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Template:CharacterInfoboxLaocorn Gaudeamus (ラオコーン・ゴーダマス) is an anime-only character exclusive to the film Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, where he serves as its main antagonist.

He is voiced by Shinichiro Miki and Matt Hill.


Laocorn and his sister Sulia are direct descendants of Gaudeamus, who was king of the Rhodes Island and a powerful warrior. Gaudeamus is believed to be the man who stopped Alexander the Great's invasion of the countryside, so the two struck an undisclosed bargain. Soon after, Alexander the Great invited Gaudeamus to his capital, but he fell ill and died shortly thereafter. Fearing the power of Gaudeamus, his generals set a trap and burned him alive, but the armor itself came to life and took on the persona of Mars, the God of War, and proceeded to destroy the capital city. Sulia tells the group that the legend says the armor was stopped after four traveling strangers took it upon themselves to stop the killing and bloodshed that the armor had caused. When they finished their task, the armor was broken up and taken to six secret locations within the Empire, so that it would never be able to cause such havoc again.

When Laocorn learned that his father was killed by a jealous co-worker he tried to get revenge but was shot. His arm fell on a piece of the Armor of Mars and it fused with him. Now knowing that he is not weak he travels the world searching for the other pieces of the armor along with Jamin, Hauer and Panni.

Though knowing Sulia had asked Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Mai Shiranui for help in stopping him, he still inevitably finds all the pieces and received god-like powers. The four warriors tried to stop him, but he was too strong until Sulia pierced herself in the heart with a shard of stone. As Laocorn and Sulia were physically and mentally linked, Laocorn felt the blow. Terry then delivered a powerful punch to Laocorn's heart thus causing him to lose the armor with Sulia dying shortly after. The armor assumed the true form of its master and fired an energy beam towards Mai. Although had Andy jumped in to protect her from the blast, Laocorn decided to take the hit himself in an effort to redeem himself. Laocorn was completely destroyed by the beam.


He was a good person, but always felt he was weak. When he touched the Armor, he became drunk with power, but that was Mars' influence. When he took off the armor, he returned to his senses and tried to redeem himself.


These powers are only present when Laocorn is wearing the armor.

  • Energy Projection - He has a perfect control of various energy based projections.
  • Invulnerability - He is almost completely resistant to physical harm.
  • Translocation - He can translocate himself.
  • Astral Limbs - When all the pieces of armor were collected, Laocorn could also defend himself with ghost-like arms of energy. He could also attack with this power.

Fighting Style

Laocorn relies on the armor and he probably inherited the fighting style from the armor. According to the movie pamphlet, his finishing techniques include Dark Blitz Ball and Dark Kaiser Wave, moves based on Wolfgang Krauser.

Anime Appearances