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Politank Z (ポリタンク ゼット, Poritanku Zeto) is a character in Waku Waku 7. It's officially nicknamed as "The Ultimate Tank" (最強 戦車, Saikyo Sensha). It is piloted by two miniature policemen, Chojuro and Hamusuke. It is represented by the light blue Waku Waku ball.


Made from the garage of Waku Waku city's police headquarters, this anthropomorphic 1713 pound mecha is on its longest test run. Chojuro wants to use it and grant his wish from the Waku Waku balls.


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Fighting Style

Politank Z is slow yet powerful fighter that can morph its body parts into various weaponry. It can fire a cannon from its belly, turn its legs into spiked treads, and launch various missiles or bombs whilst in flight or on the ground. Its Harahara movement has the longest charge time in the game (at 10 seconds), making it nearly impossible to fully execute during most fights. When DokiDoki attack is executed, it can pop out a proppeler from its head and fly to the air while it fires bombs. Players can control its movement by pressing left or right.


After freeing the fairy and defeating Fernandez, the Pilots gets out of the Politank Z and Chojuro comes to make his wish. However, Hamusuke, who was mourning about the damage the mech had taken, wonders what person would fix it, accidentally to waste Chojuro's wish, much to his dismay.


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