Robo Army

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Template:GameInfobox Robo Army is a beat-em-up game released in October 30, 1991 by SNK for Arcade. A sequel was in the works, tentatively titled Robo Army II, but this was apparently canceled.


In a futuristic city named Neo-Detroit, a scientist named Jeed kidnaps two police officers, Maxima and Rocky, and transforms them into cyborgs, but failed to implant on them a chip that would make them obey his will. They eventually escape his grasp and decide to defeat the mad scientist. He pits his army against the two, but they are no match for Maxima and Rocky. Maxima and Rocky eventually find out that Jeed kidnapped his own daughter to prevent her from stopping him. Maxima and Rocky defeated Jeed and saved his daughter. In gratitude for rescuing her, she returned them to normal. You Are Mission All Clear!


The game uses three of the four default buttons of the Neo-Geo; A is used for attacking, B is used for jumping and C is used for specials. The player can transform his/her character into a futuristic car and run through the enemies as well.