "King of Fighters" tournament 
to find out what's going on with NESTS and their activities in Southtown. 
Mai also tags in, but no such luck this time: Blue Mary would occupy 
Mai's place this year. Mai was enfuriated by Andy's lack of support 
during this decision, and she walked away to reunite with her old 
teammate Yuri. Now, Mai and Yuri found themselves in the same place where 
they were when they first decided to team up for the "King of Fighters" 
tournament: with no team, and with a sheer will to kick some butt! They 
decided to revive the concept of an all-female team (without the help of 
King, who would team up with the Kyokugenryo team this year), and so, 
they took in an old acquaintance, Kasumi, and a new female fighter with 
an odd concept: the schoolgirl with an unnatural passion for Sumo 
wrestling, Hinako Shijou! Once again, the team with the beauty of 
goddesses, but the fury of demons, would make their point in the new 
	But Mai was left speechless when Southtown was condemned to a swift 
destruction at the hands of the Zero Cannon, a mortal weapon used by the 
tournament host, NESTS agent Zero. Mai attended to Andy, who confirmed 
that Terry was missing again, but this time, he knew he was still alive, 
and will see each other again next year. Having said that, both Mai and 
Andy return to Japan, where they will perhaps start a new life together 
and realize the gift of being alive during these times of peril. 
	She's not quite the brightest woman in the world, and sometimes 
goofs up in important situations, but Mai is also quite a dangerous 
fighter. Not only does her exceptional body mesmerize opponents, but her 
annoying ability to create flaming attacks with her fans and the tail of 
her outfit will also lead the opponent into sure defeat. Mai's love for 
Andy knows no limits or time, since Mai hasn't seemed to given up, even 
after so many years of denials and wasted attempts to seduce Andy. If 
there is one thing that Mai does have, is persistence!

*Anime tidbits: Having played a main role since the second FF anime, Mai 
kinda acts like the "damsel in distress" for Andy to save most of the 
time. In the second FF anime, we get to see Mai always harassing Andy all 
over the place, and gets to fight Lawrence Blood when he finds out that 
both Andy and her have been snooping around Strolheim Castle, but after 
the initial eye candy (she flames Lawrence with a Ryuu Enbu, and taunts 
him afterwards), she gets outsmarted by Lawrence, who sneaks up on her 
(so much for ninja skills!). Andy gets to save her, and Mai ends up 
nursing Joe, who gets bashed up by Krauser. In the FF motion picture, Mai 
gets a BIG boost in breast size, and is again held prisoner by one of 
Laocorn's minions, Hauer (in a similiar fashion that Lawrence did). Andy 
has to cough up a piece of the Armor of Mars to save her. But later Mai 
gets smart, for once, and manages to eliminate another of Laocorn's 
followers, the "femme fatale" Panni, with a VERY amusing Chou Hissatsu 
Shinobi Bachi. By the way, Mai doesn't get away without "interesting" 
shots in the shower (O_O) and whenever she launches Kachou Sens (put the 
action in slow motion and tell me what you see). Also, quite curious, but 
whenever Mai gets captured, her outfit is always teared in the 
middle...hmm, did Lawrence and Hauer get their share of fun while Andy 
runs to save her?

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: Road to 
Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real 
Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: Wild 
Other games: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King 
of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 
2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: 
Millionaire Fighting 2001

Fighting style:	Boxing
Birthdate:		September 17, 1966
Birthplace:		USA
Blood type:		A
Height: 		1.80 m (5'9")
Weight: 		92 kg (205 lbs.)

	Once a proud heavyweight boxer, Michael Max was on his way to 
conquer the world championship, but the corruption that fame can cause in 
the hearts of the innocent has taken its' toll on the naive Michael. On 
his way to stardom, Michael was met with the temptations of money and 
girls, and it took him on a trip straight to misery. Having aspired to 
become the best boxer in the world, Michael instead fell in disgrace. He 
had potential to become an excellent boxer, but his greed made him fall 
short of expectations.
	Michael had no choice but to retreat to the promised land of 
fighters: Southtown. Poor and defeated in moral, Michael now found 
himself surrounded in a constant fight to survive among a city that 
thrived on the blood of the weak. But for Michael, his bitterness proved 
to be his most valuable weapon, as he channeled all his hatred and 
frustration into his fists, which he turned into devastating blows. 
Anyone who would stand against Michael should fall. Using the money to 
take strolls through the beach, Michael tried in vain to hang to his days 
of glory....
	The worst thing happened when Michael got his hopes too high to 
participate in "The King of Fighters" tournament that Geese held. He 
believed the power of his fists would see him through such a harsh 
competition, but he was proven wrong right off the bat, as he was nothing 
more than a mere step for "The Lonely Wolves" to reach Geese Howard. No 
one has known about Michael ever since. It is believed that he retreated 
to solitude, not to know anything about fighting again.
	Having grown in the slums, Michael only hoped to get out of his 
state of misery at any cost, no matter what it cost to get there. That 
ideal proved to be his undoing, as Michael's desire for money and power 
took him to the deepest chasm of obscurity. His dream, made out of 
plastic and as fragile as glass, crumbled with his final defeat.

*Anime tidbits: If you blink, you might miss this guy on the first FF 
anime! In the King of Fighters tournament, he is eliminated by Rayden 
with a suplex, and then gets Rayden's foot grinded into his chest. Ah, 
well, nobody's missing him anyway....

Appearances: Fatal Fury

Fighting style:	Capoeira
Birthdate: 		February 22, 1962
Birthplace: 	Brazil
Blood type:		O
Height:		1.87 m (6'1")
Weight: 		62 kg (137 lbs.)

	Sharing both a passion for the fascinating martial art of Capoeira 
and the nightlife, Richard was a huge crowd pleaser. He would usually use 
his fancy and acrobatic style to please the masses in front of the main 
nightclubs in Brazil. He was more into the fun and recognition of his 
skills than for the money. Being loved by his fans, Richard did not 
believe in anything but his own dreams.
	Soon, Richard realized that his hometown should be left behind, and 
seek new horizons in the "land of liberty": America. As if it were a 
trick of destiny, Richard winded up in the city of passionate fighting: 
Southtown. He inmediately realized that the small city had a liking for 
fighting that almost seemed like a religion. But the place was devoid of 
a place to have some real fun, since the nearby bars were most usually 
wrecked by local brawlers. But Richard wasn't going to let go of his 
ambitions just yet....
	Henceforth, the "Pao Pao Cafe" was built to house the most 
incredible drinks, music, and fights! Meant to be a sort of door to his 
home country, Brazil, Richard created the "Pao Pao Cafe" taking the best 
from all the nightclubs he used to visit in Brazil. But Richard wouldn't 
take any fiddling with any local gangster: if anyone would cause a ruckus 
in his Cafe, he would personally kick them out of his local, 
	It was no surprise that Richard accepted to enter "The King of 
Fighters" tournament to promote his Cafe more than anything else. Richard 
made short work out of the newbies, hosting the fights in the Pao Pao 
Cafe to attract many customers to his place. The idea worked like a 
charm, even though Richard's championship dreams were finally foiled by 
the "Lonely Wolves", who finally rose to victory. But Richard didn't take 
it to harshly, as his Cafe became the most popular in town. Now, the 
fighters would have a new place to gather around to chat and sometimes 
have a friendly spar! It became such an important location in the 
Southtown fighting scene, that the fights of "The King of Fighters" held 
by Krauser were all broadcasted in the Pao Pao Cafe, so that everyone 
could follow the path of their local hero, Terry Bogard, to his ultimate 
	The untimely success of the Pao Pao Cafe, and the high earnings it 
got from the broadcasting rights of "The King of Fighters" tournament, 
eventually led Richard to build a new Pao Pao Cafe at the westside of 
Southtown. But it was too much work to look over two Cafes at the same 
time for one man to handle! So, Richard took in his best student of 
Capoeira, the rowdy Bob Wilson, and put him as manager of the new Pao Pao 
Cafe 2! Richard invited all of his friends from the fighting scene 
(including Terry and the "Lonely Wolves" themselves) to the opening of 
the new (and improved) Cafe, but the party was trashed with the arrival 
of the Jins, and their plan to access the secrets of immortality! With 
the whole mess that the appearance of the Jins caused, Richard had no 
choice but to stay and rebuild his Cafe, leaving to Bob the task of 
collecting enough money to rebuild his place. Richard finally gets to 
restore his precious new Cafe, and at last, his dreams of becoming a show 
man has been made true!
	With a brilliant charisma and a fascination for the charms of the 
nightlife, Richard loves to put up a good show, either behind the bar 
stand or on the fighting scene! He now usually leaves the real fighting 
deal to his disciple Bob, but Richard never backs up on a challenge, if 
it means to please his loyal public, and harness a business for his two 
*Cameos: Richard Myer appears in Bob Wilson's RB 2 ending, where he gets 
to see his cafe burned up because of Bob's wild spinning. ^_^ He also 
appears briefly in Duck King's RB ending.

*Anime tidbits: Richard has the mild honor of being in EVERY FF anime 
there has been, even if he played minor roles in each one. In the first 
FF anime, he is a fighter in the King of Fighters tournament (check out 
how he looks pretty old with the gray hair/beard), where he fights Terry 
Bogard...and we all know what happens to guys who fight Terry, right (he 
is knocked out by receiving a Rising Tackle...while on the ground. 
Weird). In the second FF anime, he just appears serving Billy Kane a 
drink in the Pao Pao Cafe, when Lawrence Blood makes his appearance. In 
the FF motion picture, Richard appears in Duck King's night club (notice 
how his hair/beard are brown again).

Appearances: Fatal Fury

Fighting style:	Boxing
Birthdate:		August 19, 1971
Birthplace:		USA
Blood type:		B
Hobbies:		Wood carving
Favorite food:	Ostrich eggs
Favorite sport:	Boxing
Most important:	His turquoise earring
Hates the most:	Fragrant perfumes, toiletries, and such
Favorite music:	Country

	Rick is a member of a Native American tribe that lives in the 
outskirts of Southtown. Rick's people has seen the city of Southtown grow 
from afar, and has never meddled in the city's progress, as they knew 
that Southtown was filled with lots of criminals and evildoers. But this 
didn't hold back Rick, who far from ignoring the situation, decided to 
train himself to one day tackle the fighters in Southtown head on....
	Rick lies his strength not only in his spiritual belief, but also 
in his fists, which he has trained and built enough to develop a crushing 
series of blows that would easily take out any opponent in a swift 
motion. Despite the warnings of his superiors, Rick was not ready to let 
go the chance of some day fighting the best in Southtown.
	Every now and then, Rick takes a trip into Southtown to challenge 
all those who are willing to face his crazy fists. Inspired by the sense 
of self-improvement, Rick has slowly earned a name for himself in 
Southtown. He hopes that someday the right opponent will stand against 
him and challenge his amazing skills in a true fight.
	Although rowdy and maybe not too proper, Rick has a heart of honor, 
and respects the code of the warrior. He gets excited when he faces a 
worthy opponent, and gets incredibly disappointed when his opponent is 
weak. Rick doesn't follow the strict code of his tribe to stay away from 
foreigners, which has allowed him to meet new and interesting people.

Appearances: Real Bout 2: The Newcomers

Fighting style: 	Kobujutsu and martial arts
Birthdate: 		June 24, 1989
Birthplace:		USA
Blood type:		B
Height:		1.78 m (5'8")
Weight:		70 kg (154 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Touring, playing the base (he can perfectly copy any    
       song he hears once)
Favorite food:	Jumbalaya (minus the sausages)
Favorite sport:   Street basket (3-on-3)
Most important:	Cap from Terry Bogard, his Honda bike
Hates the most:	People who boast all the time
Favorite music:	Hard rock
Special skill: 	Cooking

	Ever since the moment he was born, Rock had became a constant 
victim of destiny. This is further confirmed by the fact that Rock is the 
son of the most noteworthy crime lord and most feared fighter in all 
Southtown: Geese Howard. But since Geese didn't ever recognize Rock as 
his own child, Rock had to be raised solely by his mother, Marie 
Heinlein. Marie tried her best to bring up the young Rock, as loving as 
she ever was. 
	But when Rock was barely 8 years old, Marie fell prey to a mortal 
disease, and during her agony lying in her bed, she kept calling out for 
Geese. Rock couldn't stand watching her mother suffer like that, and 
filled with pain and grief, he had to gather all his courage and swallow 
his pride in order to come face-to-face with the man who was told to be 
his father: Geese Howard himself! Slowly, but surely, Rock finally 
arrived at the gates of Geese Tower. 
	Geese's security staff was reluctant to let the little kid in, but 
the sole fact that this child claimed to be Geese's son was enough to 
startle many of them. Finally, Rock could get into Geese's office. It was 
very impressive, with lots of nice details, pretty clean, but it had the 
smell of evil. After reaching the main desk, Rock came to met his own 
father to the face. Geese received his son with a cold grin.
	Rock pledged Geese to go attend her mother in her last moments, but 
Geese just laughed at the kid's petition. He claimed he knew nothing 
about Marie, much less did he recognize the child in front of him. Rock 
tried, with tears flowing freely with his eyes, to convince his father 
otherwise, but to no avail. Rock was promptly kicked out of the building, 
and he had to go back home, with the anger against his father burning 
like never before.
	During the next few days, Rock took care of his ill mother, but 
time was running out sooner than expected. One morning, when Rock came 
like every morning to watch how her mother was doing, she was motionless. 
There was no breathing. There was no heartbeat. Gazing at her mother's 
prone body made Rock lose focus of the situation at hand. Rage and 
vengeance filled his every cell, and after covering up her dead mother's 
body with a blanket, stormed out the house to face his father, and try 
his best to defeat him, no matter what!
	When Rock arrived at Geese Tower for the second time, it was oddly 
empty, and nobody was to be seen. Rock was confused by this, since the 
tower was always overflowing with security at all times. Rock took the 
elevator to the top floor, where Geese's office was located. It, too, was 
dead empty, but Rock could notice an exit to the balcony at the back of 
the room. When Rock arrived, he was met with a man standing alone in the 
balcony, with long, flowing blond hair fixed in a ponytail. His red cap 
and red jacket with his blue jeans and sneakers automatically conceived 
the image of the great Terry Bogard in Rock's mind. He had heard many 
legends about this man and how he managed to succeed in defeating his 
father once. 
	In front of Terry, a man was grasping for dear life on the edge of 
the balcony. That man was Geese! Rock contained his breath for what 
seemed like hours, and when he finally could catch some air, Geese let 
loose from Terry's hand. Rock stared in disbelief as how Geese fell to 
his inminent death. Rock's heart was tormented with mixed feelings: his 
father had paid for his sins, but on the other hand, the fact remained 
that Geese was HIS father. Rock hid out while Terry and the Jin twins had 
a small chat regarding some scrolls, and when they left, Rock came out of 
his hiding place.
	Terry was pretty surprised to find a child in a place like this. 
But the kid could not stop watching Terry. Terry could feel a chilling 
look coming from the boy's eyes. Feeling compassion for the child, Terry 
takes him out of Geese Tower and carries him to the city limits. But 
suddenly, the shocked kid reacts and slaps Terry's hand, which had been 
carrying him. Terry asks what's wrong, and Rock protests that Geese had 
to be dealt by him, and he needed no interference. Terry doesn't know 
what the hell this kid is talking about. On the grass field, Rock tries 
to attack Terry! Terry can't believe a simple brat is trying to attack 
him. But even when Terry could easily avoid the kid, he could sense 
something boiling deep within this kid's heart. Was this...the same power 
as Geese's? Terry was struck in shock, and came to terms that this child 
was Geese's son, no less! After setting the kid still with a small punch, 
Terry tells the defeated Rock to not worry. After gazing at the star-
filled night sky, Rock goes into tears, and tells Terry his whole story.
	Ten years later, in a train car that's heading for the rebuilt 
Second Southtown, a young man unzips the sleeves of his red jacket, and 
fixes his glove a tad bit. He runs his hand through his blond hair, and 
snucks a red cap into his bag. Rock Howard had grown up to be a very 
formidable fighter during the last decade. After Terry decided to take 
him in as his disciple after what happened that night at Geese Tower (as 
a way of emulating what Jeff Bogard, Terry's father, did with Terry years 
ago), Rock had been traveling with Terry, and watching him fight in 
several tournaments. They trained a lot during the last few years, as 
Rock could finaly manage to understand the power that lied dormant within 
his body. But the time had arrived to demonstrate Rock's true strength. 
When Terry finally stands up and tells Rock that the moment has come, 
Rock and Terry descend from the train, and now both master and student 
stand in front of a city, once destroyed and raised again. Terry and Rock 
have returned to the place which they once called home: Second Southtown!
	The motive of Rock and Terry's return was to participate in a new 
tournament being held in Second Southtown after so many years. Both Rock 
and Terry were familiarized with the name: the "King of Fighters Maximum 
Mayhem". Terry had been a regular in the King of Fighters tournament for 
years, even holding the championship title twice. Rock was pretty excited 
to demonstrate his skills. And it wasn't after long that he could do so: 
Rock showed off mind-blowing techniques that were both sharp and deadly. 
Wielding an incredible amount of energy, Rock could use both Terry and 
even Geese's techniques. It came to no surprise that Rock could advance 
to the finals so easily, considering his limitless amount of power and a 
tenacity that few people have ever seen.
	The finals were supposed to take place in a location in the 
outskirts of Second Southtown. Rock arrived to a huge structure made out 
of stone, apparently in ruins. To his surprise, Terry was there, as well! 
Rock realized it was finally time to measure forces with his master, but 
as soon Rock poises himself for battle, Terry holds Rock back, and tells 
him something fishy is at work behind the tournament. Rock doesn't fully 
come to terms with Terry's explanation, but Terry hurries him to enter 
the fallen temple. Rock wonders why Terry would avoid fighting him, when 
they finally arrive at a huge shrine located inside the temple. Flames 
and crumbled stone structures lie everywhere. And in the middle, a huge 
man, cloaked in a cape and horned mask, stands up to meet the two 
fighters. Rock senses an inhuman strength coming from deep within this 
behemoth, and previews that it will be a difficult fight. But Terry 
offers himself to fight instead, and so, the clash between the two giants 
	As the fight raged on, Rock was very amused at the quick speed and 
incredible strength this giant had, but Terry was also not short of 
amazing. He was fighting a great battle, despite his size disadvantage. 
Rock was happy that Terry could finally pull off his victory, but Terry 
was badly wounded himself. When the fallen behemoth, called Grant, 
recognizes Rock, the young wolf is intrigued. Grant affirms that Rock is 
indeed the son of Marie. Rock is surprised someone like Grant could know 
his mother, but when Rock demands answers, Grant can only point to one 
man who can tell him the whole truth: the host of the tournament, Kain R. 
Heinlein. Rock checks out on Terry, who can still stand on his feet, but 
urges Rock to meet Kain, and no matter what happens, Rock should be 
faithful to himself, true to his feelings, and never receed to evil. Rock 
then hurries past the temple, and in front of him, extends a huge mansion 
which covers a hill that overlooks Second Southtown.
	The gigantic mansion overwhelms Rock when he enters. Long halls 
made from marble and fine furniture and decorations fill the place. But 
Rock is certainly more disturbed by the several pictures of his mother 
located throughout the mansion. Rock's mind was filled with questions 
when he finally arrived at a vast room, which had an impressive balcony 
that overlooked the whole city. In one of the walls, a very big picture 
of her mother hangs. As Rock gazes on it, a sinister laugh approaches 
Rock from behind. Rock turns around, and a man with long blond hair and 
elegant clothes stands in front of him.
	This man was surely Kain, the tournament host. Rock wants to know 
what Kain is up to, and he says it's simple: he wants Second Southtown to 
declare independence, and to become a country where only those who are 
worthy enough will live if they are strong enough, and the weak will be 
completely erradicated from the city. Rock thinks it's foolish to use 
violence as a way to govern a country, as it will only end in 
destruction. Rock then asks about Kain's fascination for his mother. Kain 
says that the woman is his sister, which makes Kain Rock's uncle! But 
familiar relations will stay aside, as Rock will not allow Kain to 
fulfill his idealistic ambitions!
	A faithful battle between the 2 blood relatives rages on, each one 
delivering blows so powerful, that the great mansion begins to shudder 
after each energy blast. Rock's might and cunning are soon met by Kain's 
tremendous power, enhanced with his purple flames. Rock soon loses ground 
to Kain's more agile and ruthless fighting style. Rock is sent to the 
ground over and over again, and it seems that he will have to lose this 
one. Kain prepares himself for the final blow, when suddenly, everything 
goes black for Rock. The image of his sick mother, Geese laughing and 
mocking at the young Rock, and Terry as a paternal figure to Rock, all 
flash in Rock's mind. All of a sudden, a huge rush of evil energy fills 
Rock's veins. It surges in a huge explosion, which leaves Kain dazzled. 
The evil blood within Rock has cut loose, and now with cold brutal eyes, 
Rock lunges like a madman at Kain.
	With every rage-filled blow, Rock makes Kain lower his guard a bit 
more. Kain is unable to set a hand on this raging machine, and suddenly, 
Rock winds up, and nails Kain with a rain of successive blows. The mortal 
Neo Deadly Rave cuts through Kain's defenses, as the whole mansion 
trembles. As Kain battles to keep himself standing, and as the mansion 
begins to crumble down, he admits that indeed Geese's blood played a 
factor in this battle. Kain wishes that Rock would help him in his 
ambition, but Rock refuses to follow Kain's orders. Kain thinks Rock 
would think otherwise, if he knew that his mother was still alive....
	Kain and Rock manage to escape from the mansion in the nick of 
time, as the whole structure plummets to the ground. Rock finds out that 
Terry is looking for him among the rubble, and watches Kain stand up to 
him. Kain soon calls out Rock, as Rock slowly walks up to his master. 
Rock affirms that he wants to find about his past for himself, and he 
wishes Terry to stay out of this. Terry gives the warm smile that makes 
Rock feel guilty inside, and reassures Rock that it will be OK, as long 
as he is still himself. Rock can't manage to look as Terry walks away, 
and Kain invites him to rebuild a new empire. Rock sneers, and shrugs off 
Kain, as the fight has barely started!
	Although kind and friendly, Rock has a troubled past and can't seem 
to make amends with it entirely. Having to live with Geese's cursed 
heritage, his mother's image burning in his mind, and the shadow of Terry 
looming over his future, Rock is prompted to make decisions that 
sometimes don't fit at all. But still, Rock struggles to maintain himself 
true to his principles, and to be just him, and not like other person!

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Other games: Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Fighting style: 	Self-taught brawling skills
Birthdate: 		August 8, 1964
Birthplace:		Japan
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.92 m (6'3")
Weight:		96 kg (211 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Collecting knives
Favorite food:	Basashi
Favorite sport:	None
Most important:	Anything that financially benefits him
Hates the most:	Labor
Favorite music:	None
Special skill: 	Can go 3 days with no sleep

*Basashi = Sliced horsemeat

	Life wasn't easy on Yamazaki ever since he was young. Nobody knows 
where he came from, or who his parents were. He just remembers that he 
was taken in from his miserable life in the streets of Hong Kong, where 
he was struggling to survive amidst a harsh world of corruption, crime, 
murder, and betrayal. His savior was no other than one of the most 
important crime lords in all Hong Kong. Yamazaki didn't mind being 
introduced to the world he hated, since it was better than dying like a 
miserable dog on the streets.
	Yamazaki soon became aware of the dirty work behind the criminal 
scene, and grew to admire his adoptive father very much. Yamazaki was 
becoming an expert criminal himself, always in the middle of dishonorable 
feats, backstabbing allies, and conspirating against other crime lords. 
The crime lord who had adopted Yamazaki had began to trust him so much, 
that he resolved to keep him by his side during his deals with other 
gangs. Yamazaki felt honored to help in any way.
	The gang of Yamazaki was about to strike a deal with a rival 
criminal group, which seemed practically normal, but Yamazaki had a bad 
feeling about the meeting. The man who had once saved Yamazaki had gained 
a pretty bad reputation lately, if not thanks to the lowly actions of 
Yamazaki. But the man settled Yamazaki down, as no one would be as 
foolish as to attack a very important crime lord during a simple deal 
meeting. But when the time came, Yamazaki was proven right when the rival 
gang began to open fire on Yamazaki and company! Many lives were lost in 
the crossfire, but Yamazaki's benefactor got the worst end of the deal, 
and was shot to death at cold blood. Yamazaki had to witness the shooting 
of the man who had saved his life first-hand. Suddenly, something snapped 
within Yamazaki's head. Yamazaki was impervious to reason, and almost 
heard no excuses. He just slowly stood up to face their assailants, and 
all of a sudden, with maniacal laughter, took out the knife within his 
pocket, and slashed through the other gang like a hot knife through 
butter! It was a grotesque scene, but no one was left standing. Covered 
in blood, Yamazaki claims his rightful position as the new leader of the 
	Everything changed for Yamazaki that day. Ever since, Yamazaki 
earned a name for himself in the criminal circles of Hong Kong as a man 
who would not stop at anything to gain easy money and slaughter victims 
in the process. He almost seemed to enjoy watching other people suffer 
and die. He didn't even seem human at this point. Someone with a passion 
for torture and killing could not feel anything in his heart, nor feel 
compassion. Any fellow criminal or police officer who dared stand up to 
Yamazaki would most likely suffer the worst of deaths. Even those who 
were a part of Yamazaki's gang would fear possible reprisals if Yamazaki 
ever got mad at them!
	One day, Yamazaki was summoned to a reunion by a couple of 
mysterious people. Yamazaki assisted to the meeting, not without his 
usual suspitions. In the designated location, two children face up to 
Yamazaki. Yamazaki laughs at the fact that he was summoned by mere kids, 
but is soon proven otherwise when he feels the incredible energy 
emanating from the souls of the children. They have an offer to make to 
Yamazaki: they were the Jin twins, Chonrei and Chonshu, heirs to a cursed 
legacy. They possess the Scrolls of Immortality, and are ready to do away 
with all those who may be strong enough to oppose their plans of eternal 
life, and want Yamazaki to be their personal bodyguard. Yamazaki claims 
that nothing is for free, but the Jins have no problem with the money, 
they just want to know if Yamazaki is up to the task of travelling to 
Southtown to accomplish his job. But as long as there is money, Yamazaki 
could travel to the end of the world!
	During the trip and stance in Southtown, Yamazaki realizes that the 
Jins want to offer the scrolls as a prize to all those who might defeat 
them, and thus, triggering an all-out battle beteween the strongest 
fighters in Southtown. The same fighters would seal their own destiny, 
and the Jins would have the open path to accomplish their plans. Yamazaki 
felt right at home in Southtown, a place where criminal activities 
plagued the streets, and blood ran high. It seemed like finally, money 
AND pleasure could combine for some interesting results.
	The Jin twins ordered Yamazaki to stay guard at the entrance of 
their hideout to avoid any outsiders from coming in while they go at work 
to activate the Scrolls of Immortality. Yamazaki starts to become a bit 
bored, when all of a sudden, four people rush up to the temple. It's no 
other than the famous "Lonely Wolves", and their detective friend, Blue 
Mary. Yamazaki gloats at the group, and motions them to come closely, and 
to witness death at the front row! Andy, Joe, and Mary all stand up to 
Yamazaki, but Yamazaki takes them by surprise with his insanely quick 
motions. The trio is caught off-guard, and are thrusted to the floor by 
Yamazaki's brutal assault. Now, Yamazaki wants Terry to test his 
legendary might against him! But before Terry and Yamazaki could engage 
in a serious fight, a flaming nunchaku swings at Yamazaki. Yamazaki 
avoids it, and he finds out it is Hon-Fu, that snoopy detective who had 
been following his tracks since Hong Kong. Hon-Fu rushes Terry to stop 
the Jins before they realize their idealistic ambition. Terry agreeds, 
and dashes to the inner chambers, while Yamazaki cackles, and vows that 
he will seal Hon-Fu's fate there and now!
	Even though he was on a roll, Yamazaki could not pass the defenses 
of the vigorous Hon-Fu, who fought bravely and didn't give in to 
Yamazaki's dirty tricks. Suddenly, Yamazaki senses another evil presence 
in the chamber where the Jins are located, but which are not the Jin 
twins....Yamazaki sports an evil grin, and tells the exhausted Hon-Fu 
that the fun has just barely started. Yamazaki manages to escape capture 
from Hon-Fu, and retires into seclusion.
	Two years later, Yamazaki shows up at a local dojo, out of sheer 
boredom from his newfound criminal activities in Southtown. He wants the 
disciples in the dojo to provide some morbid entertainment to him by 
dying slowly! The whole dojo goes up against Yamazaki, but soon they 
realize their fatal mistake when they get their hides trashed by the 
ruthless Yamazaki. Blood covers everywhere, and splatters against the 
floor and wall. Ever since last year, Yamazaki has been feeling a wild 
rush in his blood that has made him even more wild than before! It's 
almost like if something was calling for him, and reviving the killer 
instinct within his body. Then, in the middle of his "fun session", a man 
enters the dojo, and salutes Yamazaki.
	It's no other than Geese Howard's right-hand man, Billy Kane, who 
has came to make Yamazaki an offer by his boss' petition. Yamazaki 
wonders what Geese wanted with him, now that he had the Scrolls of 
Immortality. Billy wants Yamazaki to enter the new "King of Fighters" 
tournament being held this year, and if they win, Geese will offer him 
twice the amount of the prize money! After beating up some more students 
of the dojo, Yamazaki thinks it would be interesting, and accepts the 
offer. Yamazaki thinks it's rather odd to team up along with Billy, and 
even with Blue Mary, but in the tournament, Yamazaki discovers his hidden 
secret: he hails from the Orochi clan, thus explaining his wild attitude 
and passion for violence! After Yamazaki almost strangles the pay out of 
Geese, he slowly retreats from Geese Tower.
	But, someone has been waiting for him outside. It's Hon-Fu again, 
who now has the clear intention of arresting Yamazaki this time. Yamazaki 
just had enough with these "justice fighters" (now that he has gained a 
new rival in Kim Kaphwan, the Tae Kwon Do champion), and is sure that 
Hon-Fu will not interfere in his plans again. Yamazaki summons the 
newfound Orochi power deep within his body, and his eyes are tainted with 
blood. His fury is now aimed towards Hon-Fu, as in blind rage, Yamazaki 
totally stomps Hon-Fu all over, leaving him near-death. With his newfound 
power, Yamazaki returns to Hong Kong, where he will surely exploit the 
power within his blood to impose his own mark of fear in the criminal 
circles of Hong Kong.
	A passionate man for blood and excited with his opponent's agony, 
Yamazaki knows of no honorable feelings in his heart. He will resort to 
anything to win, and he will not stop at nothing to leave his opponent in 
a bloody mass of defeated flesh. The cold blood of the Orochi flows in 
his veins, and he will use all means at his hand to make anybody suffer 
among his presence.

*Cameos: Yamazaki appears in the Hero's team background in The King of 
Fighters '95 (Neo Geo Land), standing aside Blue Mary in the farther 

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
Other games: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (Dreamcast version, appears 
as a secret striker), The King of Fighters 2000 (as Blue Mary's special 
striker), Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium 
Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

Fighting style: 	Seiden Mutou-ryuu Bujutsu
Birthdate: 		July 3, 1946
Birthplace:		Japan
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.76 m (5'8")
Weight:		86 kg (189 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Shogi
Favorite food:	Sweet red-bean soup, anmitsu
Favorite sport:	Swimming for a short while
Most important:	His teacher's katana
Hates the most:	Shiranui-style Ninjitsu
Favorite music:	The sound of the ocean waves
Special skill: 	Pacifying the spirits of the dead

*Shogi = Japanese chess

	The ancestors of Sokaku have been known throughout history as 
people with the ability to summon wandering spirits from the netherworld 
and use them against evil demons who raise their ugly head in the world 
of the humans. Their main task is to seal away any possible threat to 
this world that might come from another realm. As a heir to this 
tradition, Sokaku has devoted himself to his training, preparing himself 
both physically and mentally for the time his services might be needed.
	Having been secluded in a Buddhist temple for a long time, Sokaku 
knows little of the outer world. He only travels when the forces of evil 
grows strong in the mortal coil. Always wandering with his huge straw 
hat, his rosary of beads, and his purification staff, Sokaku seeks and 
vanquishes any evil spirit who might be causing trouble.
	Not without his share of trouble, Sokaku has engaged himself in a 
personal war with the Shiranui ninjitsu clan, a rivalry that has been 
raging on for centuries even. It is said that the Shiranui ninjas differ 
with the unnatural powers of the Mochizuki clan, and consider it 
dangerous to possess. Sokaku himself has faced the past leader of the 
Shiranui ninja clan, Hanzo Shiranui, several times, with mixed results, 
no match ever defining a clear winner. Now that Hanzo has passed away, 
Sokaku keeps a close eye on Hanzo's granddaughter, Mai Shiranui, so she 
may not interfere with his job. 
	 A bad omen had haunted Sokaku lately, and it became evident to him 
that an evil force was at work again. This time, the demons of the Jin 
family began to surge again, embodied in a malevolent plan: the two 
children that are the descendants of the Jin would use the Scrolls of 
Immortality to attain eternal life and the possibility to control the 
world forever. Sensing that the balance of good and evil was about to be 
shifted, Sokaku travels to Southtown, current location of the Jins in the 
United States, in hopes of dealing with the ominous force at work behind 
the curtains.
	When Sokaku arrived, he noticed that other warriors were at work to 
stop the Jins themselves. Among them, were the legendary trio known as 
the "Lonely Wolves". Sokaku sensed a powerful aura of justice in their 
souls. He also noticed that Mai was helping them out. Working on his 
account, Sokaku managed to scavenge enough information, but when he was 
about to resolve himself in facing the Jin twins head-on, a new enemy 
appeared in the fray: it was Geese Howard, the greatest mob leader in 
Southtown, who had escaped certain death, and was now in possession of 
the scrolls. This unexpected plot twist made Sokaku lose perception of 
the danger of the Jins, and instead dedicated himself to finding Geese 
and to retrieve the Scrolls of Immortality, to avoid the improper use of 
the legendary documents. 
	After hearing the news of Geese's death, Sokaku thinks that the 
Jins would go back in using the Scrolls of Immortality for their evil 
purposes. But to everyone's surprise, Chonrei himself tears up the 
scrolls, forever banning the curse from the Jin family. Sokaku feels 
relieved about the decision of the Jin twins, and after burning up the 
shattered remains of the scrolls, Sokaku travels back to Japan, where he 
now dedicates himself to training the next generation of Mochizuki 
sorcerers in case a new evil force threatens the world.
	Not very moved to words or any kind of sentimental expression, 
Sokaku is a dead serious man who resorts to cut the small talk and 
dedicate himself to the task at hand. His inhuman powers are so 
impressive it amazes even the most skeptical of people. Although he is a 
man of principles at heart, he will not admit or show it in public. 
Swayed to silence, Sokaku will use his mystical magic in the name of 

*Cameos: Sokaku appears in the Fatal Fury team's background in The King 
of Fighters '96 (trailer park, daytime), on the building's roof at the 
right. He appears again in the China stage of The King of Fighters '97, 
at the left in the "Next Challenger" booth every now and then (waving his 
wand), along with Art of Fighting's Eiji Kisaragi.

Appearances: Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, 
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: 
Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Martial arts, taught to him by Jeff Bogard
Birthdate: 		March 15, 1973
Birthplace:		USA
Blood type:		O
Height:		1.82 m (5'10")
Weight:		77 kg (169 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Video games
Favorite food:	Junk food
Favorite sport:	Basketball
Most important:	Gloves from Jeff Bogard
Hates the most:	Slugs
Favorite music:	Rock
Special skill:	Can guess a woman's three sizes (bust, waist, and
       hips...wonder how? :)

	He has been called by many names. He is the living fighting legend 
of Southtown. But if one thing can explain what "The Lone Wolf" Terry 
Bogard really is, is the image of a honorable and dedicated fighter who 
has made a name for himself not only for his outstanding fighting skills, 
but also for his kind and friendly attitude that make him a very 
respectable figure in the world of fighting.
	Terry's life was not easy at all. As long as he can remember, Terry 
has always been struggling on the streets of Southtown to survive, always 
taking care of his little brother Andy. Having been orphaned at an early 
age, Terry and Andy were abandoned to wander through the merciless city 
of Southtown. Terry got himself into lots of trouble in order to sustain 
himself and to keep his brother Andy alive and well. Every day was like 
another ordeal, trying hard not to perish from hunger or disease. The 
situation seemed totally hopeless, until one day, a kind man attended to 
the miscarried orphans....
	His name was Jeff Bogard, a master of the Hakkyokuseiken style of 
martial arts. Having witnessed the miserable condition in which the 
brothers lived in, Jeff decided to adopt them. Terry finally found a 
guardian angel in the middle of the harsh climate that prevailed in 
Southtown, and someone to look up to as well. Terry's interest in 
fighting was soon poked when Jeff began to teach Terry the basic of 
martial arts. They trained lightly every day, and Jeff was even kind 
enough to give Terry his fighting gloves. Terry admired this warm-hearted 
man, who seemed to harbor no hatred in his heart. But this short-lived 
fantasy of a solid family would soon crumble, victim of the ambition of 
an evil man....
	It was one faithful day when Jeff received a challenge from his 
training partner Geese Howard, who was currently a crime lord in the 
rising. Terry had already heard a lot about Geese during his stance in 
the streets, and urged Jeff to not go. But Jeff relaxed Terry, and told 
him it would be all right. But things wouldn't turn out as planned, as 
Jeff was killed in battle by Geese. Terry was striked with grief and 
sorrow, but he kept himself strong against the harsh condition. He knew 
Jeff would not approve him mourning over his death for too long. After 
Jeff's funeral, an old man approaches both Terry and Andy. He was Tung Fu 
Rue, Jeff and Geese's master in Hakkyokuseiken. He was fully aware that 
the Bogard brothers were anxious for revenge, but was also aware that 
they could do nothing right now. So, Tung gave them a chance to choose 
their destiny. Terry felt strong, and took a valuable decision: he would 
stay in Southtown, and learn from the streets, from where he was taken in 
by Jeff. He would return, but this time, to learn from the several 
martial artists who overcrawled the streets. Andy would travel to Asia to 
learn Koppo-ken from Hanzo Shiranui, a friend of Tung's. So, Tung decided 
they would reunite when the Bogards are prepared enough. Tung and Andy 
depart for Japan, as Terry remains alone once again.
	During the next few years, Terry roamed the streets, challenging 
several masters of various martial arts dojos, and even though he always 
got his deserved beating at the beginning, he began to learn from each 
and every one of them. Taking the best from each style, and adding them 
to his personal repertoire of moves, Terry soon became a very complete 
fighter. His thoughts of revenge also began to vanish, as his mind soon 
became focused on finding worthy opponents to challenge, and to improve 
his skills with each fight. 
	A grown man, Terry has now became one of the top fighters in 
Southtown, reknown all over for his amazing skills, and his ability to 
adapt to any kind of fight. Now, Terry hears the news that Geese is 
planning to hold a new tournament, called "The King of Fighters", that 
will intend on gathering all the strongest fighters in Southtown, and pit 
them against each other in a huge brawl for survival! Terry finds this 
the perfect chance to exact payback from Geese. As previously planned, 
Andy and Tung arrive just in time to enter in the tournament. When the 
brothers reunite, they are overidden with joy. Terry notices that a 
friend has been tagging along with Andy: his name was Joe Higashi, the 
self-proclaimed "king of Muay Thai". Now, the trio, known as "The Lonely 
Wolves" along with Tung, enter the tournament in hopes of stopping 
Geese's crazy dreams.	
	Terry fights without a care in the world, enjoying each and every 
moment of the fights he has in the tournament. His body and techniques 
are strong, but his mind and heart are moreso. He finds no trouble in 
sweeping off the competition, and this catches Tung's attention. During a 
night off, Tung tells Terry that he has chosen him to be the heir to the 
strongest Hakkyokuseiken techniques, that he never taught to either Jeff 
or Geese. Terry wonders why he chose him and not Andy, and Tung replies 
that Andy is too swayed to emotions, like Geese, and it would be a 
mistake to teach the moves to a man who was very rash and impulsive. 
After teaching Terry what he knew, Terry stands poised to challenge Geese 
for the final battle!
	Since Andy and Joe were in an inappropiate condition to fight, 
Terry has to fight Geese at the top floor of his building alone. Geese 
awaits for Terry, and mocks him for being so weak, and that it was 
useless for a youngster such as Terry to stand against him. Terry thinks 
Geese will realize otherwise once he's finished with him. So, the 
faithful battle begins. Geese has lots of experience at his side, so he 
easily gets the upper hand by demolishing Terry with powerful techniques. 
Geese gets too confident on his superior skills, that he soon is 
surprised when Terry begins to turn the tables on him. Terry had adquired 
lots of knowledge from his previous battles, aside from the techniques 
that Tung had teached him, which contrasted with Geese's obsession to 
become the best at any cost. At the end, Terry has Geese almost nailed to 
the floor, when Geese returns with one final shot. But Terry counters, 
and his incoming blow is so strong, that it sends Geese crashing through 
the window, and plummets to the ground, several floors below. At last, 
Terry has avenged his father's death, and is now the new "King of 
	Barely one year later, while Terry was slacking off with girls and 
casual work, a challenge has rekindled his fighting spirit. This time, a 
feared and respected German noblesman called Wolfgang Krauser is holding 
the "King of Fighters" tournament, and now, the world shall be the new 
arena for this battle of fate! Terry knew that the challenge was directly 
aimed to him, even though all of the "Lonely Wolves" were invited. So, 
Terry began to train again, and face the tournament ahead as the reigning 
champion. New fighters crossed his way, which showed Terry how vast and 
marvelous the world could be! Terry had to work a lot harder than before 
to win, and to overcome all obstacles. Finally, Terry could achieve the 
right to challenge Krauser at Strolheim Castle in Germany. Terry was 
marveled with the antiques and the all-around medieval feel that the 
castle inspired. But even more impressive was Krauser himself, who was 
not just a fancy landlord with shining armor. Krauser praised Terry's 
skills, and his victory over Geese. But Krauser had been on his own 
journey, trashing every martial arts master he had in sight throughout 
the world. Now, it was Terry's turn to be crippled! Terry considered it 
highly unlikely, and so, the two fighters engage in yet another gruesome 
	In this fight, both warriors were excited by the fact that they 
were facing a strong opponent, one that could match their skill move by 
move. And Krauser definetly had the side and sheer power advantage. But 
while Krauser was just bragging his skills by fiddling with inferior 
opponents, Terry had to surpass himself in order to win his fights 
against the fighters of the tournament. His skills had reached a new 
level, while Krauser did not. In the end, Terry gathers up all his 
fighting energy in one final devastating move: the Power Geyser! This 
overrides Krauser's attempt to destroy Terry, and knocks him out. Terry 
has once again proven his value as the true "King of Fighters"! A 
defeated Krauser urges Terry to leave his sight, disgusted as his own 
weakness and living with the shame of defeat.
	It seemed like there was nothing else for Terry to prove, but when 
invitations for "The King of Fighters" arrive in 1994, Terry is surprised 
to realize that the tournament host will change its' format. It would now 
support fights between teams of three fighters, in a match for survival! 
Terry called on the rest of the "Lonely Wolves", and enter the 
tournament. The same formula was repeated one year later, and even though 
Terry was no longer the champion during these two tournaments, he was 
crucial in helping the new champion, Kyo Kusanagi and his team of 
Japanese heroes, defeat the demented host of the tournament, black market 
lord Rugal Bernstein.
	After the 1995 King of Fighters tournament ends, Terry considers it 
appropiate to call it a break, and retreats to Southtown to take a break. 
He meditates about all the new friends he met, and the pool of challenges 
that is the new "King of Fighters" tournament. When Terry arrives at 
Southtown, he is invited by his old friend Richard Myer to assist to the 
opening of his new bar, the Pao Pao Cafe 2. Terry gladly accepted as the 
guest of honor in the reception party. Terry arrives, and notices that he 
is still praised and admired by the city of Southtown. Terry is thankful 
that his reputation has not decreased. But not everything would be party 
and enjoyment. Terry senses something going terribly wrong when the 
lights go out, and two ominous figures appear in the main stage of the 
	Suprisingly, the evil presences that Terry had felt are no other 
than two children! They claim to be the Jin twins, heirs to a cursed 
legacy, and are intent in acheiving ultimate power. They are now in hold 
of their family's treasure, which are the Scrolls of Immortality! When 
they unleash the power of the scrolls, they would achieve the eternal 
life, and they would be unstoppable! They even challenge the whole city 
of Southtown to find the strongest among them to obtain the Scrolls of 
Immortality, which unleashes a brutal uprising in the Cafe. Terry tries 
to keep control, but the situation has turned way out of hand. Terry and 
the other "Lonely Wolves" barely escape from the building in chaos. Terry 
and his friends gather to discuss the importance of stopping the Jins 
once and for all. The discussion is soon joined by a pretty secret agent 
called Blue Mary. Mary agrees with Terry that the Jins are not a force to 
toy around with, and they should resolve the situation has soon as 
possible. Terry finds in Mary a strong woman, with well-established 
principles, and defintely feels that something might be shaping up 
between them.
	However, the critical situation at hand eclipses these feelings, as 
Terry and the others struggle to stop the ambition of the Jins. The new 
batch of fighters in Southtown inspire Terry to become even better to 
challenge a power that is far beyond mortal comprehension. Terry is 
informed by Mary that she has discovered the hiding place of the Jins, 
and Terry urges his friends to help him out in such a precarious 
situation. When Terry arrives, he is surprised to face a tall man who 
blocks his way. This man dressed in black, totted a knife, and had a 
maniacal smile on his face. Terry could feel that this thug was not your 
common Joe, but in fact had a certain evil aura to him. His name was 
Ryuji Yamazaki, hired by the Jins as their personal bodyguard, but Mary 
identifies him as a notorious criminal in Hong Kong. But before Terry 
could plan a strategy, the rest of the "Lonely Wolves" attacked Yamazaki! 
Terry was shocked when he saw Yamazaki knock them out with swift motions 
from his hands! Yamazaki now aims to make Terry his next victim!
	During the fight between Terry and Yamazaki, Terry is too concerned 
about the condition of his friends and the plan of the Jins to fully 
concentrate on the battle at hand. Thankfully, Hon-Fu, a Hong Kong police 
cop on the trail of Yamazaki, urges Terry to go on while he handles the 
situation. Terry thanks Hon-Fu, and he hurries to the inner chamber of 
the Jins, where indeed, the Jins have raised their power level thanks to 
the secret power of the Scrolls of Immortality. Terry puts his best 
performance to battle the two twins, but their power is way too 
impressive and overwhelming, defying the laws of nature itself. Terry 
doesn't seem to be going anywhere, until the Jins suddenly begin to feel 
a bit dizzy and weak. Their godlike powers begin to fade away, as Terry 
takes the chance to gain the upper hand on the twins. But something was 
terribly wrong, as noted out by the Jins. The Jins point out that someone 
must be tampering with the scrolls, and they direct Terry towards the 
sanctuary where the Scrolls of Immortality are being kept. Terry wastes 
no time in cracking the mystery....
	But when Terry reaches the keeping place for the scrolls, he is 
received with an unpleasant surprise. There is a man who is already in 
possession of the Scrolls of Immortality, and it is no other than Geese 
Howard! He had survived from his fall 3 years ago, and is now aching for 
revenge. To further realize his ambitions, he has planned to use the 
scrolls to grant his wish of becoming immortal. He also seeks a great 
power that will help him crush the resistance. Having said that, Geese 
escapes into the darkness. Terry is left dumbfounded and confused, unable 
to think correctly about the situation at hand.
	The plot thickens when Geese enters the "King of Fighters" 
tournament along with Krauser in the same team. Terry realizes that Geese 
is after the same power that destroyed Rugal a year ago, and vowed that 
he will not let Geese accomplish his plan. When the tournament ended, it 
was obvious that what Geese was seeking was the Orochi power, a mortal 
force at work behind the "King of Fighters" tournament. Terry has decided 
to help Kyo and the other fighters to erradicate this terrible menace. 
But still, Terry was not surprised when Geese once again sent his lackey 
Billy Kane to watch over the events in the 1997 "King of Fighters" 
tournament. Along with him was the psychotic Ryuji Yamazaki, who had 
escaped from capture at Hon-Fu's hands, and suprisingly, Blue Mary! Terry 
talks to Mary about her involvement with the two criminals, and she 
replies that she has been hired to investigate on Yamazaki. It seems this 
year was shaping up to be pretty intense....
	After a faithful and bloody match, Terry, along with Kyo, Iori, and 
the other warriors of legend, managed to seal away the Orochi power once 
more. The aftermath was that it was revealed that Yamazaki was part of 
the Orochi bloodline! Terry knew he had felt something ominous about 
Yamazaki ever since he met him for the first time. But now that the 
Orochi was gone, there was one matter still left: Geese and his plans to 
use the Scrolls of Immortality!
	The "Lonely Wolves" and the rest of the Southtown gang gathered 
once again in the rebuilt Pao Pao Cafe 2. Terry noticed the importance of 
retrieving the Scrolls of Immortality away from Geese as soon as 
possible. He would need the help of all his friends. So, Terry and the 
others began their personal fights to find the warrior worthy enough to 
challenge Geese in the final battle. Terry did all he could to correct 
his mistake he made by not killing Geese the first time. He tried to make 
up to it, and so, Terry once again climbed the top of the ladder to 
become the top contender to erradicate Geese. What he didn't expect was 
that his little brother, Andy, had also passed through his challengers 
with success.
	Finally, the two brothers meet in front of the final location: 
Geese Tower. Andy is poised to fight Terry to earn the right of facing 
Geese, but Terry would rather have Andy's help him than to challenge him. 
He knew that Geese would be far more stronger this time around, and while 
they were fighting each other, Geese would take advantage and do away 
with them. Terry finally makes Andy understand the importance of the 
situation, and so, the two Bogards climb up to the top floor, where Geese 
has been eagerly awaiting for them in the balcony.
	It was pretty obvious that Geese had enhanced his powers from his 
research of the Scrolls of Immortality, but Geese himself admits that he 
has not yet finished the lecture of the scrolls, so he is not yet 
immortal. He has kept that pleasure for later. In the meantime, he would 
crush the Bogards with his incredible power, and keep them away from 
being an obstacle to his plans! Terry and Andy attack Geese with their 
best techniques, but it is Geese who soon shows them how truly weak they 
are by smashing them to the ground constantly with his superior power. 
Terry feels that this fight is very different from the first time, since 
Geese has gained a considerable amount of power. The situation seems 
pretty hopeless, until Andy slowly gets up, smiles to Terry, and tells 
him that he was sorry not to keep his promise. Terry is confused by 
Andy's attitude, and without wasting time, Andy assaults Geese in a front 
encounter! The attack proves to be lethal for Andy himself, who is 
severly wounded for his act.
	Without hesitation, Terry goes to help his bashed and bruised 
brother. Coughing blood, Andy finally admits that he was too weak and too 
self-centered to defeat Geese, and gives all his trust in Terry, the 
better brother. Having said that, Andy passes out. Terry is left to 
challenge Geese alone, but this time, his fury will prove to be a force 
for Geese to reckon with! With every blow, Terry and Geese unleash their 
hatred and passion. But unfortunatley for Geese, his power begins to wear 
off. He begins to yield to Terry's attacks, and his last hope resides in 
the Scrolls of Immortality, where he could achieve eternal life and fear 
nothing! Terry notices Geese's interest in the scrolls, and strikes him 
away before he can get close to the Scrolls of Immortality. Geese is sent 
flying off the balcony, but Terry makes it just in time to catch Geese 
before he falls to his doom! But this time, Geese seems more than intent 
on dying and leaving the mortal coil. Geese leaves Terry some "unfinished 
business", as he lets go of Terry's grasp, and falls to his sure death. 
Terry is left staring at Geese's fall, as he tries to understand what 
Geese tried to say by that.
	As soon as Terry turns around, he is shocked by the sight of the 
two Jin twins in possession of the scrolls! Terry curses his lack of 
awareness, as Chonshu mocks Terry and constantly reminds Terry about the 
accomplishment of their plan to become immortals! But in a huge surprise, 
Chonrei rips the Scrolls of Immortality apart! Chonshu is really ticked 
at Chonrei's actions, but Chonrei soothes his anger when he tells his 
brother that they didn't have to carry on the plans of their ancestors, 
and they had the choice to lead a normal life without pressure, without 
the curse of being a Jin. Chonshu finally understands, and both twins bid 
Terry farewell, and thank him for his help in making them understand what 
their true destiny was. As the twins walk away, Terry smiles, and is 
relieved that he could finally talk someone out of their evil plans.
	However, there was still one person left in the balcony. A little 
boy peeks out to check on the traces of Terry and Geese's battle. Terry 
finds it odd that a kid would be way up here in a place like this. Terry 
decides to take the child and the wounded Andy downstairs. As Terry 
leaves Andy in medical care, and after reassuring his friends that 
everything was alright, Terry takes the kid away of Southtown, in search 
of the child's parents. But the youngster slaps Terry away, and chews out 
Terry for having defeated Geese! Terry doesn't fully understand why the 
kid would have a bone to pick with Geese, but he is surprised enough when 
the kid begins to attack him! Terry could notice a fury and anger in the 
boy's heart that was hard to understand. It felt like the rage in that 
kid's heart was the same as Geese's! Then, Terry knew that the boy was 
most likely to be Geese's son! Terry knocks the boy out with a light 
punch that puts him out of comission. Terry begins to interrogate the 
boy, who's name was Rock Howard. As Rock lied on the grass field and 
stared at the star-filled night sky, he broke into tears, and told Terry 
his whole story, a story of how Geese abandoned his mother and him, and 
left his mother to die of a disease. Terry felt compassion for Rock, and 
in a same charity act as Jeff did, Terry decides to take Rock in as his 
	Meanwhile, Terry was at work investigating the involvement of a 
dangerous new organization called NESTS who was manipulating the threads 
behind the "King of Fighters" tournament. This time, the rules had 
changed once again, this time raising the number of team members to four, 
with the fourth member being able to help in a determined time in the 
match. In 1999, Terry welcomed the services of Mai as the fourth team 
member, and they finally discovered the location of the hidden base of 
NESTS. But once they arrived, the base began to crumble and fall! But 
instead of running away, Terry could feel the presence of his lost friend 
Kyo Kusanagi within the base. The base finally gave in, and the rest of 
the "Lonely Wolves" wonder about Terry's destiny...
	But there was no need to fear, as Terry was alive and well, and 
ready to team up with the "Lonely Wolves" once again. This time, Terry 
was glad that Mary would be the one to help them as fourth team member, 
replacing Mai. Now, Terry and the others would go to the bottom of NESTS, 
but their clues directed them to Southtown once again! It seems that 
NESTS had placed their headquarters in Southtown, and Zero was the agent 
in charge of the base. Unfortunately, Zero has the ultimate weapon, the 
killer satellite Zero Cannon, which he manipulated from his base in the 
industrial district of Southtown. As Zero is defeated, the Cannon is 
fired by the upper agents of NESTS, disgusted with Zero's treason. Thsi 
destroys Zero's headquarters, as well as Southtown. Terry is left to 
cover up the escape of his partners, but Terry himself is wounded during 
the downfall of the underground complex. Terry is once again reported as 
missing, but he has secretly taken Rock to a safe place, where they plan 
their next move....
	Eight years have passed since then. A train passes by the rebuilt 
Second Southtown as the night falls. Two men rest inside one of the cars. 
Finally, one man with short, messy blond hair and a leather jacket tells 
the other that they had arrived at their destiny. The two persons jump 
out of the train, and introduce themselves into Second Southtown. It was 
Terry, who had a more experienced look to him, and the grown Rock Howard, 
who had became a young man with amazing fighting skills and lots of 
promise. The objective was to enter a new tournament being held in Second 
Southtown, a competition that would revive the old flame of fighting in 
the city. It would be called the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem", and 
Terry was ready to deal with the new generation of fighters, as well as 
make Rock test his true potential in battle. 
	It was no doubt that Terry's return to Southtown marked a pretty 
noticeable success. The presence of the living legend inspired many 
fighters to put their best effort in making their fights more worthwhile 
and give their best shot. Terr felt excited by the presence of new 
fighters, and by the return of several martial arts he already knew 
about: there was Khushnood Butt, a student of Ryo Sakazaki's Kyokugenryo 
Karate, and the two sons of Kim Kaphwan, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan, 
Tae Kwon Do extraordinaires. Terry was more than determined to win the 
tournament, even though he was being pursued by some weird cop called 
Kevin Rian, who claims that Terry is the one responsible for the death of 
his partner. Still, Terry keeps fighting his way to the top, using his 
refined techniques!
	In the end, Terry is requested to fight at a ruined temple in the 
outskirts of Southtown. There, he meets with his disciple Rock, whom 
Terry had expected to arrive as well, since the beginning. Rock considers 
that Terry is his last opponent to defeat before becoming champion, but 
Terry warns Rock about an evil menace watching over them. And the temple 
was most likely a source of it. Terry invites Rock to come with and 
figure it out. Inside the temple was a stone altar, shrouded in darkness. 
All of a sudden, the whole room is ignited in flames, and in the middle, 
a large man stands. He wears a horned mask and a cape, and his incredibly 
powerful aura, along with his massive built, allows him to make the 
ground itself tremble! Terry recognizes this man as the evil presence he 
felt. The man is called Grant, the "Martyr of Might". He challenges the 
legendary Lone Wolf to a fight! Terry smiles, and bids Rock to stand 
back, as the two huge forces clash in one battle to end all!
	Indeed, Terry had a hard time dealing with the behemoth Grant, who 
unlike Krauser, could move as fast as he was strong. Terry had to give it 
all, using his wealth of experience, to counter each and every blow that 
Grant launched, and deliver his own shots. It was a harsh fight that 
constantly turned tides, but Terry managed to come out victorious in the 
end. But his condition is extremely wasted, and does not have the 
strength to go on. Rock wants Terry to help him find more about his past 
with Kain, the host of the tournament, but Terry wants Rock to find out 
on his own. After sending Rock to meet his fate, Terry watches Grant 
slump over, closely followed by Terry....
	When Terry wakes up, he can sense a rumble coming from afar. He 
quickly gets up and exits the temple to see what it is. He then spots 
Kain's mansion crumbling to the ground! Worried about Rock, Terry rushes 
to the mansion's ruins. He searches everywhere, under every piece of 
rubble, and calls out for his student. No answer. Until a man dressed in 
elegant white clothes walks up to Terry. This man was Kain, the host of 
the tournament! Terry realizes that Kain has been up to no good, but Kain 
bids Terry to calm down and accept the facts. Terry wonders what he is 
talking about, as Kain introduces him to his new partner: Rock! Terry is 
shocked by this revelation, but Rock reassures him that he has to do this 
in order to find out the truth about his past. Terry understands, and 
leaves his cub to walk out of the den by his own. Terry silently walks 
away from the familiar duo.
	On his way back, Terry finds a small black kid sleeping under a 
tree. Worried that he might not find his parents, Terry takes him along. 
After a while, Kevin quickly approaches Terry, and Terry assumes that 
more trouble is on the way. But instead, Kevin thanks Terry for finding 
Marky, the kid, who was the son of Kevin's deceased partner. As he 
watches the happy reunion between Kevin and Marky, Terry remembers how he 
and Rock used to spend good times together. Perhaps a legend as strong 
and brave as Terry can still bring himself to being sentimental every now 
and then.
	Terry is the most respected, feared, admired, loved, and hated 
fighter you could possibly imagine in Southtown. His legend lives forever 
as a fighter with strong skills, solid moves, and a kind heart. His 
impressive victories over Geese and Krauser have allowed him to be a 
recognized figure not only in Southtown, but in the whole world. Along 
with his dear brother Andy, his sweetheart Mary, and his disciple Rock, 
the Lone Wolf aims to establish a new legacy in the world of fighting.

*Anime tidbits: Damn, he's the freakin' HERO, for God's sake! You'll 
always see him kicking butt in every anime, although not without the 
casual "anime hero bad moment" (his girlfriend, Lilly, died in the first 
FF anime at the hands of Geese Howard, and his sweetheart Sulia 
Gaudeamus, twin sister to main villain Laocorn Gaudeamus, sacrifices 
herself to save Terry from her brother's wrath in the FF motion 
picture...which is why many people think Blue Mary might be doomed to 
disaster!). He also gets defeated by Wolfgang Krauser in the second FF 
anime (which triggers his depression), and gets trashed around by Laocorn 
and his lackey Jamin for some time in the FF motion picture. His Burn 
Knuckle turns out to be a VERY resorted technique by Terry, and his most 
powerful attacks relies in 2 moves he NEVER has in the games (the Senpu 
Ken and the Hado Senpu Kyaku). After Terry defeats Mars (the God of War) 
in the motion picture, you kinda wonder why Terry continues in FF (he 
defeated a GOD, for Pete sake!).

Appearances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3: 
Road to Final Victory, Real Bout: Fatal Fury, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind, Fatal 
Fury: Wild Ambition, Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Other games: The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King 
of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98: The 
Slugfest, The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle, The King of 
Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 
2000, Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 - Pro, Capcom vs. SNK 2: 
Millionaire Fighting 2001

TIZOC (The Griffon)
Fighting style: 	Pro wrestling
Birthdate: 		April 25, 1979
Birthplace:		Mexico
Blood type:		O
Height:		2.15 m (7')
Weight:		118 kg (260 lbs.)
Hobbies:		None
Favorite food:	He eats anything a lot
Favorite sport:	Triathelon
Most important:	His Griffon mask
Hates the most:	Illegal moves, and the wrestlers who use them 
Favorite music:	The theme of Griffon
Special skill: 	He can hold 5 average men on his bridge

	When Southtown was reborn into Second Southtown, people needed a 
public figure that could give them hope for the future. This was 
especially true for the children of the city, who had lost their parents 
in the destruction of Southtown by the Zero Cannon years ago. Fortunately 
for them, a new fighter stands up in the arena to do battle for all those 
who wander in the dark shadows of the world of despair. Hope now has new 
name: the pro-wrestler, Tizoc!
	Although barely known in the wrestling circuit until then, after 
doning his eagle mask, Tizoc became a sentimental figure for all those in 
Second Southtown not just by the fact he was an exceptional wrestler with 
an outstanding repertoire of grabs and throws, but he also dedicated his 
fights (and the prize money) to support the orphans in need. Not only did 
Tizoc had muscles of steel, his heart was warm and was always ready to 
help those who needed it the most.
	Not content with being a very loved wrestler in Second Southtown, 
Tizoc decided to challenge his own skills by entering the infamous "King 
of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament, reknowned for having different 
fighters from diverse martial arts. Tizoc considered it the perfect 
chance to diverse his style and reputation aside from that he already had 
in the wrestling arena, and to gain even more money to help his fellow 
	Even though Tizoc did rather well in the tournament, and managed to 
gain enough money to aid the children for quite some time, Tizoc was left 
unhappy. Sure, everyone was amazed and admired Tizoc's strength and true 
value in combat, but Tizoc felt his actions were dishonorable, and 
thought his fighting could only lead to more suffering, more pain. 
Perhaps Tizoc was influenced by the words of the host of the tournament, 
Kain R. Heinlein, who said that if fighting could be justified by helping 
children, but still make other people grovel in pain in the attempt. 
After the tournament ends with the downfall of Kain, Tizoc disappears and 
no one ever knows from him again.
	The unmasked Tizoc visits the orphans he has helped several weeks 
after the "King of Fighters Maximum Mayhem" tournament has ended. He 
watches with compassion at the better style of life they lead thanks to 
the money earned by him in his fights. But the guilt could still not 
leave his soul. When he approaches an orphan who is attached to his 
wheelchair, he finds out that the child has been long waiting for Tizoc's 
return, unknown of the fact that he was standing next to him. Tizoc 
wonders why, and the kid confesses that Tizoc's tenacity, courage, and 
will to help those who don't have hope for the future was what made them 
look forward to a new tomorrow, mindless of the results or money. Tizoc 
had suceeded in giving these children of no one a new vision of a new 
world. As Tizoc retires from the orphanage, he dons his eagle mask once 
more. It should be time for the great Tizoc to return: the wrestler with 
a new ideal for the hopeless!
	At a simple glance, one might think that Tizoc is a rowdy and 
brutal wrestler who only wishes to demonstrate how many heads he can bust 
open, but Tizoc only wishes to use his natural strength and superb 
wrestling skills to help those who need him the most. Money, fame, and 
glory are all but secondary terms to Tizoc: his goal in life is to make 
other people share his glorious vision of life, where people can still 
feel hope for the future. 

Appearances: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Fighting style: 	Dai Kitanan-ryuu Aikido Jutsu
Birthdate: 		October 17, 19??
Birthplace:		Japan
Blood type:		AB
Height:		1.62 m (5'3")
Weight:		52 kg (115 lbs.)
Hobbies:		None
Favorite food:	Monaka
Favorite sport:	None
Most important:	Himself
Hates the most:	Old people being mistreated

	A prime martial artist in his youth, Toji now spends the remainder 
of his life strolling down the streets of Southtown without a care in the 
world. Once a jolly and high spirited fighter who had earned a name for 
himself in the world of fighting with his solid and refined Aikido style, 
which allowed him to deliver several powerful blows in just a few 
seconds, Toji is now nothing more than a forgotten old man who is 
terribly resentful towards the society that once worshipped and admired 
his feats.
	Toji just passes most of his time wandering around the crime 
infested streets of Southtown. Any thug foolish enough to try and mug him 
would suffer terrible consecuences, and probably end up in a hospital for 
their insolence. However, ever since the appearance of Geese Howard in 
the fighting scene, Toji's interest has been somewhat moved. It seemed 
that the challenge of the crime lord had once again reactivated the 
dormant fighting spirit within him. Toji was fully aware of Geese's 
legendary Hakkyokuseiken style, since he had faced Tung Fu Rue, Geese's 
master, several times in the past. Inspired by the new batch of fighters 
that have appeared to challenge Geese, Toji just might yet revive his old 
fighting flame, and teach the new generation a thing or two about true 
battle experience.
	A silent old man who does not care about anything that could happen 
in the outside world, Toji secludes himself in his own world of solitude 
and silence. Now passing his life as a common man of his age, Toji enjoys 
living his life in peace, but deep inside, the enjoyment of the past 
years of battle that will never return still boils, and his skills are 
still yet to deteriorate!

Appearances: Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition

Fighting style: 	Wrestling
Birthdate: 		September 10, 19??
Birthplace:		Japan
Blood type:		O
Height:		1.62 m (5'3")
Weight:		43 kg (95 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Cooking (but she's not very good at it)
Favorite food:	Octopus dumplings (takoyaki) from the neighborhood 
Favorite sport:	Swimming
Most important:	Special photograph of her and her mother
Hates the most:	Ghost stories

	A high school student who has entered a student exchange program in 
Southtown, Tsugumi soon finds herself submerged in a town with an 
unnatural passion for fighting. Although it wasn't precisely the kind of 
town she expected it to be, filled with crime and evil ambitions, Tsugumi 
found it to be a great place to practice her wrestling skills that she 
had learned in Japan. 
	Tsugumi hears the rumors about a new crime lord in town called 
Geese Howard, and is intrigued by the fact that Geese has defeated 
several fighters without contest. More so, Tsugumi finds it very 
interesting about the fact that many different fighters from different 
schools of martial arts roam the streets in search of a good fight. 
Tsugumi thinks that her trip to Southtown might just leave her something 
more than just school knowledge!
	Although it is truly odd for a girl of her age to find passion and 
interest in such a violent sport as wrestling, and considering her 
fragile built, one might not know that she is a professional wrestler. 
But Tsugumi, aside from having her normal life of a high school student 
and as a teenager, also finds her dreams focused in finding worthy 
fighters and improving her skills every time!

Appearances: Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition

Fighting style: 	Hakkyokuseiken
Birthdate: 		April 14, 1924
Birthplace:		China
Blood type:		A
Height:		1.63 m (5'3")
Weight:		46 kg (101 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Meditation
Favorite food:	Cha-tamago
Favorite sport:	Tai Chi
Most important:	The accomplishments of his pupils
Hates the most:	Extravagance
Favorite music:	Folk songs
Special skill: 	He can adapt the nature of other people

*Cha-tamago = Egg tea

	As the headmaster of the Hakkyokuseiken school of martial arts, 
Tung was reknowned as a very impressive fighter back in his day, turning 
his name into legend. After retiring from the fighting scene, Tung 
decided to teach his style to other people around the world. His deep 
knowledge of the fight and fair principles allowed him to be a superb, if 
not uptight, teacher. 
	One of his first disciples were 2 American boys who happened to be 
as different as the day and the night. One boy was named Jeff Bogard. 
Filled with honor and a strong sense of justice, Jeff wanted to learn 
Hakkyokuseiken to find his internal peace, and to hone his fighting 
skills. On the other hand, there was Geese Howard. Unlike Jeff, Geese 
wished to become strong and to vanquish his opponents by any means 
neccesary. He was not ashamed to admit that he would use his power to 
crush those would dare stand against him. Even with this attitude in 
front of him, Tung decided to train the two children anyway.
	Several years passed, in which Tung saw the 2 boys grow. As 
expected, Jeff became more prominent as a martial artist, while Geese's 
arrogance and ambition grew stronger. Jeff even adopted 2 children from 
the streets as his own sons: he named them Terry and Andy. When the time 
came to choose the legitimate heir to the Hakkyokuseiken style, Tung 
found it evident that Jeff was the right choice. This obviously triggered 
Geese's hatred and marked both men for retribution. 
	Jeff continued his own way, as Tung continuted to meditate and to 
perfect his style in the mountain range near Southtown. But Tung was very 
aware of Geese's threats, and he never kept an eye out of him. But Geese 
was not intent on letting go of his promise: one day, Geese surprised 
Jeff, and in a act of pure cowardice, Geese made good on his vow, and 
killed Jeff. This paved the way for Geese's total control over Southtown, 
not only as a gangster but as a fighter as well. Tung mourned his best 
disciple's passing, but there were others matters to attain: one of them 
being the fate of Jeff's two sons, Terry and Andy.
	Tung saw the desire for revenge in the eyes of the two brothers, 
but he knew that being influenced by such feelings would only make them 
get killed by Geese as well. Thus, Tung prompted a choice for the young 
children: to choose their own destiny to train themselves. Terry decided 
to stay in Southtown, since the streets were crawling with fighters, and 
it wouldn't be hard to pick up skills from several martial arts. Andy 
decided he would go to Japan and train himself in the deadliest art in 
all Asia. Tung saw it fit to recommend him with his old friend, Hanzo 
Shiranui, so Andy could learn the lethal ways of the Koppo-ken. Having 
sent the 2 brothers off, Tung once again retreats into seclusion....
	10 years had passed since that day, and Tung traveled to the same 
point where he had prompted the Bogard brothers to a decision. There, he 
met with the grown-up Terry and Andy. Andy had brought a friend with him 
from his trip to Japan: the Muay Thai champion, cocky Joe Higashi. More 
than anything, Tung could feel the sheer potential in the two youngsters, 
and wondered who was ready to receive the ultimate Hakkyokuseiken 
teachings. As a way of testing, he decided to look over their advances in 
the upcoming "King of Fighters" tournament, by entering the competition 
	While easily dealing with the more inexperienced rivals who faced 
him, Tung was very aware of Terry and Andy's progress. As it turned out 
to be, Andy, being the younger brother, was driven by personal emotions. 
Having been more sentimentally attached to his father than Terry, Andy's 
thirst for revenge against Geese knew no equal. At this rate, he would 
lose sight of his intentions at hand, and eventually become another Geese 
in the making. Meanwhile, Terry showed a true passion for fighting, a 
desire to face worthy opponents that made Tung remind himself of his old 
days of yore.
	When the finals were drawing near, Tung knew he didn't have much 
time left to teach one of the brothers the secret teachings of the 
Hakkyokuseiken style. By the time he resolved this, the decision was 
already made: Terry would be the one to inherit the techniques. After 
teaching Terry, Tung fell exhausted. He could do no more. He urged Terry 
to fight Geese and to demonstrate himself his true potential as a 
fighter. Filled with new enthusiasm, Terry hurries to Geese Tower to do 
battle against Geese. 
	After watching his old disciple fall from atop the top floor of 
Geese Tower, Tung had the bad feeling that Geese was not dead yet. As a 
way of not worrying Terry, Tung did not say anything. Instead, he began a 
last journey around the world to encounter himself. He knew Terry would 
realize soon enough that Geese was still alive, but when the time come, 
he would become stronger. After that, Tung was not to be seen anywhere, 
but his legend still lives as the main practicioner of the Hakkyokuseiken 
martial art.
	A giddly and spirited old man, Tung is not too serious yet not too 
silly. Acting like a kind father to his students, Tung does not question 
the rights and wrongs of people, but instead allows themselves to find 
their own paths. Tung's hidden strength can be manifested in quite an 
impressive way: sometimes, his old physique can grow to inhuman 
proportions, and become an overwhelming beast! Despite his ferocious 
appearance at times, Tung still keeps his friendly heart, and his kind 

	EX TUNG FU RUE (Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special): Secret shadow 
version of Tung. Basically, he's the Tung you knew from Fatal Fury 
Special, gains back his Geki-Hou as a special move, but loses his Spit 
Projectile and his Super Taunt. 

*Cameos: Tung appears several times in the backgrounds of the KOF series. 
First, in the Fatal Fury team's background in The King of Fighters '94 
(Italy), he is one of the several FF celebrities located in the gondola 
in the middle of the stage. In the Fatal Fury team's background in The 
King of Fighters '96 (trailer park, daytime), he appears in the roof of 
the building at the right with Sokaku. Finally, in the China stage in The 
King of Fighters '97, Tung appears in the "Next Challenger" booth on the 
left randomly, with Jubei and Art of Fighting's Lee Pailong.

*Anime tidbits: Tung sends Terry and Andy off to their training journey 
after Geese kills their father Jeff in the first FF anime. When Tung 
reunites them 10 years later, he is willing to teach the ultimate 
Hakkyokuseiken technique to the most worthy student. The obvious choice 
goes to Terry, but Tung is then mortally wounded by Billy Kane, and 
teaches the Senpu Ken to Terry before dying. In the second FF anime, 
Tung's spirit appears to give Terry some pointers before the final match 
against Krauser.

Appearances: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Mind control abilities
Birthdate: 	      Unknown
Birthplace:	      England
Blood type:	      A
Height:		1.78 m (5'8")
Weight:		55 kg (121 lbs.)
Hobbies:	      Card games, collecting dolls
Favorite food:	Chocolate
Favorite sport:	None (he hates sports)
Most important:	His rod
Hates the most:	Violent people
Favorite music:	Music by Frantz Herald Schubert
Special skill:	Can guess the outcome of a coin toss 100% of the time

	Reknowned as a dangerous crime lord, White is in control of one of 
the most dangerous weapon and drug dealing organizations in the world. 
But White is far beyond any common thug. Despite his bizarre appearance 
and odd clothing, White has an attribute that makes him the menace that 
he is: he has incredible psychic powers, that allows him to look into the 
mind of any person, and be able to manipulate their thoughts to his 
	Since the moment that White surged to create his crime syndicate, 
he has easily thwarted any possible opposition to his rule, and has even 
made allies out of some of his enemies, thanks to his brain washing 
skills. His wrath against society, and the desire to create a new world 
order, has inspired White to secure strategic locations where his illegal 
operations can pass through without any sort of danger. One of the places 
that he made his own base of operations was a small village where a young 
pilot called Alfred lived. But White, who always aims for higher 
ambitions, has set his sight on a better prey....
	For White, his ultimate ambition is to gain complete control of 
Southtown, an industrial city that proves to be more than perfect for his 
evil plans, since the city has always thrived on criminal activities. 
White meets his own share of enemies, but most of them quickly surrender 
to his superior mind power. White seems more than intent on winning 
Southtown over, but a young man, a survivor from White's past conquests, 
has steped forward to put an end to White's twisted dreams...a young 
pilot called Alfred....
	A demented psycho and all-around disturbed fellow, White finds 
pleasure in making people suffer, and to follow his every wish. He uses 
his mind-controlling abilities to make people his personal toys, 
manipulating them to his desire. White enjoys playing around with those 
foolish enough to challenge him, using the great amount of power that he 

Appearances: Real Bout: Dominated Mind

Fighting style: 	Combination of several martial arts
Birthdate: 		Unknown
Birthplace:		Germany
Blood type:		A
Height:		2.00 m (6'5")
Weight:		145 kg (319 lbs.)
Hobbies:		Collecting antiques
Favorite food:	Anything
Favorite sport:	Has no interest, but can play anything
Most important:	Chivalry
Hates the most:	Vanity, falsehood
Favorite music:	Classical
Special skill: 	Any kind of gambling (except petty games)

	The legitimate heir of one of the most feared families in the 
history of eastern Europe, the Strolheim legacy, Wolfgang Krauser appears 
to be a fancy German noblesman who attends to parties and meetings among 
the royal families in Europe, living true to his reputation and honoring 
his lineage. But what many people don't know about, is Krauser's true 
side: the life of a mortal and cold-blooded fighter, who while using his 
heavy-duty techniques, often leaves the opponent more than bruised and 
battered, but emotionally scarred from the insanely brutal match.
	Krauser was raised on the principle that he should be the strongest 
man in the world, and to crush all those who consider themselves stronger 
than him, because the Strolheim family will not allow anyone to surpass 
their reputation. With this in mind, Krauser began to fight in a 
professional way at a very young age, with impressive results, sometimes 
defeating opponents who were twice his size or age. During the pass of 
the years, it became evident that it would be hard for anyone to be able 
to stand against Krauser without suffering the consecuences.
	But even Krauser himself was no longer amused with his style of 
life. The opponents who faced him were very boring and offered him no 
challenge or pleasure. Krauser began to grow a bit frustrated because his 
skills would certainly deteriorate if this kept up. Then, some 
interesting news were informed to Krauser. It was said that the infamous 
Geese Howard, reknowned crime lord and a person who Krauser knew 
personally, was defeated in Southtown by a certain newbie to the fighting 
scene, in his own "King of Fighters" tournament. Krauser found it 
intriguing and amusing that someone would have defeated a consumated 
fighter such as Geese. It was amusing to realize that the world was so 
filled with worthy opponents! A brilliant idea then popped into Krauser's 
mind: he would take the rights to the "King of Fighters" tournament, 
finance it with his inmense wealth from his family's treasure arcs, and 
hold his own competition, this time inviting fighters from the whole 
world to provide some sort of challenge to his reign!
	Accompanied in the sidelines by his trusty servant, the bullfighter 
Lawrence Blood, Krauser knew that such a huge tournament would be too 
much for a fighter as famous as the one who had defeated Geese to resist. 
But as the tournament was taking place, Krauser decided it was time for 
him to hone his skills by his own means. Krauser then traveled the world, 
challenging several masters of various martial arts to combat, while 
Lawrence informed him about the progress of the tournament. Hoping to 
show everyone who was participating in the tournament who they were going 
against, Krauser not only defeated, but also swiftly crippled each and 
every fighter he found in his path. His trail of destruction and despair 
soon covered most of the world. The news of Lawrence's defeat prompted 
Krauser to return to his homeplace, Strolheim Castle, to do battle 
against the finalist.
	While Krauser was eagerly awaiting for the final competitor to show 
up, he prepared his castle to receive the man who would offer Krauser the 
battle of his life. Then, he finally arrived. Krauser was not amused by 
the man's appearance: he only sported a red cap and jacket, with some 
petty fighting gloves and jeans. Was this the man who had defeated the 
great Geese Howard? But Krauser could feel the burning fighting spirit 
within that man's soul. He was eager to fight a worthy opponent, and 
Krauser was more than willing to suit his needs. Krauser welcomed the 
great Terry Bogard to Strolheim Castle, and praises Terry's skills for 
having reached this far. But as good as Terry could be, Krauser vows that 
it will all end here and now, as Krauser removes his heavy bronze armor 
to do battle against the legendary Lone Wolf!
	The expectations Krauser had about Terry did not fall short in any 
way, as the two fought with almost equal intensity and strength. Krauser 
could attain the advantage soon in the battle thanks to his overwhelming 
and powerful techniques, but he knew that Terry was not going to let up 
so easily. But he could also feel the excitement of battle gathering up 
in his veins, as he continued to pound on Terry, but still the Lone Wolf 
would stand up and fight him again. Krauser began to question himself why 
did Terry possess such incredible strength, being that Krauser had much 
more power and strength than Terry?
	It was evident to Krauser that, while he was wasting his time 
fiddling around with opponents who offered him no challenge, and only to 
seek entertainment, Terry was improving himself with every battle that he 
held in the "King of Fighters" tournament. While Krauser was getting 
exhausted from his initial onslaught, Terry was still pretty much in 
shape. The outcome of the match was consumed by the ultimate technique 
displayed by Terry: the mighty Power Geyser, which sent Krauser flying 
into defeat. Panting and motionless, Krauser curses his overconfidence, 
and bids Terry to leave his sight, and to leave him alone with his 
humiliation, his pride broken into pieces.
	Nothing was known about Krauser since that day, but he did return 
to the fighting scene in 1996, when he was invited by no other than Geese 
Howard himself to the tournament which they both held once, but was now 
retaken in a new format and with new fighters: the "King of Fighters" was 
awaiting them once again. Along with one of Geese Howard's lackeys, Mr. 
Big, Krauser entered the tournament, and was glad that many fighters sill 
remembered his name. He did good on his reputation, and displayed an 
incredible amount of power and a fast way to resolve matches. Krauser was 
honored to be able to show that he still was worthy of fighting once 
again, even though he never got a chance to fight against his nemesis, 
Terry. Krauser didn't even mind that Geese was using him in his plot to 
control the Orochi power at work behind the tournament: he was only 
interested in fighting the best, and that is what he got. Krauser then 
returns to Strolheim Castle, where he still awaits anyone foolish enough 
to think that they can stand a chance against him. 
	Proud, elegant, but hiding a ruthless and cold composture, Krauser 
lives not only to defeat, but to devoid his opponent from any hope or 
illusion of fighting. Although not naturally "evil", so to speak, Krauser 
doesn't mind the pain or sorrow of anybody. If someone is not strong, 
then they are not worthy to live, is what Krauser thinks, and that is why 
he makes sure he gets his point across the opponent's mind!

*Anime tidbits: Krauser is the main villain of the second FF anime, where 
he comes in with a bang, defeating Terry Bogard right off the bat. It 
turns out that Krauser is Geese's half-brother, and killed his father in 
combat when he was 18. Notice how Krauser is missing the moustache and 
the "X" scar on his forehead. After that, Krauser gets challenged by Joe 
at his hotel room, but makes short work out of the Muay Thai champ. In 
the final match against Terry, Krauser realizes with amusement how Terry 
counters his every technique (even his most powerful move, the Kaiser 
Wave, which doesn't look like the REAL Kaiser Wave, by the way). Krauser 
is defeated in a heated battle thanks to Terry's deep earth energy. But 
Krauser refuses to live with the shame of defeat, and drops himself to 
his death from the top of his castle to the chasm below. 

Appearances: Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout: Fatal Fury 
Special, Real Bout 2: The Newcomers, Real Bout: Dominated Mind
Other games: The King of Fighters '96	

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1.- SNK
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Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, Pulstar, Metal Slug, King of Fighters, 
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Fatal Fury Special! Man, this guy is really special! He really helped me 
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