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Princess Sissy (プリンセス・シシー) is one of the characters from Power Instinct Matrimelee in the Power Instinct series, serving as the boss of the game.


Due to her older brother not being the ideal image of a King, Sissy's father, the King of Certain Country, decided to train her to be the successor of the throne. But as a Queen needs a King, Sissy's father decided to organize a martial arts tournament to find a strong warrior to continue the lineage of the royal family.


Being a princess, Sissy is formal, polite, and self-confident, but she can also be bratty, childish, and arrogant. She has also been known to show a bit of a trickster side on occasion.


  • Hidden Weapons - Sissy conceals hidden weaponry inside of her cape and her shoes, such as buzzsaws, iron balls, and a ray gun.
  • Treasure Box - Sissy's treasure box has a variety of magical powers, such as summoning djinn to attack, firing bombs, and producing sharp weapons.
  • Magic Powers - Sissy has a slight degree of magical ability.

Fighting Style

Most of Sissy's attacks utilize the hidden weapons inside of her cape and the magical treasure box she always carries with her.


  • Sissy's Entrance - Matrimelee
  • Matrimelee March - Matrimelee

Game Appearances

  • Power Instinct Matrimelee - Boss
  • Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou no Kaihou - Hidden character
  • Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou - Hidden character

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