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Template:CharacterInfoboxLenny Creston (レニィ・クレストン, Renii Kuresuton) is a character who was introduced in Art of Fighting 3. She is voiced by Kumi Ishida.


Lenny is a suffering journalist who is constantly looking for the "next big thing" to boost her career. She learned through her sources that Glashill's big shot, Wyler, was looking for a lady named Freia Lawrence. Seeing this as the scoop she needed, she decides to personally track down Freia and get the information she needs for her article. She hires a bounty hunter, Rody Birts, to aid her search.


A stern woman and a strict perfectionist, Lenny is not one to be trifled with. She'll get pretty upset if she doesn't get what she wants.


  • Energy Projectiles - She can fire a short ranged energy projectile.

Fighting Style

She uses her whipping attacks to keep her opponents at bay.

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Cameo Appearances

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Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior


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