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Johnny Jones (ジョニー・ジョーンズ, Joni Jonsu), known as Mr. Jones (ミスター ジョーンズ, Misusta Jonzu), is a character who appears in the Rage of the Dragons. Some sources also cite his full name as "Jones Damon" or "Jones Johnny Damon".


Mr. Jones is a retro and disco fanatic who aspires to be the spitting image of his childhood heroes from martial arts films. He travels from city to city to protect the weak and eventually earned a name for himself as a fighter and actor. However, his acting career took a hit when his latest film bombed in the box office. He is approached by his old friend, Kang, to make another film. Convinced that it was time for a major change, Mr. Jones aims his sights on the "ultimate challenge", the Black Dragon. In their ending, they defeat Johann and create their hit film, "The Rising Dragon". He wins an award for being the best actor in a martial arts film.


Mr. Jones is a man who loves fame and living in the spotlight. He is a fun-loving guy who wants to be a stylish "Dragon". He also has a strong sense of justice and saves people if they're in danger.


His fighting style is based on the martial art of Kung-fu.

Fighting Style

He fights using his own variation of Jeet Kune Do; he relies on speed and skill to beat his enemies.


  • Funky Togetherness - Rage of the Dragons
  • Pleasure! - Power Instinct Matrimelee

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