Samurai Shodown IV review by Lord Wolfgang Krauser

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written by Lord Wolfgang Krauser
US Title: Samurai Shodown 4
Japanese Title: Samurai Shodown 4
Year: 1996
Size: 378 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

Graphics: 9 Line-up: 10 Control: 10 Gameplay: 10

Well this game is in my opinion the best Samurai out there. I loved 3 alot because of its skill and time consumption it really kicked, but you might ask "Well then why do you like this more???" It is addictive and is interchangeable depending on what you like. I myself am a huge fan of anime and Japanese culture and i think Samurai 4 needs to be looked at a little better:) Let get started.

Graphics 9.0 Easily one of the most gorgeous games on the neo. When i think of Samurai Shodown 4's graphics i think of heavy detail and a lot of pretty stages i especially liked the way in SS3 the backgrounds would change when both opponents energy hit low. A very cool feature I might add, because you get that "time to get serious" feeling VERY COOL. I am glad to know this feature returned in this game and is still kicking major butt. As for the new guys Sogetsu the coolest looking guy other than Setsuna and Ukyo to hold a sword EVER! animations of the characters kicked total ass in here too:)


Control 10 Excellent, everything responds perfectly to your hand motions, no quirks here! Just pure gaming bliss. Specials of the various characters are great and pulled off in regularly doing them or the cheesy beginner tactic ABCD motion, very unique and innovative!:)

Gameplay 10 A god send, this game delivers nicely with the series past and ups its future elements all the more. Ahh and the lightning responsive controls are all the more better as I have witnessed in this game. Something about it always feels fresh.

Character line-up 10-10-10!!!!!! Man oh boy, I could not have asked for a cooler line-up than this. Almost all my old favorites returned like charlotte and tamtam :-) and also the ever elusive Sogetsu and Kazuki new cool opposite elemental brothers fire/water and of course all of you old favorites return, I would love to have had Earthquake back though, but i don't speak for everyone.:)


Story 9 A good story line makes the game all the more enjoyable. It has all you will ever need to know as you use your favorite character as though you are actually him/her. Its really a good story Amakusa sadly turns over to evil again but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Overall 9.50 Of course you could not get this game, but then you would be cheating yourself out of endless nights of great gameplay....JUST HOPE YOUR BOSS DONT FIND YOU PLAYING ON JOB TIME! A truly recommended game, get any version they all kick except the CD loads like a SOB but I still love the music in the CD as well as a code to play as Minazuke Zankuro!


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