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Template:GameInfobox Template:Nihongo is a Tower defense for iOS and Android devices. It was developed by SNK Playmore and relased on 2016-02-14. It is the sequel to Metal Slug Defense.

Metal Slug Attack was also released as the featured title to commemorate the Metal Slug series 20th anniversary. Tonko is the person in charge of the game as well as the main illustrator.<ref name="a">"SNK 40th Anniversary Special Illustration - Guest & SNK Illustration & Message - Illustrator 04: Tonko" (in Japanese). 2018. SNK Corporation. Retrieved 2019-12-07.</ref>


Metal Slug Attack retains the same core gameplay element of its predecessor, Metal Slug Defense although greatly improved.

A new feature of the game is the addition of the Mystery Cranks, the game's main gacha system. Medals can be spent here to gamble.

In addition to upgrading the unit's levels, players can use Items to slightly boost their stats as well as unlocking their Skills, giving them a wide new variety of abilities and status improvements such as the unit "Master Kraken" can provide itself a barrier that greatly reduces incoming explosion and fire attacks if the 4th skill is unlocked and the unit [Damian] is able to stun his enemies with special attack when the 1st skill is unlocked.

The principal objective is to destroy the opposing base in a one-on-one format with the mechanics of the tower defense game genre. In order to do use, the player deploys units which consists of characters and equipment from the Metal Slug series. The game also expands the mythology of the series by providing interrelated storylines such featuring new vehicles and characters.

Game features limited-time only events like its predecessor, dubbed Extra Ops. This is one of the main ways of getting units along with the Mystery Crank and Shops. Competitive modes such as Online and Rank Match are available.




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