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Okuni (阿国, Okuni) is a character from Sengoku 3. She is one of the boss characters who can be playable after the third mission. Her name and several other aspects of her character take inspiration from the historical figure, Izumo no Okuni.


Okuni is a famed dancer and skilled fighter. She followed Byakki after he deserted the clan, as she was the only one who believed in his innocence. They eventually put aside their quest to join their clan's fight against the Evil Emperor.


A sassy vixen who knows what she wants. She dedicates herself to Byakki and will avoid any action that might betray him.


Aside from these powers, she also has all the skills perceived to be had by ninja (stealth, swimming, climbing, etc). She, like the rest of the characters from her game, also has the power to replace herself with a wooden dummy if she is wounded.

  • Aerokinesis: Through the use of her dancing, Okuni can control the currents of the wind.
  • Energy Attacks: Okuni can infuse her attacks with blue energy.
  • Energy Projectile: Okuni launch a multi-hitting projectile at her enemies.

Fighting Style

She fights with a fan and wind techniques. She is generally considered to be the character with the hardest learning curve in the game. She excels in relatively defensive fighting tactics, using her special techniques to keep enemies at bay.

Game Appearances


Sengoku 3