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Template:CharacterInfoboxOmni Exist (オムニイグジスト, Omuni Igujisuto) is a character created by Masami Obari for Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer and remains exclusive to the anime. She is voiced by Ai Orikasa and Rachael Lillis.


Omni Exist is a powerful entity which reveals herself as being behind Ohga's plans. She is constantly struggling against his humanity, and when she is released, she shows herself to be the will of all creation. Using humanity's inevitable fear or desire for death as the backbone of her ideals, she threatens to end the entire world. She is sucker punched by Isato thanks to a distraction from Ohga's spirit, which reveals that she is not indestructible. Isato and Kash pull their powers together and strike her with all their Kaizer energy, depleting it to destroy her. She states that she has not died, ("Just a momentary lapse in direction") and proceeds into remission. Her aftermath is that humanity will again desire to die and that will mark her return.


Omni has nigh-unstoppable power, can manipulate gravity, has powerful bolts of energy she fires from her mouth, and is capable of anticipating her enemies' moves before they attempt to launch a counterattack.

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