Maruu and Soran

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Template:CharacterInfobox Maruu and Soran (マルゥ&ソワン) are an inseparable duo in Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse. Unlike other pairs in the series, Maruu is a boy and Soran is a girl. Their official nickname is "Heavenly Twins".


Maruu and Soran are twin cupids who leave heaven to carry out their heavenly duties. They want to save the land with their powers.


Maruu is timid and kind while Soran is rambunctious and adventurous. Ironically, Maruu is the one who does most of the fighting.


  • Flight - They have the natural ability of flight
  • Energy Blasts - Maruu can fire astral fairies or a beam of energy. In the mobile game, Soran can also use the same power.
  • Mini Angels - Maruu can send miniature angels to disrupt his opponents.
  • Magical Prayer - Maruu can pray to God to help clear his side of the field.

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances