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Natsume (ナツメ), also known as Natsume the Southern Suzaku (南天朱雀棗, Nantensuzaku Natsume) is a character from Ninja Master's. She is voiced by Mayumi Minoda.


Natsume is a blond beauty who was abandoned at a young age with her sister. With no other guardian available to them, Natsume learned how to fight to defend them from the world's dangers. One day, both siblings experience a nightmare that foretold the birth of a profound evil. Finding the source to be in Japan, Natsume sets out to end the cause.


A tough and unforgiving woman. She acts more like a man in most situations, but still has distinct feminine traits.


  • Energy Blast - Using ninjutsu, she can project a blast of energy from her hand.

Fighting Style

Natsume is a close-ranged brawler who punishes enemies with hard hitting combos. She works best offensively while unarmed and becomes more defensive with her weapon out due to its range.


  • En - Ninja Master's

Game Appearances


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