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Karasu (鴉, meaning "crow" in Japanese), also known as Karasu the Heavenly Salvation (涅槃無天鴉, Nehanmuten Karasu) is a character from Ninja Master's. He is voiced by Koichi Kiba.


Karasu is a killer since birth. Legend says that he killed his mother and father when he was a child. Karasu can channel dark powers and lives with crows.

He spends his time as a bodyguard because there's plenty of killing to do with a job like that.

After Nobunaga was defeated, Karasu disappeared and no one knew where he went to.


Karasu is a maniac who loves to kill. He has a strong fixation with crows. He always sports a grim smile on his face.


  • Darkness Vessel: Karasu can release crows of pure dark energy from his chest, infuse his blade with dark energy, bend with shadows, teleport himself and his blade trough shadows and transform his blade into a crow.

Fighting Style

Karasu fights with a self-taught style which encompasses one-handed and two-handed strikes.


  • Time of the Void / Kuuhaku No Koku - Ninja Master's

Game Appearances


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