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Meirin Kisaragi (美鈴キサラギ) is a character who only appears in the Sega Saturn port of Twinkle Star Sprites.


Meirin is a teacher who loves her students. She is tricked by the Principal into thinking that the school will close down and travels with him to save it. In her ending, the Principal steals her wish from the Twinkle Star. He demands that it brings heavenly judgment to all of the bad children in the world. His wish is granted but backfires when he is struck down by a bolt of lightning. As a side note, Mevious is also electrocuted in his castle.


A pure and innocent person who is teamed up with a villain of trades. She generally dislikes violence.


  • Flight - Meirin can fly with the aid of the principle.
  • Giant Panda - Under certain conditions, Meirin can send explosive versions of the Principal to her opponents. She can even summon a giant mechanical version of him to attack.

Game Appearances